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DVD title: Fireworks
Productgroup: DVD
Fireworks - movie DVD cover picture
Japanese masterpiece

Never in my life had I seen such a film, and I see almost three or four films a week. When it finished, I couldn`t stop crying for about fifteen minutes. It was so intensive, powerful and emotive that we only can thanks Kitano for making movies like this. At the beggining of his carrer, Kitano was compared with Eastwood, but watching this film makes me think of another genious: Melville, and his masterwork, The Samurai. The movie is not only about Kitano's particular point of view about death and goodbyes. More important, it's about loyalty to the ones who are close to any of us, the only important moral rule that guides the film. I have only one recommendation: see the film as many times as you can

Studio: New Yorker Films
Director: Takeshi Kitano
Takeshi Kitano
Kayoko Kishimoto

DVD title: Zombie
Productgroup: DVD
Zombie - movie DVD cover picture
What Zombie Movies Should Be Like

Lucio Fulci nailed it with 'Zombie'. It is the quintessential zombie film. Pay no attention to the mindless critics who would have you believe this is a lame rip-off of 'Dawn of the Dead'. As a pure zombie film, it beats 'DOTD' in all aspects. The rip-off theory comes from the simple fact that distributors attempted to present 'Zombie' as a sequel to 'DOTD' in Europe, in an attempt to cash in on the success of 'DOTD'. Otherwise, it doesn't remotely resemble 'DOTD'.
Fulci's zombies are digusting, putrid, decaying, mangled corpses, which is what fans of the genre desire. They are simply the best representations of zombies on film. You won't get any of Romero's 'powder-blue' zombies in this film. The make-up & special effects are surprisingly good for a 1979 film. The zombie vs. shark sequence is great! The plot is very simple & effective: a missing doctor's crewless sailboat leads his daughter & a reporter to the remote island of Matoull, in the Antilles. The island is cursed, and soon zombies are closing in on all residents. The recently-dead are returning to life, as do some other 'surprise' guests of Matoull. Time is running out, and there's nowhere to run. Pretty frightening plot, if you think about it. Flesh-craving zombies aggressively seeking out every living being on a remote island, with a fittingly apocalyptic ending.
There's plenty of Fulci's trademark over-the-top gore, but it is spaced out well-enough, as are the zombies that appear onscreen, so as not to become the focal point. Fulci creates a genuinely creepy, barren atmosphere on the island as the film progresses. It seems to be is style to move things along a bit slowly, but it in no way hinders the film. It's not a love story, it's not about the characters, it's a zombie flick and it triumphs as such. You'll enjoy this film more each time you watch it.
I've seen many reviewers here label Lucio Fulci a hack, while heaping praise on the likes of Dario Argento. I must say it's a bit confusing. Fulci presents a much more enjoyable experience than anything I've seen by Argento. Fulci's work never comes off as pretentious,or taking itself too seriously, or 'too brilliant for the viewer to understand'. His work is far superior to that of Argento's 'arthouse' unwatchable trash. If you believe the hype about Argento and the panning of Fulci, you are certainly missing the superior horror experience.

Studio: Blue Underground
Director: Lucio Fulci
Tisa Farrow
Ian McCulloch

DVD title: Chinese Box
Productgroup: DVD
Chinese Box - movie DVD cover picture
You either love or hate this film, I absolutely LOVED it

As with all true masterpieces, you either love or hate this film. I have read all of the reviews for this film on and IMDB (Internet Movie Database) and one thing stands out: All of the reviewers either pointed out what a piece of trash this movie was, or were totally and completely entralled with it's cinematographic spendor. I must confess that I fall into the latter category. I have watched literally thousands of movies in my life (average of 10 per week) and I have to admit that most of them have been forgotten. It is for movies like Chinese Box that I wade through the endless sea of mediocre and just plain pointless films, on the off chance that I will find a jewel in the rough. I feel that Chinese Box is one of the true jems, I would place it in my top 3 list. For those who have experienced the truly memorable experiences (both good and bad) that life can throw at those who REALLY think and care, this movie is for you ! It will dredge all of the past meloncholic feelings out of your subconscious mind and shatter your everyday demeanor. I found myself in tears at the beautiful conclusion of this film, something that only 1 other movie (Bladerunner) has ever been able to accomplish. I have never in my life viewed a motion picture that so perfectly captures the essence of the human condition. All in all, I would say that this is one of the few films I will ever watch again and again, and ever time that I view it will bring exquisite new meaning to this most meaningful piece of art. No, correct that, this MASTERPIECE of cinematography.

Studio: Vidmark/Trimark
Director: Wayne Wang
Jeremy Irons
Li Gong

DVD title: Peter Frampton - Live in Detroit
Productgroup: DVD
Peter Frampton - Live in Detroit - movie DVD cover picture
This DVD is one great time!

This DVD is one of Peter Frampton's best. I personally feel it's a notch above Frampton Comes Alive. If you loved FCA then you have to have this. Better yet it's also avaiable on cd. Either way you won't be disappointed. He is like a fine wine and gets better with age. I Don't Need No Doctor will blow you away. Not to mention there's a special treat here for the first time live with Oh For Another Day. If You Say Goodbye is a new song and it is excellent. And all the old favorites sounding better than ever.... So go ahead treat your self. It's Peter Frampton at his absolute best. Bob Mayo deserves a mention here for his talents shine, shine, shine. There's definitely Something Happening this year and it's called Live in Detroit. Don't miss it!

Studio: Image Entertainment
Peter Frampton

DVD title: Signs (Vista Series)
Productgroup: DVD
Signs (Vista Series) - movie DVD cover picture
Has Great Meaning.

With all those crops growing, didn't it ever rain in that place?

Studio: Touchstone Pictures
Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Mel Gibson
Joaquin Phoenix

DVD title: Raise Your Voice
Productgroup: DVD
Raise Your Voice - movie DVD cover picture
Best Movie Ever

This movie is very slow, very boring, and very predictable. I guess it's good for the pre-teen crowd.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Sean McNamara
Hilary Duff
Rebecca De Mornay
John Corbett

DVD title: Princess Nine - Complete Collection (Vols. 1-6)
Productgroup: DVD
Princess Nine - Complete Collection (Vols. 1-6) - movie DVD cover picture
Good series!

This isn't a "girly" anime. Well, okay, I guess it is about girls and it was targetted at girls.
It doesn't matter, it's a damn good story line!

(BTW, I'm male, well past teenager and mentally stable. My favourite movies include "Das Boot" and "Bladerunner" for your reference).

I'm not sure what bad things to say about it, it's just a really nice story, and it isn't watered down for children either, although I'm sure younger kids can also enjoy it.

I had heard nothing about this series before, but having nothing to do, I borrowed a copy. By the 1st volume, I was hooked, so I'm gonna buy the boxed set and finish it off!

Studio: A.D. Vision

DVD title: Thug Immortal - The Tupac Shakur Story
Productgroup: DVD
Thug Immortal - The Tupac Shakur Story - movie DVD cover picture
2PAC was the best rapper in the world

2pac we are 2 fans of you and we thing you are the best in the world. WHY DID YOU DIE MAN? FROM PORTUGAL

Studio: Xenon Studios
Tupac Shakur

DVD title: Minna Optimizer - Balanced Blend
Productgroup: DVD
Minna Optimizer - Balanced Blend - movie DVD cover picture
This DVD will kick your ....

The way this workout is broken up really helps the time to go by. It works the muscles and gets the heart rate going. It's also a shorter workout for time conscientious exercisers. The only thing I don't like are the pasted on smiles in the background. Also, if you can't handle jumping jacks, you may have skip one circuit.

Studio: Peter Pan Industries
Minna Lessig
Mina Lessig

DVD title: Bad Boys II
Productgroup: DVD
Bad Boys II - movie DVD cover picture
Better Than the First!

This sequal had more action and more laughs than the first. Once again Will Smith and Martin Lawrence put on a terrific performance! If you liked the first Bad Boys, definitely go check out Bad Boys II.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Michael Bay
Martin Lawrence
Will Smith
Gabrielle Union

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