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DVD title: Jurassic Park III (Widescreen Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Jurassic Park III (Widescreen Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Jurassic Park III--Rib Breaking Fun

Jurassic Park III is the scariest movie of the series. It has an interesting plot and is just the right length without terrifying you. The movie has just the right amount of bone crunching action. It has outstanding special effects and tension breaking jokes that lighten it up. Dr. Grant is again the calming presence and the smartest character of the bunch. If you liked Jurassic Park you'll enjoy this one, too.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Joe Johnston
Sam Neill
William H. Macy
Téa Leoni

DVD title: Tiesto In Concert
Productgroup: DVD
Tiesto In Concert - movie DVD cover picture

What can I say that already hasn't been said about this dvd and performance. First I must commend HMV/ with the super fast shipping and price. I got my dvd in the mail two days after ordering it and saved $10 from the store order-in price! This is Tiesto in his prime doing what he does best.. and that's making sure everyone has a great time. I wish I was there and this DVD is the next closest thing. What's with his flamboyant shirt he's waering at the end though?!!? Great buy for and electronic music lover and if not it is still great to watch and enjoy!! Highly recommend to add this in your dvd collection!

Studio: Navarre Corporation/
DJ Tiesto

DVD title: Happy Birthday to Me
Productgroup: DVD
Happy Birthday to Me - movie DVD cover picture
I thought the movie was great and the ending too.

It's the type of movie I can see over and over and not get tired of seeing it. I just wish it was avitable to buy on video,so I could enjoy seeing it alot more.Maybe it will? But I defendly recommed this movie for any horror fan, like myself to see it. So see it!

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: J. Lee Thompson

DVD title: VeggieTales - Heroes of the Bible - Lions, Shepherds and Queens (Oh My!)
Productgroup: DVD
VeggieTales - Heroes of the Bible - Lions, Shepherds and Queens (Oh My!) - movie DVD cover picture
Good for any age

This is the first "actual" VeggieTales film I've watched. I watch their Silly Soung Coundown, and both my four-month-old and I enjoy the silly characters, silly music, and all-around silliness. Once I knew that he wouldn't be afraid of the giant pickle or the pirates who don't do anything, I decided to try Heroes of the Bible. This DVD has three short stories, Daniel and the Lions Den, Dave and the Giant Pickle (Goliath), and Esther, the Girl Who Became Queen.
This DVD (or perhaps all VeggieTales movies, since I'm not the VT expert, yet) reminded me a lot of the Simpsons -- of course in a very different way than what may come to mind when one mentiones the Simpsons. I'm not talking about the constant strangling your child by his neck type of "silliness". Rather, the Simpsons use such a type of humor that it attracts viewers of all ages and the humor is not lost is a viewer doesn't see or doesn't understand the other levels of humor. I'll explain . . .
My four-month-old enjoyed Daniel and the Lions Den -- the colors, movements, and songs. He laughed at the king's wisemen (slippery scallions) in their plotting to kill Daniel. Obviously, my son doesn't understand the plotting, but he sees the funny scallions and song exchanges between the wisemen, the king, and Daniel. An older child would understand that the wiseman are trying to kill Daniel and that, instead of killing Daniel, the lions actually became his friends. And my husband and I like the part when Daniel is leaving the lions den and yells down to the lions, "thanks for the pizza!"

Studio: Sony Music (Video)

DVD title: The Three Musketeers
Productgroup: DVD
The Three Musketeers - movie DVD cover picture
Great Fun & The Best Version so far.....

Richard Lester & his screewriter, George Macdonald Fraser (of Flashman fame), made the best & most complete version of the Dumas tale with great flair and wit, seasoning the old story with satiric touches, irony and outright slapstick. Working with a dream cast, Lester shot this and the sequel (The Four Musketeers) all at once (ala Lord of the Rings) allowing him to tell a bigger story without the distractions of aging or changed cast members. It is great fun.
Since everyone knows the story I want to point out some of the wonderful qualities of the flim. First,there are the terrific fight scenes staged by Wm. Hobbs, who has his swordfights as exhausting affairs, full of sweat and effort, with no rules, no balletic dueling, but rather FIGHTING, with both hands and feet and anything that can be of use. These are set amongst blowing sheets, in tub rooms, and one especially clever night fight with lanterns blinking on and off. Oliver Reed as Athos especially convinces you that he is FIGHTING, not waltzing about.
Next, the wonderful cast, including: Michael York as an enthusistic and eager D'Artagnon; Raquel Welsh as D'Artagnon's paramour, Constance Bonancieux, bountiful and endearingly clutzy; Spike Milligan as Msr. Bonancieux, Raquel's addled and horny husband; Charlton Heston as the shrewd and ruthless Cardinal Richelieu; Christopher Lee, an arch & dignified villain as Rochefort, Richelieu's "blade" (and possibly illegitimate son); Faye Dunaway as the beautiful and treacherous Milady De Winter; Geraldine Chaplin as the ninny of a Queen; Jean Pierre Cassel as the dim and indifferent King. And then, of course the 3 Musketeers: Oliver Reed as a moody & temperamental, but powerful Athos; Richard Chamberlain's refined and aloof Aramis; and Frank Finlay's vain & pompous Porthos. Terrific all!
A light and infectiously joyful swashbuckler, Lester also has great fun displaying the extravagance and vanity of the Royals, idling away their time in ridiculous pursuits, completely impervious and indifferent to their servants and the lives of the common people shown in rough and coarse contrast. The King & Queen are clueless, Buckingham (Simon Ward) is a headstrong dolt, Richelieu schemes, and everyone else tries to survive their foolishness.
A rare mixture of genres and tones that really works, this witty romp must be seen with its concluding Four Musketeers where the tone shifts yet again. A treat for movie lovers.

Studio: Fox Lorber
Director: Richard Lester
Oliver Reed
Raquel Welch
Richard Chamberlain
Michael York
Frank Finlay
Christopher Lee

DVD title: Ranma 1/2 - Anything Goes Martial Arts - The Complete Second Season Boxed Set
Productgroup: DVD
Ranma 1/2 - Anything Goes Martial Arts - The Complete Second Season Boxed Set - movie DVD cover picture
Ranma's second season introduces more characters and fun!

If you dont know the story of Ranam 1/2 its about a boy named...Ranma Saotome who went training with his father (Genma) in Jusenkyo, China. This training ground is cursed and has Springs of drowned SOMETHINGS, While training Genma falls into Spring of drowned Panda, so when splashed with cold water, Genma turns to a panda and splashed with hot water turns back to a man. And Ranma...well he fell in spring of drowned girl. So you gessed it, he turns into a girl.
The second season has alot better anamation and new friends!
Whats this! P-Chan is kidnapped! Who could have done such a thing, and Ranam gets a KISS...but from WHO!
Shampoos Great Grandmothers moves into town and will stop at nothing untill ranma marrys Shampoo. Oh no! Ranma has to be a girl for the rest of his...or should i say HER life!
A new enemy comes in the form of a wacky near sighted male amazon named MOUSSE! This guy is madly in love with Shampoo and will do anything to get her...even turning Akane into a DUCK!
The most evil of evil comes! A dirty little old man who steels underwear, named Happosai. He was the master of Genma and Soan. But this dirty old man is no pushover, hes strong...even stronger then RANMA!


DVD title: Roxy Music: Live at The Apollo
Productgroup: DVD
Roxy Music: Live at The Apollo - movie DVD cover picture

To the people who pu this disc down, open your minds, sit back, turn it loud, and be prepared to get blown away. To a younger generation brought up on Brittney, Usher American Idol, Outkast, and other flavors of the minute, I hope these people can do 1/10th of what Roxy Music did this night after doing this for thirty some years.The energy is extraordinary, would have liked a couple of more songs, but this has it all. If Jealous guy doesn,t bring tears to your eyes, and Do the Strand doesn't have you doing the Strand, then you are dead.If I could give this 10 stars I would. These are masters on top of their craft, consummate professionals, and they enjoyed every minute.If you haven't bought this, buy it, If you have it show it to everyone you know, it will be worth it.The only live discs that I have that even come close to this are Manfred Mann Angel Station Live, and Jean Michel Jarre live in Moscow.these are very good, but for energy in a performance this is the best.Let's see what the next 30 years brings.EnjoyBob

Studio: Music Video Distribu

DVD title: Story of the Dragon
Productgroup: DVD
Story of the Dragon - movie DVD cover picture
One of Bruce Li's most impressive films

I love this movie, but my praise will have to wait until I make sure a few important facts are established for those out there unfamiliar with Bruceploitation films. First and foremost, Bruce Lee does not appear in this picture, nor does it have the first thing to do with the real Bruce Lee; the star of the film is Ho Chung Tao (aka Li Shao Lung), better known as Bruce Li. I wasn't that impressed with Li in the first couple of films I saw, but I have now come to understand why he is regarded by and large as the best of the Bruce Lee clones (and I might point out he never really embraced the concept of being renamed after his idol). It is unfair to even compare him to Bruce Lee because Li is a pretty darn good martial arts star in his own right. With this movie, he has won me over completely. Another important fact about this film concerns the title: these Bruceploitation films of the mid- to late-70s are notorious for having different titles. This 1976 film is probably best known as Bruce Lee's Deadly Kung Fu, although you may very well see it called Bruce Lee's Secret or Story of the Dragon; additional but less common titles include Bruce Li's Jeet Kune Do, A Dragon Story, and He's a Legend, He's a Hero. You really have to be careful when buying Bruceploitation films such as this because each movie bears multiple titles.
As for the movie itself, the plot is a very familiar one. Li plays "Bob" Lee, a young Chinese man working in San Francisco; he and his friend are bullied by a trio of thugs, and Bob's decision to teach the guys a little respect for the Chinese lands him and his buddy out of work. For some reason, the scraggly American guys Bob put a licking on exercise some control over Chinatown, making it very difficult for our hero to find a new job. When he does get a job working on the docks, the roughnecks show up along with some of their friends to beat everybody there up. Bob finally has to do his thing again, after which his coworkers convince him to open his own school and teach them kung fu. If you've seen The Chinese Connection (or just about any other martial arts film), you know this means trouble with the schools already in existence (all of which are, of course, rife with bad guys). Well, as you can well imagine, the conflict escalates. Two things make this particular film a little different, though. For one, Bob is defeated at one point by what I assume was supposed to be some type of Japanese karate expert, forcing him to rethink his strategy and thereby come up with his own personalized form of kung fu. This provides a window in which a tiny bit of the essence of kung fu is explained to the audience. Second, in the final conflict, Bob has to deal with an unusual weapon, which makes the predictable climax a little more interesting.
A good many Bruceploitation fans don't seem to care for Bruce Lee's Deadly Kung Fu, but I loved it. As I said, the plot is pretty similar to that of many a martial arts film, but this story works for me, particularly with the emphasis Bob places on disproving the idea that the Chinese are cowards; everyone who gets in his way is made to respect the Chinese. Some who know more about kung fu than I do (and I basically know nothing about it) aren't that impressed with the fight scenes featured in the movie, but I thought they were outstanding. Bruce Li impressed me more here than in any other of his movies I have seen so far. The action is fast and furious, particularly the one fight between Bob and the Japanese assassin sent to kill him. The final battle scenes were especially good, as Bob had to single-handedly go through several heavy layers of bad guys in order to reach the man he was really after.
Formulaic it may be, but Bruce Lee's Deadly Kung Fu is one of my favorite Bruceploitation films, and Bruce Li impressed the heck out of me with his fighting skills in this one. It can be hard for a fan of the real Bruce Lee to embrace the string of Bruceploitation films that were churned out in the years after his death, and many a Lee fan will not watch any of them. As long as they do nothing to tarnish the image of Lee, however, I can't get enough of them, and Bruce Lee's Deadly Kung Fu is one of the best ones out there.

Studio: Tapeworm

DVD title: Gilligan's Island - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Gilligan's Island - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture

I hear many people complain that this show is in black and white, but I LOVE it this way, it adds to the nostalgia! Ive seen many of these episodes many times on tv and am BLOWN away at the picture quality on these dvds! I own many boxed sets and find this one to be HIGHLY impressive! If youre a fan of this show this is a MUST own set! I can't wait for season 2.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Bob Denver

DVD title: The Sopranos - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
The Sopranos - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture

I didn't have HBO when The Sopranos came out in 1999, and so I am delighted that it is now on a set of DVD discs. I'm a big fan of books and movies about the Mafia and so I was prepared to love it. I must say that my expectations were all met, and more. There is nothing like being able to watch the series, in its entirety, all at once, at my own pace. And there is nothing like watching several video interviews and behind the scenes featurettes on the discs to enhance the viewing experience with background information. This series has won many awards. I can understand why.
James Gandofini stars as Tony Soprano, a very human individual, who just happens to be a gangster. He's living in modern times though, and so he's plagued with depression and goes to a therapist, played by Lorraine Bracco. Tony's domestic scenes, which include his wife, Edie Falco, his daughter, Jamie-Lyn Sigler, his son, Robert Iler, and - especially his mother, Nancy Marchand, are all unique and slightly off-center examples of brilliant writing and editing. Add to this his criminal activities and his violent temper, and there's a mix that fascinates me completely.
One of the delights of the series is that I can't quite figure what will happen next. I'm constantly on edge as I watch the story unfold, and there are always surprises. I like the humor and the irreverence. And best of all I like the fact that each episode is commercial free and a complete movie in itself. I love it when the scenes move back and forth between the actual crime stuff and his family life. And I love the humanity that Tony exhibits. In a way he is "everyman" as he struggles with decisions and hard choices in his life. And yet, he is larger than life, and a bit of a hero to our culture. Couple this with really fine acting and an excellent script, and a winner emerges.
I'm not into dream sequences and these were the only parts that dragged down the action, but there were only a very few throughout all the episodes. However, now that I look back on it, I'm glad they were there, because even though I was annoyed with them at the time, I can now see how they really helped develop the characters. These on-target characterizations are what drive the series and make it soar above its nearest competitors. The Sopranos on DVD is a winner in every sense of the world. And it is not only recommended for aficionados of the gangster genre. It gets my highest recommended for everyone.

Studio: Warner Home Video
James Gandolfini
James Gandolfini

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