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DVD title: Hitch (Fullscreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Hitch (Fullscreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

First off I have to admit that the big reason I went to see this film was because Of "KING OF QUEENS" Kevin James, but it also helped that the very talented Will Smith is in this to. Director Andy Tennant did an excellent job with this film. Various types of humor are incorperated into the film as well as the romantic factor for all you date movie people. This would best be described as a Comedy with romantic elements, not a romantic comedy.

We will start with the star Will Smith, I for one think it is great to see him in something else other then a big budget sci-fi flick again. And he did a excellent job in his first role in this type of film, his preformance is amazing. His charisma and screen precence make his character very belivable. Of course that changes after meeting his love, and he becomes a clumsy idiot, and he plays it greatly.

That brings some one that was miscast, EVA MENDAS. I like her, infact I love her but she just didn't work in this role. She gave what she could, but the preformance wasn't belivable. That's all I can say about that, nothing more nothing less.

Now comes the highlight of the film, the one and only KEVIN JAMES. What can one say about this brilliant preformance. Why dosn't this man make some more movies in his off time from his excellent show "KING OF QUEENS". Kevin's preformance is so good, so brilliant, so belivable it is nothing short of a classic preformance. His nice guy shy role fits him perfectlly, so much so that when he isn't on screen you are left waiting and wanting more of Mr James. Most of the films best moments happen because of him, the ending is a perfect example, or his early dance scene with Will.

Which brings me to the on screen chemestry of these two brilliant preformers. When both are on screen you will laugh with out a doubt. After the film is over you might be left wanting to see more of them together again on the big screen. The chemestry between the two is amazing, no team I can remember has done so well together since Samual & John on "PULP FICTION". I'am sure there have been other great teams like Farley & spade in "TOMMEY BOY", but none have done so in the recent onslaught of terrible movies to come out lately.

Thankfully this film is a gem in the film industry, and I can't wait to own it on dvd when it is released.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Andy Tennant
Will Smith
Eva Mendes
Kevin James (III)

DVD title: Steel Magnolias - Special Edition
Productgroup: DVD
Steel Magnolias - Special Edition - movie DVD cover picture
One of the best movies in existence!

This is a truly touching movie. All of the actors did brilliantly. Be sure to have a box of tissues available for the ending, because it is definitely crying material. I would recommend this to anyone! It is a fabulously done story. the group of women share a unique bond, and the little stories are hilarious. Julia Roberts plays a diabetic young woman and Sally Feild is her mother. the story begins on Roberts' wedding day on continues to describe the birth of her son and the terrible tragedy that befalls Roberts, Field, and their group of closely knit friends played by Olympia Dukakis, Shirley McLain, Dolly Parton, and Daryl Hannah. The sadness and humor of the movie are entertwined in a very realistic way. This is an extremely worthwhile movie.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Herbert Ross
Sally Field
Shirley MacLaine
Daryl Hannah
Olympia Dukakis
Julia Roberts

DVD title: Woman in the Dunes
Productgroup: DVD
Woman in the Dunes - movie DVD cover picture

In its basic form, this movie focuses on the unimportance of culture. There is a village so encroached by sanddunes that each house is located at the bottom of a 30 feet deep pit of sand with steep walls. As the ever creeping sand falls into the pits, villager spend more and more time shoveling this sand out or else have there homes buried in it. Into this strange world wanders a man with no life. His soul is so empty that his only sustenance is his wild fantasy of discovering a new species of beetle and thereby become fames. The villagers play matchmaker and put him in a pit with a beatiful but lonely woman who has lost both husband and son to the sand some years back. At first, the man resents his entrapment and tries to escape but gradually he becomes fond of the woman possibly even to love her. when a chance to escape finally appears, he choses to stay with the woman in the pit rather than go back to a numbing life in Tokyo.
In real life, there are people whos life are affected by sanddunes. Although their homes are kept above the dunes, the wells that provide water cannot be raised so they have to keep digging out the sand and build walls around the well to try to stop the moving dunes from covering their life giving water. They wage a relentless war agains the sand - Not such a fantasy after all. I highly recomend this DVD to everyone.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Hiroshi Teshigahara

DVD title: O Brother, Where Art Thou?
Productgroup: DVD
O Brother, Where Art Thou? - movie DVD cover picture
You've gotta be from the right place to enjoy this one.

This movie was hilarious from start to finish. I was born and reared in the South and without thinking understood the over-the-top way all the chararcters and dialogue were presented in this film. I currently live in Kansas City and when I was at the movies it was painfully obvious that my friends from the South and I were the only ones who found anything in the movie even remotely humorous. The film plays off stereotypes that everyone in the theater obviously believed to be true and found nothing funny about them.

Studio: Touchstone Video
George Clooney
John Turturro
Tim Blake Nelson

DVD title: Walt Disney Treasures - Behind the Scenes at the Walt Disney Studio
Productgroup: DVD
Walt Disney Treasures - Behind the Scenes at the Walt Disney Studio - movie DVD cover picture
A History of the Mouse House

This 2 disc DVD goes inside the walls of the world's most famous magic factory for an inside tour, via several "behind-the-scenes" films and television shows. Much of this material has been hotly anticipated by Disney fans for years as it has never been released before.
BEHIND THE SCENES AT THE WALT DISNEY STUDIO - DISC ONE * Welcome and Introduction by Film Historian Leonard Maltin
FEATURES AND SHORTS *A Trip Through The Walt Disney Studio (Short, 1938) *How Walt Disney Cartoons Are Made (Short, 1939) *The Reluctant Dragon (Feature, 1941)
DISC ONE SUPPLEMENTAL FEATURES * Video Feature: "Leonard Maltin's Studio Tour" For his television programs, Walt Disney often invited viewers right onto the lot at his Studio in Burbank. In this new video element, Leonard Maltin uses Walt Disney's own television programs to create a unique tour around the Disney Studio lot, from 1954 to today. * Behind The Boards On Baby Weems A look at this uniquely animated section of Disney's The Reluctant Dragon * The Reluctant Dragon Gallery * Walt Disney Studios Gallery
BEHIND THE SCENES AT THE WALT DISNEY STUDIO - DISC TWO * Welcome and Introduction by Film Historian Leonard Maltin
TV EPISODES (47 min. each): *The Story Of The Animated Drawing (TV Episode, 1955) *The Plausible Impossible (TV Episode, 1956) *Tricks of Our Trade (TV Episode, 1957)
DISC TWO SUPPLEMENTAL FEATURES * Film Historian Leonard Maltin provides individual introductions to each feature * Radio Program "Tour of the Disney Studio" * Radio Program: "Tour of the Disney Studio" (1946) from the Walt Disney Productions Sound Department. * Kem Webber Gallery: Through this thumbnail still gallery, you can see behind-the-scenes photos of the Disney Studios, as well as backstage peeks at the making of each of the films and programs featured in this compilation.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video

DVD title: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2-Disc Widescreen Edition) (Harry Potter 3)
Productgroup: DVD
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2-Disc Widescreen Edition) (Harry Potter 3) - movie DVD cover picture
Finger-nail biter

I'm always amazes at J. K. Rowling's imagination. She is a superior story teller.I was on the edge of my seat from the first page to the last. I'm 72 years old and I can't think of any story that has fascinated me the way the Harry Potter Adventure Series does. I hope I live long enought to be able to read the last or the rest of her books.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Alfonso CuarĂ³n
Daniel Radcliffe
Rupert Grint
Emma Watson (II)

DVD title: GoodFellas
Productgroup: DVD
GoodFellas - movie DVD cover picture
Top five of all time----read the book!

this movie is too goof if you havent seen it and are intersted in the genre definetly treat yourself! the book wiseguys is what the movie was based on, if you havent read the book it is the perfect compliment to the die hard fans of this movie! plot twists and stuff you didnt see in the movie. the movie couldnt be called wiseguys however because ther was already a cheesy 80's mafioso comedy with the same title (danny devito- joe piscapo)BOTTOM LINE-- IF YOU LIKED THE MOVIE READ THE BOOK! YOU WONT BE DISSAPOINTED..

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Martin Scorsese
Robert De Niro
Ray Liotta
Joe Pesci
Lorraine Bracco
Paul Sorvino

DVD title: The Matrix Reloaded (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Matrix Reloaded (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Ahead of its time

This is an excellent movie. The Matrix totally goes against the established norms of film making in script and special effects. This is an intellectual movie with a true story. Part 3 is going to be fabulous and movies to come will try to out do what has been done in the Matrix series, but ultimate fail. Because the Matrix has set the benchmark from which over movies of this type witll be judged against. Go check it out twice. Make sure you sit through the credits to catch a sneak peak at Matrix Reveloutions. And then when it comes out on DVD, make sure you buy your copy of the DVD. And pick up Enter The Matrix for PS2, PC, or X-Box because it tells you about the story within the background of the Matrix Reloaded.

Studio: Warner Home Video

DVD title: Smallville - The Complete Fourth Season
Productgroup: DVD
Smallville - The Complete Fourth Season - movie DVD cover picture

4th season is just as good and as exciting as the previous seasons.
The Lana and Clark thing keeps you hoping that they may get together again. Chloe is very sweet and I'm starting to warm up to the modern Lois Lane a little, just a little. Lex luther and his father is very interesting pair of villians. I also love the soundtrack, great music! I think that the music is one of the reason that make this show so much better than the other shows on TV today. I can't wait to watch the 5th season airing in September. I also adore the entire cast in this show. John Schneider and Annette O'tool are perfect as Clark Kent's parents. WOW, great show, keep 'em coming...

Studio: Warner Home Video
Tom Welling

DVD title: Last of the Dogmen
Productgroup: DVD
Last of the Dogmen - movie DVD cover picture

I've watched this movie many times after a friend turned me on to it. A wonderful sleeper. The mystery surrounding the thought extinct Cheyenne tribe members is found through nature's portals of the past. Moving, beautiful, thought provoking. Worth watching.

Studio: Hbo Studios
Director: Tab Murphy
Tom Berenger
Barbara Hershey

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