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DVD title: The Grateful Dead Movie
Productgroup: DVD
The Grateful Dead Movie - movie DVD cover picture
Just so amazingly good!!! Get it - you'll be glad you did.

I cannot express in words how awesome this dvd set is. They did an excellent job with it in every way. The sound will blow you away, especially if you have a 5.1 system (you don't need it, there is a regular stereo sound option too) but the surround sound is insane.

The extras are all top notch - stuff you actually want to watch. I have to say that this is probably the best music DVD purchase I have ever made - the content, the packaging the little booklet - it's all of the highest quality. Very highly recommended!

Studio: Monterey Home Video

DVD title: The Shield - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
The Shield - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
Top Notch! One of the best on TV

Definitely one of the best shows on TV. I started watching this and HBO's "The Wire" around the same time and I have to give the FX network credit for getting my attention over an HBO show. Finally, FX shows something a little more dramatic than the NASCAR track or "Married With Children" re-runs. First of all, the show is real in that it shows the progression of real cases over months in police work. Second, I tip my hat to Michael Chicklis, who made a surprising comeback from "The Commish" to being the corrupt Vic Mackie on "The Shield". While the writer humanizes him as a flawed hero, nothing gets better than watching a drug dealer's face getting burned off or getting drowned in oil. Of course, police corruption only goes so far and usually the cops get caught at some point early in the game...but they have to dramatize some things in order to have a great show. Vic Mackie ramming through a fence is all that I could ask for. You can kind of tell that the show is deteriorating with the money train scheme and there being less detective work by Vic and more on stealing or screwing someone over. But the first season is a must. This show definitely changed TV. Where else can you say the "s" word and get away with it...on CABLE! One last thing, doesn't everyone want to see "Dutchboy" get his A*# kicked by Vic, or even better, Danny (the female patrol officer).

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Michael Chiklis

DVD title: Gettysburg (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Gettysburg (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Grand and sweeping spectacle

Don't let the length intimidate you. Don't be deterred by the fact that Ted Turner produced this for television. Yes, it was supposed to be a miniseries, but Turner and director Ronal F. Maxwell were so proud of their work and so confident of the accuracy of the retelling of Shaara's novel "The Killer Angels" and the actual Battle of Gettysburg that they released it in theatres instead. And this is one of those rare movies that was destined and deserved nothing less than the silver screen. A few names jump out at you right away: Martin Sheen in his most inspired and meaningful performance, just breathing life and artistry into the character of Robert E. Lee. Tom Berenger was never more perfectly cast than as the Alabamian James Longstreet. Honestly, perfect. Jeff Daniels was exciting and energetic as Joshua Chamberlain, a relative of mine, no kidding, and he is truly awe inspiring, the way he comes from no military background and leads his men in superb order, just as good as any of the career soldiers. And finally, special guest appearance by Sam Elliot. Special guest appearance??? Elliot's guest appearance as the underlauded and underappreciated John Buford was forceful and personal. Not only did Buford hold the ground for the approaching Union Army, but Elliot held down the film until Sheen, Berenger and Daniels took over the movie. The cinematography is beautiful, the locations are truly majestic. The score is wonderful, fusing the guitars in with a symphonic orchestra. The costumes and the way in which they were worn and preferred by different officers is very true to form. The performances are wonderful, full of intellegient reenactors who know what they're doing. Please, don't let the lenght intimidate you. You're not just learning about the battle here. The more important thing here is the commaradery felt between men on both sides and the men on the different sides, highlighted by the touching depcitions of pre-war friendship of Lo Armistead and Winfield Scott Hancock. Some fought for rights, others fought for mere pride, others fought because it seemed lke the right thing to do. But what you learn by the end of this movie is that the only thing they were fighting for, was each other.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Ronald F. Maxwell
Tom Berenger
Martin Sheen

DVD title: If I Should Fall from Grace - The Shane MacGowan Story
Productgroup: DVD
If I Should Fall from Grace - The Shane MacGowan Story - movie DVD cover picture
Choose for yourself

This is a must-have for fans of Shane and/or the Pogues, if for no other reason than the performance & video clips, which range from the fantastic (Shane and the Pogues backing a classic Irish singer on "Irish Rover," the Top-of-the-Pops performance of "Fairytale of New York") to the awful (the videos from "Love and Hate"-era Pogues) to the both fantasic AND awful ("Summer in Siam," "That Woman's Got Me Drinkin.'")
As for the film itself, well, it proves that Shane MacGowan is today's Brendan Behan. Whether you interpret that as the highest possible praise, the most dangerous possible warning, or a good dose of both (or if you respond by saying, "Who is Brendan Behan?") says a lot about whether or not you'll enjoy this disc.

Studio: Music Video Distribu
Director: Sarah Share

DVD title: Batman Begins (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Batman Begins (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

To the idiot who quoted the film as 'foregin' and that Batman is American and should be all done by Americans is the single most obsured thing EVER! it proves that certain people cannot like a film purely because of the choice of 'foreign' directors/actors. Being British i feel dissapointed that people can get away with it *cough* ruined The Office, Friends was awful *cough* and blame us! anyway the film - high class action thorughout and great story telling, read Batman: Year One for more detailed info. Christian Bale was superb and Michael Caine as Alfred was a wise choice! all in all a fine film, no matter what some patriotic, lovingcountryflagwavingnationlist people think!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Christopher Nolan
Christian Bale
Michael Caine
Ken Watanabe

DVD title: Gone With the Wind
Productgroup: DVD
Gone With the Wind - movie DVD cover picture
World's Greatest Film

The first time I saw this film I was 14 years old. I knew nothing about it at the time, but was told I had to see it because it was a CLASSIC. That day I fell head-over-heels in love with Vivien Leigh and Gone With The Wind. To date, I have seen the movie over 37 times and it never gets old. That first viewing was in CinemaScope, I saw it much later in the restored format and loved it even more. The last time I saw it in a theatre was at the Fabulous Fox Theatre here in Atlanta, GA which is where Margaret Mitchell lost her life crossing the street by a hit-and-run driver. It remains a testament to Hollywood magic and true screenwriting of the past. If Hollywood attempted to make this film now, it would be so bad that I wouldn't even watch it. The grandeur that is reflected in this epic of the Civil War and the aftermath of Reconstruction is by far the best I've ever seen. If you've ever seen an Atlanta sunrise or sunset, you would understand how much research William Cameron Menzies did to capture so precisely the colors and splendor of nature.
This film appeals to all age groups and never seems dated. The acting is first-rate and the story is one that will always stand the test of time. No film library is complete without this addition. Seeing it on DVD for the first time, I was astounded by the sharpness and clarity of the picture. Actually, I orderd this DVD even BEFORE I bought my DVD play just so that it would be the first DVD I ever watched.....pure eye candy!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Clark Gable
Vivien Leigh

DVD title: Lawrence of Arabia (Limited Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Lawrence of Arabia (Limited Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

This is one of the top movies I never get tried of seeing. Ialready had the VHS verion, but words can't express what a bigdifference seeing this movie on DVD. There are so many extraswith this Collector's Edition especially on how the movie was made etc. I think that I watched this part about five times thesame day that I receeived my DVD. Once again this movie is topsin my eyes.....00

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: David Lean
Peter O'Toole

DVD title: My Favorite Year
Productgroup: DVD
My Favorite Year - movie DVD cover picture
A fine tale of when actors were actors and stars were stars

My Favorite Year is many things. It is a depiction of the early days of television - everything was live and an oops was seen by the whole world. It is a depiction of the cross over between the big screen and small screen. It is the story of a man who is at a point in his career where his fame over past exploits is all that he can market - the present day star is a relentless boozer and womanizer and likely soon to be unemployable. It is is also the story of one man's entry into the world of television as a writer for a variety show of 1954.
All of this being said, My Favorite Year tells all the stories and tells them well. You can sense the enthusiasm of the writer as he gets to chance to meet and work with his favorite movie star. You get something of his dismay when he has to fight his bosses, and he's so junior, everyone is his boss, in order to let his idol stay on the show after he shows up tanked the first day. He willingly undertakes the task of overseeing his idol as he makes his way through New York. He, and we, also learn a great deal more about his idol which makes him so much more human and down to earth.
We see the writers dealing with actors with huge egos. The pitfalls of producing a comedy sketch when the victim is a "percieved" crime boss are well demonstrated even as we laugh until our sides hurt.
At the same time the writer is overseeing his idol, he is actively pursuing a woman he is hopelessly in love with. SHe regards him as an embarressment best avoided. Dinner with the two of them is priceless both visually and through the dialog.
The conclusion is a reprise of the swash buckling of the 30s that was fizzling out in the early 50s. How many pirate movies were made in the 50s? Very few. It is almost a salute to the men who gave everyone so much entertainment as they grew up and grew older and more sophisticated. It is a flashback to a simpler time.
The cast from Peter O'Toole down to the mumbling non-entities are excellent and the combined talents make this movie work so well. O'Toole is exceptional as the actor on his way to oblivion who still manages to reach down and pull out one more performance. The story of how he came to be where he is was extremely well done.
In all, this is a superb movie about a subject that is now perceived as ancient history by many Americans. It is a marvelous essay on the differences between stars and actors. I recommend it to everyone who is interested in fine comedy movies.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Richard Benjamin
Peter O'Toole
Mark Linn-Baker

DVD title: Big Fish
Productgroup: DVD
Big Fish - movie DVD cover picture
TIm Burton is pure genius

Tim Burton's creative genius has enabled him to create yet another world which is just aesthetically pleasing as it is deep. -A must see!!!

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Tim Burton
Ewan McGregor
Albert Finney
Billy Crudup

DVD title: Taebo - Ultimate Abs/Butt
Productgroup: DVD
Taebo - Ultimate Abs/Butt - movie DVD cover picture
Best Ever!

My husband bought this DVD for me as a Christmas gift. I haven't stopped using it since. I love the butt workout by far. I agree some segments do not work both sides of the body. I just rewind it back and work the opposite side. I use to go to the gym for cardio workouts. Now I workout at home. It is a great workout.

Studio: Ventura Distribution
Billy Blanks

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