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DVD title: Jailhouse Rock
Productgroup: DVD
Jailhouse Rock - movie DVD cover picture
Jailhouse Rock

I have watched this movie numerous times. Each time I watch it I see something new. I have found that the movie echoes to some degree the life of Elvis from the time he began a recording carrer on through his movie days. It also shows how two - faced the music industry could be. For those of you that have only seen the movie once or twice, I urge you to watch it un -interrupted. Maybe you too will see what I am talking about. I promise that you will not be disappointed. Others say Elvis can't act. Watch this movie and YOU be the judge.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Richard Thorpe
Elvis Presley

DVD title: Thief
Productgroup: DVD
Thief - movie DVD cover picture
Fantastic !

Great work by Michael Mann and actor James Caan and the sound track by tangerine dream. James caan as a safe cracker. mann could not have picked a better actor WOW !.when I got the DVD I could not wait to watch this.the only flaw is that there is a few freezes in this picture that should not be, why I have no Idea so instead of 110% I will give this 100% the ending is fantastic except for that flaw and the music by tangerine dream Is great especially the ending with slow motion and the lead guitar in it,GREAT Guitar work..And the commentary is great too. I recommend it...

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Michael Mann
James Caan
Tuesday Weld

DVD title: Office Space (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Office Space (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
i still laugh

The 4 stars is an average of a 5-star movie and a 3-star DVD. It would have been spectacular to have included the animated Milton shorts as well. Perhaps this was a licensing issue.
On to the movie: EXCELLENT. If you've ever worked in an office, especially in a tech career, you'll be able to relate. All the characters and the plot line integrate seamlessly into one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. Mike Judge is a genius, and one can see why both of his full-length animated shows were complete hits (Beavis & Butthead and King of the Hill). Another thing that I really thought was great is that this is set in Texas rather than your run-of-the-mill California tech company. Adds a little cultural flair to it, in my opinion.
This movie will completely sum up all your feelings about bosses, "happy people", consultants and damned office equipment! You will definitely NOT be disappointed. This is a must-own movie, with almost infinite rewatchability.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Mike Judge
Ron Livingston
Jennifer Aniston

DVD title: The Moderns
Productgroup: DVD
The Moderns - movie DVD cover picture
Fun Film!

This an entertaining, unassuming film, set in Paris of the 1920s. I have always liked films set around this time because they are fun in terms of their music, the style of dress, and their mood. This film loosely follows a struggling young artist (is there any other kind?) as he works on his craft in Paris. Along the way, you have great costumes and great tunes. I love the theme song played at the beginning of the film as well as that short "Da-Da" piece played in the middle. Linda Fiorentino supplies the flapper beauty and oh boy is she pretty! There are some historical figures that pop up in this movie, like a young Hemingway casting about in Paris, and they help to add to the flavour of the film. If you like films such as "Henry and June" or Jennifer Jason Leigh's Dorothy Parker film from the 1990s, then you should give this DVD a spin. You might enjoy it!

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Alan Rudolph
Keith Carradine
Linda Fiorentino

DVD title: We Are Scissor Sisters and So Are You
Productgroup: DVD
We Are Scissor Sisters and So Are You - movie DVD cover picture
Become A Scissor Sister- BUY THIS DVD!!!!

The Scissor Sisters came out of nowhere this past year & released what I consider the best pop album of 2004- if not the best of the decade so far! Their unique sound combines pop, dance, funk, electronica, psychedelia, glam & disco into one stylish, outlandish, foot-stomping package. This DVD is an absolute must-have for fans or anyone craving fun, stylish, intelligent pop music.

The concert features the band playing live to a packed house at the Brighton Dome with a set list that includes every song from their debut album (except "Lovers In The Backseat"), plus 3 non-album songs. The Sisters open the show by tearing straight into "Take Your Mama," which sets the high-energy mode for the rest of the show, concluding with the rousing "Music Is The Victim," which turns into an all-out, onstage party. The show is filmed perfectly, with excellent sound & picture quality, not to mention the terrific light show & visuals.

For those of you who have not yet put a face to the band (it's not like MTV or VH1 would ever play a video anymore!), this is a perfect introduction to the hipster-glam world of the Scissor Sisters. Anyone who finds lead singer (& former stripper) Jake Shears attractive will find lots to love on this DVD. Jake shows off his well-toned body in just about every way possible here, from wearing nothing but a towel onstage (in a bonus performance of "Music Is The Victim"), to doing a striptease on the menu board. To describe Jake as flamboyant would be an understatement, but the Scissor Sisters are all about having fun. Back-up singer Ana Matronic, whose presence on the cd is often barely there, shows in concert how well she can not only hold her own, but even hold the show together. She & Jake play off of each other perfectly!

Also featured on the DVD is a band documentary, a featurette called "4Play Film," (an entertaining introduction to the band) & all 5 music videos. There is at least one hard-to-find easter egg on the disc, but I won't give away any juicy details. Check the band's website for further info.

As for the music videos, they're brilliant! What a shame that these innovative, stylish clips will never see the light of day on american television. If the Scissor Sisters had been around in 1985, they would have been huge MTV stars, but apparantly there is no airtime left for groundbreaking artists like them- just more episodes of The Real World & Pimp My Ride. So if you want to become a "Siccor Sister," go out & spend your ten bucks on this DVD & get to know Jake, Ana, & the rest of the band. It's worth every penny & more.

Studio: Universal Music & VI

DVD title: Gozu
Productgroup: DVD
Gozu - movie DVD cover picture

One of the best movies ever imho.
I wouldn't expect it to make complete sense; I understood it best as "modern art.." I think it's fair to say that it is deliberately surreal. Wow, what fantastic goings-on. The feel of this movie I felt was David Lynch-y, for sure. Some of what's in store for you: the mob boss who can only get off with a ladle in his butt, the woman hotel proprieter that offers her [vital organ] to main character protagonist (and who also feeds her own brother in this manner) and is very dissapointed when he declines, the very odd townfolk in general, the rebirth of a full grown man.
It is supposed to be mystery, and the solution to the mystery is even more mysterious. I think this movie is absolutely fantastic. The imagery and style are very interesting throughout and the conclusion of the movie still makes me giggle when I think about it.

Studio: Pathfinder Home Ente
Director: Takashi Miike

DVD title: Play It Again, Sam
Productgroup: DVD
Play It Again, Sam - movie DVD cover picture
Play it again, Sham... Go on!!!

A work of genius.
While this is one of Woody's finest moments, it also brilliantly underscores one of the dilemmas of modern man.
Allen's nerdy new age man Allan Felix is so in his head and ineffectual that his wife simply abandons ship - a brilliant observation on a social a trend that is if anything, on the increase.
The magic and true genius of this movie lies in the way Bogart's grounding yet wild Dionysian energy drives Allen's UberNerd to stop whining and intellectualizing and just act. I'm slightly paraphrasing, but Bogie's ghost's advice to Felix to 'Tell her she's beautiful' and 'Go on, kiss her... Go on!' are a joy to behold.
The revelation is that by finding his inner warrior, his wild man energy, he is actually successful, and creates a scenario in which the man and the woman can be more comfortable in their clearly defined, yet non-hierarchical roles.
While there is immense significance in the role and transforming power of the Bogart figure, this is still a warm, loving and utterly crazy Woody classic and can be enjoyed on any level.
Diane Keaton... sigh...

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Herbert Ross
Woody Allen
Diane Keaton

DVD title: The Breaks
Productgroup: DVD
The Breaks - movie DVD cover picture
You are sssseriously sssick man... sssseriously sssick

A classic tale of a white boy, brought from ireland living in compton, trying to kick it with the brothas in the hood. The Breaks is one of my all time favorite movies... from start to finish it is nothing but laughs... With every kind of humor possible in this movie it couldnt get any better...

Studio: Artisan Entertainment
Director: Eric Meza

DVD title: Requiem for a Dream - Director's Cut
Productgroup: DVD
Requiem for a Dream - Director's Cut - movie DVD cover picture
One very good movie

i love the movie, i love the music and i can watch it 1000 times. Just a great movie that makes you just wanna tell someone about it.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Darren Aronofsky
Ellen Burstyn
Jared Leto

DVD title: Being Julia
Productgroup: DVD
Being Julia - movie DVD cover picture
Annette Bening is simply smashing in this film

I was completely taken by both Annette Bening and the storyline itself of this movie. I've never been a big fan of Bening's, but I now see that this is obviously because I have not seen very many of her movies - she's fabulous in the role of Julia Lambert, the absolute diva of the 1930s London stage. Her range as an actress is gloriously showcased in this adaptation of W. Somerset Maugham's novella Theatre, and I absolutely ate up everything she gave me in her performance. Being Julia really is all about Annette Bening; everyone else is just part of her supporting cast.

At 45, Julia Lambert is beginning to feel her age and basically goes through a mid-life crisis, albeit one of theatrical proportions. Exhausted by it all, she begs her director husband for a holiday. About this same time, though, she happens to meet a star struck young American named Tom (Shaun Evans), and - despite the fact the lad has no personality and is as transparent as the day is long - she soon begins having an affair with him. Suddenly, she is happy and vibrant once again - until jealousy rears its ugly head. Julia makes quite a fool of herself in front of Tom, decrying her love for him, but another young lady captures his heart (or his affections, anyway, as I'm not convinced Tom has a heart). This young tart, Avice Crichton (Lucy Punch) fancies herself an actress, and Julia magnanimously supports her for a part in her new play. To my surprise, Avice actually gets the part (despite the fact that, so far as I could tell, she couldn't act her way out of a dark room with a flashlight). Of course, talent isn't always everything. Rejuvenated by some time away, Julia returns quite prepared for her new play, and the ending of the film centers around opening night. It's hard to discuss the ending without giving anything away, but viewers seem to have different opinions about it, opinions which greatly influence their impression of the entire movie. I thought it was brilliant and most fitting, a performance that Bette Davis would have been particularly proud of, but others bestow affections on a character I found completely unsympathetic and, as a result, apparently feel Julia's actions put her quite in the wrong.

Through it all, we are treated to the insights of Julia's mentor (Michael Gambon), a man who has been dead for fifteen years. I think this mentor's character, ethereal as he is, is of great benefit to the film, especially in terms of a prominent aspect of the story which centers on the peculiar confabulation of fantasy and reality on the part of an actress. Julia, in effect, combines the two and gives a performance for the ages in doing so. It's a bit of a melodramatic way for one to discover just who she is and where she is going, but Julia is indeed a diva. Likewise, Annette Bening's tour de force of a performance proves that she is truly one of the elite actresses working today.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: István Szabó
Michael Gambon
Annette Bening
Jeremy Irons

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