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DVD title: Left Behind - The Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Left Behind - The Movie - movie DVD cover picture
It will make you think

Rarely does a movie leave me pondering my life choices and really make an impact on me. Left Behind got me, and my whole family, thinking. This movie, unlike other recent movies of the end times, depicts the truth of the Bible. And it is not some boring Christianese-filled movie that puts you to sleep, either. My teenagers have watched it several times and believe me, it has caused them to think about their lifestyles. This movie is excellent and highly recommended!

Studio: Cloud Ten Pictures
Director: Vic Sarin
Kirk Cameron
Brad Johnson (II)

DVD title: Toy Story & Toy Story 2 (2 Pack)
Productgroup: DVD
Toy Story & Toy Story 2 (2 Pack) - movie DVD cover picture
FUN - pure and simple

If you're not seen either of the Toy Story films, you are in for a treat! The computer animation is nothing short of magic that makes the toys in the film literally come to life. Tom Hanks & Tim Allen lend their voices to create two memorable characters in Woody and Buzz. I'm an adult but these two films so easily bring out the kid in me. So many films say "for kids of all ages". This one truly delivers. Also, the sequel (Toy Story 2) is every bit as clever as the first one. The storyline continues and explores new territory for the toys' adventure; it doesn't simply re-hash the original's plot line. These two films are certainly ones that are enjoyable time and time again. The DVD investment is a good one.

Studio: Disney/Pixar
Director: John Lasseter
Tom Hanks
Tim Allen

DVD title: BASEketball
Productgroup: DVD
BASEketball - movie DVD cover picture
the funniest movie i have ever seen

I thought the movie was characterized as dumb-funny. When I first seen it I thought that it was dumb, but when I told friends about the funny parts I just had to go and rent it again. If you are sick of lame movies like Wrongfully accused, then this is the one to get. It is drop dead funny. I hope there is a sequal to it or atleast another Parker and Stone movie. I would reccomend it to anyone.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: David Zucker
Trey Parker
Matt Stone

DVD title: 8 Mile (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
8 Mile (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

This may be one of the few inspirational movies that could actually inspire someone! I love this movie and I recommend it to anyone who enjoys Eminem's music and performances or anyone who just loves a good inspiration!! Also, the Superman video in the special features section is great! ***Check it out!***

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Curtis Hanson
Kim Basinger
Mekhi Phifer
Brittany Murphy

DVD title: Biloxi Blues
Productgroup: DVD
Biloxi Blues - movie DVD cover picture
Well its about time :)

everytime I get on Amazon I always check to see if this was available, now I am very pleased that it is soon to be released, thanks to the powers that be,

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Mike Nichols
Matthew Broderick
Christopher Walken

DVD title: A-Ha - Live at Vallhall - Homecoming
Productgroup: DVD
A-Ha - Live at Vallhall - Homecoming - movie DVD cover picture
Up tempo sound shows the group is back in stride

Having just received this DVD from, I couldn't wait to pop it in the player, and I wasn't disapointed. Lead singer Morten Harket has only improved during his solo career and the passion of his singing adds much to the concert. This is not to say Savoy and company don't hold their own - they do, and more. The music played live is a little more "up tempo" from what I was used to from playing their CD's. I found their new found energy to be refreshing, especially since they seemed to draw energy from each other. One of the treats was "I Wish I Cared," in which Harket sings a duet with a fabulous female singer. At 19 songs, its a healthy length for a concert. I only wish they had sung "Living a Boys Adventure Tale" and maybe "Blue Sky," but perhaps that might have put too much emphasis on the Hunting High and Low album which rocketed them to fame in the wild New Wave Eighties. But they certainly didn't abandon that album for the concert! In fact, as a finale they sing a very energetic "Take on Me" to the roaring delight of the crowd. I can't wait for them to do more concerts.

Studio: Music Video Distribu

DVD title: Seven Days in May
Productgroup: DVD
Seven Days in May - movie DVD cover picture
Select cast and sticks to the essence of the book.

Every president and government since this film is always weighed against the characters in this film. People are paranoid on both sides of the issue. Do not think it is not still relevant today.
The story was adjusted a little from the book (ASIN: 0553269569) to accommodate the media, however the essence of the story is still there. Place the ASIN number in the search engine to find the book.
The timing of the movie was perfect as it was during the cold war. And we are not out of the woods today. Anyway the President is planning a disarmament treaty. Everyone knows including the president that the Soviets never keep a promise. How ever something has to be done and the President thinks he has a workable plan. Openly opposed to the plan is General James Mattoon Scott (Burt Lancaster) sot of a Douglas MacArther of his time. Covertly opposed is the Vice Admiral Farley C. Barnswell (John Houseman) sort of the Admiral Nimitz of his time. Being opposed is one thing; however the constitution leaves only one way to handle this situation (the election). Yea right. Colonel Martin 'Jiggs' Casey, Scott's right hand man gets suspicious. He thinks Scott is planning "Yea right" for real and brings this suspicion to the Whithouse.
As the story unfolds is the threat real and if so what can be done about it? Whose side are you on? If you were Jiggs working for a great General and a good friend, what would you do? Where should loyalty lay? If the president relied on blackmail, would he be any better then the opposition? How would the Soviets react to a military take over in the US?
OK lets face the real question this movie poses. Does the end justify the means? Or is the end the results of the means?

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: John Frankenheimer
Burt Lancaster
Kirk Douglas

DVD title: Yoga Zone Ultimate Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Yoga Zone Ultimate Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent Yoga Workout

I began yoga about a year ago. I bought this set about 2 months ago and still absolutely love it. There are a wide variety of types of exercises, from stretching to fat burning, all at the beginner level. Most of the DVDs have 2 - 20 min sessions, so you can mix and match. Their instruction is well done; you can look at the screen to see what you should look like, but listen to understand all the fine details. They really emphasize the breath, telling you when to exhale and inhale, which is something I find lacking in many other yoga videos. If you are not sure you need so many yoga DVDS, I recommend starting with the YogaZone Intro to Power Yoga, the second session is great.

Studio: Koch Vision

DVD title: Ginger Snaps
Productgroup: DVD
Ginger Snaps - movie DVD cover picture
Thumps Up on This One!

My hubby rented this movie for me because of my interest in horror movies and especially those with werewolves and vampires. At first I wasn't sure I'd like it. I thought, mmm, a coming of age story with teens trying to warn the police of werewolves existing. I was awfully surprised on how this movie had me at the edge of my seat, hanging onto my "critter" as if my life depended on it. This was suspenseful, scary, and shocking at times. And the beginning of the movie, with the pictures, was great. This one is a keeper, one I intend to buy and add to my collection of movies.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: John Fawcett
Emily Perkins
Katharine Isabelle

DVD title: Pi
Productgroup: DVD
Pi - movie DVD cover picture
Amazing, truly amazing

All of Max's paranoid searches culminate in a single moment of crystal clarity that defies the imagination. It took me a long time to come down off of the buzz I got from this movie...I hadn't felt this way about a movie since I last saw "Apocalypse Now"..a must-watch. A warning, however: not everyone will "get it". For those who can keep an open mind, the movie will be more enjoyable...

Studio: Artisan Entertainment
Director: Darren Aronofsky
Sean Gullette
Mark Margolis

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