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DVD title: John Waters Collection #1: Hairspray/ Pecker (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
John Waters Collection #1: Hairspray/ Pecker (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
John Waters - need I say more?

Of the three John Waters "Special Edition" releases, this is the only one that duplicates previous DVD releases...and thus it's the one collectors may opt to refuse. (...) The bonuses in this package aren't must-haves, though any film commentary with John Waters is a delight.
I guess some reviewers have a valid point about the mainstreaming of Waters' films...and these two films are case(s?) in point. But consider the limitations placed on the writer/director as his core cast was fragmented and the cost of filming movies soared skyward. In both "Hairspray" and "Pecker" I see minor concessions to the bland tastes of Popular culture, but nary a cop-out. (...) the subversive edge of Waters' often brilliant writing/direction is an ongoing exercise in (good) bad taste. If nothing else, his characters never do what you expect of them, quite a virtue in a film world besotted with "accessible" characterization.
Despite some brilliant moments, "Hairspray" is a bit cloying on the whole. This, in my opinion, is largely due to Ricki Lake in the lead role. Despite the usual outrageous Waters' dialogue, Lake delivers her lines with such sweetness and reverance that you just want to backhand her. To her credit, she furthers the old saw about fat girls being good dancers.
"Hairspray" is also a bit overlong with dance sequences, though they certainly lend a touch of authenticity to the production. The central story is roughly linear, though the bit with Tracy in reform school seems like a delaying tactic...especially since Waters' used a similar story device in "Cry Baby". On the plus side, the supporting cast is rich with freakish appeal. Divine's last role for Waters isn't flashy, but his Edna Turnblad is a credible, nuanced piece of work. Longtime cast member Mink Stole gets lots of screen time in a fairly minor role. Lots of silly and/or hysterical cameos: Pia Zadora, Ric Ocasek, Debbie Harry, Sonny Bono and a few more. The youth leads (mostly unknowns) are right on target...thoroughly believable in their parts.
Overall, "Hairspray" is probably the most accessible of Waters' latter-day films (...).
"Pecker" is a good choice to complement "Hairspray" in this edition. Both films have youthful leads, and both deal (directly or indirectly) with social issues such as race and class. The appeal of these films is also a bit gentler and good-humored than some of Waters' recent offerings. "Pecker" might take a while to sink in with old-time fans, as it did with me. I don't know if it's because there are other writers and directors actively pursuing the raunch genre that Waters' pioneered, or because "Pecker" has such simple charms.
I grudge the obligatory star power of Lili Taylor and Indie Waif Christina Ricci, low-wattage that it may be. Otherwise, the casting and performances in "Pecker" are on target. Mary Kay Place is fretful and yet blissfully sedate as the thrift store maven; a role that seems an appropriate homage to Waters' long time friend and star, Edith Massey. Martha Plimpton plays the ultimate fag hag ("My life is trade!") with dizzy abandon. Ed Furlong's Pecker (um, keep reading) is the most functional idiot savant imagineable...a tireless servant to the "art" all around, and completely oblivious to social norms and responsibilities.
Despite a feel-good ending that smooths over a fair number of conflicts, "Pecker" is a funny and satisfying film. The rabid idiosyncrasies of Waters' characters play off each other with the kind of manic glee you can find in "Pink Flamingos" or even "Polyester." The 'turnabout' plot actually works, if you take a good look at some of Pecks' pics from his NYC premiere. (...)
Fans who already own "Pecker" on DVD may opt to wait for a single disc release for "Hairspray." Considering how infrequently some of his films have been available on home video, I'm pretty sure longtime fans like myself will snap this collection up on sight. Recommended.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: John Waters
Sonny Bono
Ruth Brown

DVD title: Titan A.E. (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Titan A.E. (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Do the Drew!

First of all I love Drew's outstanding performance of Akima. I truly do not under stand why this movie always gets knocked around by "critics". The only thing missing from this movie is Drew in the flesh but in this show, her voice will do the job.This movie is great for All ages and really got me running around making space and exploding noises in my sleep.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Matt Damon
Bill Pullman
Drew Barrymore

DVD title: Moon and Sixpence
Productgroup: DVD
Moon and Sixpence - movie DVD cover picture

Somerset Maugham's "The Moon and Sixpence" was definitively brought to screen life by George Sanders and Herbert Marshall.
Sanders' portrayal of the brilliant but obsessed artist Paul Gauguin is nothing short of mesmerizing, and Herbert Marshall holds his own in the understated urbane manner for which he became known.
This is a timeless tale that moves compellingly to the inevitable denouement.
I've found Ivy Classics Video of Charlotte, North Carolina, makes some of the finest VHS releases - classics all and well worth keeping in a collection.

Studio: Vci/Ffi
Director: Albert Lewin

DVD title: Moulin Rouge (Single Disc Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Moulin Rouge (Single Disc Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

I went to this movie not expecting much and came out amazed. i imediately bought the wonderful soundtrack and listened to it nonstop! Both my sister and my father heard me listening to it and came with me my second time to see it. My sister loved it as i knew she would. My dad, who is not into love stories told me it was the best movie he has ever seen. My mother than came to see it with me who also thought it was wonderful! this is the best movie ever!

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Baz Luhrmann
Nicole Kidman
Ewan McGregor

DVD title: Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan (Director's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Star Trek II - The Wrath of Khan (Director's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

This sequel is amazing. It?s interesting, exiting with a great plot and great acting. Very beutiful ending, from spocks dramatic death to the visual views of the awakening planet of Genesis. Great. A must for all Star Trek fans to see this classick.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Nicholas Meyer
William Shatner
Leonard Nimoy
DeForest Kelley

DVD title: The Who - Live at the Royal Albert Hall
Productgroup: DVD
The Who - Live at the Royal Albert Hall - movie DVD cover picture
Definitive Performances

I own a large catalog of recordings and dvd by The Who. This disc contains the benchmark versions of 'Can't Explain', 'Bargain', 'Baba o'Reily', and especially, 'Won't Get Fooled Again'. Buy it...if you don't own this you're missing out.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Dick Carruthers

DVD title: Monarch of the Glen - The Complete Series 1 & 2
Productgroup: DVD
Monarch of the Glen - The Complete Series 1 & 2 - movie DVD cover picture
Agree with other 5 star reviews...

I first caught this show when I had BBC. I fell in love almost immediately. This is first rate. I just can't understand why on earth the first two seasons have been released here in America but not the rest? I am anxiously hoping that this is remedied rather soon.

The series is about Archie Macdonald and his family. Archie is living happily in London with his fiance, with whom he has opened a successful little restaurant. One day, however, he finds himself on his way back to Scotland because of an urgent call from his mother regarding his father's wellbeing. When he gets there, however, things are not what they seemed. He finds out rather abruptly that he is *the Laird* of the family castle and estate. This is the last thing on earth Archie wants. Without giving away anymore of the story, suffice to say that Archie's life will never be the same again.

This series is brilliantly done. The acting, the stories, the cinematography are all perfect. My mother and I watch this series with absolutely rapt attention. We laugh at everyone's antics and quirks, we worry about what will become of Glenbogle, we cheer when there are victories, and cry about the sad bits. No we aren't crazy - the stories and the characters simply draw you in that way. This is first rate story telling. If we have to we are going to order the rest of the dvds from the uk and the right player to play them with. That's how great this series is.

If you want to check it out before you buy it, you can always rent it from blockbuster online and see the magic of the Highlands for yourself. Speaking of which, as another reviewer said, this series is worth watching for the scenery alone! If I ever win the lottery, I know where I am moving!

Check this series out. It is fantastic storytelling at it's absolute best.

We love you Archie and Molly!


Studio: BBC
Richard Briers

DVD title: C'eravamo Tanto Amati (We All Loved Each Other So Much)
Productgroup: DVD
C'eravamo Tanto Amati (We All Loved Each Other So Much) - movie DVD cover picture
Fellini, De Sica, ... who cares.

I opened this DVD with some trepidation, because of all the controversy surrounding its original release. To my relief, the full theatrical version was there, uninterrupted and without cuts. The print quality is good enough, better than the one I saw recently at Vittorio Gassman retrospect. The controls are not particularly versatile, for example, I couldn't change the choice of subtitles during the play, but regardless of the flaws, we should be grateful to those, who made this wonderful film available to us. There is nothing like it!

Director: Ettore Scola
Nino Manfredi
Vittorio Gassman
Stefania Sandrelli

DVD title: The Virgin Spring
Productgroup: DVD
The Virgin Spring - movie DVD cover picture

The similarities between In the Bedroom and The Virgin Spring are uncanny, considering that Bedroom is not based on this story of a parental revenge. I've seen The Virgin Spring several times and I never get tired of it. There is always something new to discover in it. When Ingmar Bergman is good, he is great. When he is great, he is incomparable. This is one of his greatest creations. The black and white cinematography is stunning. In addition to the visual beauty of this film, the story is so compelling, so devastating ultimately, that I defy anyone who does not cry from the soul in the end. This is a movie made by a master. It is one of the two or three best movies about the so-called dark ages that I have seen. One of the others is The Seventh Seal, also by Bergman coincidentally, which explores life, death, faith, justice, cruelty, revenge, and, of course the transcendental power of love. In The Virgin Spring, Bergman explores all of these and other related themes with such brilliance that he has managed to create a film that is completely entertaining, enlightening and spiritually uplifting. I can't boast about it enough. Do yourself a favor and get this movie, I assure you you will never forget it!

Director: Ingmar Bergman
Max von Sydow
Birgitta Valberg

DVD title: Outside Providence
Productgroup: DVD
Outside Providence - movie DVD cover picture
Great movie for Baldwin Fans

I found the movie quite enjoyable ,great moving along type of film ,no stopping the movie I want to see what's going to happen next. Seeing the older generation ,and how they were and how the younger generation as well. This was a film I will put in my DVD player again and again.

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Michael Corrente
Shawn Hatosy
Alec Baldwin

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