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DVD title: Love Actually (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Love Actually (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
I will be buying this movie the minute it is available!

Love Actually is a great movie for all people! It's heartwarming, it's smart, and it's wickedly funny! You won't be able to resist laughing at Hugh Grant dancing around the prime minister's house singing "Jump" by the Pointer Sisters. And then there's the aging rock star whose career is just about over, so he squeezes the life out of his one big hit... believe me you'll get a kick out of this one! And after the movie is over you will probably sigh and say... "Ah... the world isn't such a bad place afterall!" Good for the dreamer and believer in all of us!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Richard Curtis
Liam Neeson
Hugh Grant

DVD title: West Side Story
Productgroup: DVD
West Side Story - movie DVD cover picture
a classic masterpiece

Well, now that we have that out of the way, let's take a look at the actual movie.
WSS is, as I have said, a 1961 adaption of the Shakespearean drama Romeo and Juliet. Verona, Italy becomes 1950's Manhattan; the Capulets and Montagues become warring gangs: the Puerto Rican Sharks and the white-boy Jets. The parallels are fascinating: the Prince of Verona becomes the short-tempered Officer Krupke, the balcony becomes a fire escape, the Friar becomes the wise and worried Doc - it continues throughout the movie.
The dialogue is realistic and revealing, the characters real and honest. Issues such as racism, violence, and prejudice are brought to light, along with the blinding nature of young love.
With incredible coreography (27 pairs of pants split in the course of filming!), innovative (for the time) and striking filming, and wonderful, catchy, heartfelt music, the old familiar story of star-crossed lovers takes on a bright, vibrant, bursting young life.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Natalie Wood
George Chakiris

DVD title: Greystoke - The Legend of Tarzan
Productgroup: DVD
Greystoke - The Legend of Tarzan - movie DVD cover picture
Best Tarzan movie EVER

I saw this film many moons ago, and only recently read the original "Tarzan" by Edgar Rice Burroughs to answer a question from my daughter. The film would have done well to have gone back to the original for the most part, as the bit about Tarzan saving a French soldier from cannibals before he learned to speak was in the book and would have explained Lambert's accent just fine. I have to agree with the other reviewer about the silliness of the bit in England, though. The Jane in the book was a very dizzy 19-year-old American who chose Tarzan's cousin over him, and the film removed a lot of Tarzan's dignity by changing that part....

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Hugh Hudson
Christopher Lambert
Andie MacDowell

DVD title: Down to Earth
Productgroup: DVD
Down to Earth - movie DVD cover picture
A takeoff on Heaven can Wait

Director: Chris Weitz, Paul Weitz
Format: Color
Studio: Paramount Home Video
Video Release Date: December 4, 2001


Chris Rock ... Lance Barton/Charles Wellington, III/Joe Guy
Regina King ... Sontee Jenkins
Chazz Palminteri ... King
Eugene Levy ... Keyes
Frankie Faison ... Whitney Daniels
Mark Addy ... Cisco
Greg Germann ... Sklar
Jennifer Coolidge ... Mrs. Wellington
Wanda Sykes ... Wanda
John Cho ... Phil Quon
Mario Joyner ... Apollo M.C.
Bryetta Calloway ... Gospel Singer
Martha Chaves ... Rosa
Brian Rhodes ... Charles Wellington, III
Herb Lovelle ... Trashman
Kedar Brown ... Heckler
Adam Dannheiser ... Doorman
Malcolm Devine ... Singer
Collette Wilson ... Singer
Maiesha McQueen ... Singer
Robin Montague ... Woman in Balcony
Hollie Harper ... Woman in Balcony
Scott Wickware ... Bouncer
Jack Newman ... Bob Krantz (the Middle-Aged Guy)
William Lynn ... Elderly Man
Leah Miller ... Tina Lovette (the Party Girl)
David Huband ... Maitre'd - Serge
Woodrow W. Asai ... Asian Man
Laz Alonso ... BET Announcer
Dennis Pressey ... M.C. at Comedy Shock
Arnold Pinnock ... Joe Guy
David M. Rodriguez ... Flower Delivery Man
Linda Maurel-Sithole ... Protester
Gwen Stewart ... Protester
Chris Ausnit ... Protester
Mary Burton ... Reporter outside Hospital
Jernard Burks ... Man in Wheelchair
Clem Moorman ... Patient
Hollis Granville ... Sick Person
Mung-Ling Tsui ... Reporter inside Hospital
Paulette Sinclair ... Blanche
Ali LeRoi ... Crazy Hostile Dreadlock Guy
Reginald Footman ... Dreadlock's Buddy
Michael Port ... Mugger
Colin Fox ... Director
Paul Hecht ... Director
Jack Jessop ... Director
Kenny Robinson ... Club M.C.
Mary Kate Law ... Fur Protester
Roger Kugler ... Hit Man
Roma Torre ... Herself
Harlin Kearsley ... Mike Green
Dan Duran ... Reporter
Jimmy DellaValle ... Hot Dog Vendor
Justin Peroff
Mandy Lee Jones ... Teenager in Heaven

The plot is exactly the same as the old movie, Heaven Can Wait, starring Warren Beatty, and first released as Here Comes Mr. Jordan. The latter two films, however, were played rather straight, without the humor in Down to Earth. There are differendes, too. Instead of a death-defying wish to be a quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, like Joe Pendleton (Warren Beatty) in Heaven Can Wait, His counterpart in Down to Earth, Lance Barton (Chris Rock) is a black comedian who wants to play in the old Apollo theater before it is closed.

Like Pendleton, he is temporarily issued the body of a millionaire, or perhaps a billionaire, until another more suited to his talents can be found.

This movie has some hillarious ramifications, and is truly entertaining. Like Joe Pendelton, Lance falls in love in his temporary body, which presents a problem since he is not allowed to keep that identity, but must 'move on' when a more permanent body is found for him.

This movie is filled with comedy, when his aged white host acts like a hip black comedian. Unlike some other reviewers, I thought it a wonderful, diverting film.

Joseph (Joe) Pierre
author of Handguns and Freedom...their care and maintenance
and other books

Studio: Paramount Studio
Chris Rock

DVD title: Fearless Hyena/Fearless Hyena II
Productgroup: DVD
Fearless Hyena/Fearless Hyena II - movie DVD cover picture

Fearless Hyena is easily Jackie's best Lo Wei film (also his last), and it's just teriffic. AVOID THE SEQUEL AND BUY THIS.

Studio: Simitar Video
Jackie Chan

DVD title: Stuart Little (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Stuart Little (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
A Little that's hit the big screen

Well, I wasn't expecting that much from Stuart Little when I bought this DVD. I was just looking for something to do over the new year when the store keeper insisted that I buy this title and promised a full refund if I didn't like it. I guess I was wrong about this little rat after all.
This DVD is full of extras ranging from commentaries by the directors to the CG programmers, an original "ship race" concept which sadly, didn't make it to the big screen (due to budget of the movie), website links to Stuart Little, MTVs and even a mini car race game!
The picture quality is decent with bright colours. However, the sound effect is not that dynamic though (I could hardly hear any surround effects from my rear speakers). But the plot of the movie can make up for it.
Definitely a worthy title to add to your collection. In fact, I am also think about getting a rat after watching Stuart Little. Can anyone tell me if dogs and rats mix? I have a Jack Russel.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Rob Minkoff
Michael J. Fox
Geena Davis

DVD title: Here On Earth
Productgroup: DVD
Here On Earth - movie DVD cover picture
Here on Earth

Yikes! This movie is a real stinker. The script is unbelievably bad - cliche-ridden and just generally awkward and uninspired and bland - no one talks in real life like these people do. The noteworthy thing about "Here On Earth" is the number of good actors trapped in it. Two of the leads, Leelee Sobieski and especially Josh Hartnett, do the best they can, but their characters are unsympathetic (yes, even Hartnett's character, who's sweet but basically not very bright); however as the third member of the love triangle, and ostensibly the "hero" of the story, Chris Klein does not remotely possess either the acting skills or the good looks required to pull off his role of a spoiled preppie. Just the first five minutes of the movie reveal what a bad actor he is here, and if you can make it past that, the scene of him watching his college graduation from afar, while reciting the boring valedictory speech (complete with a Robert Frost quote!) he was supposed to give, will have you laughing out loud at the utter lameness of it (of course this is when Leelee first starts to fall for him - yeah, right...). On the other hand, the scene of Leelee dancing around the kitchen while making breakfast for her "new true love" will have you running for your barf bag. On the up side, at least it's nice to see actors like Bruce Greenwood, Annette O'Toole and Michael Rooker, but they are completely wasted in this movie, although what little they have to do they do very well. The three main characters are written so simplistically, they just wind up seeming self-centered, stupid, and totally unworthy of the viewers' interest. The faux-"Footloose" score is also annoying. I would highly recommend NOT buying this movie - it's resemblance to real life is nonexistent, which is ironic given the title. If there was a "no stars" rating, that's what I would give it.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Mark Piznarski

DVD title: Jackson Browne: Going Home
Productgroup: DVD
Jackson Browne: Going Home - movie DVD cover picture
Absolutely you have to have this

This video is an excellent opportunity to listen to some great music, from a man who continues to entertain and challenge us almost 30 years after he released his first albumn.
The video gives us an insight into the person and the music and also the friendships that have endured throughout to create some of the finest music that will continue to be there for us for as long as we want to hear it. Jackson Browne is so talented but above all, understands the human spirit and constantly challenges all of us and those around him, to be aware of our role in the world and to grab it with everything we have ! Anyone who "gets it" will love this video.
Anyone into great music, should get this and discover Jackson Browne.

Studio: Pioneer Video
Jackson Browne

DVD title: Legally Blonde
Productgroup: DVD
Legally Blonde - movie DVD cover picture
Being blonde rulz!

This movie is my fave of all time. Hey, I'm not just a music junkie and buy thousands of CD's, I also buy DVD's. I have hundreds of them, cluttering up my room along with CD's. I love books too, hehe. Oh yeah, and computer games, hehe.Anyway, out of all the movies and DVD's I've seen, this is my favourite movie ever! It's so hillarious, Reese Witherspoon is sooo cool as Elle Woods, and I loved Selma Blair as Vivien. It's a good tongue in cheek look at blondes, showing that they're not really dumb, in fact really smart. I, myself am a blonde (But I recently dyed my hair red) and loved the movie. I also loved the DVD too, it has loads of special features. It has trivia, two music videos and commentary from Reese and the film crew.I suggest you buy this DVD, the movie is awesome, the extras rock and being a blonde RULZ!!!!

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Robert Luketic
Reese Witherspoon
Luke Wilson

DVD title: WWE Greatest Wrestling Stars of the 80s
Productgroup: DVD
WWE Greatest Wrestling Stars of the 80s - movie DVD cover picture
Too many duplicates

I agree with the earlier poster, there are way too many repeat matches on this DVD. Especially considering all the material they have at their disposal. Some matches that should be on there

Ric Flair vs Ricky Steamboat - Chi-Town Rumble '89
Hulk Hogan vs Randy Savage - Wrestlemania V
Kerry Von Erich vs Ric Flair - David Von Erich Memorial
Ric Flair vs Sting - Clash of the Champions
Tully Blanchard/Arn Anderson vs Barry Windham/Lex Luger - COTC

And yes, there should be a Kurt Angle DVD, as well as Bret Hart. It's True!

Studio: Sony Music (Video)

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