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DVD title: Queen Bee
Productgroup: DVD
Queen Bee - movie DVD cover picture
Joan Crawford is the only "Queen Bee"

It is said roles like this one were what Joan loved best! It is evident, from her performance, this is true. There is only one way to stop her manipulative and destructive path. A film well worth watching again and again. Crawford at her best!!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Ranald MacDougall
Joan Crawford

DVD title: The Matrix
Productgroup: DVD
The Matrix - movie DVD cover picture
Cinematic Thrillride!

The Matrix DVD is awesome. This was the reason I bought a DVD player. Heck I even bought The Matrix DVD before I got my DVD player. I've watched this like 6 times already and I never get tired of it. I really liked the "Follow the White Rabbit" special feature in which you get to see how certain scenes were filmed. Buy this DVD ASAP!

Studio: Warner Studios
Keanu Reeves
Laurence Fishburne
Carrie-Anne Moss

DVD title: The Day of the Jackal
Productgroup: DVD
The Day of the Jackal - movie DVD cover picture
The Day of the Jackal

A magnificent film. It's one of those rare films where you have as much respect for the villan as you do the good guy. Fox is incredible as the Jackal and even though you knew the ending, ala Apollo 13, the intensity was there none the less. In my opinion, the best espionage film of all time.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Fred Zinnemann
Edward Fox

DVD title: Dave Chappelle - For What It's Worth
Productgroup: DVD
Dave Chappelle - For What It's Worth - movie DVD cover picture
The New Richard Pryor

Dave Chappelle is the Richard Pryor of his time. His honest humor and edgy style brings a mixture of demographics. True that some people don't understand it and get upset; but if you take it for what is worth (like the name of the title) you will find yourself laughing harder than you thought you could. For What It's Worth holds as an instant classic with his awesome routine. However, I see that people are comparing it to Killing Them Softly, saying it not as great. But that's not true! It's remarkable. Forget what the others say, it's Chappelle, he's always funny. So Lighten up and watch it.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Stan Lathan

DVD title: La Bamba
Productgroup: DVD
La Bamba - movie DVD cover picture
Great DVD

This is a very interesting DVD.The story relates to anyone and I particularenjoy movies that are based on true to lifestories. This is also a state of the art DVD and onecan really enjoy the lively music witha surround sound system. The picture is clear and the sound quality is great. This is alsoa very hard DVD to find in stores. Addthis to your DVD collection if you are anavid music fan!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Luis Valdez
Lou Diamond Phillips
Esai Morales

DVD title: Be a Hula Girl
Productgroup: DVD
Be a Hula Girl - movie DVD cover picture
Great for Baby, too!

My two and a half year old daughter became absolutely obsessed with hula after a trip to Kauai. We bought her this dvd as a suprise for our return home. What a great dvd, she loves it! After a couple of viewings she now follows along with the teachers instructions and is able to do the two dances on her own. The dvd is nicely produced. The presentation is very sweet and easily understandable even for a young child.
It's a must for any little girl who dreams of being a hula dancer!

Studio: Mountain Apple
Tim Savage
Leina'Ala Kuloloio

DVD title: Spider-Man (Full Screen Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Spider-Man (Full Screen Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Warning - Very small spoiler, though it's already obvious.

When I heard that Spider-man was going out in theaters, I didn't really expect a great movie. After all, the current adaptations haven't been the best in the world; Harry Potter, for example, was a huge let-down because of the enormous missing chunks and dullness. I've been a Spider-man fan for as long as I can remember, and I guess I didn't want to see some director screw up my favorite super hero's reputation by making a below-average movie. I'm just that kind of girl who can't stand a disappointment. And so, on opening day, I listened to my friends talk about how they wanted to see the movie so badly, and when they asked if I wanted to go with them, I refused the offer. But one of the movie-goers later told me it was an excellent movie and I should watch with him (he wanted to watch it again. I was surprised) again. And so I did, and my reaction was one of pure amazement.
First of all, the casting is excellent. Tobey Maguire made a great Spider-man, much to my surprise. He played Peter Parker like Peter Parker should be. I don't mean the sharp-tongued witty sort of guy most super heroes are, but just a regular person who, of course, can mess up. He was able to make most of us cry, laugh, or just stare in awe at the person who had turned a 2D character into someone real. I thought Kirsten Dunst wasn't the right type of person for the part of M.J., but she played the role pretty well. Her little speech at the end was corny and mushy, and I didn't like that too much. The Green Goblin was the best of the actors and actresses. When you watch him, you can see that he isn't acting out his part well; he IS his part. His face even looks like an evil person! I thought the costume was a bit like something that would scare a 6-year old, but anyhow ... I really hated the people who would go, "Oh! It's Spider-man!" or a stupid line like, "Oh gee! What's that in the sky?" It got really annoying after a while and I was thinking, "Yes it's Spider-man, you idiots." The people in this movie were great nevertheless, whether they made the audience laugh, scream, cry, or fall off (or jump out of) their seats.
The plot was a bit off. It's just sort of the regular good against evil sort of theme and everyone knows how that will end. I did liked how the director didn't make the entire movie about the action and the explosives and the kicking and the leaping from bombed buildings and all that extra action stuff some people add to their movies to increase an audience's excitement level. There was actually a back story and mixed in tid bits that gave this movie a harder punch. But augh! The special effects were really bad! The scenes where Spider-man is swinging around the city in his costume were okay, and most of the action sequences were okay, but otherwise (I'm talking about Parker's fight with the Flash guy), they stank. The impression the audience gets in certain parts is, "Wow. That was really fake," and the people watching the movie won't believe the story anymore.
The ending battle really blew me away. I was really affected by the harshness of both fighters, and it was of course exciting because, even though the death of Spider-man was not probable. It didn't matter though, because the audience was still worried for their hero. I also enjoyed and understood the ending when Parker turned down MJ. I'm not exactly sure why, but I have an idea. He wanted to keep her out of danger, because if future bad guys (and there will be future bad guys) knew who he loved, they would go after her like the Green Goblin did. It was an act of personal sacrifice, and it sort of celebrated the goodness of Peter Parker, further distinguishing the line between good and evil. I know there's going to be two more sequels, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
These are only some of the points. I do think though, that this movie definitely deserves at least, if rated one out of ten, an 8 (I think it'd have to be one heck of a movie to get a ten ;-P)<P...

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Sam Raimi
Tobey Maguire
Kirsten Dunst

DVD title: House of Cards Trilogy (House of Cards / To Play the King / The Final Cut)
Productgroup: DVD
House of Cards Trilogy (House of Cards / To Play the King / The Final Cut) - movie DVD cover picture
House of Cards Trilogy

When the British get it right, they're the best. And who better to introduce us to the intrigues of the world's greatest Parliment and British politics? The ambitions and power of a passed over chief whip whose wherewithall to inspire mischief, is unmatched, provides the backdrop for this witty often hilarious and always edgy tale of the man who would be prime minister. It's possible that I was just disappointed that it was coming to an end, but I found the last of the four hour-long sections, Final Cut, a bit lacking. Still. I've watched it three times in a year and given it for presents twice. I highly recomend House of Cards.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Ian Richardson

DVD title: George Lucas in Love
Productgroup: DVD
George Lucas in Love - movie DVD cover picture
Would Easily Work As A Trailer For The Next Star Wars

George Lucas In Love is an excellent example of what a student film should be: It gives us a taste of the director's style. The fact that he was able to add so many elements to a nine minute film is truly outstanding! When watching this film make sure to take notice of the use of camera angles and the timing of the whole film. That is what makes this something you should go out and purchase.

Studio: Red Hill
Director: Joe Nussbaum
Martin Hynes

DVD title: Brother Cadfael, Set 3 (The Rose Rent, A Morbid Taste for Bones, The Raven in the Foregate)
Productgroup: DVD
Brother Cadfael, Set 3 (The Rose Rent, A Morbid Taste for Bones, The Raven in the Foregate) - movie DVD cover picture
wonderful clean and interesting

We now have all of the Cadfael movies and have watched them in order, love them, and our youngest daughter has been bitten by the mystery bug. Good clean movies with a wonderful twist to them, something the whole family can watch. Very entertaining.

Studio: Acorn Media
Brother Cadfael
Derek Jacobi

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