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DVD title: Alfie (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Alfie (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Jude Law shines in a superior remake

As a rule, I think remakes of successful films are a rotten idea. In virtually every instance the original surpasses the newer film in almost every aspect. This remake of the classic 1966 ALFIE starring Michael Caine, however, is an exception to the rule. It doesn't efface memories of that film or Caine's absolutely outstanding performance, but it does provide a successful alternative. Is it better than the original film? That will depend on taste. I personally prefer the mood and atmosphere of the earlier film, and it is impossible to imagine anyone better than the young Michael Caine in the title role, though Jude Law unquestionably does a good job. The difference in their conceptions of the role is that Caine's Alfie was a far nastier character, while beneath his gamemanship and bravado, Law's is a gigolo with a heart of gold.

I personally think that this will be the movie that puts Law over the top as one of the premiere stars in the movies. He has been an A-List actor for some time now, but I think he has been, perhaps, more of an A-minus than a pure A. But after the plethora of films featuring Law this fall, he has never been as much a public presence as he is now. He is a full A-List actor, and certain to be one of the two or three most in demand male leads in the industry. This may not end up being the best movie he is in, but it is unquestionably the best role. Law is a presence in every minute of the film, much of it with him directly addressing the camera. The technique closely resembles that of John Cusack's character in HIGH FIDELITY, so that the film at times feels almost as much a remake of that film as of ALFIE. The film has a strong supporting cast, but really in a movie like this, where absolutely everything is focused on a single character, it all flies or falls depending on Law's performance. Luckily for the film, he is outstanding.

The original film had, of course, one of the most famous theme songs in the history of cinema. The soundtrack is suitably up-to-date, but they obviously made the decision not to attempt to compete with that song, although it makes a very brief appearance as the company credits role at the beginning of the film, and the film does close with Law's Alfie essentially quoting a line from the song.

I used to love reading Pauline Kael's movie reviews, though she constantly lost me when she would make bizarre shifts in her narrative, such as ceasing to discuss the film to analyzing aspects of Mozart. I'm going to do a "Kael" right now and confess that during the entire film I kept thinking of a section of the first volume of Kierkegaard's EITHER/OR entitled "The Rotation Method." In that work, Kierkegaard suggests that for someone who is living an aesthetic (and hence pre-ethical) life, it is important to do such things as avoid emotional entanglements, eschew committed relationships, and constantly shake things up in one's life (i.e., rotate things as a farmer rotates his crops). The problem with an aesthetic existence is that it is a fragile one, and if one does not avoid long-term entanglements, the entire existence is threatened with either boredom or, worse, a sense of guilt. I kept viewing Alfie as one who was attempting to lead a fairly crude aesthetic mode of existence (based especially upon sensual pleasure), but was finding it increasingly difficult as one thing after another created cracks in the texture of his life. At the end of the film we do not see a moral individual, but we do see one for whom the aesthetic mode of existence has lost its allure, and for whom an ethical existence has become a possibility.

I think with this film that we are in one of those rare instants where we have both a superb original film and a very good remake, much as we have two very good CAPE FEARs. I might have a slight preference for the original, but I certainly respect the remake.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Charles Shyer
Jude Law

DVD title: Gladiator
Productgroup: DVD
Gladiator - movie DVD cover picture
gladiator is the action adventure you will always remember

In this movie Russell crow plays a great roll and he is great at it too. He is in the roman army until the emperor of roam gets murdered by his own son and blames it on Maximus Decimus Meridius(Russell Crow). So Maximus flees to go home knowing that the roman empire would strike there first. When he arrives at his long driveway he sees smoke in the air. He walks up the driveway to find his wife and son burnt to death while being hanged. He breaks down and goes on journey for revenge. He goes through the desert and gets hurt bad and collapses he is soon picked up by a slave wagon and thus the gladiator. I thought this movie should get two thumbs up. I thought it was a marvelous story and adventure about ancient Rome. I was a little long but it had something for every second of it. the movie was criticly acclaimed and nomiated for may acadamy awards such as best actor in leading role and won and best picture and won. i saw the movie at the theaiter and bought it the day it came out. it will make you cry laugh joyful and happy. it will leave you on the edege of your seat the whole time. I loved and i hope you do to i t is awsome . there is no nudity but alout of gore but its not enough to make you sick this is bobslekinhimer signing out peace

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Ridley Scott
Russell Crowe
Joaquin Phoenix
Connie Nielsen

DVD title: Bastard out of Carolina
Productgroup: DVD
Bastard out of Carolina - movie DVD cover picture
Powerful film that will enrage you!

Never before can I recall a film making me as angry as I was while watching this tragic movie. This young girl endures more pain and suffering in a short period of time, than anyone should have to go through in an entire lifetime. If you don't already believe that child abusers should be kicked off the planet (or worse), then you need to see this film. If you already share that opinion with myself, then this will only strengthen your belief to the point where you may be felt obligated to do something about this horrible reality we have in our society today. A+

Studio: Fox Lorber
Director: Anjelica Huston

DVD title: Office Space (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Office Space (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
comedic gem

Anyone who has worked an office job in corporate America can relate to this film. Mike Judge does an excellent job of squeezing hummor out of every quirky nuisance of working in an office enviornment and the politics that can surround it.Everthing from brown-nosers to annoying bosses.The amount of one-liners in this flick are endless.You won't be disappointed!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Mike Judge
Ron Livingston
Jennifer Aniston

DVD title: Romeo & Juliet
Productgroup: DVD
Romeo & Juliet - movie DVD cover picture
No Shakespeare Fan But This Movie Was Good!

My high school English teacher showed this movie to us in class when we were listening to the play on record. The class howled excitedly as they saw the graphic parts of the movie. However, the movie interested students into understanding Shakespearean literature and that time period. I find Shakespeare boring because I don't understand the English and it really doesn't do anything for me. When it is on screen, that's really where it will get the viewer intersted. Zeferelli did a great job directing this movie for audiences who don't read this kind of literature.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Franco Zeffirelli
Leonard Whiting
Olivia Hussey

DVD title: Chinatown
Productgroup: DVD
Chinatown - movie DVD cover picture
Polanski's best

The ending of China Town is Noir perfection. The admonitions of the uncomprehending detectives for Jake to 'just forget it' while Jake has had his world split in two is unforgettable. The movie leading up to this moment is gorgeous, funny, suspenseful and very true to Hammet and Chandler. It's in my top 10 movies.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Roman Polanski
Jack Nicholson
Faye Dunaway
John Huston

DVD title: Empire Records
Productgroup: DVD
Empire Records - movie DVD cover picture
Empire Records

ok look, i think that this is one great movie and that it deserves alot more credit than people are giving it. yah i know alot of you are saying 'why should i? it looks like it was taken from the perspective of an old mans veiw on how teens work.' beeeeeep....wrong answer. if you dont have anything nice to say, why say it at all? i mean yes, you can show many expressions such as annoyance and irratation. so what? do you want a cookie? i think that the smart alec who decided to write all those things like 'this is the stupidest movie i have ever seen' are probably either 40 years old or have no life what so ever. i mean people write these reviews mainly to show appreciation for something they enjoyed not to criticize everything thats not to their liking. i think its an excellent movie and if you dont like it im sorry and hope you can find a movie that YOU like and can appreciate as much as i appreciate this. so please, whoever agrees with me should write a statement too. thank you.
and p.s i am much younger than many of the other people who wrote the negative reviews and my statement came out alot more articulate and debatable than theirs.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Allan Moyle
Anthony LaPaglia
Debi Mazar

DVD title: Best in Show
Productgroup: DVD
Best in Show - movie DVD cover picture
Absolutely hysterical

Christopher Guest and Eugene Levy have done it again. I still prefer Waiting for Guffman (I do community theater in Missouri...I'm biased!), but Best in Show is a photo finish second.
The characters are so flawed, funny, and endearing, (Even the all their preppy idiocy) you can't help but love them. Hard for me to pick a favorite out of this ensemble cast, but I'd have to say the performances of Jennifer Coolidge (We both love Soup) Michael McKean (No quote, but his best stuff was left on the cutting room floor which thankfully is included on the DVD)or Fred Willard (To think in some countries these dogs are eaten!). All do a great job, but if you don't laugh out loud at least once with each of these characters, nothing will amuse you.
Much better to buy this and rent it, because it will be viewed enough to make up for the amount you would spend on rental fee after rental fee.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Christopher Guest
Catherine O'Hara
Eugene Levy
Jennifer Coolidge

DVD title: The Opposite of Sex
Productgroup: DVD
The Opposite of Sex - movie DVD cover picture
"You will laugh, you will cry, you will be offended"

That's what it says on the box, and that is probably one of the truest comments I have read on any movie box, ever. I have now watched the movie three times in as many days and still cannot get over it. It literally has something to offend anyone, and I don't offend easily - I actually thought "Blue Velvet" was funny. Christina Ricci is great as Deedee, one of the most unlikable characters you can ever imagine, who does not have a heart of gold and does not only need love to magically transform into a better person. Yet, in some way I am yet to verbalize, you land up liking her (kind of). Martin Donovan as her set-upon half-brother is probably every gay man's (and probably a few straight women's) dream and Ricci's scathing narration concerning him makes him even more so. It is a brilliant performance. Having said that, though, the film almost belongs to Lisa Kudrow as Lucia (no - pronounced like Marcia), whose character portrayal is one of the strongest I have seen in a long time. Her comic timing is almost scarily perfect. All in all the movie is one you are not likely to forget, and I mean ever. This is due largely to the truly excellent script, which should have won an Oscar at least. It offers a perfect platform for the six main characters to launch their altogether brilliant performances. The direction is tight and there is literally not a frame wasted in what is sure to become an absolute cult classic.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Don Roos
Christina Ricci
Martin Donovan (II)
Lisa Kudrow

DVD title: The Simpsons - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
The Simpsons - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture

It's Homer and the rest in the first thirteen episodes! And it's in Dolby Digital 5.1? Why? Who cares! With enough extras to keep you busy for a good fun-filled weekend, this set of three discs really can't disappoint...

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Dan Castellaneta

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