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DVD title: Left Behind - The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Left Behind - The Movie - movie DVD cover picture
Left Behind

Excellent movie. I didn't view it as a Christian who has followed the 'Left Behind' series; but rather, I viewed it as an educational movie for those who are left behind. There is definately enough information for them to be interested enough in prophecy to open their Bibles and learn for themselves.

Studio: Cloud Ten Pictures
Director: Vic Sarin
Kirk Cameron
Brad Johnson (II)

DVD title: Mrs. Doubtfire (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Mrs. Doubtfire (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

I have always loved this movie and have viewed it several times on VHS. However, being a new DVD owner, I knew it needed to be in my collection. This was money well spent.
I have viewed several DVD's and one of their greatest assets is the "Bonus" or "Extra" material many of them offer. They range from simple theatrical trailers to prodution commentary throughout the film (the film can be watched without the commentary). Of all the ones I have observed, Mrs. Doubtfire has the best "behind the scenes" thus far.
I was fascinated by the make-up artistry, the interviews and the cartoon. In the final version, the animation section is not very long. However, the original "cut" is about six minutes long and rather entertaining.
There it is. If you enjoy behind the scenes footage and you enjoyed the movie itself, you must have Mrs. Doubtfire on your shelf at home.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Chris Columbus
Robin Williams
Sally Field

DVD title: Vertigo (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Vertigo (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

Alfred Hitchcock's VERTIGO is one of the 50 best movies ever made. I personally know one person who watches it every two months and still discovers in this movie some food for his mind. It's true that VERTIGO has been analyzed in numerous books after the brilliant articles in "The Cahiers du Cin?ma" written by the future heroes of the Nouvelle Vague : Claude Chabrol, Jean-Luc Godard and Fran?ois Truffaut. VERTIGO is one of this movies which directly speaks to your heart if you're a cinephile, like Peter Bogdanovich's THE LAST PICTURE SHOW or John Ford's THE SEARCHERS.
Why does this particular movie speak to me more than the others ? For a simple reason, James Stewart is the mirror through which every cinephile can recognize himself. During long moments, Alfred Hitchcock films James Stewart in his car following Kim Novak ; no words are spoken, there is only Bernard Hermann's musical score and the face of James Stewart. At this moment, you are staring with intensity at a man who stares with intensity at a beautiful woman you too would like to stare at with intensity. Then, you enter the movie lover's vertigo, you become James Stewart.
No need to say that VERTIGO was the first DVD I've bought and should have a place, in my opinion, in any honest man's library (in the XVIIIth century meaning of the word). English, spanish and french subtitles, a commentary, trailers, the second ending and other goodies.
A DVD which is already in your library.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
James Stewart
Kim Novak

DVD title: Celine Dion - All the Way... A Decade of Song & Video
Productgroup: DVD
Celine Dion - All the Way... A Decade of Song & Video - movie DVD cover picture
Celine Reigns!

Celine Dion's music has lived in my heart since I first heard her in 1996 when my brother visited his in-laws in Quebec. John brought me back some of her earlier music recorded in French. I now own all of her French recordings as well as her English releases. With Celine, you do not need to know French to love the music. Her passion and feelings come through anyway. I will always look to to check for any new releases to add to my collection of her beautiful music

Studio: Sony/550

DVD title: Insomnia (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Insomnia (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Good Cop/ Bad Cop

What makes "Insomnia" such a compelling film is its painting of the Al Pacino character, a Los Angeles detective, in various shades of gray. Pacino is assisting the police in an Alaska town solve the murder of a young high school woman. His character is complex. There is no doubt that he has been a thoroughly professional, hard working and determined man throughout his career. However, he is also a haunted man. Pacino's character, Detective Dormer, is under investigation concerning some allegedly unprofessional conduct concerning evidence in an earlier murder case. To add to his woes, during his work on the current case he does something horrendous, perhaps accidentally, while he and his partner are chasing the possible culprit.
Al Pacino gives a wonderful and sympathetic performance as the weary and very troubled detective. Interestingly, his character's name, Dormer, means "to sleep" in French. Robin Williams gives a realistically creepy performance as the mystery writer with whom the dead woman had gotten perhaps too involved. Williams, who is often over-the-top in his other movie roles, here underplays his part, which helps to give his character the right sense of eerieness. Hilary Swank plays a young rookie detective assisting in the investigation with all the Nancy Drew enthusiasm that the part requires.
During the film, Pacino's Detective Dormer tells the Swank character, perhaps mirroring his own situation, what distinguishes a good cop from a bad cop. When a good cop can't sleep it is probably because a piece of the murder puzzle is still missing; when a bad cop can't sleep, he is probably feeling guilty about something. It is this complexity that makes this such a must see film.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Christopher Nolan
Al Pacino
Robin Williams
Hilary Swank

DVD title: The Girl Next Door (Unrated Version)
Productgroup: DVD
The Girl Next Door (Unrated Version) - movie DVD cover picture
the girl next door one of the greats

Saw the sneek preview for this movie in my area on 3/20/04. Movie's plot was fun, and good acting from both main characters. Hope to see Elisha Cuthbert in more movies. Plan on seeing it second time in theaters cannot say that about many movies these days.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Luke Greenfield
Emile Hirsch
Elisha Cuthbert

DVD title: Sex and the City - Season Six, Part 2
Productgroup: DVD
Sex and the City - Season Six, Part 2 - movie DVD cover picture
This DVD deserves 10 stars --- SATC is SOOOOOO GOOD!

I'm a die-hard Sex and the City fan...... I LOVE IT!!!!

Studio: HBO Home Video
Sarah Jessica Parker

DVD title: Oliver Stone 6 Feature Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Oliver Stone 6 Feature Collection - movie DVD cover picture
An Incredible Collection of Work By A Great Artist.

Here we have one of the greatest collections of film work ever assembled by a filmmaker. The work of Oliver Stone stands as one of the greatest creative bodies of work in the history of film. And sure, they are brilliantly filmed, written, performed and photographed, but Stone's work is appreciated because of the power and influence it weilds. Unlike typical directors, Stone's films make us think and look at ourselves in the mirror. Some of the films here like "JFK" and "Natural Born Killers" serve in fact, as important film documents of the 20th century. "Wall Street" is a brilliant study of greed in American society. It uses the world of the stock market as a backdrop to explore the themes of ambition, greed, lust and power. "Born On The Fourth Of July" is one of the best films ever about Vietnam, a powerful story about a man who thought he was doing the right thing for his country and returned a crippled, disillusioned man. "The Doors" is the greatest rock film of all time. Val Kilmer gives a stunning performance, almost on the verge of possession, as Jim Morrison. The concert scenes are amazing and with the authenticity of a documentary. It's also an effective study of how excess can kill a great artist. Then comes "JFK," the best film in the collection. Here Stone paints a disturbing, powerful portrait of the forces that killed John F. Kennedy. It is a study of how politics and power work in the world. "Natural Born Killers," a stunning stylish wild ride, is a brilliant satire about violence and our obsession with violence in the world. "Any Given Sunday" is the best football movie of all time! I was a little disappointed with the extra documentary, "Oliver Stone's America," which is interesting and watchable but is just a simple conversation. The extra Charlie Rose interview in the "Natural Born Killers" DVD is enough. But here we have work that is obviously done by a genius. He is willing to cross the line to present something that opens the eyes and mind. His films are haunting, hypnotic, stylish, intelligent and provocative. This special collection is jam-packed with extra material. "The Doors" and "JFK" are special two-disc editions that have deleted scenes and in the case of "The Doors," a special making-of documentary. Be warned, "Natural Born Killers" is not the Director's Cut, but the original version. However, edited scenes found in the Director's Cut are on the DVD. Oliver Stone is probably the most important American director currently producing films. This is a unique, powerful collection of film, of provocative art.

Studio: Warner Studios
Oliver Stone

DVD title: Kathy Smith - Functionally Fit - Peak Fat Burning
Productgroup: DVD
Kathy Smith - Functionally Fit - Peak Fat Burning - movie DVD cover picture
Kathy Smith - Functionally Fit - Peak Fat Burning

This is one of her best video tapes. She is the best. I highly recommend it.

Studio: Sony Music (Video)
Kathy Smith

DVD title: Ranma 1/2 - Anything Goes Martial Arts - The Complete Second Season Boxed Set
Productgroup: DVD
Ranma 1/2 - Anything Goes Martial Arts - The Complete Second Season Boxed Set - movie DVD cover picture
It still doesn't beat the first season...

But it is nevertheless very, very good. It doesn't have the continued-story soap opera like quality that the first season had, nor does it follow the manga continuity with such slavishness. Which is a shame, because I like that:)The wacky humor hasn't changed, Ranma is still changing genders at the drop of a hat, Akane still can't cook, and Ryoga (as P-Chan) has taken up semi-permenent residence at the Tendo dojo.New characters include Mousse (Shampoo's ex-fiancee) and Cologne (Shampoo's grandmother). And there is Happosai, trainer of Genma and Soun and easily the most lecherous character in all of anime.We are also introduced to a continuing theme/plot device: Ranma's pathological aversion to cats. So much so that he will turn into a cat to get away from them.The extras on this are nothing to wite home about. Some creditless opening and closing themes and a few other goodies. But it's the stories that count after all. Definitely worth a buy.


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