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DVD title: Donnie Darko
Productgroup: DVD
Donnie Darko - movie DVD cover picture
Just saw this..WOW..

There is a curious cinematic form that has emerged in the last few years, which is akin to the Moebius Strip. In such films, past shades into future, cause and effect are interchangeable, and the film loops around neatly (and shockingly) to reveal that it is really a sort of closed alternate universe. Examples include Lost Highway, Memento, 12 Monkeys, and now Donnie Darko.
One of its charms (and frustrations) is that, like Vanilla Sky, you are never certain just what sort of film it is you are watching until the end. It reveals itself slowly - layer by layer.
Jake Gyllenhaal plays Donnie Darko, a likeable young man troubled by what is probably paranoid schizophrenia. Refreshingly, his parents (played by Holmes Osborne and Mary McDonnel), are not the usual teen flick dummies. The family, while a bit dysfunctional, manages to remain cohesive and loving. This is important. The film would function as a sympathetic treatment of mental illness even if it did not have other goals in mind.
Darko has strange visions and visitations. He sleepwalks, and finds himself waking up in odd places. Most disturbing, he seems to hallucinate a guy named Frank in a macabre bunny suit, who tells him that the world will end in 28 days. It does not take long to figure out that he's referring to Darko's world, not the world as a whole.
To enjoy this film, one needs to understand two things: the events, though strange, are leading to a definite, coherent conclusion; and - importantly - the audience is asked to participate in fitting the pieces of the puzzle together. There is no character given the task of explaining it to the audience to make sure we get it. That there is an answer, and that it's slyly revealed through seemingly inexplicable pieces doled out in the course of the story, is a testament to the skill of first-time writer-director Richard Kelly.
As plenty of other reviews here make clear, there are many people who lack the patience for this sort of thing. If you are one of them, you have been warned. You will probably find Donnie Darko both perplexing and pointless. But if you enjoy puzzles, if you find yourself trying to second guess where films are going as you watch, then you will probably find this film enjoyable.
Although I didn't think Donnie Darko was very profound, I did find it moving. Jake Gyllenhaal embodies his character completely, making him sympathetic even when his behavior borders on psychotic. His is a brilliant, if malfunctioning mind, and Gyllenhaal's performance manages the neat trick of telling us that there is a decent human being struggling under the burden of his illness. This basic decency leads him to decision at the end of the film that, while not very surprising, is nonetheless heroic in its own way.
The DVD is fairly good, with some interesting (if not particularly revealing) extras, and a couple of frustratingly disjointed commentary tracks. In my opinion, actors and directors should strive to actually PREPARE what they are going to say, while still allowing for some spontaneity during the recording session. If not, you get a lot of laughing and people talking over one another, as you do here. It's good for a listen, but don't expect anything truly revealing.
I'm not sure how much further the Moebius film can be taken. It may be exhausted with just a handful of striking examples. But then, who could have foreseen such a striking, original film as Donnie Darko in the first place?

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Richard Kelly (II)
Jake Gyllenhaal
Mary McDonnell
Jena Malone

DVD title: Wolf
Productgroup: DVD
Wolf - movie DVD cover picture
A Howl of a Good Movie

Jack Nicholson stars in this frighteningly good movie as Will Randall, an editor in chief of a book publishing company. The opening scene shows Will driving along an isolated strech of snowy road when suddenly a wolf bolts out in front of his car. The car strikes the wolf, and Will stops to investigate. The wolf, seemingly dead but very much alive, bites Will on the hand.

Will has been demoted in his company; forced to choose between a less desireable position or no job at all. Stewart Swinton, played by James Spader, has received Will's old position.

Meanwhile, Will is undergoing physical changes, such as a heightened sense of smell and hearing, all caused by the wolf's bite. With his heightened sense of smell, he notices a strange smelling cologne on his wife's clothes. He then discovers that his wife is having an affair with Stewart.

Soon, Will is becoming involved in a new relationship of his own with Laura Alden (Michelle Pfeiffer). Laura also happens to be the daughter of Raymond Alden, his former boss, played by Christopher Plummer. As Will and Laura begin to get close, Will begins to show symptoms of being taken over by the spirit of the wolf. As the moon rises, Will decides to go outside and is soon chasing down deer. However, the following morning, Will is completely unaware of what happened the night before. He later learns from an old wise man that the wolf grows inside the man until the first full moon, then the wolf consumes him. Will is given an amulet to wear around his neck to keep the wolf spirits at bay.

The realization that he is turning into a wolf finally begins to sink in, and Will handcuffs himself to a radiator in his hotel room to make sure he doesn't hurt anyone else. He's already killed a gang member and he's afraid he may harm Laura, who's become very attracted to him.

A police detective comes to Will's room to tell him that his wife has been murdered. Immediately, Will suspects that he did it while under the influence of the wolf.

After arriving back at Laura's house, Will is locked in the barn to keep him from hurting anyone else when the moon comes out. Laura then goes to the police station to give a statement. When she arrives at the station, Stewart is there, and mysteriously, he's displaying the same wolf traits as Will. It seems that somehow during an earlier confrontation, Will must have somehow bit Stewart. Now Stewart, after losing his newly-gained position back to Will, is out for revenge against him. Which wolf will win?

This is an excellent movie. Jack Nicholson has always been one of my favorite actors, and he was the perfect choice for this role. James Spader and Michelle Pfeiffer are captivating as well. Notice Michelle's yellow eyes and heightened sense of smell at the end of the movie. The action is non-stop and the special effects and wolf make-up are first-rate. Watch this movie and have a howling good time along the way.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Mike Nichols
Jack Nicholson
Michelle Pfeiffer

DVD title: Audition
Productgroup: DVD
Audition - movie DVD cover picture
Strange, odd and very scary

Audition I saw it on TV for "100 horror movies" on Bravo sometime during Halloween, my mom has Netflix so I wrote down some movies that looked good to me, and went to order them later that night snice I am to old to trick or treat and I was grounded for being out late with people my mom didnt know and hell I didnt really know them, but my point is when the movie came my boyfriend likes Japan and I though maybe he would like to watch it with me.

The movie started out with a young boy and a man who's wife died, then as the boy grew older he told his father he should get remarried, so the man has a audition for young females to start in a movie or show. He meets this young, sweet pretty girl and starts to fall for her. Little did he know about her childhood or anything. Later on during the movie when they go to sleep he has a dream that seems so real about her childhood and everything else. When he wakes up shes not there(its a dream), and wants to know where she went. Then out of nowhere shes in his house and starts to put needles all over his body saying deeper(I dont remember what the Japanese word was) and then sits on them to make it go in deeper. She has this rope thing that can cut though meat or anything then starts to chop his foot off with it. Then she dies and tells him that everyone's the same to her but he wasnt. Then he wakes up and shes right there. Its a very strange and odd movie, its a must see if you like Japanese movies or Horror Cult with a twisted story ending to it.

Studio: Ventura Distribution
Director: Takashi Miike
Ryo Ishibashi
Eihi Shiina

DVD title: Savannah Smiles
Productgroup: DVD
Savannah Smiles - movie DVD cover picture
Savannah Smiles

I really loved this movie as a child. I grew up watching it. I would love to own it, but I cant find it. It really needs to be re-released so others can experience the this wonderful movie.

Studio: Hen's Tooth Video
Director: Pierre De Moro

DVD title: Baise-Moi
Productgroup: DVD
Baise-Moi - movie DVD cover picture
Gutsy, groundbreaking filmmaking

This is one powerful movie. If you are sick of films designed to hit the largest demographic and targeted at 14 year olds, you may just be ready for this. It is a film for thinking adults. Period. It will grab you by the throat and not let go. If you can imagine "Thelma and Louise" meets "Natural Born Killers" meets "New Wave Hookers" you'll be in the ballpark. Incidentally, don't think the 5 stars is because I just loved this movie, don't get me wrong. It is TOUGH to watch. I just applaud the filmmakers courage to break every rule of "politically correct" film ever stated. You've never seen a film like "Baise-moi" (Rape Me) Contains GRAPHIC sex and violence. Be prepared and be a mature adult.

Studio: Remstar Distribution
Karen Lancaume
Raffaëla Anderson

DVD title: Empire Records
Productgroup: DVD
Empire Records - movie DVD cover picture

I love this movie everytime I watch it.It has got to be one of the best teen comedies ever made.It is always fun to watch when you want to have a good laugh.The acting is very good,the characters are likeable,and the music rocks.I love everything about this movie.It is a must see if you like teen comedies.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Allan Moyle
Anthony LaPaglia
Debi Mazar

DVD title: Super Gals - It's Okay to Have a Change of Heart (Vol. 5)
Productgroup: DVD
Super Gals - It's Okay to Have a Change of Heart (Vol. 5) - movie DVD cover picture
Number one Anime

Great series is all i have to say. Super gals is my number1 anime. Its the best one ive seen so far. i have vol 1-5 and there great. I think vol 4 is probley the best one. Vol5 is kinda of slow but good. Aya confesses to rei. Go go ran kotobuki.

Studio: A.D. Vision

DVD title: Dragon Ball Z:Garlic Jr Box Set
Productgroup: DVD
Dragon Ball Z:Garlic Jr Box Set - movie DVD cover picture
Gohan In Trouble (but dosent know)

this set is one of my fav. Gohan drinks a potion that makes him see things and starts to walk dangerously across ledges while demons are chasing after him and Goku,Piccilo, and few others are fighting Garlic

Studio: Funimation Productio

DVD title: Clear and Present Danger
Productgroup: DVD
Clear and Present Danger - movie DVD cover picture
Clear and Present Excitement!

Clear and Present Danger is a great film, bar none. I have read many Clancy books, but Clear and Present Danger isn't one of them. Perhaps I hold this film in such high regard because of that (I can never forgive them for altering the climax of Hunt for Red October.)
Harrison's second outing as Jack Ryan is definitely better than his first. While Patriot Games was a straight action thriller, Clear and Present Danger combines suspenseful action sequences with genuine political intrigue. Jack Ryan is sent after a Colombian drug lord at the same time that his superiors at the CIA have sent special forces into Colombia to do the dirty deed themselves. This is a complex film that will satisfy both the action crowd and those who want a "thinking man's movie."
Some people have complained about the film's length. I'm angry that it wasn't long enough. A Clancy novel is so far-reaching that a three hour film is needed to capture its scope. The movie going public is generally too impatient to sit that long, and a lot of good material ends up getting cut.
Willem Dafoe and James Earl Jones also give strong performances as John Clark and Admiral Greer. Harrison Ford makes a great Jack Ryan despite his age. I'm disappointed that he turned down the upcoming (watered down) adaptation of "The Sum of All Fears." I was holding out hope that he would return for a movie based on "Executive Orders," but Sept. 11th killed all chances that book had of going to the big screen.
Even if you have never read Tom Clancy, watch Clear and Present Danger. If you have your choice between watching the movie and reading the book, watch the movie first, then read the book. I'm usually disappointed when I see the movie first and then realize how much great material was left in the novel.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Phillip Noyce
Harrison Ford
Willem Dafoe

DVD title: Summer Stock
Productgroup: DVD
Summer Stock - movie DVD cover picture
I deffinately recomend this movie for everyone!

I saw this movie on Turner Classics Movie channel and I fell in love with it. It's the best old movie that I ever saw. I loved Judy Garland in this movie. She stuck to working with the farm and was ingaged, but falls in love with an actor,(Gene Kelly) and is totally swept away with his charm and personallity. This movie is great for anyone and I always recomend it for my friends to see. I think Judy Garland and Gene Kelly are great actors, they had so much chemistry working in the movie, that it made you feel like you could have been either one of them. When they had their heartaches, you did too, it was just so great!!!! It made me realize how much our society today needs drama, theater and movies. If it wasn't for great actors and actresses like Gene and Judy, where would we be in theater and movies in today's world? I don't know how else to rate the movie and explain how I feel. Because the feeling that the movie left me with is unreal. For whoever is reading this, I can garuntee that you will be pleased with this movie, not only because it's funny, a musical, great acting, dancing, and singing...but also because it touches your heart.

Director: Charles Walters

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