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DVD title: Tour of Duty - The Complete Second Season
Productgroup: DVD
Tour of Duty - The Complete Second Season - movie DVD cover picture
Kicks Ass

Goldman and the boys are back for season two, and man how they are back. Bravo company have now moved away from Ladybird to Tan Son Nhut and this series reinforces why this show was so popular in eurpoe first time round. |A real classic finally on DVD

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Terence Knox

DVD title: Motley Crue - Lewd Crued & Tattooed
Productgroup: DVD
Motley Crue - Lewd Crued & Tattooed - movie DVD cover picture

Well...the undisputed, greatest, rudest, most ruthless, hard core metal band is at it again. This DVD captures an early stop on the 2000 Maximum Rock show. Good footage...great sound.Good DVD to crank the [heck] out all Crue Music is....Most of their hits are on this DVD...but they don't have time to play them all......
It's a DVD you'll watch again and again.......

Studio: Uni/Beyond
Motley Crue

DVD title: Blind Fury
Productgroup: DVD
Blind Fury - movie DVD cover picture

Great movie with lots of great action. Rutger Hauer best movies. If you are looking for a movie to buy, you got the right one.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Phillip Noyce
Rutger Hauer
Terry O'Quinn

DVD title: The Postman
Productgroup: DVD
The Postman - movie DVD cover picture
What a wonderful movie of hope!

I just got through seeing a wonderful movie called The Postman with Kevin Costner. It was one of those movies that everyone should see about how important it is to have hope and faith in something. The year is 2013, and it is after a third world war. Kevin Costner plays a man who with his donkey walks through the desert of Utah's great salt platte. There are no trees to speak of, and no water to be found. He stumbles upon a town where he entertains the townfolk with Shakespeare. Then the bad people come: an army of really bad guys led by Will Patton who plays Bethlehem. Bethlehem is a person who would rather kill than look at another human being. He doesn't care if it is a man, woman or child that is killed. He captures the man he calls Shakespeare, and brands him with a mark so he will be recognized as one of his men. But Shakespeare escapes, and while he's hiding out, he finds a skeleton and a United States Postal bag full of undelivered mail. Hence, he becomes The Postman, delivering mail to bring hope to all. Even after he deputizes another young man to also be a postman, and that young man deputizes several other young people to be mail carriers, and even though several of those young people get killed delivering mail, the fight for hope and justice wins out at the end of the movie.
This is a great movie and I've just added it to my wish list. If you have not seen The Postman, you would not be wasting your money to put a copy in your shopping cart at

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Kevin Costner
Kevin Costner
Will Patton
Larenz Tate
Olivia Williams

DVD title: M - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
M - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Great film but waiting for DVD re-release

An new edition is forthcoming from Criterion later this year with "a pristine transfer from newly restored film elements, as well as a host of new special features." Something to look forward to!

Studio: Criterion Collection
Director: Fritz Lang
Peter Lorre

DVD title: The Hunt for Red October
Productgroup: DVD
The Hunt for Red October - movie DVD cover picture
"I shoulda bet the house!"

The first of the Jack Ryan books and movies has a lot of myth associated with it. Clancy's Jack Ryan was, as Clancy created him, brilliant. It is his role as a young CIA researcher that he comes to, but only after being in traction for a year following a helicopter crash. It's really his second job, second chance, second opportunity. And Clancy has him not wanting to blow it. In what follows (Harrison Ford) Jack Ryan is a little more self-assured, a little more arrogant. But that was beyond the scope of this Jack Ryan, and correctly so.

Like Ryan, the svelte Alec Baldwin ends up playing opposite Connery's brilliant Captain Ramius and I always believed and still do, does an excellent job. He is smart enough to know what's going on, and new enough to be frightened (or at least anxious) of the mucky-mucks that surround him. Harrison Ford was unable to pull off the naivte and innocence of Jack Ryan, and we see Patriot Games with a new Jack Ryan, not necessarily one intended by Clancy. Just a parting note. I don't know why Baldwin didn't run with Patriot. He'd still be laughing all the way to the bank. I am told it was because he wanted too much $. If so, bad decision Alec.

The other point about the movie is that like DeMille (Charm School; Word of Honor), Clancy was skilled in beating the evil Cyclops that was Moscow. When Moscow fell in a pile of broken Vodka glasses and syndicated crime, it was difficult to switch gears. DeMille did it successfully (In Country; Nightfall). Clancy has had a little more difficulty.

Red October is brilliant, the second and third time around. Baldwin is great; Connery is excellent. But you have to remember that then, the Soviets weren't the laughing stock they are now. 5 Stars. Larry Scantlebury

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: John McTiernan
Sean Connery
Alec Baldwin

DVD title: Hard To Hold
Productgroup: DVD
Hard To Hold - movie DVD cover picture
My Attention Was not HARD TO HOLD

And it is. The story is wonderful,The music is great. And Rick Springfield delivers. One of the few slash Love Stories I enjoyed. Lets face it guys at that time, Rick had it made.Top Hit songs,Acting,Looks..etc.This movie made me wish that I could find True Love like that.And go after it with all my Heart.You know, Really be her one and only Love Crazed Romantic. It is True like in the movie, You always seem to want the one the most, That you cant have. But Hay. Just like Jamie Roberts(Springfield) GO FOR IT!!!! The best ones, Are Hard To Hold.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Larry Peerce

DVD title: Alias - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Alias - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Why This Show is So Addictive!

This show does what the most addictive shows do: it takes two genres and mixes them together, has serial story lines that take many shows to resolve so you always want to know how things are going to resolve, and it is excellently cast with supurb actors. The characters are written as complex people, no one is totally bad or good, or always smart or always dumb.
Not only is this show a spy thriller, it is also a family drama. there isn't just one spy, there's an entire rather dysfunctional family of spies! This really amps up the tension, humor, and other emotions, so much more so than the usual "lone gunman" type spy thriller, because everyone impacts everyone else, and they all have so much more to lose. After all, who's going to cry if James Bond dies? When he gets hurt, the only one who cares is his physician.
J.J. Abrams doesn't stop there - he also presents the show in a unique way. He isn't afraid to mess with linear time and gives us glimpses of Sydney in future peril cut in amidst a calm present, so we're left wondering how she got into trouble, why, and dreading it. We still worry about whether she'll get out of trouble, even though we know she must, because we care for her so much! He lets each show begin with a long segment before breaking in with the opening theme and credits. The pacing is really amazing. The audience never gets too comfortable, something major - or two or three or four major things - will happen each show, guaranteed.
The musical score is brilliant, increasing the tension with drumbeats that sound like doom ticking closer and closer, or the adrenaline surging our heart rate to danger levels. They also use many classical songs from the past and the best of the present to heighten poignancy and sadness.
ABC cannily offers a Website that explains the complex structure of the storyline, which includes conspiracies galore and strange artifacts from an ancient genius. This is one show that does not underestimate the intelligence of its audience and is obviously geared to give us as much fun, thrills and impact as possible.
The traditional frills of the genre are there in abundance - the spy toys which never get used twice, introduced by the lovable geek Marshall, great fight scenes, capers in exotic locations. We're also treated to great love stories, and every kind at that - forbidden love, unrequited love, betrayed love, you name it!
I am so looking forward to owning this collection, and every season at that!

Studio: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Jennifer Garner

DVD title: Standing In The Shadows of Motown
Productgroup: DVD
Standing In The Shadows of Motown - movie DVD cover picture
A Must SEE

I was bowled over. This answers a lot of questions and its true just about anyone could have sung these songs with this kind of muciscianship available. The beauty is that these gentle people don't dwell on bitterness or anger. See this and know they were robbed!!! Ben Harper was a poor choice, and Joan Osborne ripped it. I can't wait until it's released on DVD. This will be the first one in our family's collection.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Paul Justman
Jack Ashford
Joe Hunter
Uriel Jones

DVD title: The Clan of the Cave Bear
Productgroup: DVD
The Clan of the Cave Bear - movie DVD cover picture
As an Auel Fan, and a very picky person, I love this movie.

I read the whole series long before I saw the movie, and as a person who frequently reads before she sees any movie editions, I can be disappointed at times, and not for nitpicking reasons.
However, this time I was not only plesantly surprised, I was blessed with this movie. I happen to think that many film adaptations of books are not very well done because of how much has to be cut out, rewritten, etc, for the sake of a movie.
This one, however, was wonderful. Yes, some things were changed, but the book managed to keep Auel's talents alive within the film. I loved the genuine-feeling prehistoric atmosphere the movie portrayed, and the sign language mixed with the type of verbal words that would be typical of the Clan as described by Auel--it's excellent. There was not even a large need for subtitles, the body language says it all. Unlike Splash, Daryl Hannah did a superb job with this movie. I would reccomend it to anyone unless they feel like doing the old nitpick. If you do, this movie's not for you.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Michael Chapman
Daryl Hannah

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