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DVD title: The King of Queens - The Complete Fourth Season
Productgroup: DVD
The King of Queens - The Complete Fourth Season - movie DVD cover picture
King Of Queens Season 4

Season 4 left nothing dissappointing. All the characters you love are there and the laughs are endless. It is everything you would expect from the show and more.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Kevin James

DVD title: Meredith Willson's The Music Man (TV Film)
Productgroup: DVD
Meredith Willson's The Music Man (TV Film) - movie DVD cover picture
Better than the original

I think the reason so many people don't like this version is because they are against the idea of a remake, rather that remake is good or bad. Personally, I never liked the original film version of "The Music Man". I don't understand why everyone raves about it so much. I thought the film was poorly done. The backgrounds look like cheap sets from a high school play. I think the chemistry between Robert Preston & Shirley Jones could've been a lot better. There was enough focus on them. It never really seemed as if Preston's Hill was in love with Marian.
However, I love this new version (proof can be found in the fact that I'm buying this one, but wouldn't even tape the old version off of television). In the new version, the sets are 1,000 times better. It actually looks real - go figure! I thought the chemistry between Broderick & Chenoweth was much better, and the increased attention paid to their relationship made the film much more romantic. The added bonus was that the believability of their love made the whole plot seem more realistic. And this all comes from a person who loves classic films and usually despises remakes. Give this film a chance!

Studio: Walt Disney Home Entertainment
Director: Jeff Bleckner
Matthew Broderick
Kristin Chenoweth

DVD title: Pearl Harbor
Productgroup: DVD
Pearl Harbor - movie DVD cover picture
Such A GREAT Movie!

After being shocked by how the movie Titanic replaced historical authenticity with Hollywood, I was curious about how Pearl Harbour would treat one of the sacred events of United States history. Unfortunately, it was not a whole lot better, and was the same formula: A love triangle + an historically tragic event + special effects. Like the Titanic, the first half of this movie revolves around a love triangle - this time the romance of a young war nurse with two friends competing for her love. There are distinct overtones of the plot of Casablanca, as the one with whom she falls in love dies in a mission, and his love is replaced by his friend. But is her first love really dead? This all, of course, is not the story of Pearl Harbour, but a romance story where couples leap into bed with each other and do what feels good without the permanent commitments of marriage. It is a more credible love story than that of Titanic, but immorality still features as a prominent ingredient. And it's a story of romance which has nothing to do with history.
Of course history eventually does make an appearance. Like Titanic, the real action everyone has been waiting for finally comes in the second half of the movie with the historic events of Pearl Harbour. These are portrayed with blinding speed and frightening realism. The footage of the actual attack is protracted at length - I could not help but wonder if it was longer in the movie than it was in real life. But one cannot see this without being overwhelmed by the horror of war. For many, violence in movies functions as entertainment. For me, it functioned to show how horrible war really and the tragic death it causes.
... How realistic the portrayal of Pearl Harbour is I cannot say. Certainly there are incredible special effects, this movie being the most expensive ever produced at the time of its production. But in the end this isn't a movie about history, it's a movie about Hollywood, reflecting more the ideas and moral weaknesses of our current generation than the strengths of the generation that endured the reality of Pearl Harbour. As a movie, Pearl Harbour didn't quite sink as fast as the Titanic, because it was more credible and true to its time. But in the end, like the boats in Pearl Harbour, it's still a sinking ship.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Michael Bay
Ben Affleck
Kate Beckinsale

DVD title: Central Station
Productgroup: DVD
Central Station - movie DVD cover picture
Remember Cinema Paradiso? Well, this one's even better!

Very few times does a movie get as deep as "Central Station" is able to get. From the very beginning you feel that it is going to grab you, and it's not hard to let the tears roll by at so many point throughout the movie.
Fernanda Montenegro's performance is awesome, but we're accostumed to her doing this. However, the kid is as natural as one can get. It's hard not to feel for him what the woman in the movie felt...
Also, it should be noted that the photography was simply extraordinary! Beautiful shots that are complemented with some great acting and equally beautiful music, under a great direction.
In short, a classic before our eyes. You won't regret buying it!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Walter Salles
Fernanda Montenegro
Vinícius de Oliveira

DVD title: Vampire Hunter D
Productgroup: DVD
Vampire Hunter D - movie DVD cover picture
Anime At Its Best!

It has been a long time since I saw Vampire Hunter D. The last time I saw it was in the 80's. This is anime at its best. The art is wonderful and the whole entire movie takes place is a world that is between ancient Trannsylvania and the future. Vampire Hunter D is an amazing character as well. He is dark, enigmatic and mysterious. Doris, the woman whom D loves, is also a wonderful character. Any woman who can handle a flail like that deserves some respect! The movie involves D fighting to save Doris from a horrible fate which is to be wed to the Count Vampire of the area. D destroys demons, werewolves, mutants, and vampires in a desperate quest to save Doris. I highly recomend this movie for anyone who loves vampires or anime. The story, characters and animation is simply fantastic and is a tribute to japanamation of the 80's era.

Studio: Urban Vision

DVD title: The Princess Bride
Productgroup: DVD
The Princess Bride - movie DVD cover picture
An enchanting fairy tale

The princess Bride is an enchanting fairy tale. From giant rodents to princesses. With exciting sword fights and passionate love scenes. Inigo Montoya with his famous line "Hello, you killed my father, prepare to die..." "Mawwaige" says the priest "Mawwaige", and Fezzik the friendly giant "As you wish," said Westly. Westly is a spunk who falls in love with Buttercup. These are just some of the fascinating characters in this classic fairytale.
This film is one hilarious but romantic masterpiece. Full of fun - filled characters and classic romances. To not see this movie would be a shame. Nobody should miss out on such an enjoyable film like The Princess Bride.
Here is a small peek of how this fairy tale goes... once upon a time Buttercup fell in love with Westly. When he did not come back from his journey, she heard he was dead. She later found out Westly was still alive, but had no choice but to marry the Prince Humperdink... ... do Westly and Buttercup live happily ever after? Well if you want to know you will just have to watch the movie for your self because I am not going to tell you. So go out and borrow the movie today, you will be glad you did!
By Sarah Spath

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Rob Reiner
Cary Elwes
Mandy Patinkin
Robin Wright Penn

DVD title: Carrie
Productgroup: DVD
Carrie - movie DVD cover picture
A Pretty Good Film and adaptation overall.

In 1974, Stephen King wrote a novel called "Carrie". At the time, he hadn't been known, he was struggling financially, and he was an English teacher earning next to nothing. He wrote the first few pages to Carrie and immediately threw them in the trash, thinking it was terrible. His wife came by, pulled the pages out of the trash and urged him to continue. She thought it was good, and after King finally finished the novel, he was willing to admit he liked it too.

King ended up earning as much as Mario Puzo did for "The Godfather" in advancement pay for the book, and Carrie launched his career. Two years after Carrie ran away with selling over three million copies, Brian DePalma adapted it into a film. Today it's known as a horror movie classic! And since it's movie debut in 1976, nearly every story Stephen King writes gets adapted into film!

Carrie is your classic story about a misunderstood girl. She's trapped by her over-christian mother, who never lets her do anything, and is picked on constantly.

One fine day at school, Carrie experiences her first period, and several students throwing sanity napkins at her screaming "Plug it up!" Carrie, helpless because she's never had her period before, slumps in the corner in shame. She goes home to her extreme christian mother, and her mother thinks she must've sinned.

As Carrie goes on, taking torture from other students, there's one out there that feels sorry for her. Her name is Sue Snell, and she manages to convince her boyfriend to take Carrie to the prom.

Of course, Carrie's mother doesn't approve of it. And as Carrie begins to find her own independence, she also begins to discover her unique ability to move things with her mind. The power of Telekinesis.

Chris, a girl who has nothing better to do than torture Carrie, gets suspended for the stunt of throwing sanity napkins and tampons at Carrie, decides to get even with her. She gets her boyfriend, and they go and get some pigs blood.

During prom, Carrie and Sue's boyfriend, Tommy, are elected Prom King and Queen, and that's when Chris pulls her stunt that will soon bring about the death of nearly everyone at the prom.

When Carrie finally gets the pigs blood dumped on her, she snaps and takes her revenge! Of it's time (and even today) the scene is still amazing to look at. Even though they left out one of the best lines in the book ("Pigs blood for the pig!") they did manage to portray the destruction caused at prom.

The movie only shows the Prom massacre, but in the book, the whole town felt the rage of Carrie! Luckily, this part isn't thrown into the movie as it is too much for some to handle.

While it doesn't look nearly as good as it did twenty years ago, it's still an amazing film to watch. The first Stephen King adaptation, turns out to be one of the better ones. Later adaptations as memorbale as Carrie ("Misery" "Stand By Me" and "The Shawshank Redemption" to name a few) came a little too few and far between, but Carrie in itself was a treat.

To this day, the acting is still memorable, and the scene that made Carrie a popular film (the last scene) is still perfect. If you enjoy Stephen King, Carrie is the perfect example of what an adaptation should be. It's not exactly like the book, but it still keeps the basic idea. THAT'S what a movie adaptation should be.

It certainly doesn't live up to horror standards today. By that I mean, it really isn't scary at all. Horror movies even today aren't scary. But you'll love this movie. Any Stephen King fan owes it to himself/herself to see this film.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Brian De Palma
Sissy Spacek
Piper Laurie
Amy Irving
John Travolta

DVD title: Fahrenheit 9/11
Productgroup: DVD
Fahrenheit 9/11 - movie DVD cover picture
Nut case fanatics hate this movie

I've read reviews calling Moore a "Trator" (?), insinuating that all who buy this movie are supporting "Fidel Castro" (Dictator of Cuba), "Tehran" (Capital of Iran), "Hamas" (Palestinian terrorist organization) and "Saddam" (who is in jail). Too funny. I saw it in the theater and didn't think I needed to see it again but all these lunatic fringe, right wing illiterates campaigning so vehemently against it have caused me to re-evaluate my position. I'll go out and buy a copy now and watch it one more time... Anything that pisses off so many right wing fundies deserves a second look.

Happy hunting.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Michael Moore (II)
Michael Moore (II)

DVD title: I Heart Huckabees (Single Disc Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
I Heart Huckabees (Single Disc Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Delightfully quirky look into the meaning of life.

I Heart Huckabees is an intelligent and funny look into the classic types of angst we all feel in our modern world. It weaves thoughtful and relevant commentary out of screw-ball plot tools and delightfully quirky characters. It touches on heady issues like universal interconnectedness and the meaning of life, but stays relevant and entertaining because we can easily identify with its characters and their down-to-Earth problems. The movie's humour is often subtle, built on slapstick laid over sociopolitical dialogue with bull's-eye acuity, and that's certainly not everyone's cup of tea. As for me, I often found myself laughing my head off whilst half-cringing at the nature of the human condition. In the end, it's a heartwarming movie.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: David O. Russell
Jason Schwartzman
Dustin Hoffman
Lily Tomlin
Jude Law
Mark Wahlberg
Naomi Watts

DVD title: Rebecca
Productgroup: DVD
Rebecca - movie DVD cover picture
Chilling - a fantastic Hitchcock film...

Rebecca was the first Hitchcock film I ever saw, and it inspired me to watch all of his other films. In other words, I really enjoyed watching this movie, and it is one of my favorites. The most remarkable thing about Rebecca, in my opinion, is the atmosphere - chilling, haunting, indeed it is almost gothic. Although Rebecca is in many ways different from most Hitchcock films, it is a perfect illustration of Hitchcock's amazing ability to create almost unbelieveable tension and suspense out of the most commonplace scenes.
Essentially, Rebecca is the story of an innocent, naive young woman (played by Joan Fontaine) who falls in love with a mysterious, eccentric rich man named Maxim DeWinter. After being brought to DeWinter's enormous mansion, Manderley, the young bride begins to fear the former mistress of Manderley, the famous Rebecca, who died years ago. This explanation does not do justice to the incredible suspense in the film, but be certain that Rebecca is a thrilling and haunting movie.
So, all in all, this is a chilling but wonderful movie! Highly recommended - unlike most movies today, Rebecca proves that the atmosphere is the key element and that suspense and fear can be created without blood and gore.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Laurence Olivier
Joan Fontaine

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