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DVD title: Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York
Productgroup: DVD
Home Alone 2 - Lost in New York - movie DVD cover picture
Kevin goes to New York by accident.

Home Alone 2: Lost In New York once again has the McCallisters gong on Christmas vacaion. This time they are going to Miami. Early in the film Kevin's (Macaulay Culkin) older brother named Buzz (Devin Ratray) pulls a prank during a christmas show. Buzz's and Kevin's Uncle Frank (Gerry Bamman) seems to enjoy it.
Kevin hits Buzz and the people on stage felll down expect Kevin. The next day the McCallisters sleep in again. And are in an hurry to the airport and runs to fast in the airport for Kevin. But Kevin gets on the wrong flight and heads to New York.
The McCallisters find out that Kevin is not with them when the picked up Kevin's bag and says over and over "Give this to Kevin". Until they get to Kevin's cosuin (Kieran Culkin). Then they start saying "Kevin's not here." Over and over and over.
The buglars Harry and Marv (Joe Pesci & Daniel Stern) are in New York with Kevin. But at first Kevin doesn't know this. Kevin checks into the Plaza Hotel on his dad's card. Harry and Mav has esaped from jail and goes to New York to rob again. If you are looking for laughs then watch this movie.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Chris Columbus
Macaulay Culkin
Joe Pesci
Daniel Stern

DVD title: The Book of Pooh - Stories From the Heart
Productgroup: DVD
The Book of Pooh - Stories From the Heart - movie DVD cover picture

I just purchased THE BOOK OF POOH for my 6-year old son and he loves it. The puppet renditions are a really refreshing look on the old characters. These stories play like a series of shows onto themselves, but the wonderful moral - if you want to call it that - of this movie is READING. Winnie The Pooh, Piglet, Tigger, Rabbit, Kessie, Owl, and even Eeyore are gathered together in Christopher Robin's room for an afternoon of ... READING. My son watches this movie from start to finish and then brings me a stack of his books for me to read to him. How wonderful. This movie is not just good because of what is seen on the TV screen, but is also good for the reading it promotes afterwards. Obviously, a two year old may be a bit young to benefit from the theme, but school age children and kindergartener's will be delighted. My 1-year old daughter also likes the movie, most likely because of the puppet renditions themselves.
Pooh's story takes him on an adventure to the top of a hill, chasing a butterfly around and around, down the hill the way he came and back into his friends, whom he believes to be strangers who look like his friends on the other side of the hill. Piglets story has Piglet learning how to be a Tigger. Kessie's story has her wanting Owl to teach her everything he knows, while Owl actually teaches her that a little knowledge goes a long way. Owl also teaches Kessie that a lot of knowledge can be obtained from reading books. Rabbit's story has Rabbit teaching Tigger how to garden and Tigger teaching Rabbit something about being friends. Tigger's story has Tigger staying up all night, not wanting to miss anything, while his friends show him that there is nothing to miss at night except sleep. Eeyore's story tells of the elements of friendship and surprizes when it comes to Eeyore's Tail-aversary.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video

DVD title: Titus
Productgroup: DVD
Titus - movie DVD cover picture
I'd give a hand and a tongue.....

This is a fine and strange adaptation of Shakespere. Not quite modern, not quite ancient. Very visually compelling in that way. Cars take the place of chariots, modern buildings take the place of Roman palaces, and yet there are catacombs and senate halls. The film is well acted, especially Hopkins in the title role, who gives a very good fatalistic, manic performance, but the supporting characters are solid as well. Yes, the word that best describes this movie is "solid."
The dvd set gives a good look at adapting this from stage to screen. The documentaries show the actors working up their parts, giving readings, really getting into the play. A view into their craft. Recommended.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Julie Taymor
Anthony Hopkins
Jessica Lange

DVD title: Mask
Productgroup: DVD
Mask - movie DVD cover picture
Real and Moving

This is a movie that everyone should see. It has excellent performances by Cher, Eric Stoltz and Sam Elliot. Its about a boy with facial deformities and how he has to struggle with his disease, as well as the regular trials and tribulations of adolescence. It's really powerful and portrays things in a very realistic, friendship, family, discrimination and bullying. For example the real feelings and emotions Rocky has and how even though his mom loves and protects him, she isn't perfect either. The movie focuses on making the best out of the hand life deals you, with drive and determination and the support of your friends and family.... Watch this movie, it is very powerful and moving.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Peter Bogdanovich
Sam Elliott
Eric Stoltz

DVD title: Pearl Jam - Live at the Garden
Productgroup: DVD
Pearl Jam - Live at the Garden - movie DVD cover picture

There have been several Pearl Jam DVD releases in the past few years. All of them have their respective highlights. This particular title is the best of the released shows thus far. Shot in a widescreen format, you get a wide angle on the stage. The first concert DVD (Touring Band 2000) release was shot with a sort of grainy-looking film. This gave it a warm feel but it was in poor focus at times. The fact that there were songs from different performances, it gave Pearl Jam the discretion to pick the most solid performances, but it lacked continuity. This footage, coming from a single show, was great. I realy do prefer a concert video comprised of one show.
The setlist is great. Mixing new with classic, it moves very quickly. The new music from "Riot Act" translates well to the live setting. The John Lennon cover of "Gimmie Some Truth" is especially powerful as Mr. Vedder altered some of the lyrics to be applicable to the Iraq war. It is no secret that Pearl Jam has taken an antiwar stance when it comes to the subject. I don't believe in recapping every song, but I will say that highlights include: "Black," "Save You," "Crazy Mary," and the amazing, seldom played "Breath." Hearing the crowd sing along with "Black" reminded me of when I saw them in 1999 and I looked around at what amounted to more than 10,000 people singing the songs they loved(there were actually 18,000 people there, but I figure not everyone knew the words, but from where I was I could see an ocean of open mouths singing along). Mentioning those songs does not detract from the fact that the whole of the two DVDs is great.
Ben Harper playing on "Daughter" and "Indifference" was phenomenal. That man is such a talent. The special features are a huge selling point for this DVD. An Ed-only performance of "Dead Man" was spectacular. There was a collage of footage from several different performances of the controversial "Bu$hleaguer." There is also a song that is played over footage of the entire crew who worked on the tour as a "thank you" to them. It has always been touching how they always have made sure to include these people as part of the "family."
Overall this is the best DVD released thus far. The band is strong and the mix of the audio is superb. I can't wait to see what's next for what has amounted as one of the most prolific bands of their era.

Studio: Sony Music Entertain

DVD title: My Pal Trigger
Productgroup: DVD
My Pal Trigger - movie DVD cover picture
Roy Rogers' personal favorite!

This movie is Roy Rogers' personal favorite. It has a lot of classic Roy Rogers action. If you only own one Roy Rogers movie, this should be the one. END

Studio: Pro-Active Entertain

DVD title: Speed (Large Format) (2-Disc WMVHD Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Speed (Large Format) (2-Disc WMVHD Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
A Definitive IMAX Experience

Okay, let's face it. This film came out before my time. I wasn't around in 1982 to see this when it premiered in big screen theatres. I only managed to catch wind of it thanks to an old DOS Educational program from Knowledge Adventure that featured the film itself. But ever since I was little, this film has never failed to capture my imagination.

It is definitely a great experience for those who can manage to catch it on an IMAX big screen as I had the chance to in May, (In fact, I think the Ontario Place Cinesphere in Toronto is the only theatre in the world still showing this film!) but this film DEFINITELY lives up to its title.

It is a rather short lived film (as most IMAX films are, due to the limitations of the format, around 40 minutes) with this particular title weighing in at around 30 minutes. For the time that it does last, the movie takes you through a whirlwind of information about the history of speed, some of its various uses, and how the technology has progressed today. Tie it off with a nice 2001: A Space Odyssey like sequence about travelling faster than light, and you have yourself a not so detailed, but fun introduction to various forms of speed. The film bases its success widely on the variety of shots that it uses from aerial cameras with the Blue Angel Precision Flying Squadron, to the front of a rollercoaster.

An overall good film, but more suited to children around ages 8 and up.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Greg MacGillivray

DVD title: Cowboy Bebop - The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Cowboy Bebop - The Movie - movie DVD cover picture
Knockin' on Heaven's Door

If you're a fan of the TV series, you will, of course, want to see this movie. It's got more of stuff that makes the series so awesome -- dog fights, dry humor, karate, sexy Faye Faye and wacky Edward. If you are new to the series, you should probably rent the first DVD or "The Best Sessions." In the series and the movie, the art and animation are beautiful, the characters are well developed and the story even has mystery throughout, not just at the end like we see in many live-action Hollywood efforts ("Solaris"). I would recommend watching the movie with the Japanese audio track and English subtitles. The English voice actors decided to sensor and interpret the dialogue instead of performing an honest translation. It's like watching a different movie. I was especially disappointed in the English voice actor's take on Edward. It was not true to the character in the TV series or the manga.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Beau Billingslea
Melissa Charles

DVD title: Happy Gilmore
Productgroup: DVD
Happy Gilmore - movie DVD cover picture
Adam Sandler is so funny!

Look no further, this has got to be one of the most funny movies ever made! Adam Sandler plays Happy Gilmore who loves Hockey but can't play it, hates golf but is quite good at it! He has to earn 250,000$ in three months in order to save his grandmother's house from being taken by the IRS. However there are many many funny events that take place in these 3 months: including a classic scene where Happy Gilmore has a fight with Bob Barker, Happy standing in front of a pitching machine to get tougher, and when he takes a slapshot and shoots his mentors (carl weathers) wooden hand 40 feet down the road! With an enjoyable but strange cast including (Christopher McDonald, Ben Stiller, Carl Weathers, Kevin Nealon, and best of all Bob Barker) this is one you will watch again and again, golf never ever seemed so enjoyable until I watched this movie! Rick Alyea END

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Dennis Dugan
Adam Sandler

DVD title: The Bible - Solomon
Productgroup: DVD
The Bible - Solomon - movie DVD cover picture
Esther & Jeremiah.

We bought this for our own use as well as for Video Sunday School use. Very good for us but a little to mich for younger ages in Sunday School.

Studio: Vidmark/Trimark
Director: Roger Young

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