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DVD title: Big Business
Productgroup: DVD
Big Business - movie DVD cover picture
Loved It!

Bette Midler and Lily Tomlin are great as two sets of twins Sadie and Rose Ratliffe and Sadie and Rose Moramax. Mary Gross is hilarious as the receptionist (she is best known today as Mrs Quick on TV's 'Sabrina the Teenage Witch') Edward Herrmann is great with his....erm....boyfriend,and the short appearance of Lois De Banzie as a waitress at The Plaza is very good. Lily Tomlin is perfect for the two Rose's,both very natural and un-urban. Bette Midler as the two Sadie's is fulling turning up her camp-mode.She explodes off the screen and her mimicking of Alexis Carrington when she is watching an episode of 'Dynasty' (which Rose says she has seen a million times) is hilarious (Give 'em hell,Alexis!Oh God,she is just running that entire company) A great Disney-manufactured comedy.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Director: Jim Abrahams
Bette Midler
Lily Tomlin

DVD title: Singin' in the Rain
Productgroup: DVD
Singin' in the Rain - movie DVD cover picture
"Moses supposes his toeses are roses..."

The best musical ever and one of the greatest movies ever looks magnificent on DVD. It is presented in its original 1.33:1 full screen transfer and it has never looked better on home video. Just flip to the chapter during the actual "Singin' in the Rain" thanks to it being filmed in 1952 in Technicolor and MGMs great transfer every color stands out and almost looks real. The sound is a fake 5.1 transfer and is almost just a mono put over all channels. It includes the original trailer and a TON of chapter stops. A must buy!

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Gene Kelly
Donald O'Connor
Debbie Reynolds

DVD title: Speed Tribe
Productgroup: DVD
Speed Tribe - movie DVD cover picture
T.U.S. Gives High Praise for SpeedTribe

Awesome! Being a Photographer, Video Editor and Special Effects artist myself, I can appreciate the effort that went into creating this collage of site and sound. Even more important is how the emotion of the event went from inside their hearts to the screen. I???ve attended the 24 Hours of Le Mans only twice to this date and I can tell you that this DVD captures the essence of the event in a way that no other presentation has. It is not a documentary of a specific race, although it was shot during the 76th running of the race. It is a documentary of the power that is the 24 Hours of Le Mans???something that no facts or figures can portray albeit in print, on the web or in video.
For those of you who???ve been to the 24 Hours of Le Mans, to witness the spectacle, you???ll watch this DVD with the same excitement that surmises the entire race weekend. For those of you who???ve never been to the event???this is where it starts!

Studio: Wea Corp
Frank Biela
John Nielsen

DVD title: Spider-Man (Full Screen Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Spider-Man (Full Screen Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Spider Sensational

A day after this movie was released I was in line to buy a ticket. I am usually not fond of superhero movies or comic books but this movie made me think twice about that opinion. What a great movie! The plot, even halfway through the movie, as still twisting and winding its way to a great ending climax while still supplying me with the required action that I need to keep me at the edge of my seat. The acting was also not just tolerable but pretty professional. So overall I recommend this movie to anybody who wants to see an instant classic!!

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Sam Raimi
Tobey Maguire
Kirsten Dunst

DVD title: The Ultimate Matrix Collection (The Matrix / Reloaded / Revolutions / Revisited / The Animatrix)
Productgroup: DVD
The Ultimate Matrix Collection (The Matrix / Reloaded / Revolutions / Revisited / The Animatrix) - movie DVD cover picture
I'm 30 and loved(s) it!!

If you don't understand the plot of The Matrix movies, don't blame the movie... I'm 30 (not 13) and thoroughly enjoyed this trilogy. I've seen it several times, and everytime I watch it, I understand the plot a little bit better. It's a very complex plot which can not be fully understood by watching the films only once.

Personally I think the 'let down' experienced by some viewers after seeing Reloaded, is due to the fact that they expected the same mind blowing experience delivered by the first movie. Unfortunately, we got used to the new type of special effects the Wachowski brothers introduced in the first one, therefor the less than mind blowing effect...

Also, since it was the second of a series of three movies, Reloaded didn't really have a beginning or an end, as in the first and last, which leaves the viewer feeling dissatisfied.

The Matrix will definetly stay my No 1 for a very long time. The movie that will displace it will be something very, very special.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Keanu Reeves

DVD title: Requiem for a Dream - Director's Cut
Productgroup: DVD
Requiem for a Dream - Director's Cut - movie DVD cover picture
A true classic

The original novel by Hubert Selby Jr. was saved from cliche by the immediacy of Selby's writing and Selby's own style. It also touched on the fact that everyone is addicted to something, that nobody lacks a jones for something, be it heroin, alcohol, television, friendship or simple hope. The movie isn't cliche thanks to a stunning ensemble of performances and Darren Aronofsky's direction.
On the surface, it sounds like every "my drug hell" movie ever made, insofar as Harry Goldfarb, his girl Marion, and his buddy Tyrone are concerned. What makes it work is that the script (by Selby and Aronofsky) introduces us to the characters, lets us get to know them, actually get to like them. As their lives decline, you're THERE. You see it, you feel it all.
But the plotline of Harry's mother, Sara, is in a class by itself. Done by Ellen Burstyn, it's a truly astounding piece of work. Sara starts on a downward spiral when she's given a simple piece of hope. It's truly horrible to watch.
All of this is helped along by a truly stunning score by Clint Mansell, who scored Aronofsky's first film (also an excellent work) "Pi." Mansell, with the help of the Kronos Quartet, proves he's going to be a powerful force in film scoring.
Don't be turned off by the NC-17 rating, or think this is inappropriate for teenagers because of it, this, along with "Trainspotting", is the best filmed argument not to use drugs ever made. Everyone should see this. At least rent it, it is brilliant.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Darren Aronofsky
Ellen Burstyn
Jared Leto

DVD title: Princess Mononoke
Productgroup: DVD
Princess Mononoke - movie DVD cover picture

Wonderfully animated with a great soundtrack, but I don't like the voice acting, so I would suggest watching it subtitled.

Studio: Miramax
Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Yôji Matsuda
Yuriko Ishida
Yûko Tanaka

DVD title: Christmas in August
Productgroup: DVD
Christmas in August - movie DVD cover picture
"People Die And Become Ghosts. It's Only Natural"

Note: Korean with English subtitles.

Love comes too late for a thirty-something photographer that discovers he is terminally ill with only weeks to live. A lovely meter reader begins to frequent his shop just after he receives the bad news. They fall in love, but never openly express their feelings for each other. He keeps his illness secret from her until the end.

Wow, this Korean film from '98 is one of the most beautiful, bittersweet love stories I have ever seen. I haven't seen anything this sad and romantic since "Somewhere In Time." The only thing that bothers me about this movie is the title. Christmas has nothing to do with anything in this story, it's never even mentioned. Be that as it may the movie is so good I'll forgive this one little discrepency.

Han Suk-Kyu and the beautiful Shim Eun-Ha are magnificent together. If you loved "Comrades, Almost A Love Story" you'll love this one too!

Studio: Tai Seng Entertainme
Han Suk-Kyu

DVD title: Highlander The Series - Season 1
Productgroup: DVD
Highlander The Series - Season 1 - movie DVD cover picture
Best Possible Choice For A True Highlander Fan!

The television broadcast was great. The VHS tapes were even better as they contained scenes edited for tv.
The DVD's? Well, they are so crisp and clear and the sound so good, details missed the first five times are immediately found to be marveled over!
There is nothing wrong with the tapes. They are what they are. The DVD's are just plain better IMHO.
Even though I've watched an episode more times than I would care to admit, watching it on DVD makes the smile on my face just that much broader.
Highlander is the reason I even 'have' a DVD player!

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertain
Christopher Lambert

DVD title: The Exorcist (25th Anniversary Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Exorcist (25th Anniversary Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
One Of The Best Horror Movies Of All Time

This movie is one of the most terrifying horror movies in year to come. when this movie came out in 1973, it spooked movie-goers eveywhere. No kiddding! By watching it you'll see what i mean. This movie is on of the best Classic horror movies of all time. It can be compared to Halloween, The Shining, A Nightmare On Elm Street, etc.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: William Friedkin
Ellen Burstyn
Max von Sydow
Linda Blair

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