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DVD title: The Great Race
Productgroup: DVD
The Great Race - movie DVD cover picture
Jack Lemon Really Shines In This One!

The Great Race is a fantastically funny film. Directed by Blake Edwards (Mr. Julie Andrews and director of movies like The Pink Panther and 10.) this film is the hilarious story of to aristocratic racers racing from New York to Paris. Set in the year 1908 at a time were classic cars were really classic cars the movie has slapstick, special effects, wonderful period costumes and the most important element of all - humor. This movie was made in the in style of not taking itself seriously enough to break the fourth wail. The fourth wall is when a character in a movie looks into the camera and allows the audience to interact with him or her. Either with the eyes or actually speaking to the camera while performing in the scene in real time. There is also a magic charm about the good guy (Tony Curtis) smiles and an animated 'sparkle' appears in his teeth.
Jack Lemon is the one who is having the most fun. As you'll read in my other reviews, you'll discover that my favorite actor of all time is Mr. Lemon. He plays the incredible evil Professor Fate. He play is way over the top down to his mustache and evil his walk. The most creative part about Jack was his other character he played as the drunk and obnoxious Prince of Bulvergaria.
Natalie wood plays an overbearing reporter, Ed Wynn plays Tony Curtis' (The Great Leslie) right hand man and mechanic and a stellar performance by Peter Falk as Professor Fates bumbling sidekick. There is also a reoccurring role by Viviane Vance. Also another great villain performance was by Mr. Ross Martin of TV's The Wild Wild West fame. He wields a mean foil and saber!
The DVD extras are great. The original behind the scenes look and some interesting cast and crew notes. The DVD and the movie are great examples of movie making at its best. You'll laugh a lot and even sing-along (with the bouncing dot) with a couple of clever and original songs by Henry Mancini. I loved this movie a lot! You will to!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Blake Edwards
Jack Lemmon
Tony Curtis
Natalie Wood

DVD title: The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Vol. 4 (The Greek Interpreter / The Norwood Builder)
Productgroup: DVD
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes,  Vol. 4 (The Greek Interpreter / The Norwood Builder) - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent Stories

These portrayals of Sherlock Holmes by Jeremy Brett are spectacular. Conan Doyles charachter is aptly brought to life by this wonderful actor. Production values are first rate. Collect all of these! Granada Television has a masterpiece series here.

Studio: MPI Home Video

DVD title: The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Lord of the Rings - The Fellowship of the Ring (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
My Precious!

This is a fantastic film! When I heard about a special edition of this classic, I thought that they would just add in a bunch of [stuff]to make it longer and to make more money, but the new scenes in this film add to its greatness! This is a great film and everyone can enjoy it! Buy it!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Peter Jackson
Ian McKellen

DVD title: Shall We Dance
Productgroup: DVD
Shall We Dance - movie DVD cover picture
The epitome of 'glorious black and white'

What I want to know is... why couldn't they have been born now? They're funny, it's all in good taste, they dance and sing. What more can you ask for in a musical? I am a teenager and this is one of my favorite movies; tell that to Leonardo along with the fact that Titanic was an awful film. Fred and Ginger dance wonderfully, my favorite scene is when the butler is locked in jail and he has a spelling bee over the phone. I want to watch it all the time, and don't forget... it's in glorious black and white!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Mark Sandrich
Fred Astaire
Ginger Rogers

DVD title: Quick Change
Productgroup: DVD
Quick Change - movie DVD cover picture
Don't let the obscurity of this film fool you!!

This is by far one of the best comedies you could ever ask for. I have loved this movie for years and am psyched to have gotten a message from Amazon that it is now finally coming out on DVD. There are plenty of reviews detailing the plot and such, so you can check them out. I am taking the time to write my first ever review of any product to let the world know how great this movie truly is.
The story is just classic and perfectly written. Bill Murray has made dozens of outstanding movies, but this one is without question his best. Sad that many have never even heard of it. If you have the spare change to buy Quick Change, do it. The scene in the convenient store when Murray is trying to get that desperately needed "quick change" is worth the price of admission alone. The look on his face revealing how much he just wants to ring the neck of the lady in front of him illustrates how brilliant the acting and directing is in this movie. I can't say enough and now I will have it on DVD. Enjoy.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Bill Murray
Geena Davis
Randy Quaid

DVD title: The Phantom of the Opera (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Phantom of the Opera (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Perfect movie

It's a great adaptation of the brodway show, I like it so much, It's one of my favorites musicals.

I love how Gerard Buttler, show us a very nise phantom,It's a very good movie ,but don't have the same impact than chicago at the Oscars but steel a great movie.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Joel Schumacher
Gerard Butler
Emmy Rossum
Patrick Wilson

DVD title: Cindy Crawford - Next Challenge Workout
Productgroup: DVD
Cindy Crawford - Next Challenge Workout - movie DVD cover picture
My all time FAVORITE!

This is really the best workout I've ever had! I even have backup copies! I also love her Shape Your Body workout! I feel challenged and motivated. This workout is so fun I'm almost sad when it's over. I have over 80 workout videos and Cindy's have always been my favorite. Cindy is very down to earth and you really feel worked the next day. You will be sore after doing this workout. Very effective and not boring at all. Cindy was way ahead of her time when she made her workout videos. The music and scenery are BEAUTIFUL! The excercises are very effective. I would love for all her workouts to come out on DVD!! They're out on DVD in Europe, but hopefully an English version will come out soon!

Studio: Good Times Home Vide
Cindy Crawford

DVD title: Notorious
Productgroup: DVD
Notorious - movie DVD cover picture

In "NOTORIOUS," Alfred Hitchcock directs a luminous (in some scenes, she actually glows) Ingrid Bergman and an atypically somber Cary Grant in a suspenseful romantic allegory of love and betrayal in Nazi infested post War Rio. Claude Rains is memorable and as the villain understandably in love with Ingrid Bergman. In 1999, Anchor Bay released a DVD of this title with no significant extras. Criterion's transfer has a sharper, detailed image with rich blacks (although in some scenes there's a noticeable graininess) and a much cleaner audio clarity.
There's a fascinating commentary by film scholar and Hitchcock expert Marian Keane that's a scene-by-scene analysis of Hitch's artistic choices and sophisticated visual metaphores. It's hard to know how much of the symbolism within the frame was intentional, but Keane's commentary makes a strong case for Hitchcock being a filmmaker of great precision with a personal interest in the psychological make-up of characters yearning for love, but trapped between hope and fear. There's another commentary track by Rudy Behlmer that deals with the production itself. And Roy Webb's music is given a separate audio track.
Other extras include a brief excerpt of "The Song of the Dragon," the short story on which the film was based. There are dozens of production stills and several of producer David O. Selznick's legendary memos. Also, newsreels of the premier and stars, trailers, and script excerpts of deleted scenes and alternate endings. And there's a terrific, complete 1948 broadcast of the Lux Radio Theater's version of "Notorious" with Bergman and Joseph Cotton. "Notorious" is sensual, tense and thrilling and one of the great films of the 40s that still resonates. Ben Hecht's tight script and Hitchcock's economical direction are a perfect match. In some ways, this is fairy tale about a beautiful princess imprisoned in a castle controlled by an evil stepmother. Will the handsome prince rescue her before all is lost?
But on a grander level, "Notorious" is a brilliant and timeless film noir that mirrors the damaged post war world with characters caught up in unimagined moral ambiguity and ambivalence as they seek a greater good. And where love hurts.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Cary Grant
Ingrid Bergman
Claude Rains

DVD title: No Man's Land
Productgroup: DVD
No Man's Land - movie DVD cover picture
Have to see it

I don't want to reveal anything, it's the best movie ever. It shows how the UN really acted during the war, and believe me, it's a complete truth. YOu have to see this movie. It is the best movie that I have ever seen.

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Danis Tanovic
Branko Djuric
Rene Bitorajac

DVD title: The Lover
Productgroup: DVD
The Lover - movie DVD cover picture
One of the most beautiful films ever!

"The Lover" is an amazing and touching film about intergenerational love. Besides just the story the exquisite soundtrack by Gabriel Yared and the cinematography make the film that much more wonderful. As a warning though ... very, very sad. But oh, it IS soooooooo beautiful that it is quite worth watching over and over again.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Jean-Jacques Annaud
Jane March
Tony Leung Ka Fai

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