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DVD title: In the Good Old Summertime
Productgroup: DVD
In the Good Old Summertime - movie DVD cover picture
Judy at her best!

This movie has everything going for it, great songs, good storyline, and likeable characters, and manages to keep you watching it all the way to the end. And I know this as I have watched it many times. And, as I'm a Judy Garland fan I think that this film is wonderful. Definately a MUST SEE film.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Judy Garland
Van Johnson

DVD title: Boys on the Side
Productgroup: DVD
Boys on the Side - movie DVD cover picture
Gritty, Funny, Heart-Wrenching, Inspiring

A mix of complex characters, believable in their actions and reactions, builds a powerful experience of the lives of three unique women. I espicially like the tension of unspoken love between the lesbian character (Whoopie Goldberg) and the frail young woman trying to find some joy in a hard life. The cameo by the Indigo Girls is a special bonus!Get together some close girlfriends and some kleenex and enjoy!

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Herbert Ross
Whoopi Goldberg
Mary-Louise Parker
Drew Barrymore

DVD title: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Full Screen Edition) (Harry Potter 1)
Productgroup: DVD
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone (Full Screen Edition) (Harry Potter 1) - movie DVD cover picture
Hmm...I didn't plan on seeing this,but...

...looks like I'm having second thoughts. I was obsessive over the books when they came out,and the whole hype sort of settled down,but not for long,I guess. I was worried about the movie ruining my vision of Hogwarts,Harry & Co.,but I'm throwing caution to the winds to see it when it comes out!! And I'll probably end up buying it when it comes out on DVD...the trailer is very good,I'd advise you to READ THE BOOKS before seeing the movie!! Or at least the first one,because in my opinion the book should always come first. ; ) Daniel Radcliffe looks cute,but not as I imagined Harry,and Rupert Grint (Ron) & Emma Watson (Hermione) look exactly as I imagined them in the book. I expect to review this when the movie is actually released,but for now the trailer gets five fat gold stars!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Chris Columbus
Daniel Radcliffe

DVD title: The Twilight Samurai
Productgroup: DVD
The Twilight Samurai - movie DVD cover picture
Great film

I'll try not to repeat everything the other reviews have already said.

There are 3 things I'd like to add:

- the pacing in this film is slow and always interesting, never boring.

- yes there are fighting scenes, but they are not added as an empty way to quicken the pace in the film. They serve a valuable role in furthering character development. The sword play however is very well executed- not the outrageous hack/slash and wire-work in Kill Bill (although I enjoyed that film a great deal too), but illustrates how deadly a real katana fight can be. Sanada is indeed a talented martial artist and his wielding of the sword shows that he is not simply an actor going through the moves but has had real training in the past.

- in the Last Samurai you see Sanada playing the role of the always-stoic Ujio. In this film Sanada really shows the breadth of his acting abilities.

Studio: Empire Pictures
Director: YĆ“ji Yamada

DVD title: Central Station
Productgroup: DVD
Central Station - movie DVD cover picture
Wow! Excellent Film!

As I have noticed with most Brasilian films, the cinematography of this film is unbelievable! Vinicuis de Oliveira, the actor who plays the young boy in this film has more talent than many A list adult stars in America. The movie is about an old angry woman with nothing to live for, who eventually grows a heart when she meets Josue (Vinicuis de Oliveira)and tries to help him locate his father (only living relative) after the death of his mother. I purchased this film on DVD and watch it religiously, whenever I'm in a relaxed mood. IT WILL MAKE YOU CRY... but they are tears of joy. Enjoy!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Walter Salles
Fernanda Montenegro
Vinícius de Oliveira

DVD title: Jezebel
Productgroup: DVD
Jezebel - movie DVD cover picture
"I wore my white dress just for you, Pres".

Bette Davis gives a superb performance as the spoiled and wilful Julie, who wears a red dress to the ball and scandalizes New Orleans society. When she sees her estranged fiance Pres again she wears the white dress to beg his forgiveness. Her efforts to win him back lead to ultimate disaster and final redemption. Henry Fonda is magnificent as Pres, and the supporting cast is excellent. A fascinating and entertaining movie.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: William Wyler
Bette Davis
Henry Fonda

DVD title: The Magnificent Seven (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Magnificent Seven (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
"Now we're seven."

Simply the best Western I've seen. I don't think anyone today could bring together such a fine cast and make a movie like this. Everyone has already said so much about this great film, I don't know what else I can add! Like I said, the cast and characters were so memorable (save for Robert Vaughn's silent character, 'Lee',who really did seem to fade into the woodwork when some personality was needed), the music is also, of course, unforgettable. The movie wasn't filmed in any totally remarkable fashion, but with all it's other pluses, you really don't notice this. Dialog was never cheesy or plain,and I have a boatload of quotes that I just love from this movie. And, at a final note, for the females out there, like me, can you really say "no" to Vin (McQueen) and O'Reilly (Bronson), in loose buttoned shirts,perfect-fit jeans and Stetsons? A great movie, with little bad language, and with the most bloody confrontation being the end battle between the 40 bad guys. Get it!!

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: John Sturges
Yul Brynner
Steve McQueen
Charles Bronson

DVD title: The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

The Two Towers is the second part of Peter Jackson's trilogy based on JRR Tolkien's epic fantasy masterpiece, the Lord of the Rings.
The Fellowship of the Ring has just been broken and our heroes are now all heading in different directions, all following their own paths. Merry and Pippin have just been captured by a horde of Saruman's foul Huruk-Ha? who, following the sorcerer's orders, are taking them to his tower of Isengard, and Aragorn the Heir of Gondor, Legolas the Elf and Gimli the Dwarf are running to their rescue across the plains of Rohan, land of the Rohirim horsemasters. Taking the advantage of a clash between the orcs and a band of Rohirim, the hobbits manage to escape into Fangorn, the old forest, home of the legendary Ents. There they'll meet an old acquaintance.
Meanwhile Frodo, the Ring-bearer, and his friend Sam are on their way to Mordor. It won't be long until they become lost, nor before they realize they're not alone. Gollum, the filthy creature who once possessed the One Ring, has been following them all along. They capture him, but soon Frodon takes pity and decides to release him in exchange for Gollum's word that he'll guide them to Mordor.
Once again, Peter Jackson managed to bring to screen the enchanting spirit of JJR Tolkien's complex novels. I personally liked Gollum's character a lot, as well as admired the creature's beautiful computer graphics animation. And the Battle of Helm's Deep, the terrible final conflagration between Th?oden's people and Saruman's army of ten thousand orcs, is just as formidable. I'll have to read these books again!

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Peter Jackson
Elijah Wood
Ian McKellen
Viggo Mortensen

DVD title: Treasure Island
Productgroup: DVD
Treasure Island - movie DVD cover picture
Old memories

Emotions ran high when I saw this movie again after more than 50 years. It was as exciting now as when I was a young child. Robert Newton's performance is a classic. After half a century, he is still the baddest (best) pirate ever.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Byron Haskin
Bobby Driscoll
Robert Newton
Basil Sydney

DVD title: Year of the Dragon
Productgroup: DVD
Year of the Dragon - movie DVD cover picture
A Great Film

This film got a bad reputation when left-leaning Chinese-American groups tried to brand it as racist, causing many film critics to play it safe and pan it rather than brave the ire of those groups. In truth, the only notable flaw in the film is the acting talents of Arianne; despite this, I found her tolerable as her interaction with Rourke was truly electric. As to the demagogues, I must say that they arrived a little late to the party: Cimino's Deer Hunter portrayed Asians in a much more demeaning light than anything here. Besides that, have any of those protesters seen the kinds of movies put out en masse from Hong Kong? They are much more glitzy violent than anything portrayed here (for example check out John Wu's "The Killer" or Hard-Boiled").
Mickey Rourke is awesome as usual, he defined cool in the 1980s just as Errol Flynn did for the 1930s. And just like Errol Flynn, he later descended into mediocrity, making poor personal decisions and then taking poor roles and minor roles which made a mockery of his previously fine work. But neither Flynn nor Rourke were as bad as OJ Simpson or Enron executives. You don't have to love what they became to enjoy what they previously achieved.
In many ways Cimino fulfilled a potential avenue which Roman Polanski never explored in his 1974 neo-noir masterpiece, Chinatown. That film spent all of one scene in its namesake locale. Year of the Dragon takes us right into the heart of New York City's Chinatown, for better and for worse. Its a fairly conventional narrative, but you can almost smell the pastries cooking and wet garbage seething on those Manhattan streets. One of my three favorite Rourke films, along with Angel Heart and Francesco.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Michael Cimino
Mickey Rourke
John Lone

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