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DVD title: The Pit and the Pendulum
Productgroup: DVD
The Pit and the Pendulum - movie DVD cover picture
John Kerr plays gay again

John Kerr plays Francis Barnard, a 16th century English nobleman who comes to a brooding castle in Spain to investigate the death of his sister. He finds a soap opera-full of secrets, lust, and madness, but, on the bright side, enough hunky men with lingering gazes to populate a new Fire Island, including Anthony Carbone as the best friend and Patrick Westwood as the manservant. Vincent Price chews up the scenery and eventually straps poor Frances to the pit/pendulum, and of course there is an obligatory shocker-conclusion. I just wish we had a coda where the lives of the survivors were revisited ten years later; I'd like to know who Francis is lying on the beach at Majorca with.

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Roger Corman
Vincent Price
Barbara Steele

DVD title: Long Day's Journey Into Night
Productgroup: DVD
Long Day's Journey Into Night - movie DVD cover picture
Breathtakingly Poignant

The movie Long Day's Journey into Night is a triumphant endeavor to portray O'Neill's autobiographical play. The actors do justice with their characters. Katharine Hepburn is simply astounding; she makes Mary Tyrone's morphine addiction seem so convincing. Her acting captivates the audience and envelops them in a cloud of gloom. O'Neill's intended depiction of Mary Tyrone is almost perfectly acted out by Hepburn. It is apparent in the movie that Hepburn's character is nervous about something; Hepburn's entrancing talent brings out the best in Mary Tyrone's despondent character. Hepburn's marvelous work, however, does not overshadow the performances of the actors who play Edmund, Jamie, and Tyrone. Sir Ralph Richardson plays Tyrone and gives a stunning performance; Tyrone's stinginess is perceptible from the way he moves about the room searching for a light bulb to switch off and the manner in which he scrutinizes the amount of whiskey in the bottle. Jason Robards Jr. almost flawlessly portrays the alcoholic Jamie Tyrone; I had not pictured Jamie in any other way. Dean Stockwell's ill-fated Edmund is perhaps one of the best performances I have seen on motion picture. The movie does an excellent job of establishing an environment of gloom throughout the course of the play; the morbid milieu that the dysfunctional Tyrone family lives in would sadden even the most stoic of men. I was moved to pity for Eugene O'Neill after watching the movie. How did he manage to live in such a miserable atmosphere? One can feel the wretchedness augmenting as the day drearily moves into night. This movie ranks among the best dramas ever filmed and it would move sentimental hearts to tears. I would recommend this movie to those people who believe that life is treating them miserably (Wait till you see this!). This is a great movie to watch over the weekend (It is over three hours long! Every minute, nevertheless, is worth watching.). I guarantee that the thrilling performances and the direction of the movie will impress you. This movie is saturated with realistic emotions and it gives the viewer a true understanding of why Eugene O'Neill was and is America's greatest playwright.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Sidney Lumet
Katharine Hepburn
Ralph Richardson
Jason Robards

DVD title: Pink Floyd - The Wall
Productgroup: DVD
Pink Floyd - The Wall - movie DVD cover picture
Possibly one of the greatest musical movies

Pink Floyd The Wall is one of the greatest musical videos to ever be made, and definitly the most creative. If you are a die-hard Floyd fan or even just someone who just likes The Wall cd, it is a must to see this movie since it really gets through to you what The Wall is really about. The movie itself is a mix of real-life and some animation. Although, i think the movie is cut short a little since some of the songs are not their whole length and some like "Hey You" and "The show must go on" are not even part of the actuall movie,(although the video to Hey You is on the DVD and is one of the best) it still comes in as one of the best, as it tells the story of The Wall through the movies.

Studio: Sony/Columbia
Director: Alan Parker
Bob Geldof
Christine Hargreaves

DVD title: Dragon Ball Z - Kid Buu Box Set
Productgroup: DVD
Dragon Ball Z - Kid Buu Box Set - movie DVD cover picture
its the end

DBZ was really falling there. There was alot of useless nonsence and alot of playing around with enemies. These battles are for real. Although Kid Buu does play around with the Z warriors a little because he is stupid, we do get to see Goku in action as SSJ3. The series really does a great job here with the music. Every scene has the music perfectly timed and it completely blows away the japanese version which has no music except a few times. Also, the focus is on Goku and Vegeta. Krillin and Piccolo have gotten really annoying in the past saga or so. They always state the obvious like saying, "Goku just powered up!(while krillin shakes in disbelief like he does for everything)".
As for the boxed set, mehhh. 60 bucks is pretty good deal on all the kid buu dvds. The best thing though(besides the stupid ending) is that the battles really pick up. Although it has gotten a bit stupid with 500,000,000 power levels, Akira does a good job of animating the battles like they are the best in the universe. Still... Watch the first saga and see Goku and Vegeta both use their best techniques. The ground shakes and flys everywhere. They had power levels of 15,000. With a power level of 500,000,000 a single ki blast should wipe out the entire planet but instead it leaves a small crater and some dust. I know that sounds stupid but it is the truth, the power levels have gone out of control and are just stupidly high now. Just get this boxed set if you want to see the last of the good battles.

Studio: Funimation Productio

DVD title: Moon Over Parador
Productgroup: DVD
Moon Over Parador - movie DVD cover picture
Entertaining Spoof on Latin American Politics

When I first saw this movie over a decade ago, I was so happy to see that Hollywood decided to film a movie about the political charade many Latin American republics of that era were involved in. Except for a few democracies, Latin American was still a mecca for dictators and coup d'etat's.
Parador (must me a hybrid of the countries "Paraguay" and "Ecuador" since Parador in Spanish means "inn") is a country in a deep crisis. Their dictator has died mysteriously and the oligarchy that really rules the country is looking for someone to take his place. Enter Richard Dreyfuss, a struggling New York actor who gets the role of a lifetime playing a third-world despot. At first he finds it amusing, but later realizes that the charade he is performing is really hurting the people he is supposed to rule.
Filmed in Minas Gerais, Brazil, "Moon Over Parador" features that talents of some of Latin America's best actors. Puerto Rican actor Raul Julia and Brazilian actress Sonia Braga both steal the show as the president's advisor and mistress respectively. I was happy to see Spanish singer Charo in a small role as one of the president's maids and the ambiance of a small Latin American republic is perfectly captured by director Paul Mazurksy ("Down and Out in Beverly Hills").
This is a film that deserves to be on DVD. It is one of the 1980's hidden gems, and hopefully Universal will release it in the DVD format it rightfully deserves to be on. "Moon Over Parador" outranks Woody Allen's "Bananas" as the best spoof of Latin American politics ever made. It's a comedic masterpiece.

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Paul Mazursky
Richard Dreyfuss
Raul Julia

DVD title: Hamburger Hill
Productgroup: DVD
Hamburger Hill - movie DVD cover picture
What Can I Say

Nothing more than I was there. So is this movie. I can assure you the real thing was worse, but this flick gives an accurate portrayal of "what was it like". Well done and they cleaned up boonie rap rather nicely.

Studio: Artisan Entertainment
Director: John Irvin
Anthony Barrile
Michael Boatman
Don Cheadle

DVD title: Rush Hour 2 (Infinifilm Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Rush Hour 2 (Infinifilm Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Funnier Then The First...

Slick, chaotic, and decently entertaining sequel picks up where the first movie left off. LAPD Detective James Carter (Chris Tucker) is on vacation in Hong Kong with his friend, Detective Inspector Lee (Jackie Chan). Carter just wants to relax, have fun, get some "mu shu", but Lee can't stop doing his job even for a minute. This time, he's hot on the trail of gangster Ricky Tan (John Lone), who may have been behind an Embassy bombing.
More-of-the-same in terms of content AND style, but still pretty engaging, with lots of action and thrills. Chan and Tucker still share the same chemistry, and overall there are some good laughs. (Worth it just to see Tucker perform Michael Jackson's "Don't Stop Til You Get Enough"...) For me, one of the perks of this sequel is watching "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" beauty Zhang Ziyi as a very fetching and lethal assassin.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Brett Ratner
Jackie Chan
Chris Tucker

DVD title: The Thomas Crown Affair
Productgroup: DVD
The Thomas Crown Affair - movie DVD cover picture
The Affair of 1999

The movie was wonderful. Pierce and Renee are a hot item on screen together. The soundtrack is sexy and exciting.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: John McTiernan
Pierce Brosnan
Rene Russo
Denis Leary

DVD title: Joe Somebody
Productgroup: DVD
Joe Somebody - movie DVD cover picture
Cutesy funny sweet

Love Tim Allen, Love Jim Belushi!Jim plays a terrific, down-to-earth, sensei (sp?).

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: John Pasquin
Tim Allen

DVD title: Celine Dion - Au Coeur du Stade (Video CD)
Productgroup: DVD
Celine Dion - Au Coeur du Stade (Video CD) - movie DVD cover picture
Diva Of The World!

Hi. I've watched many concerts of her, but this is the best! I think the French audience inspired her a lot. Not to mention she inspired them much more! Ok, dont think twice, if u dont hate Celine, u should see it, no need to be a fan... bY?, OZer...

Studio: Pid
Celine Dion

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