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DVD title: Missing
Productgroup: DVD
Missing - movie DVD cover picture
Losing faith

A young man suddenly disappears during a coup in a Latin American country, and his father (played by Jack Lemmon) comes looking for him, having to cut through reams of red tape all the way. He is greatly disillusioned by the establishment he holds so high when he finds out his son is dead (so they say), and the government has tried to cover it up. Lemmon is excellent, and the story is crisp and compelling. Forget the politics and enjoy. Worth a watch.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Costa-Gavras
Jack Lemmon
Sissy Spacek

DVD title: Ultimate Jordan (20th Anniversary Three-Disc Collector's Edtion)
Productgroup: DVD
Ultimate Jordan (20th Anniversary Three-Disc Collector's Edtion) - movie DVD cover picture
Must Have for MJ Fans

Any Jordan fan or fan of greats sports would love this DVD. I saw a little bit of it before I bought it and I had to have it. When I bought it I spent 23 bucks, so this is indeed a great deal. DON'T PASS UP AN OPPORTUNITY LIKE THIS!!!!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Michael Jordan

DVD title: MacGyver - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
MacGyver - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture


Seriously, they could be the worst DVD's in all of creation and I'd still be THRILLED. I love MacGyver to death, always have, and have lived with CRAPPY tapes since the show was first on. This show is a CULT CLASSIC, to the point where "MacGyver" and/or "Macgyverism" is actually now in some dictionaries as being popular slang for "rigging an answer to a problem out of the unexpected!" I mean where CAN'T you go on this planet, and say the name "MacGyver" and NOT get a grin in response?

RDA could probably travel to Tibet and he'd still hear the name somewhere I am sure and yet, no tapes, no DVD's not for decades?

LONG OVERDUE this one....

I only hope that the last set also includes the movies as well...

I'd like a COMPLETE set of MagGyver DVD's if you please...

Now excuse me, because I am going off to order mine....


PS: Thanks Rick! I am quite sure you must have had something to do with this one finally being released...For years this series was treated like a second class citizen by the PTB. The fans clamored but we got ignored. We begged for tapes (and later DVD's)and never got them. I do know that several times you stepped up to the plate to say "Hey, this one deserves better" and that "someday if they heard you" we'd get our "Mac" DVD's and I do indeed thank you for that...

Now if you can just get them to release "Legend?" I'd be one happy RDA fan indeed....

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Richard Dean Anderson

DVD title: Joseph - King of Dreams
Productgroup: DVD
Joseph - King of Dreams - movie DVD cover picture

I usually don't buy direct-to-video sequels -- usually, they are inferior to the original product and only tarnish my enjoyment. However, "King of Dreams" is not a sequel, rather than a companion piece.
Delving once again into ancient history, this story tells of a "miracle child," the favorite son of old Jacob and his wife Rachel (the Biblical polygamy is delicately ignored, though hinted at in that Joseph is a half-brother). While Joseph's ten brothers toil in the fields, he is taught to read and write and is given a magnificently woven coat. When he has dreams that "mean something," his brothers' resentment starts to grow. He ends up enslaved in Egypt, where despite his talents and intelligence he falls further and further. But newfound humility and a special gift from God will bring him back up.
This movie has a beautiful piece of symbolism - the little fruit tree that Joseph carelessly steps on as he cries out to God, "Why?" Everyone in their lives is faced with a crisis in which it is asked why God is doing this to them. The single leaf that remains living on the shattered tree shows how his faith still exists, and that faith grows as he saves the tree and nurtures it to health. God is spoken of less, as Joseph is not convincing anyone of anything, but his presence is highly felt in the writing.
From a secular point of view, this is also a good cautionary tale. At the beginning, Joseph bounds past his brothers, singing, "I am special, I am smart! I am a miracle child!" and being coddled by his parents. Allowing himself to be arrogant is part of his downfall. Later on, he uses his gift and his intelligence to benefit everyone, and thus is rewarded.
The secondary characters are, like Ramses of PoE, multi-dimensional even if you are supposed to dislike them. As Joseph enjoys his special status, one can sympathize with his jealous brothers -- but the same spoiled boy will take your sympathy when his brothers taunt him and cruelly sell him. Potiphar is well-drawn -- a man who betrays his own honor and clearly suffers inwardly because of it, and his niece is an instantly sympathetic character is her urgings to forgive.
Though this film is acceptable for small kids, there are a few moments that will disturb them, such as when Potiphar's wife makes a (it's not obvious to the very young) pass at Joseph, and when he is dragged off while his brothers accept silver as payment for him.
The songs aren't quite as good as PoE, but the animation in its lesser glory is excellent. When Joseph is led into Egypt, one can definitely sympathize with his slack-jawed awe. Lesser details, such as Potiphar's servant's thoughts on Joseph's hygiene, are also present and very enjoyable. The dream sequences strike a good balance of otherworldliness and realism.
Okay, so this isn't quite up to the standards of "Prince of Egypt." There's a lesser budget, but it's a more personal, family story.

Studio: Dreamworks Skg
Ben Affleck

DVD title: The Road to El Dorado
Productgroup: DVD
The Road to El Dorado - movie DVD cover picture
The Road To El Rado - The ultimate road movie for the family

'The Road To El Dorado', is after my meaning, the best non-Disney movie of 2000, the art direction is beautyful, the voices are great, Elton John's music is brilliant, and the effects are stunning.Tulio, Miguel and their horse Altivo, is going on a dramatic journey to El Dorado, where they meet Chel, and some other entertaining characters, and one of the best animated villians.If you love adventures, horses, Elton John's music, and Kenneth Branagh, you will love 'The Road To El Dorado'!

Studio: Universal Studios
Kevin Kline
Kenneth Branagh
Rosie Perez

DVD title: Firefly - The Complete Series
Productgroup: DVD
Firefly - The Complete Series - movie DVD cover picture
Just another glowing review....

I just wanted to add my praise to the huge list already assembled. This show is possibly the best tv ever, and I will never understand why it was cancelled. When my husband and I watched it through for the first time, that's what we kept asking each other. "Why in the heck was this cancelled?" Although I think I might have an answer. Fear. This show is smart, funny and tragic at the same time, and full of subtleties of detail that could be missed in a single watching. And as we all know, television executives assume we are all stupid, dull, and don't want comedy mixed in with our drama. Well, guess what. Some of us do. A great many of us, if these reviews are any indication. The acting is superior for television, the writing is witty and full of character-specific detail, and the effects are jaw dropping.

So, if you love science fiction, love action, love good characters, or just plain love to be entertained, you can't go wrong here.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Nathan Fillion

DVD title: Undercover Blues
Productgroup: DVD
Undercover Blues - movie DVD cover picture
Undercover Sleeper

Marshall Fine's blatant bashing of this movie is snobbery at its best. This movie you will notice from all the REAL people show it to be a entertaining romp with Dennis Quaid, Kathleen Turner, and Stanley Tucci at their best. If Quiad beating the tar out of Tucci with a baby stroller doesn't make you laugh, then the reparte between Quaid and Turner or the inept often funny remarks by Obba Babbatunde and Larry Miller should. My wife and I love this movie and wish they had done a sequel to it. If you like movies like "True Lies", "The In-Laws", or any other comedy spy movie that includes funny family relations you will enjoy this movie. It is deifinitely a few notches above "Spy Kids" or "I Spy" We are hoping this will be released on DVD as I am sure are many others.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Herbert Ross
Kathleen Turner
Dennis Quaid

DVD title: Child's Play 2
Productgroup: DVD
Child's Play 2 - movie DVD cover picture
freinds till the end rember

no child's play will ever beat the number one ,part 2 is a beauitful second sequel explaining the problems with the child when he has forgotten about chucky from part 1. But from the factory chucky had been reborn again to come after poor little andy , when chucky find's out where andy is living , chucky decided to restart from start 1 . This film is a must have as it has all the laughs in the world and will never be forgotten.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: John Lafia
Alex Vincent
Jenny Agutter

DVD title: XChange
Productgroup: DVD
XChange - movie DVD cover picture
A Thrill Ride Unlike Baldwin's Usual DTV-Originals...

As long as you can keep pace during the first 10 minuets, as long as you can remember who's body has been Xchanged to who's and which one was stolen..this unique Sci-Fi action flick is smart and interesting. Kim Coates (Who I remember most from his supporting role as 'Gronky' in 'The Client' (1994) and Lethal Tender (1997), has his best role yet as the rich corporate leader who becomes the evil character when his body is exchanged with another to facilitate a buisness trip to CA. Toffler (MacLachlan) who in his new body on the West Coast panics when learning of the theft and misuse of his exchange in NY. He steals a deactivated clone (Baldwin) and then runs from police and the corporate terrorist (Coates) who has control of his body. The movie does'nt produce any Academy Award winning performances, but its' no surprise to anyone who willingly watches it..who cares. The film is full of cool and odd special FX usually involving dangerous weapons that are an impossibility in real life. The scenerio is interesting in it's originality, when the characters can be tracked by the XChange program through the use of computerized ID tags that every human in this era must carry. One of my particular favorite things are the advanced computer systems in people's homes that can do anything by voice command, but are still glitched in comical ways. Along with the sexy big B* who heads the XChange corporation and finds time out of her corporate kill-and-mangle schedual to get wildly (loved and adored) in her bed, while discussing plans at the same time with her evil boyfriend...the movie produces 5 or 10 interesting characters with unique motives and strengths to carry it's futuristic story and suspense through the usual 'good guy runs, bad guys get killed and good women who have sex with them' scenerio. XChange is a better movie than ANYthing else Stephen Baldwin has done, belive me his movies are aweful. Most are the just the common Patrick Bergen-Like B-Movies that can't be taken seriously because of there cheezyness, predictability and ultimately their explicitness which knocks them out of the mainstream and sends them right to the Blockbuster Video rack. XChange though is a good thrill ride thats' sexy, smart, action/filled (I would'nt say packed) and certainly well-casted.

Studio: Vidmark/Trimark
Director: Nick Harris

DVD title: In the Bedroom
Productgroup: DVD
In the Bedroom - movie DVD cover picture
Never Hits A False Note

The people I've known who lost a child at this late teen age never seem to recover from the event. Often their lives do unravel and this is all the more true if the death was a violent one like the murder in this film. Catching every nuance perfectly, "In The Bedroom" portrays the anguish of one middle aged couple. That they are mostly quiet about it is all the more telling and accurate. We also see the events leading up to the murder. The couple's son has been having a short term affair with an older woman who is going through a divorce. Her soon-to-be ex-husband, played ably by Tom Cruise's real life cousin, William Mapother, can't handle their affair and explodes into violence. This is also completely believable and Mapother doesn't make him a complete monster but, instead, someone we all know who spirals out of control while going through a divorce. Wilkinson and Spacek both shine throughout as the middle-aged couple. Watch especially Wilkinson's scenes as the film roars to a close. They are very quiet and low-key yet the effect is electric. He can make you believe he's on fire just by the simple act of facing the dawn of a new day as he gets up to go to work.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Todd Field
Tom Wilkinson
Sissy Spacek

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