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DVD title: Terminator 2: Judgment Day
Productgroup: DVD
Terminator 2: Judgment Day - movie DVD cover picture

This is the best DVD arround just buy it. Lost of information about the movie. Makes you respect much more the work of the people behind the camara.

Studio: Artisan Entertainment
Director: James Cameron
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Linda Hamilton

DVD title: A Christmas Carol
Productgroup: DVD
A Christmas Carol - movie DVD cover picture
The Best

I've watched most if not all of the versions of A Christmas Carol. This one is by far the VERY best. George C. Scott plays the best Scrooge,the story is close to the book , the costuming is great. A must have!!!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Clive Donner
George C. Scott

DVD title: Jem - The Complete 1st & 2nd Seasons
Productgroup: DVD
Jem - The Complete 1st & 2nd Seasons - movie DVD cover picture
Wonderful memories of JEM!!!

I ADORED JEM (and still do) as a child. I remember rushing home from gradeschool and being glued to the tv set just absorbing all of the magic, glamour, excitment and romance that this show had to offer. I even remember singing along to all of the addictive JEM songs and wishing that I could one day be a pop star like JEM! She was my idol and she was a very precious part of my childhood that I now have a chance to re-live through these DVDs! Thank you so much RHINO for releasing them. I will buy them the moment they're released! I feel sorry for anyone who has never watched JEM because they are missing out on such a fantastic series!!! These DVDs are keepers. I just hope and pray that all of the JEM episodes will be released on DVD soon! JEM FOREVER! TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

Studio: Wea Corp
Samantha Newark

DVD title: Branded - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Branded - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture

I have waited so long of this series,that i am overwhelmed by Joy.I have seen this series in the late sixties on German Television and it had since then no rerun.But in all this years it has some special memories in my mind.One of the best opening sequences of all time(Conners thrown out of the army etc.),a song and theme which is grand and i never forgot,Conners as big hero often beat by three or four guys,but never quit to get justice done,his horse an beautiful palomino(more a horse for an indian)and his special weapon his broken sabre.I remember some kind of sadness and lonleyness about the performance from Conners because of all the braveness he showed in every episode he must fight against his reputation as a coward.This series lasted only two season and was cancelled while conflicts with Conners and the studio cant be setteld.For me it is one of the finest western shows of all times,much underrated and better than the rifleman.The second season must have 32 Episodes and i hope it will published soon.After Have Gun Will travel this is the second western show with a full season on DVD.Maybe the studios are awakened and begin to realize that the kids who loved all the western shows of their youth are now adults with money in their pockets.Sorry ,before i buy one DVD of Smallville,Friends or Buffy i would buy tons of Gunsmoke,Bronco,Laramie etc.This set is for us who loves an old fashioned hero and a lot of gun and fistfights.I recommend this set highly.Buy it,for 25 Bucks it is an unbelievable great deal and it will give you the goosebumps.Believe me it worked for me!

Studio: Timeless Media Group
Chuck Conners

DVD title: Babette's Feast
Productgroup: DVD
Babette's Feast - movie DVD cover picture
Enjoy the pace, don't fight it!

To be brief--one of the more atmospheric movies I have ever seen. Saw it ten years ago and loved it, and that hasn't changed. The patience required to get through the initial 30 minutes is well rewarded in the end. A testament to the strength of the story upon which it was based, and the director's vision in bringing it alive. A must for all lovers of "food movies" in the sense that food is one of the great passions of life!

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Gabriel Axel
Stéphane Audran

DVD title: Gilmore Girls - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Gilmore Girls - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture

This is one of the most charmingly funny shows I have seen. I love it because it reminds me of myself and my mother (even the cunning remarks~ ours aren't scripted though ;-)) I highly recommend this show to anyone who is looking for an addictive laugh.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Lauren Graham

DVD title: Some Kind of Wonderful
Productgroup: DVD
Some Kind of Wonderful - movie DVD cover picture

I am not a John Hughes fan, but this disarming movie takes the "teen" out of teen flick. The characters are so keenly drawn, and the poignant, potent romantic entanglements so utterly winning, that this movie is hard to resist. Mary Stuart Masterson is simply heartbreaking in this movie, and unaffecedly so; Eric Stoltz has never been more appealing, or attractive. The details follow suit -- from Keith's realistic family to the Barbie-like world of the "pretty kids". This simple movie earns its well-deserved emotional lift, and remains with you.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Howard Deutch
Eric Stoltz
Mary Stuart Masterson

DVD title: Cosmos Boxed Set (Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Cosmos Boxed Set (Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Educative and funny,

"The Cosmos is all that is or ever was or ever will be." I first heard these magic words nearly twenty years ago, when "Cosmos" was broadcasted on Dutch television. Although I only saw the series in black and white, it is, was and probably ever will be the most memorable TV experience of my life. The visuals were state-of-the-art at the time, even if some of them may seem a little outdated these days. But the inspired and exciting commentary and the excellent choice of music still make the show worth watching. And nobody was more gifted than Carl Sagan when it came to explaining the mysteries of space and time to the public. The DVD release is a great opportunity to re-discover this landmark TV series and to learn more about life, the universe and everything.

Studio: Cosmos Studios
Carl Sagan

DVD title: Devo - Live 1980
Productgroup: Music
Devo - Live 1980 - movie DVD cover picture
Absolutely Essential Video Documentation

DEVO has always been at their best in a live setting. There's something about the studio that takes a bit of the energy out of DEVO's music. Even on their two recent tours, as old men, back in the yellow suits, they still have more energy and more raw power than even most younger bands. In fact, I've only seen one band live that can match DEVO for stage energy... little Japanese act called POLYSICS. Check them out.

Anyway, I'm getting distracted here.

It's a crying shame that, despite DEVO's incredible live shows, video documentation is sorely lacking. There's "The Men Who Make The Music" which documents the 1978 tour, but the DVD release seems to be in Perpetual Limbo. I think Rod Rooter is working for Rhino these days. There's no video of the '79 tour, just clips from Don Kirshner's Rock Concert. No footage from '81 except live performances on Friday's. There's a bootleg of the '82 tour, and bootlegs of '88 and '90. The first, commercially released, professionally shot DEVO live video was from 1996 for Bob's sake!

Well, amazingly, there was documentation of the 1980 Freedom of Choice tour. This DVD, lost even to the band, is an amazing find. It shows DEVO at the height of their live act, right on the transition from the bare-stage of their punk rock shows of the 70s and the sets and synchronized video of '81 and '82. When you watch this performance, don't think of it as a rock concert. Think of it as Performance Art. Note the clever choreography, the mechanical precision and logic behind where each member stands on stage, and when, and the play of lights on the stage. This is no ordinary rock show.

Back in the late 60s, Pink Floyd member Syd Barrett said: "We feel that in the future, groups are going to have to offer much more than just a pop show. They'll have to offer a well-presented theatre show." DEVO provides that theatre show. There is a build-up, a series of acts, and even a story of sorts that can get lost in the shuffle if you just view this as a punk rock show.

Far too many view DEVO as some sort of novelty act with silly costumes and jokey lyrics. Nothing could be further from the truth. DEVO was a cohesive, artistic entity with a mission: Spread the TRUTH abotu DEVOLUTION. Understand that their lyrics bely a harsh social criticism. Their music deconstructs rock and punk into their base components. Just listen to that cover of Satisfaction. That DEVO got misinterpreted as Pop shows the multiple layers of meaning on their music. Sure you can listen to DEVO as pop music, but you miss out.

Watch with wide eyes. Grab you little brother or nephew who listens to Blink-182 and Green Day, and strap 'em "Clockwork Orange" style to the Barcalounger and make them watch this video. See the choreography, listen to the lyrics, understand the message of DEVO's work. This is powerful stuff, and it will blow your mind if you let it.

And you should let it.

For the already Devolved, this is essential viewing, as well. Here you can see, at last, the entire 1980 show, live. Sure, it's a two-camera edit. Sure, the balcony shots are a bit blurry, and sure the audio is a bit thin, but these are minor gripes. It's worth the already low price of admission just to see DEVO at their best.

Oh, and if you ever watched the "Tour Film" on "The Complete Truth about Devolution" (also included in "We're All DEVO"), you'll be in for a treat as well. This DVD includes the long lost "Tunnel of Life" encore, based around that tour film. Now you can see the second half, and lear Booji Boy's fate. Don't you think it's worth buying just for that?

DVD title: Doo Wop at 50, Volumes 1 & 2
Productgroup: DVD
Doo Wop at 50, Volumes 1 & 2 - movie DVD cover picture

This DVD has some of the greatest performances from a bygone era. The greatest thing about it is that it takes place now. The artists sound as good as they did then. The show is loaded with memories and the performers although getting old, are still wonderful. The sound (5.1) is great and the only problem is the video direction which isn't the greatest but don't let that bother you. It is well worth the purchase.

Studio: Rhino Video
Director: George Veras

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