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DVD title: Gasaraki - The Circle Opens (Vol. 2)
Productgroup: DVD
Gasaraki - The Circle Opens (Vol. 2) - movie DVD cover picture
Just as great as the last DVD

The shoe picks up from where it last left off. Yushiro was in shock and the Fakes from Symbol are attacking. Yushiro manages to get back up into his TA, but then a rampid sand storm occurs and the TAs and Fakes draw back. They resume their battle later at an abandoned town in Belgistan. Yushiro gets an even closer encounter with Miharu (a girl who is strikingly similar to Yushro and possess the same powers as he does). The battle is stopped when Tornado Bombers make a pass over the battle and film the battle to show to the world. They then proceed to bomb Belgistan. It appears that Symbol betrayed Belgistan and Belgistan is wiped out of the picture. The JSDF is now in a struggle to get out of Belgistan. However, Yushiro goes wandering off again to find Miharu. He finds her at the stone church of Akura and manage to explain some things. Yushiro and Miharu are soon split up again. Yushiro heads back to Japan and Miharu returns to Symbol's custody. The extras on the DVD are very nice if you like to go in depth on this show. The Japanese dialoge is extremely good and more funnier than the English. Hearing Captain Ataka in Japanese trying to speak English is very funny. Not to mention some jokes about Japanese language. Anyway, dubbed or subbed, either way you view it, its still great. It doesn't have as much action as the first tape, but it still has action and it still is great. A must have DVD.

Studio: A.D. Vision
Director: RyƓsuke Takahashi

DVD title: Hamlet
Productgroup: DVD
Hamlet - movie DVD cover picture
Shakespeare Understood!

Mel Gibson's portrayal of Hamlet is wonderful. (Course, I'd say that about ANYTHING he does) He brings out Hamlet's darkness and makes you mourn right along with him. He also makes the spoken language of Shakespeare clearly understood which makes for easy viewing of the story that is so masterfully written.
And who doesn't love to hate that mother of Hamlet, portrayed by Glen Close. She does a wonderful job as well.
This movie moves us close to the stage as if you were in the theater itself.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Franco Zeffirelli
Mel Gibson
Glenn Close

DVD title: Rush Hour 2 (Infinifilm Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Rush Hour 2 (Infinifilm Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Better than the first which is rare!

Rush Hour 2 is better than Rush Hour 1 which is rare in series. Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker are so funny in this movie! A few funny parts in the movie are when Lei and Carter were in the club and Carter was singing "DON'T STOP TO GET ENOUGH" which got me lauging. Another funny part was when Carter and Lei were running on the street naked! This movie will make you laugh time and time again. Buy this soon!

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Brett Ratner
Jackie Chan
Chris Tucker

DVD title: Fire
Productgroup: DVD
Fire - movie DVD cover picture
The best movie I have ever seen, a true gem.

I am a teenager that is used to watching over-hyped Hollywood flicks. But one day I took a chance and rented FIRE. I could feel the frustrations of the two women as they lived day to day in loveless marriages. The characters are trying to fulfill roles their culture expects of them. But they are torn between what they want and what they are expected to want. I was moved by the outstanding performances of Shabana Azmi and Nandita Das. It's incredible how the director, Deepa Mehta, was able to weave suck complex social issues into a genuine and sincere film that leaves a lasting impact on anyone fortunate enough to view it. I was surprised to see that the older brother would devote himself to a life of chastity simply because he could not have children of his own. I felt empathy for the younger brother when he was pressured to leave his Chinese girlfriend in order to enter into an arranged marriage with a young Indian woman. There are tragic consequences for the leading female characters as their desires offer them a chance at happiness. I loved every moment in this movie. Hopefully the issues in this movie will be discussed by the many who see it. It's thought provoking and will leave a lasting impression, even for those who oppose the controversial subject matter of lesbianism.

Studio: New Yorker Films
Director: Deepa Mehta
Nandita Das
Shabana Azmi

DVD title: L.A. Confidential
Productgroup: DVD
L.A. Confidential - movie DVD cover picture

Gee I'm glad I bought this on DVD, the s material that came along with it make the movie so much better. The cast was great it reaped what it sowed.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Curtis Hanson
Kevin Spacey
Russell Crowe
Guy Pearce
Kim Basinger

DVD title: Sleepy Hollow
Productgroup: DVD
Sleepy Hollow - movie DVD cover picture
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Comes to Life!

GREAT MOVIE! Anyone who grew up intrigued with the original Legend of Sleepy Hollow should find this movie fascinating! Although slightly different from the book, the story line consists of mystery, murder, conspiracy, and love - elements that pave the way for a great movie. Special effects are spectacular - heads really do roll! The cinematography is excellent/creepy - really puts you in the mood for a good 'ghost' story.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Tim Burton
Johnny Depp
Christina Ricci

DVD title: Frank Lloyd Wright - A film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick
Productgroup: DVD
Frank Lloyd Wright - A film by Ken Burns and Lynn Novick - movie DVD cover picture

Another reviewer of this documentary writes:
"Unwieldy and suffering from attention deficit disorder, his facades scream in contrast to the environs. Windowless and cold, you wonder how the interior can display such a warmth and balance. The outside and inside simply cannot the be the same building. This, to me is the essential dichotomy of this film and his personality. "
I refer this reviewer to "The Fountainhead" by Ayn Rand for an indepth explanation of the rational purpose behind this "essentail dichotomy."

Studio: PBS Home Video
Edward Herrmann

DVD title: Bjork - Volumen
Productgroup: DVD
Bjork - Volumen - movie DVD cover picture
See what MTV COULD have been

I first heard of Bjork when I saw the excellent video for "Human Behavior," and I was instantly hooked. Besides that one, the only other Bjork video I'd seen before purchasing this tape was "I Miss You," a treat for all John Kricfalusi (Ren & Stimpy) fans! I am absolutely delighted that this collection was released, so that I could see all the other videos, which definitely met my high expectations. This collection will make you appreciate what an artform the music video can be. You will not be disappointed.

Studio: Wea/Elektra Entertainment

DVD title: The Player (Special Edition) (New Line Platinum Series)
Productgroup: DVD
The Player (Special Edition) (New Line Platinum Series) - movie DVD cover picture
Best movie ever !!

This is the kind of film that Hollywood needs to put out more often. This is also Tim Robbins Best. Robert Altman hits the Bull on the Behind with this Winner. Solid great Cameos. Very well casted. The Pros&Cons of the Biz.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Robert Altman
Tim Robbins
Greta Scacchi

DVD title: The Killer - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
The Killer  -  Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture
A true masterpiece in every way!!

Have u seen the following American films: Desperado, Reservior Dogs, Bad Boys, The Corruptor, The MAtris THe Replacement Killers..The people who directed them all owe a debt to the WOO!! He inovated the action film. He is the best thing to happen to action films since Sam Pickinpah. no exageration. he has made some truly amazing films. The Killer is his 2nd best. the story of a hitman trying to escape from the mob. a great movie. CHOW YUN FAT SHOULD BE NAMED CHOW YUN PHAT!! He is truly the s--t in this as he blows away armies of bad guys w/ twin .45's! really cool. Even between the awesome action the story does not slag because of nice acting from the 2 leads. the ending church shootout is amazing. WARNING: if you see this movie and the other woo stuff, you will start to be bored with many american action films because most suck compared to this. if you like this movie i would recommend you see the following John Woo films: A Better Tomorrow, A BEtter Tomorrow 2, Bullet in the Head, Hardboiled, Broken Arrow, Face/Off and M:I 2. some of these are great and all have brilliant action scenes. Woo is GOD!!

Studio: Home Vision Entertainment
Director: John Woo
Yun-Fat Chow
Danny Lee
Sally Yeh

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