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DVD title: Dogma
Productgroup: DVD
Dogma - movie DVD cover picture
Kevin Smith's Best Work

This is Kevin Smith's Best work to date, the whole cast was awesome, Jay and Silent Bob (Jason Mewes & Kevin Smith), especially, they have great comedic chemistry and timing, and the song "Still" by Alanis Morissette is her best song, I cannot wait for Clerks 2! Keep up the good work Kevin!

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Kevin Smith
Matt Damon
Ben Affleck
Linda Fiorentino

DVD title: High School Reunion Collection (The Breakfast Club / Sixteen Candles / Weird Science)
Productgroup: DVD
High School Reunion Collection (The Breakfast Club / Sixteen Candles / Weird Science) - movie DVD cover picture
Fantastic box set!

These are some of my favorite movies of all time. For $30 you can't go wrong. Sixteen Candles is my favorite of the set. It is in my top 25 fav movies. Breakfast Club is 2nd, it is also in my top 25. Weird Science is not in my top 25, but it is still very fun and definelty worth watching at least once. So, all in all, you shold for sure go buy this dvd set.

Studio: Universal Studios
Molly Ringwald

DVD title: Friends - The Complete Seventh Season
Productgroup: DVD
Friends - The Complete Seventh Season - movie DVD cover picture
Friends Fans

This season of Friends may not have been the absolute best ever, but it definitely had its high points and funny moments. I'm not in the least bit sorry that I bought it because I know that a true fan of anything, whether it be a show, sports team, etc. will stick with the show or team till the end. Peace out Friends fans.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Lisa Kudrow

DVD title: Law & Order Special Victims Unit - The First Year
Productgroup: DVD
Law & Order Special Victims Unit - The First Year - movie DVD cover picture
kick ass

The poor opinion given from Florida, is just that- an opinion. Now here's my opinion: This is an enthralling show. What the original series lacked is made up for in 'SVU' namely, a close look into the lives of the characters. Meloni (Det. Stabler) is the guy you would want for a father or brother... while Det. Benson (Hagerty), is someone you'd like to just embrace and comfort her pain, (knowing of course that she'd never allow it). Most of these characters are well developed in their roles, but never cease to surprise us with something we weren't expecting. As for the DVD quality, as i recall, Dick Wolf's fight with the networks was regarding the usage of non 35mm film, for the sole purpose of giving the L&O shows a more gritty texture, and not something from a home video camera. It works. You know what they say, "If something works, don't mess with it." My only true disapointment in the show was seeing Det. Jeffries resign. But let me side bar with you for a moment, and take you down memory lane with some other shows for the purpose of contrast. The original Star Trek, The A-Team, Gilligans Island, and oh sooooo many more... what do all these shows have in common? By the end of every show, each person was back in their respective place. Those Trekkers out there know that if you wore a red uniform in the original Star Trek you were as good as dead (even if it did take 5 minutes) but no main character ever resigned or was truly killed by shows end. The 'A-Team' for those of you who don't know, were supposed to be ex-green beret, and no one ever left or died on that show! My point is that Dick Wolf's Law & Order Franchise (including SVU) broke all the stereo types. It incorporates drama with occasional humour, and draws you close enough to feel the pain of the characters involved. That's what good acting is all about folks, connecting with the audience. The Icing on the proverbial cake, however, has been the strong women throughout this series. The Assistant District Attourney's alone have been the result of some great casting. My only advice to Mr. Wolf (As if he needed any) Is to more fully develope Ice-T's character, and perhaps the M.E.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Christopher Meloni

DVD title: The Mission (Two-Disc Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Mission (Two-Disc Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
One of the best in my collection.

This is one of the most soulful movies ever made. Incredible cinematography. De Niro and Irons masterfully play their roles. The scene of Mendoza's redemtion is the most powerful emotional moment on film that I've ever experienced. Provoking, tragic and beautiful. ...

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Roland Joffé
Robert De Niro
Jeremy Irons

DVD title: The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
Productgroup: DVD
The Umbrellas of Cherbourg - movie DVD cover picture
Young Love

One of the most tear-jerking movies I've ever seen. It's definitely on the top of my favorite movies. Catherine Deneuve looks great and the music is hauntingly memorable. A masterpiece that deserves to be seen by everyone!
This is the ultimate musical. The entire movie is sung all the way through like Evita and Jesus Christ Superstar. The vivid colors are spectacular. A must-see for film lovers.

Studio: Fox Lorber
Director: Jacques Demy
Catherine Deneuve
Nino Castelnuovo
Anne Vernon

DVD title: Elizabeth
Productgroup: DVD
Elizabeth - movie DVD cover picture
Atmospheric and Violent

This is a deeply atmospheric production, haunted by colors--blacks and reds and oranges, the colors of fire and earth. Blanchett is magnificent--far better than her competitors for the Oscar last year--and Sir Richard Attenborough gives a fine performance. On DVD, the vividness of the film's detail is clear, if diminished by the smaller television screen (as all films are). Joseph Finnes is, as usual, beautiful but innefectual, but his performance is my only (admittedly minor) quibble with this powerful film.

Studio: Usa Films
Director: Shekhar Kapur
Cate Blanchett

DVD title: TaeBo II: Get Ripped Advanced Workout
Productgroup: DVD
TaeBo II: Get Ripped Advanced Workout - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent Workout!

I have been doing the Taebo Basic workout for about two months, which I can get through completely, but I still work up a good sweat and get slightly out of breath. I moved up to the Get Ripped Advanced Workout yesterday. Wow! It will take me a couple of months to get through this entire workout, but I will do it. After about 20 minutes, I had to start marching in place or doing the exercises in half time. I did keep moving for the entire hour though (with a lot of pushing!). This DVD is also great because you get 3 different workouts on it--two one hour workouts and an 18 minute workout. All of them get your heart moving. My plan is to do the first advanced workout, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, and to do another workout (either the 8 minute, the Basic, or some other video) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
I think this is definitely not for beginners, but it is something to work up to.
The best part of the video is that there are real people standing behind Billy who also have trouble getting through the entire workout--you see them stop and get water (even the instructors!), you see them half-doing the moves, and you see them stop and almost pass out. It makes you feel like you are not alone. This workout is the best. I highly recommend it.

Studio: Ventura Distribution
Billy Blanks

DVD title: A Night at the Roxbury
Productgroup: DVD
A Night at the Roxbury - movie DVD cover picture
'Casablanca' It's Not, But Could Bogie Boogie Like This?

This has to be one of the funniest movies ever! I laugh through the entire film every time I see it. I have rented this video 3 times now, after seeing it in the theater. I can't wait until October when the VHS version comes out!

Studio: Paramount Studio
Will Ferrell
Chris Kattan

DVD title: You Can Count On Me
Productgroup: DVD
You Can Count On Me - movie DVD cover picture

I thoroughly enjoyed this movie!!!! The story really grabbed me, and had me by the heart. I laughed, I cried, I smiled alot. I think it is one of the top films of the year 2000.
Laura Linney plays Sammy, a divorced mother of one child, Rudy. Rudy is played by one of MacCauley Culkin's little brothers..He reminds me so much Mac in his earlier days(think Home Alone) I really loved her performance, and I think she so deserved that Academy Award way more than Julia Roberts did. She had great expressions, emotions. Her whole hearted portrayal of Sammy is so amazing. Things start to change for her when her "free spirited" brother, Terry, blows back into town to borrow money from her and ends up staying for a visit. The story takes place in a small town, and it's seems as if the characters all know each other so well. It is such a good film that I could easily watch it again and will eventually buy. I have a brother that is very much like Terry, and could totally identify with this film. I think alot of us will see something in it that reminds us of our own lives. The acting is first rate all around. Matthew Broderick plays Sammy's new boss at the bank she works at. It seems that most of the other reviewers here loved this movie as much as I did. For a small film that didn't have much of a showing in the theaters, it's a great movie!! Family drama with a tinge of comedy and excellent acting. -- If you are looking for a film like this, rent You can count on me..and you won't be disappointed!!!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Kenneth Lonergan
Laura Linney
Matthew Broderick

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