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DVD title: FDTV: Volume One
Productgroup: DVD
FDTV: Volume One - movie DVD cover picture
Laughed The Whole Weekend

Just got the DVD before the weekend. Didn't stop laughing until Monday. *****

Studio: FD Entertainment
Director: FD

DVD title: Wonderland
Productgroup: DVD
Wonderland - movie DVD cover picture
Superbly Dark and Chaotic

The smartest thing director James Cox did on the DVD release of this grimy, unsettling film was to include the far more informative and engaging documentary, Wadd: The Life and Times of John C. Holmes, chronicling the entire career of the late s.p. legend. Holmes (Val Kilmer) serves as the central character in Cox's fictionalized retelling of the most lurid chapter of the actor's life: a grisly drug-related multiple murder in which Holmes may have been directly involved.Cox never allows you to care for or even like any character in themovie. Washing his actors in slimy green and brown light, he makeshis entire cast look dirty and seedy, which, though it may beaccurate for Holmes' sleazy acquaintances at the time, never helpsus care about what happens to these creeps.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: James Cox
Val Kilmer
Kate Bosworth
Josh Lucas
Lisa Kudrow
Christina Applegate

DVD title: The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
So Enchanting! I had no idea!! !!!

Yes, I am one of "those". I have my head buried in the ground. I read the "Hobbit" but did not continue on with the box set I own. So here's my hand ...SLAP IT!
I have learned my lesson well. Countless fans of the series have shamed me for not reading the books. "Holly, do you have any idea what you are missing out on! The series of a century!!"
So here I hide...I went and borrowed a VHS tape of the movie and after watching 20 minutes of "The Fellowship of the Ring" I drove staight up the rode from my house and purchased it on DVD.It's THAT good. The movie reminds me of many favorites I have seen over the years..."The Neverending Story", "Legend", or even "The Dark Crystal". I am entranced. I am still recovering from from jaw pain as my mouth hung open while I watched the DVD three times in a row. I coudn't get enough of Rivendale, the Shire, or the Orcs and Goblins.
So now I am part of the "In Crowd", I plan on reading the entire series the minute I finish writing this review...don't expect a new review anytime soon...:)

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Peter Jackson
Ian McKellen

DVD title: The Mummy
Productgroup: DVD
The Mummy - movie DVD cover picture
The Mummy 1959

Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing. How can you go wrong with that pair in a horror picture? Wide screen, color viewing of a 50's horror masterpiece. While the mummy wraps arnt as good as the Karloff monster its still a great film of the era. Any fan of vintage horror should find this entertaining. The DVD plays clean and crisp.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Terence Fisher

DVD title: The Rookie (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Rookie (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Rated "G" for "Great"!

Don't be scared off by the family rating and the Disney name. This is a solid film for everyone to enjoy. Quaid is, as usual, in fine form. The film is the true story of Jim Morris, a small-town high school teacher who gets a second chance to play professional baseball, albeit at an unusually advanced age. For baseball non-fans, don't sweat it. The film is really about family and courage to chase dreams.And I DARE YOU not to get choked up during the scene when Morris calls home to tell his 8 year old baseball-loving and Dad-worshiping son that Dad just got called up to the Big Leagues!
Again, don't think that just because this is a "G" rated Disney film that it is a sappy kiddie movie. Remember, one of David Lynch's best films was "The Straight Story" which was, you guessed it, rated "G".

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: John Lee Hancock
Dennis Quaid

DVD title: The Girl Next Door (Unrated Version)
Productgroup: DVD
The Girl Next Door (Unrated Version) - movie DVD cover picture
American Pie meets Risky Business

Definitely an outstanding comedy, The Girl Next Door, brings to the screen exactly what the title indicates: the story of a high school senior who meets and falls madly in love with his next door neighbor, who happens to be a porn star!
Emile Hirsch, Elisha Cuthbert, and the rest of the cast, have outdone themselves with their performances, which are exceptional to say the least. All the actors, without exceptions, give it their 100% and it really shows (the chemistry is AMAZING)! Very well written and very well presented, the movie is without a doubt guaranteed to provide more than just a few laughs. The Girl Next Door is simple enough, but does a great job of describing people's (young and adult alike) every day lives and the problems they face. It just goes to show that simplicity is often far better than complexity, when trying to present issues of a human nature.
In short, the Girl Next Door is a movie definitely worth watching!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Luke Greenfield
Emile Hirsch
Elisha Cuthbert

DVD title: Fahrenheit 9/11
Productgroup: DVD
Fahrenheit 9/11 - movie DVD cover picture
God bless Michael Moore! ;-)

I think it speaks volumes about the legitimacy of Moore's works when the best the right-wing idealogues can muster in opposition of his journalistic escapades is to call him names. Yep, he's fat. Very good of you to observe that. Unfortunately, calling him fat doesn't lessen the shame of realizing you've been living in ignorance.

Is he sensational? You bet. But in this day and age if you're going to get America's attention you almost have to be. Does he ask the right questions? Always. Fahrenheit 9/11 is a landmark piece of journalism for 21st century America - a must see for any concerned citizen who wants to know what conservative America would rather not know.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Michael Moore (II)
Michael Moore (II)

DVD title: Topkapi
Productgroup: DVD
Topkapi - movie DVD cover picture
Wonderfully entertaining, with great Ustinov performance

One of my favorite films, and quite possibly the most entertaining caper movie of all time. A jewell thief (Melina Mercouri) has her heart set on a fabulous emerald-encrusted dagger. The priceless object is being kept at the high-security Topkapi Museum in Istanbul. Mercouri enlists the aid of sometime lover (and professional thief) Maximilian Schell to devise and execute an intricate plan of stealing the dagger. Schell assembles a team that includes Robert Morley as an inventor and electronics expert, and Peter Ustinov as a small-time con man who doesn't realize that he's part of the scheme. Ustinov is persuaded to spy on Mercouri's group by Turkish authorities who think the gang members are terrorists, but he is eventually made aware of the actual intentions of the thieves. The first few minutes of TOPKAPI may lead you to believe that you're in store for one of those hopelessly fluffy "comedies" of the 60's. But don't be fooled. From the moment the jovially frantic music score is played over the opening credits, rest assured that you're about to be treated to a light-hearted, fast-paced movie that expertly combines humor, suspense, and thrills. The international cast is great, but Peter Ustinov is especially delightful to watch in the role that won him the 1964 Oscar for best supporting actor. As Arthur Simpson, a shifty yet sympathetic character who gets used by just about everyone in the film, Ustinov easily steals the movie (although Akim Tamiroff also has his share of funny moments as a drunken cook). This film has all the elements for a first-rate piece of entertainment: an engaging cast, exotic locales, good dialogue, and artful direction by Jules Dassin whose earlier work in RIFIFI partly inspired this movie. TOPKAPI is a wonderfully entertaining motion picture that should appeal to everyone.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Jules Dassin
Melina Mercouri
Peter Ustinov

DVD title: Rod Serling's Night Gallery - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Rod Serling's Night Gallery - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
The Best Series Ever Made

To a viewer from New Jersey.It's a bit strange to call the other reviewers "psychotic" and then to start shouting(using large letters)in your review. It's also strange to attack their rating by telling them that "they haven't seen it yet" when you give it a five star rating without having seen it.The other reviewers have the facts through information posted on various science fiction sites about this set. This information states that The Night Gallery DVD set,unlike many other TV shows,will not be remastered and will come from a 15 year old copy of the series.One viewer that thinks they have been recently remastered because he saw it on the Mystery Channel is incorrect. The print that he saw was the old print of the series. There was an attempt to convince the company to do a new remaster when new cleaned up samples of a few scenes were shown to them and compared with the old versions of the scenes. Even thought the improvement was plain to see,they did not approve a new remaster of the series. It has also been confirmed that this set will not have any extras,like documentaries and interviews with producers,writers and actors as other TV shows DVD sets have.This is not good enough for the fans of this show and they have a right to complain about that.After all,this show is hosted by science fiction legend Rod Serling and features the directal debut of Steven Speilberg directing Joan Crawford in one of her last performances.I think that at least deserves a small documentary and of course Rod Serling deserves one as well. With todays technology of plasma and high definition television sets,a DVD set made from and old print(with spots and scratches)is not good enough.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Joan Crawford

DVD title: D.A.R.Y.L.
Productgroup: DVD
D.A.R.Y.L. - movie DVD cover picture

from the first time i saw this film,i knew this was a great family movie.has a very good story line and excitement for all ages.paramount is brining this film out on dvd sometime in 2004.hope it will be in widescreen.check it out,you'll love it!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Simon Wincer
Mary Beth Hurt
Michael McKean

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