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DVD title: Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds - Walk and Jog
Productgroup: DVD
Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds - Walk and Jog - movie DVD cover picture
Jog or Walk Super Fast?

I like this one too, the only thing is I can't jog very well because it starts to hurt my ankels and it also hurts my chest, but you can modify this video so you can walk VERY fast, the music is fast, very upbeat, so when you come to the jogging intervels it isn't hard to keep up if your just walking. I tried it this way and I still worked up a good sweat and my heartrate was rasied, it's an awesome workout!

Studio: Good Times Home Vide
Leslie Sansone

DVD title: Spirited Away
Productgroup: DVD
Spirited Away - movie DVD cover picture

I really enjoyed the movie. I usually see a movie a couple of time, but his one... i've seen it almos 6 times, a record to me. Well all I can say is that's full of magic!

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Hayao Miyazaki
Miyu Irino

DVD title: National Lampoon's Animal House
Productgroup: DVD
National Lampoon's Animal House - movie DVD cover picture
The Animals at the House

Animal House was released in 1978, runs for 109 minutes and was directed by John Landis at Universal Studios. There are numerous actors and actresses in the film, some of the most famous are: John Belushi, Tim Matheson, Kevin Bacon, and Donald Sutherland.
Animal House takes place in the early 60's at Farber College. This film's genre is a comedy of morals as it definitely uses ridicule to correct abuses aimed at a college fraternity. The plot of this movie is a party happy fraternity having too much of a good time with a dean that wants them gone using the "goody two shoes" fraternity against them. The climax comes when Dean Wormer kicks the whole fraternity out of college. The soundtrack to this movie is awesome for the sounds of the sixties.
On a scale of one to five stars, this film is a five. Animal House is a classic comedy. It is just as funny now as it was when it was released 22 years ago. John Belushi is extremely convincing in his drunken frat role as Bluto as is Tim Matheson in his womanizing role of Otter. Even though this movie is about college life, it is also a movie with the basic concept of good against bad. The bad fraternity in the eyes of the dean are the good guys of the movie and the good fraternity in the eyes of the dean are the bad guys of the movie. It is easy to get wrapped up in cheering for the Delta house good guys. It portrays the 60's as they were with parties, students experimenting with drugs and getting stoned on pot, as well as students in "free-love" sexual situations. It is a fun movie to watch and everyone should have this movie in their home video library.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: John Landis
John Belushi
Karen Allen

DVD title: Pilates Intermediate Mat Workout
Productgroup: DVD
Pilates Intermediate Mat Workout - movie DVD cover picture
The best Pilates instructor by far!

I did much research before I decided to start Pilates. I have found that Ana Caban is by far the best instructor. If you want to do Pilates correctly you need an instructor certified to teach it. I have found that she is clear with her instructions and speaks only to explain and help the viewer visualize the correct way to perform the exercise. Her videos teach you Pilates and are not workouts based on the exercises of Joseph Pilates. If you clearly wish to learn the correct forms and techniques go with Living Arts and Ana Caban!

Studio: Gaiam Americas

DVD title: King David
Productgroup: DVD
King David - movie DVD cover picture
"a lamp unto his people"

When this film was released in 1985, the critics were not kind, but I love this film, and think it's a good telling of the story of David, based on I and II Samuel, I Chronicles, and the Psalms. Though much of it has been compressed (David's relationship with Bathsheba is limited mostly to the consequences of it for instance) and some creative license used for plot continuity, it has a tremendous amount of Biblical accuracy.Taking place from 1000 to 961 B.C., the costuming, sets, and artifacts are fabulous; filmed in Pinewood Studios, U.K., and on location in Italy, the cinematography by Donald McAlpine is wonderful. The score is also lovely, by Carl Davis.
The brief nudity in the wedding chamber sequence has in my tape, been darkened so as to be imperceptible; either this is a flaw in the tape, or an effort not to offend and capture a wider audience, which would be silly, as this is a very mature drama. It contains much brutal violence making it unsuitable for children, and the confrontation with Goliath for example (which is exceptionally well done), is one of four beheadings.Richard Gere is a marvelous David, and stands up well against an excellent international cast. He was thirty-five when this was filmed, and is about as handsome as a human has a right to be. The actor who shines above all though is Edward Woodward as Saul. He is riveting, and it's a brilliant character study of courage mixed with jealousy, revenge, and madness.
This is far from being a "Big Bible Epic" with lots of well known stars, instead it's serious and beautifully acted, and perhaps arrived on the scene at the wrong time, that it was so unappreciated two decades ago. Total running time is 114 minutes."It is through the heart, the heart alone, that God speaks to man".

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Bruce Beresford
Richard Gere
Edward Woodward

DVD title: GoldenEye
Productgroup: DVD
GoldenEye - movie DVD cover picture
A Pretty Cool DVD

In response to the previous reviewer, yes, 12 TV ads, and 2 theatrical trailers are included. It also includes a "World of James Bond" special hosted by Elizabeth Hurley (which I recall aired on FOX the week this film was released), 2 or 3 behind the scenes documentaries, director's commentary, and the Tina Turner music video. Definitely a keeper for any James Bond fan. "Goldeneye" is probably my favorite Bond film of all time.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Martin Campbell
Pierce Brosnan
Sean Bean
Izabella Scorupco

DVD title: Thunderball
Productgroup: DVD
Thunderball - movie DVD cover picture

This is one of the most entertaining of the series, boasting a fantastic villain, gripping fight scenes, and a great performance by Connery. SPECTRE has launched its latest gambit in achieving global extortion and mass murder by hijacking two atom bombs. They will be both detonated in the US and England, unless both governments pay ransom. To see that doesn't happen, Bond traces the bombs to Nassau. Before long it becomes apparent that the sadistic Emilio Largo (SPECTRE's No. 2 man) is heading this devious plot. The acting is excellent in this film, and the villain is more intimidating than Goldfinger. This is without a doubt Bond at his best, so don't miss it!

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Terence Young
Sean Connery
Claudine Auger

DVD title: Blade Runner (The Director's Cut)
Productgroup: DVD
Blade Runner (The Director's Cut) - movie DVD cover picture
One of the Best Sci Fi films ever.

Most people know about Bladerunner. It's a futuristic detective story with great visuals, incredible atmosphere, and a interesting plot and characters. What the directors cut has however is a lack of narraration and the cheesy happy ending that was tacked on to please test audeiences. I think that while the film is a bit more confusing without the narraration it is far better. This movie is a masterpiece in every sense of the word and should not be missed(even 18 years later).

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Ridley Scott
Harrison Ford
Rutger Hauer
Sean Young

DVD title: The Parent Trap
Productgroup: DVD
The Parent Trap - movie DVD cover picture
As good or better than original!

The new version gives an explanation for why the parents separate the twins. I never understood the reasoning in the original. A great movie for the entire family.

Studio: Disney Studios
Director: Nancy Meyers
Lindsay Lohan
Dennis Quaid
Natasha Richardson

DVD title: Inventing the Abbotts
Productgroup: DVD
Inventing the Abbotts - movie DVD cover picture
A rare acting school for young actors

Few movies I've seen provide, 7 years after its making, a retrospective of great actors and actresses in the make. Just watch the movie and then fish for recent works with each of those young talents.
From Crudup to Joaquin to Tyler to Going to Jenniffer Connelly - what we see in Inventing the Abbotts is an amazing set of performers reaching to stardoom. I believe the film should be classified as mandatory in acting schools.
For the rest, I believe this script is as close to reality as it can get. A small town, a wealthy family, a classic rich/poor idiosyncratic drama, false assumptions which could ruin lives, hard working single parents, young daughters struggling with the coming of age, ... all quite well integrated into a movie which is delightful to see and to call your attention for preemptive judgement.
Joanna Going, Liv Tyler and Jenniffer Connelly are absolutely remarkable and beautiful. Yet the prize goes to Joaquin, for his amazing performance.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Pat O'Connor
Liv Tyler
Joaquin Phoenix
Jennifer Connelly

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