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DVD title: The Chieftains - Live Over Ireland: Water from the Well
Productgroup: DVD
The Chieftains - Live Over Ireland: Water from the Well - movie DVD cover picture
Long may they reign!

This amazing "behind the music" DVD is a treasure for Chieftains fans, fans of Irish music, or fans of great music in general. Their humor, candor and willingness to press the limits of their music not only makes this CD great viewing, but also helps explain their endless longevity. It was a lump-in-the-throat to listen to Derek Bell, recently departed, speculate that he had perhaps 20 more years to live (gone much too soon -- rest in peace, dear friend). I can't recommend this wonderful DVD highly enough.

Studio: Image Entertainment

DVD title: Jesus Christ Superstar
Productgroup: DVD
Jesus Christ Superstar - movie DVD cover picture
Wonderful abstract realisation of the top rock opera

Well, I'm biased, because Jesus Christ Superstar is my favourite rock opera, but even without the music, this is something special. You have to be prepared to suspend your disbelief quite a lot here, because the film starts and ends with the framing device of a load of contemporary hippies taking a magic bus to the desert and performing the story of the last days of Jesus. The film never entirely breaks free of this frame, because we see the Roman guards with machine guns and the traders in the temple with postcard racks. This is probably better (and cheaper!) than attempting to make a realistic backdrop because it allows the entire proceedings to be shot on location rather than the usual method of constructing sets in the studios and somehow putting in the 30 A.D. buildings in place on location. The central performances are excellent and if the actors don't live up to our expectations of what Jesus and Judas might look like, then more suspension of disbelief is aided by the fact that they're so damn good in the roles. The singing of Judas particularly is both powerful in the louder sections and constant in the quiet parts, which is quite difficult to achieve. Disco diva Yvonne Elliman makes a great Mary Magdalene, singing what some say is Rice's cleverest lyric to Webber's best melody, 'I Don't Know How To Love Him'. There is very little spoken dialogue, allowing the songs to take centre stage throughout. Buy it, play it and sing along to it!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Norman Jewison
Ted Neeley
Carl Anderson (II)
Yvonne Elliman

DVD title: Viral Assassins
Productgroup: DVD
Viral Assassins - movie DVD cover picture
This film deserves a lot more attention than it gets.

A breathtaking allegory of the world we live in, Viral Assassins, set in an undefined near future, shows the government's solution to the problem of a new terminal desease - they simply make carrying the desease a capital crime. Most of the film is taken up by a terrifying secret conversation that takes place between three people in one room; skinscrawlingly uneasy secrecy and mistrust, on top of the claustrophobic nature of the setting, make this a film that, in spite of it's modest budget, easily surpasses the tension and watchability of any major multimilliondollar Hollywood movie with a critical edge (in itself a rare commodity). In Viral Assassis you get nothing of the predictable plots that we know from visiting the multiplexes, in this highly original and unique film we are constantly on the edge of our seat untill the unexpected climax. Highest possible recommendation.

Studio: Wea Corp
Director: Robert Larkin

DVD title: Jurassic Park III (Widescreen Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Jurassic Park III (Widescreen Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Jurassic Park III on DVD

Jurassic Park 3 one of the big summer blockbusters out of 2001 next to "Tomb Raider".This has been the third in the Trilogy of Jurassic Park, no other sequels have been made since the first hit from Michael Crichton and Steven Spielberg so it seems that they ride might over for JP fans. This film again uses the same elements of cgi animation and several of the same models of Dinosaurs from the other installments. However newnew dinosaurs are introduced and the writers changed the characters around in this oneto add a bit of tension and suspense that works throughtout the whole movie.
Dr. Grant (Sam Niel), who in the first movie acts as a moral, andethical scientist in the first movie, is a hypocrital,contradicting scientist in this one.
At first, Dr. Grant, rejects any offers to study Dinosaurs saying that his previous experience inJurassic Park has annoyed from doing any other research.However, when Mr. Brimley (William H. Macy) offers topay millions of dollars just to have Mr. Grant's presence and insight into the Dinosaurs of Lor Sorna,Grant has no problem signing over himself to the project.
He definitely is more interested in the financial and egotistical benefits of the project, than the actualscientist benefits of the project.
The cool thing about the Jurassic Park movies, is thatyou don't have to watch every movie, to find out what's going on.
Since the stories are basically the same in every movie,you can watch and be entertained by each movie, withoutbeing concerned about the plot.
The plot in this case, is that once again more geneticresearch in Dinosaurs has led to a creation of dinosaurson Lor Sorna in Costa Rica.
Then a group of scientists, interested in the Dinosaurswants to come down to Lor Sorna to "study" the dinosaurs.
The movie starts with a lecture being conducted by Dr. Grant (Sam Neil) who was in the first Jurassic Park.
Dr. Grant finds out that new research in genetic testinghas led to new dinosaurs being bred in Lor Sorna inCosta Rica.
Grant eventually receives offers to study the dinosaursbut rejects all of them, saying that he has enough ofdinosaurs (he almost died in the first movie).
However, a rich, entreprenual married couple is about to change that.
They eventually offer Dr. Grant millions of dollars to have his presence in a special trip that the couple plan to make to this new Jurassic Park.
However, all their plans are about to go amok, as thegroup of scientists, run into a bunch of dinosaurs, moredeadly, more intelligent, and more scarier thatthe first dinosaurs in Jurassic Park........
Jurassic Park 3 has probably the best special effectsI've seen in a dinosaur movie. Partially inspiredby movies like "King Kong" and "Godzilla" the specialeffects team of Industrial Light and Magic and StanWinston, once again, bring this monstrous creaturesto life in all their glory.
JP3 also offers a ton of suspense and thrills.
There a bunch of new Dinosaurs in the movie.The Spinosaurs, who can attack in both land and seais terrifying.
Also Director Joe Johnston, managed to add new life into the series by making the Dinosaurs smarter than ever.The dinosaurs now "call" to one another, when theysee a prey they want to kill. The dinosaurs can now also use their brain to corner and attack, their prey in many new ways.
The scene in the lab, in which a dinosaurs corners their next victim is a great example of that.However, despite this JP3 is a fantastic achievement byILM and Universal.
I was amazed by the features on the DVD version of Jurassic Park III:
*You get a special tour of ILM with Stan Winston*Trailer of the movie* Special interview with Paleontologist Jack Hornerand much more like many featurettes on the making of hte film
Highly recommend film.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Joe Johnston
Sam Neill
William H. Macy
Téa Leoni

DVD title: Jurassic Park III (Widescreen Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Jurassic Park III (Widescreen Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
I enjoyed it a lot

Well, besides the first one. Jurassic Park 3 is one of the rare sequel to films that actually lives up tothe original. A sequel either has to be just as good, or better than the original. After lost world was a waste of time, Spielburg stepped down from the jp chair, and handed it to director Joe Jonhston (Honey, I shrunk the kids and October Sky). I was extremely excited for th new JP film to be released, because I'm such a big fan, since the original. I saw it on the opening day, July 18, 2001. I walked in excited..came out with a smile on my face. It was sooo good, I want to see it again.
The story is very good and original: Isla Sorna, the island from lost world, is now RESTRICTED from any human being (which I love at the beginning when it says in big, red letters) after the annoying scene from TLW with the T-rex romping through San Diego. But pleanty of idiotic tourists like to bask near shore of the island, including one para sailing crew, that decides to para sail near the island...big mistake. The boat is found torn apart and the two hang gliders, are shipped to shore on the island. The film then jumps to a house with a kid playing with toy dinos. Dr. Alan Grant (Sam Neill, reprising his role from the first film) is visting his old college and friend, Elle Saddler (Lara Dern, also reprising her role), in her happy, married life (too bad. I was hoping the two would be the married ones). Grant is struggling to get funds for his paleotolinest dig, but isn't getting any because "the inncident" on the park doesn't help reseach...despite the fact that John Hammond (Richard Attenbourgh, and no,he doesn't appear in the film, for some reason) resent death doesn't give any will to Alan, espeaically since he prommised to give Alan a raise in the first film. But then, a billionare Paul Kirby (William H. Macy) asks Alan to be his tour guide for him and his wife, Amanda (Tea Leoni) to fly over isla Sorna. Alan agrees, because Paul, in favor for the guide, will give as much as Grant wants to his reaseach: money. Alan takes his trusty assistant Billy (Alessandro Nivola) with him for the ride, while the Kirby's take several shady charecters (of them is Micheal Jeter and John Diehl). But things start to get rough when they get there: Paul then tells Alan that they will land. Alan then goes furious, knowing that the island is way too dangerous, and refuses to land. It doesn't matter...minutes later, they land and are forced to take off again, being attack by some type of dino. The strange dino kills one of them at first, then destroys the plane, with them inside. Now they are stranded on the island. The Kirbys thn explain that their son is on the island, because the para sailing inncident earlier. The dino that chased them earlier is called a "Spinosaurus" a larger dino than a Tyranosaur. Plus, even more danger is brought when the team discovers that the band of Raptors on the island can communicate with other dinos and are very intelligant. Evolution is Adventure.
JP3 is a definate blockbuster for the summer. With a solid cast, unbelieveable special effects and good plot and story to it, it's definately a movie that will please both types of crowds. A must see. Spetacular. Genius. Brilliant. And just plain...Fun. Two thumbs up.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Joe Johnston
Sam Neill
William H. Macy
Téa Leoni

DVD title: Noises Off...
Productgroup: DVD
Noises Off... - movie DVD cover picture
"No, I'm not in Spain, I'm in agony. That's where I am!"

In 1992, Peter Bogdanovich directed a hilarious comedy called "Noises Off...", which was based upon a play that was written by Michael Frayn. (Peter Bogdanovich also directed "What's Up Doc" in 1972, "Paper Moon" in 1973 and "Mask" in 1985.) Starring a wonderful cast, "Noises Off..." is about a troop of actors preparing to perform a play on a national circuit that is under the direction of Lloyd Fellowes (Michael Caine) and features an actress named Dotty Otley (Carol Burnett). She includes a long-time friend, Selsdon Molbray (Denholm Elliott, 1922-1992), as part of her cast; but must contend with his alcoholism. Also included in her acting troop are Gary Lejeune (John Ritter, 1948-2003), Brooke Ashton (Nicolette Sheridan), Frederick 'Freddy' Dallas (Christopher Reeve), Belinda Blair (Marilu Henner), stage manager Poppy Taylor (Julie Hagerty) and prop manager Tim Allgood (Mark Linn-Baker), who must also be a stand-in actor if any of the other actors cannot perform. The play that they intend to perform takes place in a rural English country estate and opens with Dotty portraying a cantankerous housekeeper named Mrs. Clackett, who has a taste for sardines. Gary and Brooke enter next and portray an attorney named Roger Tramplemain and his assistant Vicki. They have come on behalf of the law firm representing the estate's owners, Philip & Flavia Brent, who are portrayed by Freddy and Belinda and who are supposed to be out of town. Thrown into this mix is Selsdon's character: a petty thief. Over the course of the play's performances, various interactions between the actors, managers and Lloyd begin to have a negative impact upon the play's execution with hilarious results.
Carol Burnett, John Ritter, Christopher Reeve and Michael Caine all performed their roles superbly in "Noises Off...". The plot and character development are highly engaging and unpredictable. Memorable scenes include the dress rehearsal, the back-stage happenings, Seldon's bottles, the sardines, the cactus, Lloyd's relationships and the on-stage mishaps. Overall, I rate "Noises Off..." with 5 out of 5 stars for being a delightfully funny and engaging story. It's a film that everyone can watch and enjoy and a fine way to remember John Ritter's acting skills.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Peter Bogdanovich
Carol Burnett
Michael Caine

DVD title: The Amityville Horror
Productgroup: DVD
The Amityville Horror - movie DVD cover picture
This movie still has highest possible scare-factor

I love this movie. It is one of the all-time greatest haunted house movies ever made. It ranks right up there with "The Haunting" and "The Legend Of Hell House". James Brolin gives a great performance in this. This movie is great for a midnight movie. However, don't watch if you scare easily. A-

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Stuart Rosenberg
James Brolin
Margot Kidder

DVD title: Private Obsession
Productgroup: DVD
Private Obsession - movie DVD cover picture
"Yum, Toilet Water."

The antagonist only known to the viewer as "Richard" maintains a tragic facade directed and caused by the protagonist, known to us as "Manny" or "Emmanuel". As she is imprisioned in what could be inferred as a metaphorical construction of Richard's yearning lust for superiority, the viewer is reminded of Plato's allegory of "the Cave", however, in this tale, the table is abruptly turned, "climaxing" (literally) in a orgy of indulgence and vice.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Lee Frost

DVD title: Meet The Fockers (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Meet The Fockers (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
To The Prudes


To those that give this movie a bad review based on adult humor... I think you are truly out of your mind. What do you expect when you know that the movie's title is Meet the Fockers. Were you expecting a kids movie? Get over it. Sexuality is a beautiful part of who we are and humor about it is fanfockingtastic. If you don't like that kind of thing, I suggest you not see movies that are geared toward adults and stick with the kids flicks until you can grow up and see that there is NOTHING wrong with sexuality or having a sense of humor about it. Also, for those of you interested, I found a site that is awesome and carries the products shown in the movie based on sex therapist Barbara Steisand at An adult (not dirty) site worth your time if you are able to accept that sexuality is a natural and wonderful part of who we are.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Jay Roach
Robert De Niro
Ben Stiller
Dustin Hoffman
Barbra Streisand
Blythe Danner
Teri Polo

DVD title: Wait Until Dark
Productgroup: DVD
Wait Until Dark - movie DVD cover picture
Different !

Different in a good way. My sister would tell you not to watch this movie alone in the dark, but I tell you do. Its affect is so much more potent that way. You will literally sit on the edge of your seat until this film is over. The plot plays out perfectly and the mystery and suspense is high! To help create the effect of blindness for this movie, Audrey wore thick contacts that dulled her eyes and vision. She memorized where everything was on the set so that in the dark, she was perfectly comfortable. Alan Arkin makes an incredibly nasty bad guy and Audrey's fear of him is quite catching, even over the screen. You scream out your feelings for this movie, if it hits you right.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Terence Young
Audrey Hepburn
Alan Arkin
Richard Crenna

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