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DVD title: Cats
Productgroup: DVD
Cats - movie DVD cover picture
Kids will love it!

I bought this DVD for my 7 year olds birthday, guessing that both she and her 8 year old sister would love it. I can tell you that I wasn't wrong. One week later they are still loving it, in fact they seem to get more out of it each time they watch it. The songs and dance routines are suberb, it's a lot better than I think I imagined it would be.
I'm no great Andrew Lloyd Webber fan, but that's not really the point. I don't think that you need to be to recognise when something is well done. And whilst it may help? to have seen the stage show before, it's clearly not essential to enjoy the DVD. Sometimes it can be the opposite, as people may feel a film version does not live up to their expectations/memories of the live show.
If you are considering buying this then please do, and for goodness sake, do not worry AT ALL about this being unsuitable for children. Some previous reviews commenting on it's unsuitablity for children are way off the mark. I can only imagine they live in households where table cloths are required to reach to the floor, lest young ladies in the house are offended by the sight of the table legs! Unreal...

Studio: Universal Studios

DVD title: Monty Python and the Holy Grail
Productgroup: DVD
Monty Python and the Holy Grail - movie DVD cover picture
Funny-Stuff Online

I have seen other Monty Python movies and they were funny as well, but this one was the best one. In fact, it is probably the funniest movie ever! The only parts that I didn't like were the ending and the animations but the rest of the movie more than made up for those. If you like British humor, than watch this movie!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Terry Gilliam
Terry Jones
Graham Chapman
John Cleese
Eric Idle
Michael Palin

DVD title: Stephen King's Cat's Eye
Productgroup: DVD
Stephen King's Cat's Eye - movie DVD cover picture
one of my own favorite Stephen King's

This is NOT horror, and the effects are tacky. But it's still an average film. Cat's Eye tells the story of a tortoise-shell cat, who seems to be able to save everybody from monsters and other scary things.
The first tale is quite creepy, and is a bout a man who tries to give up smoking. The Quit Smoking company try sinister methods to try and get the man to quit.
The second part is the main NON HORROR film. It's about a man who is forced to walk around a ledge on the top of a tall hotel. An average thriller, but not scary.
The third is where the supernatural comes into it, but the monster has little bells on it's head and is about ten centimetres tall, so this is the worst story of the lot. In places, it's funny, but is it meant to be?
There are better films out there, but watch this if you have nothing better to do.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Lewis Teague
Drew Barrymore
James Woods

DVD title: The Ring (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Ring (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The Ring

This movie is really good. At the beginning its kind of scary but ones you get the hang of it you will probably start liking it. Specially if you like spoky movies this is one of them. I really enjoyed it I had fun watching it several of times.If you like scary movies not so scary but sort of scary you will like this one.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Gore Verbinski
Naomi Watts
Martin Henderson
Brian Cox

DVD title: Best in Show
Productgroup: DVD
Best in Show - movie DVD cover picture
Best in Show is the Best!

As a "dog show person" I wasn't sure what to expect!! Would I be offended? Would it make fun of "us"? You bet it did, and I loved every minute of it!! I saw it with another dog show friend and we were laughing more than anyone in the theater. You have to enjoy off beat humor, which we do. The funniest movie I have seen in a long, long time. The buzz in the real dog show world is that most people loved it!

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Christopher Guest
Catherine O'Hara
Eugene Levy
Jennifer Coolidge

DVD title: Cheers - The Complete Fifth Season
Productgroup: DVD
Cheers - The Complete Fifth Season - movie DVD cover picture
Extras For This Set

If Paramount decides to put any extras on this set, this is what they should include:

Interviews with Ted Danson, Rhea Perlman, George Wendt, Glen & Les Charles, James Burrows talking about Shelley Long's final season. Maybe have Shelley herself talk about it, too.

Show the alternate ending of "I Do, Adieu", the one that was taped before the audience and have commentary on it.
Also have commentary on the episode itself by either the Charles brothers or James Burrows.

They could also show bloopers from Season 5. They should have done that with all of the other seasons. They only did it for Season 2, though.

Those are just some suggestions, that's all. But I don't think Paramount will put any extras on here. They didn't with the 4th season set.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Ted Danson

DVD title: Jem - The Complete 1st & 2nd Seasons
Productgroup: DVD
Jem - The Complete 1st & 2nd Seasons - movie DVD cover picture
I love these DVD's!

My kids (ages 6 & 4) love Jem. They keep singing the theme song over and over. I enjoyed watching the shows with them. It is WAY better than kid shows today, which can be so annoying (Barney, Wiggles, etc...) The show teaches lessons too. We are all enjoying these shows. You can't see them on tv. I have looked for them in video rental stores with no luck. I'm glad I bought them! Another advantage is you can watch them in order, the way they were meant to be seen. I already ordered season 3. I'm counting the days until it is released!

Studio: Wea Corp
Samantha Newark

DVD title: Sunset Boulevard (Special Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Sunset Boulevard (Special Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Not Sure Widescreen existed in 1950

In response to the reviewer who is complaining that this movie is "...only a fullscreen version" I would challenge them to find anything pre 1954-55 that was actually filmed in widescreen. I am of the firm opinion that the ratio that this movie has been transferred in is indeed the one in which it was filmed. Maybe it is just that it is such a brilliant piece of film making that comes across so far ahead of it's time that leads anyone to expect a "widescreen" version.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Billy Wilder
William Holden
Gloria Swanson

DVD title: Gargoyles:Season Two Vol 1-3
Productgroup: DVD
Gargoyles:Season Two Vol 1-3 - movie DVD cover picture
Beyond the shores of Manhattan

Every so often there comes along a show that tells a story that is worth telling, that is well written and has characters that are worthy of empathy; Gargoyles is one of these shows. And in the world of animation Gargoyles stands uniquely as one of the first animated dramas; it was a tale that carried on for 2 seasons, each episode deepening the intriguing tapestry of the Gargoyles universe. The characters were brought to life, due not only to a fantastic team of writers but also to a stellar cast which included the likes of Keith David, Marina Sirtis, Salli Richardson, Jonathan Frakes, John Rhys-Davies and Ed Asner.

Season One introduced us to the world of the Gargoyles; in medieval Scotland a clan of gargoyles protected and lived alongside a castle of humans in exchange for their protection during the day whilst the gargoyles slept in stone. But due to a climate of mistrust and prejudice between the humans and their stone protectors, gargoyle and human conspirators betray the clan and all but a few are shattered in their stone sleep. The remaining survivors are enchanted by a spell and sleep for one thousand years until intriguing billionaire David Xanatos awakens the clan by transporting their stone castle across the Atlantic sea to modern day New York. There on top of the world's tallest building, "The Eyrie", five gargoyles and their watchdog awaken to an alien world. Through the thirteen episodes of the first season the five remaining gargoyles struggle to make sense of a time where they officially no longer exist, where science instead of sorcery prevails and where new alliances must be made, (and old ones must be broken).

At the end of season one the clan's leader Goliath decided that his clans protectorate needs to extends beyond the walls of their home to include the whole of Manhattan, and it is with this premise that season two starts - the gargoyles protecting the inhabitants of the island whether they be human or gargoyle.

In a similar vein to season one extending the stage beyond the literal castle of the gargoyles, season two extends beyond their "protectorate castle" - the island of Manhattan to include epic flashbacks to Medieval Scotland, and an unforgettable trip to the shores of the mystic Island of Avalon and beyond. The Gargoyles universe expands dramatically during it's second season, whether it be with emotive scenes in the caves below Castle Wyvern, or on the battlefields of Scotland as Macbeth and Demona fight side by side against the Scottish king Duncan, or in the Hollow Hill to awaken the Sleeping King, Arthur Pendragon.

If plot driven stories, an excellent script, superb voice acting and a brilliant musical score are the things that attract your attention, then bring on Gargoyles Season Two (and probably best to get Season one as well!)!!!

Definitely worth 5 stars*****!!!

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Michael Dorn

DVD title: An Evening with Kevin Smith
Productgroup: DVD
An Evening with Kevin Smith - movie DVD cover picture
Kevin Delivers A 5 Star Performance

Kevin Smith has done it again. He has released another "can't miss" release. In "An Evening with Kevin Smith", Kevin, aka Silent Bob of Jay and Silent Bob fame, delivers a performance of the best moments from five question and answer sessions on a college tour he did. The DVD is cut very cleanly, and at times you can't even tell it is in different venues. During the 3 hour, yes, 3 hour DVD, Kevin addresses subjects such as where the character of Jay came from, how he succeeded when so many people said he would fail, his collaboration with Prince on a never seen documentary, and even on his first sexual experience with his then girlfriend, now wife, Jennifer. This DVD set is definitely worth the purchase to any follower of Kevin Smith, or to anyone who wants to get into the psyche of one of the most original, and often controversial, Writer/Director/Producer of the new millennium. This DVD definitely earned the FIVE STARS I gave it..... somewhere in the initial 10 minutes of viewing and carried it throughout. All I can say is "Thank you Kevin. Thank you for giving us all what others are too coward to approach."

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: J.M. Kenny

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