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DVD title: Spirited Away
Productgroup: DVD
Spirited Away - movie DVD cover picture
Love, friendship, and inner strength.

Spirited Away is a story about Chihiro, who at first seem to be a lazy and spoiled 10-year-old girl. But when faced with life or death, she found tremendous strength within herself. Along her path to save her friend's life and her parents' redemption, she was able to befriend everyone and every spirit. She does it so easily because she has a generous heart, and nonjudgmental mind of a child.
Hayao Miyazaki takes you into a magical world full of animal spirits, gods, and demons. Miyazaki's unique culture perceptive fills the pages of Spirited Away with visual delights and humor. Spirited Away is a story of love, friendship, and inner strength. I highly recommend this fantastic movie for the whole family.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Miyu Irino

DVD title: Wuthering Heights
Productgroup: DVD
Wuthering Heights - movie DVD cover picture
WHY is this DVD out of print???

This is the quintessential version of the first part of Bronte's novel - how can they allow this to go out of print with no recourse but inferior imports?

Olivier is superb in this version, as is Oberon (although not as well-known today as her contemporaries, a stunningly gorgeous & talented actress.) The entire cast acquits themselves with grace & aplomb.

Why has no one seen fit to produce this DVD in the US except for as a limited run? Completely unfair that classic movies should go out of print like this. I hope the studios wise up & produce a Laurence Olivier collection of classic works & include some of his lesser-known projects such as The Divorce of Lady X & That Hamilton Woman, as well.

Studio: Hbo Studios
Director: William Wyler
Merle Oberon
Laurence Olivier

DVD title: Walt Disney Treasures - Silly Symphonies
Productgroup: DVD
Walt Disney Treasures - Silly Symphonies - movie DVD cover picture
Easter Eggs Too

I didn't give it a second look. I had to buy it! These are some of the finnest animation ever made. These are true classics! All the films are divided into categories and some of them even have an introduction by Mr.Disney himself. There are also a few nice extras conducted by Mr. Leonard Maltin. But even without the extras, it would still be a great buy.
In a time (like this) when animation quality many times drops bellow zero, this is a great chance to introduce the kids (and adults) to the real art. Sheer magic! Absolute delight!
Picture is great and so is sound (considering its age). Disney couldn't have done better. I just hope they'll keep releasing more of its treasures.
Warner Bros. could do the same!...

Studio: Disney Studios
Director: Burt Gillett

DVD title: Halloween
Productgroup: DVD
Halloween - movie DVD cover picture
The first Halloween is the best

This one is far the best of the Halloween series, it contains every single element that build a classic: good acting, good direction, good story, good special effects, and the sets are simply outstanding. The second film has a good story, but the other elements are gone including the suspense and the scares which turn the film in a silly and boring sequel. Halloween 3, 4, and 5 are just below average horror sequels and added nothing to the series at all. Halloween 6 is far, really far, the worst film not only of the series but probably of the cinema history. It's frustrating to admit, but this movie has nothing, absolutely nothing that makes worth seeing it. Three years after H6 comes H20, a good entry that, at least, retrieved some respect to the series.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: John Carpenter
Donald Pleasence
Jamie Lee Curtis
Tony Moran

DVD title: William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
William Shakespeare's Romeo & Juliet (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
It was great; especially because Leo was in it!

Even through all of the "Shakespear Language" it was a great movie; Leo is the perfect Romeo! END

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Baz Luhrmann
Leonardo DiCaprio
Claire Danes

DVD title: Left Behind - The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Left Behind - The Movie - movie DVD cover picture
Great Movie

The criticism that it has a different look & feel than the typical Hollywood production is true, but this is the film's best attribute. While most action, comedy, and romance movies are now manufactured via cookie-cutter fashion, it is refreshing to see a new and original style. Hollywood has preached diversity for decades and this movie brings just that- a wonderful new perspective that Hollywood has avoided for too long, a new style of film much more surreal than 90% of movies made since the 70's, and for once in a movie...truth in translation of the Bible.

Studio: Cloud Ten Pictures
Director: Vic Sarin
Kirk Cameron
Brad Johnson (II)

DVD title: Good Will Hunting
Productgroup: DVD
Good Will Hunting - movie DVD cover picture

Touted as a collector's edition, one would want more. Considering the brouhaha this film earned from the critics and awards circles, nevermind all the attention young authors Matt Damon and Ben Affleck earned over the saga they underwent to see the film get made, you would think this DVD would be packed with some of that behind-the-scenes stuff. Not to say the DVD is bare--by no means. A rare, telling video of Oscar-nominated songwriter, Elliot Smith, singing "Miss Misery" was worth the extra money for the edition. However, to be a "collector's" incentive item, it doesn't have much more to it.
The film itself is clearly transfered, though I would have liked the sound to have been cleaned up a bit. Some of the bar scenes have just never sounded clear no matter what, and the dialogue gets muddled in the mix.
Storywise, if you don't know the tale of the M.I.T. janitor genius wonderboy and his gang of average joe hooligans, then you've had your head in the sand since 1997. Without getting into it further, I will tell you the story is a moving one, and though heavily peppered with foul language, even younger teens will benefit from seeing the struggle of someone so bright yet so crippled. Universal truths will be seen widely by all who see the story.
This Oscar winning film deserved more on its disc. A commentary with director Gus Van Zant and the writing duo is included, which sounds like three guys hanging out with a pizza and a six pack--laid back--just like the story.
This edition isn't much costlier than the other "regular" version. This is a good enough film which you can easily tell yourself it is worth the extra cash, but don't expect to be too fulfilled by the extras.

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Gus Van Sant
Robin Williams
Matt Damon
Ben Affleck

DVD title: The Battle of Algiers - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
The Battle of Algiers - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture
The documentaries are as powerful as the great film!

A stunning package. First the film itself, so powerful, and so relevant to today's wars and our ongoing prison scandals. The real powerhouse is the material on Disk 3. Watch and listen to the main French and FLN players in the events in the film scramble to justify their actions. The FLN leader justifies his bombmaking, the female FLN operative who placed bombs does the same, the French commander justifies his use of torture in interrogation. I thought that this was as a good a presentation as I could ever anticipate. Then came "Etats d'armes", a 2002 documentary showing French military officers speaking frankly on torture, admitting they ordered it, admitting they carried it out, and explaining why. One senior officer sadly notes that he operated outside the bounds of "any Western military officer and Christian," but that he carried out his assigned mission as ordered, losing part of his soul in the process, if not his honor. Others who saw evidence of torture resigned, and they explain why.

A third documentary on the director's return visit to Algiers in 1992 shows a level of hostility and hopelessness that is shocking and painful to watch. The tour through the bowels of the Casbah is spooky.

As another reviewer notes, it is no wonder that the French wanted no part of Iraq. Who could fairly blame them after all they have experienced in their own colonial nightmares?

We seem doomed to repeating every mistake the French have ever made. We love to hate them, but I cannot but help admire in a strange way the French officers who were doomed to fight The Battle of Algiers.

Studio: Criterion Collection
Brahim Haggiag

DVD title: Gone With the Wind
Productgroup: DVD
Gone With the Wind - movie DVD cover picture
Pleasantly Suprising

I had avoided this classic for my entire life based on my false assumption that it was going to be the original and ultamite chick flick of the ages. Willing to give anything a shot, I finally watched Gone with the Wind and was very impressed. I am sure there are a lot of people that feel the same way I did about this movie and still have not seen it, but I suggest they not make hasty decisions on something that they have not already experienced.
As I watched the movie, the most impressive thing to me was just how vibrant the colors are on the dvd. Along with those vibrant colors, the sharp tongues threw me off guard at first and led me to enjoy the dialogue as well as the picture. The plot was very interesting and kept me interested throughout this lengthy motion picture. Throughout the film, there are a lot of interesting characters and many were perfectly casted. However, no movie is complete without a great ending, Gone with the Wind takes itself to the top of the movie mountain and doesn't look back. Powerful, appropriate and ever-lasting in all our memories, simply one of the greatest of all-time.
As I already stated, I was very pleased with Gone with the Wind, it is funny, witty, charming, emotional, powerful and the list goes on. It does not become a stale cliche like we have grown so accustomed to. I have finally realized why Gone with the Wind is truly a classic among classics and hope that those who have not taken the time to view this movie do so, they will not be disappointed.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Clark Gable
Vivien Leigh

DVD title: Saving Private Ryan
Productgroup: DVD
Saving Private Ryan - movie DVD cover picture
Every American Should Watch It With Pride

The writer of this film should have received an Academy Award alongside of Spielberg, it is nothing short of EXCELLENT!
For the rest of my life I will watch this film along with the real D-Day documentaries on June 6th. The men who fought this war were true heroes and forever will be. I think every generation should pay tribute to the soldiers today and tommorrow who die willingly for our freedom. Spielberg has accomplished something with this film that touches upon both American pride and on the humanness of war. The scenes on the Normandy beach will reach in and grab ahold of your heart; torturing you beyond belief. But then pride will well up inside that same heart and your entire being will cheer as the first soldiers scale the hill. The movie just continues from there with scene after scene of triumph and terror with a storyline that will match the action in intensity, something rarely found these days.
I hope you will watch and say a prayer for all those souls who fought so bravely for American freedom. Remember those who fight today and hope that it isn't in vain. Spielberg is a master director who believes in the truth and shoots his movies with conviction. I only wish politicians were of the same caliber.

Studio: Dreamworks Skg
Director: Steven Spielberg
Tom Hanks
Matt Damon

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