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DVD title: Kingpin
Productgroup: DVD
Kingpin - movie DVD cover picture
Kingpin Rules!

By far the best and funniest of the Farelly Brothers films, the overlooked Kingpin features a lot of laughs and a truly excellent soundtrack. Woody Harrelson plays Roy Munson, a once promising bowler whose career is cut short along with his right arm. Randy Quaid plays Ishmael, an unworldly Amish man whose one vice is bowling. After being down and out for several years Munson convinces Ishmael to enter a $1 million winner take all bowling tournament in Reno. Roy and Ishmael hustle their way across the country from Pennsylvania. Along the way they hook up with the beautiful Claudia played by Vanessa Angel. Bill Murray plays top professional bowler Ernie McCracken. McCracken is a total scumbag who is largely responsible for Munson's misery. This movie is loaded with laughs with most gags hitting the mark. By the end of the movie, if you have any heart at all, you will find yourself rooting for Roy and Ishmael. My only complaint is that the home version contains added scenes that were best left edited out of the movie.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Woody Harrelson
Randy Quaid
Bill Murray

DVD title: The Lemon Drop Kid
Productgroup: DVD
The Lemon Drop Kid - movie DVD cover picture
Great Christmas Story

My family watches this every year for Christmas. One of the least know Holiday stories. Must See!

Studio: Brentwood Communications
Bob Hope
Marilyn Maxwell

DVD title: Bamboozled (New Line Platinum Series)
Productgroup: DVD
Bamboozled (New Line Platinum Series) - movie DVD cover picture

I will not elaborate too much. This film had great camera work. I am a fan of hand held filming because its a lost art form. It is a very imortant movie to watch. I notice the negative feedbacks but I feel that is only a product of the shock and emotion that this movie provokes. Perhaps its the guilt of finding pleasure in the popular forms of black entertainment today that Spike Lee is so strongly against. So i will stress again please do see this film it is one of Spike Lee's better films.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Spike Lee
Damon Wayans
Savion Glover
Jada Pinkett Smith
Michael Rapaport

DVD title: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
Productgroup: DVD
The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - movie DVD cover picture
Best Western

Everyone has a favorite western and this is mine. Leone really outdid himself with this gem. Eastwood and Van Cleef are back from their previous experience in For a few dollars more, but it's Eli Wallach who steals the show this time around. Sergio Leone's masterful blending of music and visuals have been unequalled, and this film proves it. Also it's letterboxed, the way it should be seen, and it includes an additional 15 minutes of footage (albeit in italian, but there are english sub-titles available). Leone completists beware though, as this DVD doesn't include all the scenes that were cut from the film. Still, a worthy treat for the eyes and ears.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Sergio Leone
Clint Eastwood
Lee Van Cleef
Eli Wallach

DVD title: Grace of My Heart
Productgroup: DVD
Grace of My Heart - movie DVD cover picture
Marvelous touching heartrendering movie!

Aside form the wonderful music on the soundtrack this movie was (in my opinion) the sleeper of the year. I happened to see it be accident one night on one of the movie channels and bought it the next day. Encompasses the entire spectrum ofemotions in two hours. A great movie for everyone but will be especially enjoyed by any aspiring musicians/singers etc. One of the few movies I actually wouldn't have minded paying $7.50 to see at the theater! Get it!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Allison Anders
Illeana Douglas
John Turturro

DVD title: Super Size Me
Productgroup: DVD
Super Size Me - movie DVD cover picture
Kudos to Spurlock for a film well done!

It's funny how the folks that gave this work a low score are so angry but are missing the point. "Eveyone knows fast food is bad for you." "How stupid do you think we are?" "I eat there once a month and have no intention of changing my habits." "I'm an adult and will make my own decisions." Nobody is denying that basic knowledge and commom sense tell us that fast food will cause weight gain and promote other various health problems. But, with that said...

WHY ARE WE STILL OBESE??? If "everone" knows so much about fast food and what it does to us, WHY do we continue to fill ourselves and our children with garbage on a daily basis? If we're so smart and this experiment was a waste of time WHY did McDonald's terminate the "Super Size" option almost immediately following the Film Fest? Come on now, if you're smarter than that you know that if you eat at a fast food restaurant once a week or once a month - YOU'RE not the problem. If you watched the movie at all you know that YOU don't fit into this category.

This is a very well done documentary! The filming is fabulous, the sound bites of medical information are enough to keep you interested and informed but not too much as to make it boring or difficult for the lay person to understand. The art throughout the movie is clever, well thought out and detailed. The score is hilarious and well chosen. This is a serious issue that we need to pay more attention to. It's boring to just be inundated with facts which makes this film a great alternative to reading statistics. A lighthearted spin on big time health issues. Maybe we'll start to pay attention.

Kudos to Spurlock for a film well done!

Studio: Hart Sharp Video Llc
Director: Morgan Spurlock
Morgan Spurlock
Dr. Daryl Isaacs

DVD title: Tower of Evil
Productgroup: DVD
Tower of Evil - movie DVD cover picture
The bridge between H.G. Lewis and Friday the 13th.

Right off the bat I'd like to BLOW A VERY LARGE RASPBERRY at a couple of "High Brows" here for POTENTIALLY *BLOWING* the MOVIE'S ENDING for folks interested in purchasing this video! Clear enough? DUHHHHHHHH...
Somewhere between the laughable special effects of the 60's H.G.Lewis comedy gore fests and the "in your face" splatter of Jason Vorhees and the Friday the 13th franchise - this little overlooked GEM (Originally titled The Horror of Snape Island) was born.
Yes, after 30 years or so, it IS dated in look and feel. But then again, so is PSYCHO. However, when you dissect (no pun intended) the plot, actors, effects, budget and action there is still a surprising - and pleasing - amount of gore and mayhem for your viewing dollars!
Whereas the Lewis extravaganzas were "PURE GEEK/bite the head off a chicken" style viewing fare/farce (and a nifty excuse for you and your date to retire to the back seat and make out)- Tower of Evil still actually manages to generate some legitimate shivers and realism. The REAL comparison to Hell Night is the ATMOSPHERE! Those of you who remember seeing the camera open that initial expansive view of the haunted house will undoubtedly remember thinking "THAT is somewhere I would NOT want to BE! PERIOD!"
And so it is with Snape Island. This place *is* fog shrouded, desolate CREEP CITY! I don't know about you, but I've always felt that crabs feeding on dismembered body parts is probably Nature's way of trying to tell me something...
The "plot" has already been reviewed elsewhere, and frankly there ARE some slow spots and not so clever attempts at beating you over the head with clues to the psychopath's identity. But wait! Getting THERE is HALF the FUN! The shots of the sole survivor's "medically" induced flashbacks are reminiscent of many Avengers episodes with the banks of randomly flashing colored lights serving to remind us of the HIPNESS of the times... Yeah. Right. (Not to mention trying to make us forget that the budget was $37...) But, be of good cheer horror fans, what they saved on the minimalist sets and miscellaneous effects - like the aforementioned boat ride - the producers DID wisely invest in gore and nudity!
For what it's worth, this is one of the most amazing restorations I have ever seen! The CLARITY is beyond any movie I've seen on DVD, bar none. It's an amazing feat for a grade B studio offering and even on a 60 inch screen it is pure dynamite!
Recognize this offering for what is is: It's a very good and very effective slasher film that was well ahead of it's time and still remains head and shoulders above the vast majority of GARBAGE available over the past three decades.
Take a chance! This one's a KEEPER that you'll be proud to spring on your friends...

Studio: Elite Entertainment
Director: Jim O'Connolly

DVD title: Moulin Rouge (Single Disc Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Moulin Rouge (Single Disc Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The Greatest Musical I Have Ever Seen!!!

I have to start out by saying that Baz Luhrmann is now one of my favorite directors, next to Steven Speilberg and Stanley Kubrick. I loved this movie because it was DIFFERENT. Studios have been making remakes and sequels and it's just getting boring. Even though this movie was a remake, it had a different feeling to it. It is my favorite musical, next to The Sound Of Music.
Ewan McGregor and Nicole Kidman should seriously get into singing. They brought out the most beautiful singing voices you could ever imagine. I own the CD and I love the songs that they compiled onto it, even though they forgot a lot of songs from the movie. They need to come out with a 2nd Volume of the soundtrack. I am hoping that the DVD will not only have the music video of "Lady Marmalade", but a commentary by Baz.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Baz Luhrmann
Nicole Kidman
Ewan McGregor

DVD title: Uncovered: The Series - K-Ci & Jo Jo
Productgroup: DVD
Uncovered: The Series - K-Ci & Jo Jo - movie DVD cover picture
Does the dvd include " lets go through the motions

Ive' just ordered the dvd of jodeci's back to the future and it's just missing stay, lets go through the motions. just wondering, does the kci and jojo uncovered have these 2 video clips on it?? can anybody help me who have brought the dvd itself recently??

Thanks guys'

Oh, the throwback tour from boyz 2 men should be a goodie, can't wait to see them live here in wellington (New Zealand)

Studio: Ventura Distribution
K-Ci & Jojo

DVD title: Dot and the Bunny
Productgroup: DVD
Dot and the Bunny - movie DVD cover picture
This is a great educational video for kids of all ages

This is a great video that parents will enjoy as much as their children. I am now 21 and used to watch this when I was very little. I still love it. It combines real life with animation and is also very educational. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for something different for their kids to watch.

Studio: Vintage Home Enterta
Director: Yoram Gross

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