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DVD title: Deep Blue Sea
Productgroup: DVD
Deep Blue Sea - movie DVD cover picture
Lots of Fun!

Put aside your credibilities, and just sit back and enjoy this very enjoyable shark movie! The movie has lots of surprises, particularly who gets it and when they get it! It also has some really top-notch visual effects and outstanding chase and action sequences. It's like one of those movies you went to back in the fifties and sixties and wanted to stay and see a second time.
The plot is a little far-fetched but involving; the cast won't win any Oscars, but why should they in this type of film?
Ironically, the least effective portrayal comes from the biggest name in the cast -- Samuel L. Jackson. It doesn't help with those goofy looking glasses, but Sam seems to come across an African-American proud to play a rich billionaire! But it's not a BAD performance, just a little under what you'd expect from him. The best performance comes from Thomas Jane, a really convincing everyday kind of guy who seems sincere in his delivery and also truly plays the hero, but vulnerable and not superhuman! I hope we see more of Mr. Jane in the future.
The rest of the cast is adequate and effective. LL Cool J continues to be a pleasant addition to any "scary" movie (did you see him in "Halloween H20?), and he's fun to watch and cheer for. Saffron Burrows is effectively icy as the "anti-heroine", and even though she does her Sigourney Weaver rip-off of running around in her bra and underpants, the reasoning is sound and she even puts her wet suit back on rather quickly! Michael Rapaport is a physical double for Sean Penn, and contributes nicely to the ensemble.
I like this movie a lot, and it's the first shark movie since the original "Jaws" that delivers! Sit back and enjoy, and stay out of the water!

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Renny Harlin
Thomas Jane
Saffron Burrows
Samuel L. Jackson
Jacqueline McKenzie

DVD title: Spaceballs
Productgroup: DVD
Spaceballs - movie DVD cover picture
Spaceballs is hilarous!!!!

Spaceball is nothing that you have ever seen! The cast was great! Rick Moranis John Candy Bill Pullman and unforgetable Mel Brooks. My favorit part is when: Darth Helment (Rick Moranis) is fighting Lone Star (Bill Pullman) Dath Helment said "I'm your fathers brothes cousin formal roomate." I shouldn't tell you any more jokes

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Mel Brooks
Mel Brooks
Rick Moranis
John Candy

DVD title: Sanford and Son - The First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Sanford and Son - The First Season - movie DVD cover picture
funny, funny, funny! :-)

i really miss shows like sanford and son. shows from that era were actually funny. every episode of this dvd made me favorite episode is "coffins for sale". I recommend this to anyone who likes to watch old sitcoms and likes to laugh. This would definitely put a smile on your face :-)

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star

DVD title: Memento (Limited Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Memento (Limited Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
We Create Our Own Realities

This is one of the most innovative films I've seen in such a long time. It is certainly worthy of the Oscar nod for best Scrrenplay. The films story and pacing may be unusual, but they are necessary to tell the story from the protagonist's point of view. And that is what life is all about. Point of view. We create our own realities.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Christopher Nolan
Guy Pearce
Carrie-Anne Moss
Joe Pantoliano

DVD title: The Ren & Stimpy Show - Season Five and Some More of Four
Productgroup: DVD
The Ren & Stimpy Show - Season Five and Some More of Four - movie DVD cover picture
Dumb kids

So far some reviewers have said John K. sucks, R+S sucks etc. and also that sponge bob is better. Well let me tell you something, John K.'s Ren and Stimpy Pioneered and Revived many ascpects of the classic cartoon. Without Ren and Stimpy sponge bob probably wouldn't be what it is today.
Also, John K. had little to nothing to do with these episodes because nik took over.
Yes this is part of the shows decline, but John K. was not involved.
John K. is a brilliant cartoonist. And his groundbreaking series helped make tv what it is today.

Studio: Paramount Home Video

DVD title: Hannah and Her Sisters
Productgroup: DVD
Hannah and Her Sisters - movie DVD cover picture
High Art.

I've written a few reviews of Woody's work thus far and have already proclaimed "Husbands and Wives" to be his masterpiece, but it's difficult to place this movie very far behind it. The acting is superb with Michael Caine being the outstanding member of the cast. Dianne Wiest won an Oscar for her role as Holly and it was well-deserved. There's practically no one or anything that is not exceptional in this production.

Allen's atheism, or at least agnosticism, is on full display as his character attempts to make sense of our fleeting terrestrial existence by embracing whatever religion will have him (he even makes a feign towards Krishna) but ultimately he decides, that while no religion is worth his time, life on this earth is absolutely worth living. The Deus Ex Machina, as it were, is his trip to a NYC theatre where he sees a Marx Brothers movie. How can he leave a world that features Groucho? He decides that he cannot. Even though I do not personally agree with his dismissal of religion, I value his affirmation of life in general.

As always with Allen, romance figures heavily and indefatigably in the plot. I won't reveal any twists of the story as it may be that the reader has not yet seen it. One of them, in particular, will surprise you. With Allen, his best films always feature comic overtones and this one is no exception. Top to bottom, "Hannah and his Sisters" is superb.

Lastly, allow me to recommend to you additionally the soundtrack because it features not only brilliant jazz but Mozart as well. Every nuance of this film, even down to the background music, is well-crafted.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Woody Allen
Woody Allen
Barbara Hershey
Michael Caine
Mia Farrow
Dianne Wiest

DVD title: Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (2-Disc Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Pirates of the Caribbean - The Curse of the Black Pearl (2-Disc Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Pirates of the Caribbean

I didn't think at first that PotC would be all that it could be. There were only two reasons why I wanted to see the movie. 1) Orlando Bloom is in it. He's my favourite actor. 2) I LOVE pirate tales and movies such as that.
The movie starts out fairly simple (I'm trying my best not to give anything away), which is Elizabeth Swann's dream. Will and Elizabeth seems to be very fond of another in the first place, but both can't quite tell the other yet, but you can see it their eyes.
Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) is a pirate (good tricky one at heart), who then teams up with Will Turner. Together, they set sail with a crew to find 'The Black Pearl' (which is a ship).
I can't really say more, I'm afraid I'll end up spoiling everything. :P

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Gore Verbinski
Johnny Depp
Geoffrey Rush
Orlando Bloom
Keira Knightley
Jonathan Pryce

DVD title: The Magnificent Ambersons
Productgroup: DVD
The Magnificent Ambersons - movie DVD cover picture
The Magnificent Magnificent Ambersons

Orson Welles's adaptation of Booth Tarkington's award-willing novel and follow-up to Citizen Kane is a true screen classic. As with Kane, this film contains many wonderful performances by all the leads including Joseph Cotton, Agnes Moorehead, Dolores Costello, and Tim Holt as George Amberson Minafer. Welles continued his experimentation with film technique and you will notice similar camera angles and lighting, to those in Kane. The lighting is something exploited to good affect here, especially in the scenes inside the Amberson mansion. The story is a simple one: Eugene Morgan (Cotton) and Isabel Amberson (Costello) young lovers, who through a somewhat frivolous circumstance end up marrying other people. After they've both raised children, they again find themselves free to begin where they left off in their youth. But Isabel's son (Holt) does not approve of their relationship, in spite of the fact that he is in love with Morgan's daughter, Lucy (Anne Baxter). Set at the turn of the 20th century, the movie has a wonderful feel and texture, which effectively evokes the period. An interesting backdrop is the development of the automobile, with Cotton an early proponent and tycoon, and its effects on not only the American economy, but on the changes it brings to society as well. Morgan, once spurned as a little too common for Isabel returns again to his hometown a successful industrialist. As his fortunes climb, those of the Ambersons fall. As already mentioned, the film is packed with wonderful performances. Agnes Moorehead was nominated for Best Supporting Actress and won the Best Actress award from the New York Film Critics Circle. As the lonely, sorrowful Aunt Fanny, hers is a delicately crafted characterization. Cotton as the auto tycoon Morgan, gives another understated and subtle performance; a young Anne Baxter is lovely as Cotton's daughter Lucy; and Tim Holt, a name all but forgotten today, is magnificent in the pivotal role of George Amberson Minafer. One of the most interesting scenes in the film is the ball at the Amberson mansion. The camera seems to float along with the players seemingly without a break, putting the viewer right in the midst of the cast. A great film, worthy of multiple viewings, The Magnificent Ambersons has earned its place among Hollywood's greatest films.

Director: Orson Welles
Joseph Cotten
Tim Holt

DVD title: Miracle on 34th Street
Productgroup: DVD
Miracle on 34th Street - movie DVD cover picture
Faith, love and Christmas

What can be said that hasn't already been eloquently expressed by our fellow Amazon reviewers here? Not much-but it's "that time of the year", I've just ordered the DVD of this classic film, and I can't help adding my two cents to set the goodwill overflowing.

One of the very, very few films of this period to actually shoot on location in New York rather than on a studio backlot(fascinating scenes), this original "Miracle" is about as far from corny as it's possible to get(it's really the two later versions, one for TV, and one of several years ago, that veer increasingly into phoniness and corn). There are loads of lessons here for any writer or director who might take on a holiday or "fantasy" film: just play it *straight*, don't cuten it up-period. Every actor plays this wonderfully written screenplay brilliantly-down to the smallest part-a huge reason why, like "Casablanca", it's so watchable-over and over again. John Payne and Maureen O'Hara play two real, live adults who-rare in films-both seem to have "real" lives; Maureen works at Macy's, and clearly takes her job seriously, a true professional. The scenes which begin the story where she's desperately trying to wrangle the annual Macy's parade are almost documentarian-totally believable-and that's what helps make the moonshine of "the REAL Santa Claus" showing up work so well. Quite differently from our current, special-effects-extravanga-fantasies that present to us an art director's idea of exactly how The North Pole, Santa's reindeer, etc.etc. look, this one leaves all that to our imaginations, and the incomparable Edmund Gwenn plays that jolly old soul with a perfect air of mystery and sagacity. Others have written about Natalie Wood, and she is really unbelievably great. Smart, natural, somehow turning scenes that could have been a little cringe-making(chewing gum with Kris at bedtime)into honestly charming and un-icky highlights. That's a result of HER amazing talent. If she were off by a hair, the film wouldn't be the perfect thing it is. I should mention the score, by Alfred Newman, which is really masterfully scored-what that man did with "Jingle Bells"! You've got to admit along with Susan(Wood)"I believe, I believe, it's silly, but I believe". Silly and wonderful.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: George Seaton
Maureen O'Hara
Edmund Gwenn

DVD title: Tango
Productgroup: DVD
Tango - movie DVD cover picture
Carlos Saura' s Tango

The situation of Carlos Saura in Spain is paradoxal:the most veteran, creative and combative spanish director in activity is an exiled in his own country. Meanwhile festivals all around the world acclaim and reward film after film the work of this talented and untiring artist. "Tango" is with "Goya en Burdeos " the most recent masterpieces of Saura, the testimony of a continuous investigation in the expressive posibilities of cinema and music. Since " Bodas de sangre " Saura has been working in a new conception of " musical film ". " Tango " is the sum of all the previous visual and soundtrack achievements that began in 1981 with his trilogy about flamenco("Bodas de sangre"," Carmen" and "El amor brujo"), and at its time a film different of all them. In it he continues exploring about the narrative and dramatic posibilities of light, colour and music, mixing creative process and narration, but is too a compact narrative film where he integrates with naturality and without cracks all the elements of his experimental musical movies with new others in a labyrinthic structure where sophisticated dance coreographies,tango music,literature and cinema references, historical memory,autobiographic elements,political denunciation, symbolism, eroticism and artistic process are wonderfuly fused with the dramatic love story of the main character ( the principal story of this intricate film is concerning the passionate romance between Mario and one of the tango dancers, the girlfriend of the producer, a dangerous man, of the spectacle that Mario is processing ). Definitively the culmination of an passionate and personal search: a game of mirrors where memory, reality, dream and imagination are comunicating vessels. Not accidentaly the name of the famous argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges is mentioned during the film.

Since the first minute of the film we can apreciate the maturity of Saura as film director and narrator: the metalinguistic game,common in his musical films where he usually combines essay and dramatic narration with expresionist dancing and experimentation with light and colour, is a constant element that articulates all the film. After the opening credits with a beautiful panoramic of Buenos Aires, we see the protagonist's studio and over his desk the script of the film we're watching. Mario Su?rez ( Miguel Angel Sol? ), a mature talented tango artist whose wife has left him recently,reads the script since the begining, describing the panoramic we've just seen and, inmediatly after, the dispatch where he's sitting and reading the text: creative process and narration yuxtaposes and at this point his "story" begins.But,I insist, all this is not gratuitous. During all the film this two elements melt down feeding themselves mutually in a 'back and forth'narration.For example: life experiences of the main character have specific weight in the conception of the coreographies he invents for the tango spectacle that is processing and every time Mario's mind is creating, Saura makes an analogy between the objective of the camera and the eye of our artist just before we know what is imagining.The use of colour is superb and don't have only a dramatic or symbolic role: Saura proposes a 'travel in time' throught the colour,experiment that will be masterfully profit in his next film " Goya en Burdeos ". By the way, in the film here reviewed, one of the characters talk about the conception of a spectacle about Goya's pictures and motives with a similar intention in the using of colour, another little narrative note that illustrates this intricate play of reflections and selfreferences that are the last cinematographic experiences of Saura.

Vittorio Storaro colaborates again with Saura with a stylished and suggestive photography work that never absorbs the excellent performances and the brilliant direction of this exquisite film, and this is the best lesson that a director of photography can give us.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Carlos Saura
Miguel Ángel Solá
Cecilia Narova
Mía Maestro

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