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DVD title: The Shawshank Redemption
Productgroup: DVD
The Shawshank Redemption - movie DVD cover picture
Just thought you'd like to know.........

I'll cut the talk that you've already heard a thousand times before, and cut to the chase.
If you're a massive fan of the Shawshawshank Redemtion (Or you just want it), then you might be interested in knowing that the English version (Region 2), is a 3 disk set, and comes in a far nicer box than your Region 1.
Just thought you'd like to know. This being one of the most loved films of all time (For obvious reasons) led me to beleiev that a few of you would want the best version of it you can get.

Happy viewing!!!!

Studio: Castle Rock
Director: Frank Darabont
Tim Robbins
Morgan Freeman

DVD title: Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society - Boozed Broozed & Broken-Boned
Productgroup: DVD
Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society - Boozed Broozed & Broken-Boned - movie DVD cover picture

This is the best DVD you will ever buy,that is maybe until the next BLS DVD comes out.Anyone who thinks Zakk Wylde is not the man should ask my 2 year old son,who knows everyword on this DVD.This is heavy music played at its best and Zakk tears it up from beginning to end.The only problem is you still want more after watching...but thats the point I guess.

Studio: Red Distribution, In

DVD title: The Godfather
Productgroup: DVD
The Godfather - movie DVD cover picture
One of the all time great movies!!

From begining to end, this movie is loaded with great performances and outstanding direction. They try to make 'em like this and come up short all the time! Keep this in mind. This movie only won 3 Academy awards. No Best Director for Coppola, but thankfully Oscars for Best Adapted Screenplay, Best Picture and Best Actor by the man who will forever be linked to Don Vito Corleone, Marlon Brando (R.I.P.). A crowning achievement in American movie making!

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Marlon Brando
Al Pacino

DVD title: Schindler's List (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Schindler's List (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

I am 15, and had to watch this video in school as part of a history class. I had previously viewed it in my own home first, and found it to be tragic and heart breaking. How could one man dare to stand up for himself in those times. I cried at the end when Schindler broke down. He had no need to. He was an important figure in those times. I am a passifist, so the violence didn't get me, but the story was touching. It's too good to be true.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Steven Spielberg
Liam Neeson
Ralph Fiennes

DVD title: Kids
Productgroup: DVD
Kids - movie DVD cover picture

i think that this movie will teach many young teenagers the value of protected sex,the use of violence and the consequences of the use of drugs. My sister has a 14yr. old daughter and a 17 yr.old son she saw the movie and imediatly sat them down to watch it. The children understood the dangers of everything a lot more by seeing it on t.v than they did when they were talked to. So to all of the parents out there this is an excellent way to teach your children about what pressures there are for a teenager in an everyday basis.

Studio: Vidmark/Trimark
Director: Larry Clark
Leo Fitzpatrick
Justin Pierce
Chloë Sevigny

DVD title: GoodFellas
Productgroup: DVD
GoodFellas - movie DVD cover picture
American Grafitti meets the Godfather meets Sid n Nancy

This sprawling epic of one man's true life journey in one of the most notorious NYC crime families spanning nearly 4 decades portrays as many laugh-out-loud moments as it does makes-you-flinch violence and brutality.
The movie features great acting, interesting characters and a great story. The soundtrack, set and warddrobe effectively mark each passing decade - from the do wop 50s & 60s to the "Layla" 70s to Sid Vicious' "My Way" at the conclusion.
Pesci, DeNiro and Liotta are all fantastic as the 3 main characters, as are Loarraine Brocco as Liotta's wife and Paul Sorvino as the strong, silent Mob boss.
The film maintains its uniqueness and never seems to fall back into 'Godfather' territory. The conclusion's slow descent into drugs, paranoia and betrayal (reminiscent of "Sid n Nancy") is a car wreck that you can't turn away from.
Minimal extras do not detract from the greatness of this film on DVD. Also recommended:all 3 films mentioned above; the 1st 2 'Godfather' movies and of course, "Goodfellas", the book.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Martin Scorsese
Robert De Niro
Ray Liotta
Joe Pesci
Lorraine Bracco
Paul Sorvino

DVD title: Halloween - Resurrection
Productgroup: DVD
Halloween - Resurrection - movie DVD cover picture
Another one!

Another Halloween movie that's part of the series! We just can't get enough of them!

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Rick Rosenthal
Jamie Lee Curtis
Busta Rhymes

DVD title: The Pianist (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Pianist (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
give it 6 stars

You think you have it hard in life ? Look at this film and it will make you appriciate every breath you take. If you are against all odds, would you give up or keep on fighting for your life ? This is what the man in the movie did. He fought and never gave up. Brilliant movie, cast, story. A real tear jerker. Get the tissues and soak it in. Adrian Brody deserved the Oscar. A MASTERPIECE INDEED

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Roman Polanski
Adrien Brody
Thomas Kretschmann
Frank Finlay

DVD title: Jesus Christ Superstar
Productgroup: DVD
Jesus Christ Superstar - movie DVD cover picture

I had heard of Jesus Christ Superstar before from, of all people, an eight-year-old who was an avid fan, but the very title was enough to throw me off. Then, my sister's high school made the very gutsy decision to use it as their spring all-school musical. Her enthusiasm for it caught my interest. I listened to the London Concept soundtrack and loved it, then watched both this movie and the 1973 version. There is absolutely no comparison.
As Jesus, Ted Neely (sp?) always seemed to be sleepy or something, except for his breaking up the marketplace in the temple. But Glenn Carter - wow. Not only can he express the torment of a man who knows that he was only born to die ("To conquer death, you only have to die"...who can forget that??), that his very best friends will deny and betray him, and that he might never get recognition for what he is about to do; he can also display such radiant joy that it is impossible not to smile with him. In the "Hosanna" scene, that gorgeous smile of his just shines with heavenly light - until the Israelites suggest that he die for them. His voice is lovely, but the true shining light in this production is Jerome Pradon's Judas Iscariot.
Usually portrayed as a villain, Pradon's Judas is disillusioned, irritated with Jesus for not doing something about his followers' misguided ideas, and torn between civic duty and love for his best friend. Some have described his voice as not up to snuff, but Judas is arguably one of the most complex characters in the history of theater. Consumed by confusion, anger, helplessness, and guilt, whose voice could NOT crack? The Last Supper and the Betrayal always leave me in tears: Judas' last desperate attempt to understand Jesus, his agonized betrayal of him and Jesus' subsequent forgiveness, followed by his realization that he has been tricked into murdering his best friend by a silent God, and his final grasp at control over his own life by hanging himself.
More pluses: Renee Castle's Mary Magdalene is heart-wrenching as she comes to grips with the fact that she loves a man who will never love her back - moreover, that she doesn't want him to. Simon Zealotes, as a gun-toting militant, represents the many people who thought that Jesus had come to Earth to fight a war against the Romans. Pilate is magnificent, if a little over-acted - a man who does not know what to make of Jesus, who seems so small and helpless, but possesses an inner strength and power that frightens Pilate, who was, everyone must remember, an unwilling accomplice in Jesus' death. Rik Mayall's Herod is hilarious, but something in his facial expression sends chills up one's spine - he may be loopy, but he's nobody to mess with. Finally, although I know Annas is not a comedic character, his voice kills me every time. The perfect weasel-y villain next to Caiaphas' almost too deep bass!
Some common complaints by Christians: First, that Jesus is portrayed as too human. I beg everyone to remember that Jesus was human, and that the night of his arrest he prayed so earnestly for God to save his life that he began to sweat blood. Second, that everything is not portrayed as it is in the Bible. If this worries you, please remember that the Gospel was written by other disciples, and even by people who never knew Jesus personally. The point of the play is to see events through Judas' eyes. As we can never know Judas' feelings and thoughts, this is only someone's attempt to understand how the events of the Gospel may have appeared to him. Third, that the Resurrection portrayed in the Bible is not part of the film. Again, remember that this is Judas' story. Judas did not know that Jesus would rise again. All he knew was that Jesus would die, and that is what the movie portrays.
Now for my few complaints. The actor who plays Caiaphas tries so hard to sing contrabass that often he misses notes and rhythms. Jesus' destruction of the marketplace was not as good as it could have been, what with all the TVs everywhere: the one element in which I prefer the 1973 version. Judas' suicide is rather too long drawn out, and almost loses its importance. But these are minor problems. All in all, I would give this movie six stars, but five is as high as they'll let me go!

Studio: Universal Studios
Renee Castle
Fred Johanson
Rik Mayall
Frederick B. Owens
Michael Shaeffer
Tony Vincent (III)
Cavin Cornwall
Peter Gallagher (IV)
Michael McCarthy (VII)
Philip Cox (II)
Matthew Cross
Kevin Curtin (II)
Paul Vickers
Mykal Rand
Paul Keating
Gerard Bentall
Glenn Carter (III)
Jérôme Pradon

DVD title: Cardcaptor Sakura - The Final Judgment (Vol. 12)
Productgroup: DVD
Cardcaptor Sakura - The Final Judgment (Vol. 12) - movie DVD cover picture
And you thought it was over.....

This is a very good installment of Cardcaptor Sakura. It contains the conclusion to the second season and the start of the third, which has an entirely different layout compared to the first two. I cried towards the end of the third episode when the Song card hummed Yoru no Uta in the background and Sakura was trying to remember her ichiban suki na hito.. It was a very emotional episode. If you knew about the plot but could only watch one Japanese DVD of Cardcaptor Sakura, I would recommend this one! If anything, you HAVE to listen to the new ending theme, "Fruits Candy". It always gets stuck in my head!The dubbed version of these episodes really, really pale in comparison to this.There, I went through a whole review of this DVD without mentioning the title once and with only ONE semi-spoiler!

Studio: Geneon Entertainment
Director: Morio Asaka

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