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DVD title: Morgan's Ferry
Productgroup: DVD
Morgan's Ferry - movie DVD cover picture
Jail Break

This was a surprisingly interesting film set in the 60's about 3 escapees, one of whom is dangerous (Rollins), one of whom is lovable (Zane) and the other who is annoying (guy from "Roseanne").
It's one of those gems that was overlooked by critics, but can easily be enjoyed by romance and drama fans.
Loved it!

Studio: Ventura Distribution
Director: Sam Pillsbury

DVD title: Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
Productgroup: DVD
Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street - movie DVD cover picture
Preserved classic

In several ways an improvement on the original Broadway production, this is an invaluable film of one of the landmarks of both musical theatre and American opera. George Hearn acts Sweeney better than Len Cariou, the originator, if not quite as frigtening. Angela Lansbury's performance is legendary and shadows the part much as Merman shadowed "Gypsy". Most of the cast is either original or an improvement, the only exception being the vulgar Betsy Joslin as the ingenue. This is like having a film of Merman's tour of "Gypsy" and my only complaint is: where is the commentary by Sondheim, Lansbury and/or Prince? But a must own for Broadway musical theatre devotees.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Steven Sondheim
Los Angeles Opera

DVD title: Bride of Chucky
Productgroup: DVD
Bride of Chucky - movie DVD cover picture

Ronny Yu should be proud as punch as his directorial efforts, aided by Don Mancini's clever script have brought new life into the Chucky franchise. This fourth entry is the best since the original, and is filled with lots of great inside jokes and humorous lines. But don't worry, there's lots of sick gore and perversion courtesy of Chucky and his new playmate, Tiffany. Catch the opening sequence in the police evidence repository: there's Michael Meyer's mask; Jason's hockey mask; a chainsaw; and Freddy Kruger's glove. A keen eye will even catch the dolls from Puppetmaster in this insane gallery of horror movie memorabilia. Some of the lines are hilarious, such as when Jesse asks the dolls how they got that way, Chucky says it was a long story and would probably take two or three sequels to tell it all. Mancini's decision to leave Andy Barclay out of the picture opens the movie up to a wider range of characterizations. Katherine Heigl and Nick Stabile are attractive lovebirds; John Ritter is hilarious as the police chief; and of course Jennifer Tilly and Brad Dourif's voicings of the dolls is superb. They actually became more "real" as their murderous lust and carnal desires became as one. BRIDE OF CHUCKY is a refreshingly lively entry in the series and of course, with the movie's ending we know SEED OF CHUCKY is in the wings.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Ronny Yu
Jennifer Tilly
Brad Dourif

DVD title: Paul McCartney - Back in the U.S. (Live 2002 Concert Film)
Productgroup: DVD
Paul McCartney - Back in the U.S. (Live 2002 Concert Film) - movie DVD cover picture
I saw this concert, the DVD is like another ticket !

I went to Cleveland, OH to attend this concert. I was incredible and this live DVD is a good representation of how it was great. Sound mixing is OK if you have a good sound system. Picture quality is nice and camera angles are numerous and not steady. This allows the viewer to enjoy every musician performance while watching the concert.

For the price, it is a really good value. Sure, you won't get hours of extras, but the ones there are great, not like many other DVDs. Here is what you get :

An over 2 and a half hour concert with the best of Paul McCartney, Wings and the Beatles. Along the concert, you get a few very short interviews so you don't miss any song. The setlist is good with a mix of very old, old and newer songs. A few songs have never been played live (getting better...).

You can also enjoy a few exclusive songs never played live on the warmup check sound (matchbox for example). There is a short documentary about the tour. Short, but interesting... no lost of time !

This is a really gret choice for music fans and music DVD collectors. How many live DVDs give you over 2 1/2 hour of great music for less than 20 $$$ ?

Studio: Emi Distribution
Director: Mark Haefeli

DVD title: The Nutty Professor
Productgroup: DVD
The Nutty Professor - movie DVD cover picture
The Nutty Professor remake is a classic!

I was pleasantly surprised at how genuinely funny the entire movie was. There was so much to like, that the movie was magical. Eddie Murphy has proven himself a talent of immense proportion. I laughed hysterically as Professor Klump was dumped on by the comedian in the night club, until Eddie's brilliant performance as a deeply hurt and embarrassed Sherman made me feel ashamed and almost bought tears to my eyes! Most of the family scenes were ad-libbed and were utterly hysterical. You have to watch that scene at least 3 or 5 times to catch all of the rapid fire comic moments that come off here! Some people missed Sherman faking the cutting of his wrists. Miss Purty's reactions to all of this was classic in itself. Sherman's dance to Teddy P and his serenade of his diet dinner was heart warming. This movie is a definate classic and gets funnier with every reviewing. I've seen it about 12 to 13 times, I still laugh out loud and clap at the end.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Tom Shadyac
Eddie Murphy

DVD title: The Final Countdown (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Final Countdown (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

This is an awesome movie. Am glad they are finally making it available to us! This one is worth watching more than once, especially to see Kirk Douglas in a Navy uniform and at his absolute best.

Studio: Blue Underground
Director: Don Taylor
Kirk Douglas
Martin Sheen
Katharine Ross

DVD title: Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Star Wars Trilogy (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
The "new" Special Editions on DVD

OK, first of all, for all you folks who puke on the '97 Special Editions, you're really not gonna like the new DVD versions. Word has it that the crew at Skywalker Ranch have continued to tweak and improve these classic films. Meaning that the '97 versions were mearly "work in progress" releases. And even after they're released on DVD this September, they'll continue being tweaked for the rumored Ultimate Editions that will come out later in an ultimate 6-movie box set.
Now don't get me wrong, I was born 3 years before the original Star Wars film hit theaters in May 1977, and I welcomed the Special Editions in '97 with open arms, because unlike many film purists, I feel I'm the true 'progressive' on these matters and I'm a Republican. Imagine that! I have always felt that the original films needed cleaning up and brought up to date with the emergence of computer enhanced effects. I don't know, call me crazy for not wanting to see flashing "blue screen" boxes around the TIE Fighters as they streak across the screen. I feel the one thing that kills realism in the movies is bad blue screen effects. So I was more than happy that Lucas and ILM cleaned up the blue screen artifacts.
I also welcomed the additional CGI shots dispersed through-out the films. The additional Mos Eisley shots, although they probably need additional work on them to clean them up a bit as the CG work was a bit primitive at the time in ~'96. However the additional shots of X-Wings 'n stuff from the Battle of Yavin IV were especially cool.
But being fair and balanced, I did have a few objections to a few changes, like for instance some dialogue changes and other scenes, but at the same time, I wished they had added more scenes in certain places.
But enough about the SE contraversy. So what about the DVDs? Well, as I said before, these DVD versions will still yet again be different than the '97 versions. What has changed? Well, rumors have it that the light sabre effects have been enhanced. One thing that always bothered me about ANH was the seemingly "white-looking" light sabre that Luke used in Obi-wans home and in the Falcon during the remote drone training. So instead of the white blade, we might be getting a solid glowing blue sabre.
Another thing that bothered me was the 'dated' computer screens on the Death Star and on Yavin IV. I mean they screamed 1977! Much like the TV screens in the series Babylon 5 that screamed early '90s. I'd like to see (if possible) new screens that would go along more with established continuity in the Prequal movies.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Harrison Ford

DVD title: You've Got Mail
Productgroup: DVD
You've Got Mail - movie DVD cover picture
A Truly Enjoyable Movie Experience.

What a great movie. I saw this twice in the theater and it was truly enjoyable both times. This is what more movies should be like. It's just a really nice story without gratuitous sex, violence, and language. It's one of those movies you can pop in the VCR anytime. And those scenes of New York's West Side makes you want an apartment there.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Nora Ephron
Tom Hanks
Meg Ryan

DVD title: BASEketball
Productgroup: DVD
BASEketball - movie DVD cover picture
Die laughing

This movie is very different and above all funny as hell. Im 16 and i advise all kids who are going to watch it, dont watch it with you parents. some parts can make your mom ban you from further watching the movie.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: David Zucker
Trey Parker
Matt Stone

DVD title: All in the Family - The Complete Fourth Season
Productgroup: DVD
All in the Family - The Complete Fourth Season - movie DVD cover picture
A great season with some classic episodes

Several noteworthy episodes here. "Archie the Gambler" is the episode in which Edith slaps Archie in the face after he breaks his promise that he would stop betting on the horses. Classic line, before Edith slaps him, Archie asks who was on the phone. "It was Glowworm in the fifth" then whack! My personal favorite!

The episode in which Archie gets locked in the basement is good as well. In "Lionel's Engagement", we are introduced to several characters who would later be on the Jeffersons: The Willises(played by different people, Tom is even skinny here!), Jenny(same actress as on the Jeffersons), and Mother Jefferson(Zara Cully, who also did it on the Jeffersons--her exchange with Archie is priceless!). Other episode highlights: the one in which Archie eats "horse meat", Archie finding out that Vichysoisse is a cold soup, and Edith's discovery of a lump on her breast(more of a poignant episode). All in the Family would have two more good seasons after this one and then "jump the shark" as some would say.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Carroll O'Connor

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