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DVD title: The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Lord of the Films!

Lord of the Rings is truely "Lord of the Films". I give it five stars, because they story behind Lord of the Rings is so meaningful. The movie is full of action and adventure. You don't just WATCH the movie happen, you FEEL like the movie is happening to YOU! The talented actors who contributed to the making of this movie were FABULOUS, no doubt about that. Peter Jackson (director of the movie) is amazing. He did such a wonderful job on this tale of Middle-Earth based on J.R.R. Tolkien's books, that I couldn't have asked for anything better. The movie is 100% true to the books. WELL WORTH YOUR TIME! YOU'LL BE WAITING FOR THE REST OF THE TRILOGY TO COME OUT IN THEATRES AS WELL!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Peter Jackson
Ian McKellen

DVD title: The Boondock Saints [IMPORT]
Productgroup: DVD
The Boondock Saints  [IMPORT] - movie DVD cover picture
no one can touch this

ok, i have seen alot of movies, my favorites being Braveheart..snatch...matrix....and half baked. but this movie is by far the best movie ever made. the way it shows the cops finding the bodies and guessing what happend, it is brilliant.if all movies got the same publicity, it would have won every award available. It was great.

Studio: Pid
Director: Troy Duffy
Willem Dafoe
Sean Patrick Flanery
Norman Reedus

DVD title: Re-Animator (The Millennium Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Re-Animator (The Millennium Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The Misadventures of Herbert West

Medical student Herbert West has discovered the means of bringing the dead back to life, unfortunately for fellow student Dan Cain. Dan has just taken Herbert in as his new roommate, against his girlfriend's wishes, but Herbert didn't give them much choice in the matter. He threatened to snitch on Dan's inappropriate premarital activities with the Dean's lovely daughter. Soon, Dan is forced to decide whether or not to become an accomplice in Herbert West's gruesome experiments, the results of which can only lead to pure horror.
In a time when the horror genre is getting a tad repetitious...again, discovering "Re-animator" was a welcome treat (Many thanks to my bud, John, for the gift). The story cleverly blends "Frankenstein" with "Return of the Living Dead," to create an original film with the frightful tongue-in-cheek humor of "An American Werewolf In London" and "Evil Dead." If gore is your thing (though I'm a squinter myself), this film is right up your alley too, with scenes that just might make you lose your lunch. And if cute, little blondes are your type (as they are mine), Barbara Crampton is an intense pleasure to see as Dan's girlfriend and the Dean's daughter, Megan Halsley, and you will see ALL of her on this awesome Millennium Edition DVD. Bruce Abbott (Dan Cain) and the rest of the cast are excellent as well, including David Gale as the villainous Dr. Carl Hill, who's inexplicable mind control powers make him a dangerous adversary for the re-animators. But the film truly belongs to Jeffrey Combs, Mr. Herbert West himself, who truly made his mark on the genre with this must see, cult classic. But hey guys, if for nothing else, you gotta check this out for Miss Crampton. She is very well put together!

Studio: Koch Vision Entertai
Director: Stuart Gordon
Jeffrey Combs
Bruce Abbott

DVD title: House of Flying Daggers
Productgroup: DVD
House of Flying Daggers - movie DVD cover picture
Artistic & breathtaking

This movie is full of eye popping color, lots of texture, graceful dancing, gorgeous actors, well choreographed sword and dagger fighting. The bamboo forest scenes are especially cool. Zhang Ziyi is stunning, graceful, multitalented! Takeshi Kaneshiro is gorgeous, charming and romantic. Andy Lau is handsome, strong, tortured. All three are great action heroes. Love triangle...awesome fighting scenes, breathtaking scenery and vibrant colors. Zhang Yimou (director) just keeps getting better and better. I highly recommend his earlier works including Raise the Red Lantern and Shanghai Triad. This is my favorite one after Raise the Red Lantern. A truly wonderful film. Enjoy!!

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Yimou Zhang
Takeshi Kaneshiro
Andy Lau
Ziyi Zhang

DVD title: St. John in Exile
Productgroup: DVD
St. John in Exile - movie DVD cover picture
pleasently surprised

This show is a great way to share the gospel with people of any age. The humor is appropriate and the acting is amazing. You would swear that Dean Jones is actually John, the disicple. They don't use confusing words or anything like that. I would suggest all pick up this DVD.

Studio: Alpha Omega Publicat
Director: Dan Curtis (IV)

DVD title: Blue Velvet
Productgroup: DVD
Blue Velvet - movie DVD cover picture
Love it or Leave it - That's the beauty

You could have so many arguments about Blue Velvet to the point of getting into a fist fight. Personally, I think it's the best movie ever made. It changed my whole perception of a film. The surreal opening sequence with the picket fence with Bobby Vinton's "Blue Velvet" (re-mixed by Lynch, sounding distant and bumped up from B-flat to B), may be the most beautiful few seconds of film one could see. Anyway, this film divided the critics, and that's why I love it. If you were to ask me what kind of movie Blue Velvet is, I'd say, beautiful, disturbing, uniquely funny, suspenseful. Lynch creates two worlds here, with two girls, and a young man who is the arbitrator of the two who loses his innocence. With Laura Dern, you could turn your TV set to Black and White and think the film was made in the 50s (aside from Jeffery's ear-ring and hip 80s haircut). When Dorothy and Frank enter the picture, it's just...unbelievable. This is ground breaking cinema. No picture has ever boasted so much of a contrast between day and night, good and evil. No film has been made like this, and ever will be. Much symbolism well classifies the film as an contemporary art. Love it or leave it. It will always be talked about. Bravo, Lynch. You've changed my whole perception of cinema and my outlook on small towns. See it. You won't forget it.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: David Lynch
Isabella Rossellini
Kyle MacLachlan
Dennis Hopper

DVD title: Jurassic Park (Widescreen Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Jurassic Park (Widescreen Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Great entertaining movie!

This movie should be based on the medium that it is presented. This is not a novel and should not be rated as such. Comparing this movie to a novel is unfair to the director and to all that worked on the film. Cinematically this movie will hold up for decades. Spielbergs' directorial penache exudes through every frame of this film. This is a great entertaining ride through a fantastical world of make believe. Great for friday movie nights and other such entertaining destractions. Personally I love this movie and find it entertaining to this day. Great movie!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Steven Spielberg
Sam Neill
Laura Dern

DVD title: Babette's Feast
Productgroup: DVD
Babette's Feast - movie DVD cover picture
Exquisite tale of love and friendship

Let me start by stating this: What a gorgeous film this is!! The story of two religious spinster sisters and their French maid is one of such deep humanity that you won't believe that from a such a simple premise such an inspired film could emerge. You'll find yourself longing for all that is beautiful and genuine in life. When Babette wins the French lottery she decides to treat the elderly sisters, who have loved and cared for her for so many years, and other members of their little congregation to a meal and evening they will never forget. For you see, Babette has a secret and only on that evening, after the guests have gone home, now enchanted by stars and love, can she reveal it. Pay close attention to the extraordinary line uttered by Babette when the sisters comment on the fact that due to her selflessness she's once again poor. This is a film replete with tenderness, humor and humanity and one which plays gently on the heart strings. The performances are perfect as is the screenplay, the cinematography and direction. Truly wonderful film making. Exquisite! Highly recommended.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Gabriel Axel
Stéphane Audran

DVD title: Barry Lyndon
Productgroup: DVD
Barry Lyndon - movie DVD cover picture
They are all equal now.

Let us dispense with the phrase "period piece" that inevitably pops up in most reviews of Stanley Kubrick's "Barry Lyndon". If there is any common thread that runs through all Kubrick films, it is the essential timelessness of the human comedy, whether the protaganists are fighting sabretooth tigers, Romans, Napoleon, in WW 1, in the Cold War, in Vietnam, evil computers in outer space, or thier own sexual urges. "Barry Lyndon" just happens to peek in on the silly earthlings while they are struggling through the 18th century. Kubrick coaxes a career-best performance from Ryan O'Neal, who is perfectly appointed as the handsome, "rougeish" opportunist of the movie title. The film is peppered with memorable supporting performances and lorded over by a wonderfully droll voiceover "narrator" (a Kubrick trademark!). The jaw-dropping, "oil painting coming to life" visuals alone are worth the price of admission. History buffs will probably observe that Kubrick's trademark use of classical music is "era appropriate" for once! Like any true work of art, "Barry Lyndon" is something to be treasured.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Stanley Kubrick
Ryan O'Neal
Marisa Berenson

DVD title: Message in a Bottle
Productgroup: DVD
Message in a Bottle - movie DVD cover picture
The best movie so far in 99' "Just Awesome"

Just an Awesome movie. If Kevin Costner retired now, he'd come out more on top than if he'd won two Super Bowls with a great career behind him!

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Luis Mandoki
Kevin Costner
Robin Wright Penn
Paul Newman

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