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DVD title: 24 - Season One
Productgroup: DVD
24 - Season One - movie DVD cover picture
It sure is one hell of a show

24 redefined television and became one of the best Television Series ever made. And what's can see it all again on DVD. The 6-Disc set has all 24 episodes. But it really isn't in completely real time, due to the stupid commercials FOX had to put in, so it usually skips over 15 minutes of content. For example: The clock goes to 9:46:03 and then the commericials end, and it's at 9:52:35. But there are no commercials on the DVD =). And thats a good thing too. This is the best Collection of DVDs I will ever own, until season two comes out on DVD, in Sept. 2nd, 2003.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Kiefer Sutherland

DVD title: Seven
Productgroup: DVD
Seven - movie DVD cover picture
A Lesson of the Arts

There are just too many things needed to be said about Se7en. It's one of my favorite movies of all time and will most likely remain there for a long, long time. All the actors do marvelous jobs. All the camera angles and lighting are fantastic, and bring an element of Film Noir (if you don't know what that film term is, then I suggest you look it up) to a film from 1995. The originality and creativity displayed here is really what takes a hold of me personally. For those who do not know what this movie is about I will sum it up with this: Se7en is about two Police Officers (Morgan Freeman and Brad Pitt) who probe the murders of a serial killer (Kevin Spacey) who chooses his victims based on the seven deadly sins. There isn't a single flaw in this movie that I have noticed and believe me; I've watched this plenty of times. There are no plot holes, no annoying things, no bad acting, and no rip-offs, nothing that brings this movie down.

People complain about the ending in that it is a bit of a downer. I thought that too the first time I watched it, but afterwards I found myself drawn to the play button on my remote again and again. Several people complain that this movie is too gruesome or of bad taste. These people are ignorant and are clearly in denial of the darks spots of society that exist every day. When you see this movie you realize that things like this happen, maybe not as intense as this, but they happen. Bad things happen to good people. We have Richard "The Night Stalker" Ramirez, Rape, Aids, Arson, Police Brutality, Cults, the Jonestown Massacre, etc. Listen, if you thought that this movie was too gory, then you seriously need to toughen up your stomach and sense of reality. If anything this movie is not gory enough (it leaves a lot of it to your imagination, and you never actually see anybody killed).

There are gorehounds who complain that this movie wasn't gory enough. If you want to complain about "sick people" then why don't you go and attack the film makers that bring us the great horror classics like "the Evil Dead" or "the Halloween movies or why not go so far as to attack "Dead Alive" (The Goriest Movie ever made, oddley enough it's a dark comedy directed by Peter Jackson). Labeling Se7en as a sick movie only supports the idea that it is sick because you don't like it and choose to look away. It is that very idea that the killer John Doe tried to point out that "we see a deadly sin on every street corner and we tolerate it, because it is common." I'm not sure if I have that quote exactly but it's the same overall message. I could go further but I feel I have made my point.

This movie is disgustingly beautiful. It's crude, but effective and there are just so many things about it that scream perfection. Everything including the incredible opening credits scene with the disturbing Nine Inch Nails music (the song is called Closer (Precursor Remix)) is done to such a degree of perfection, that it is impossible to ignore. The DVD box artwork is really cool to look at and on the second disc with the bonus features, we are shown that this one guy actually wrote out every single one of John Doe's journals and handmade it himself. That is something you will not find happening behind the sets of most movies, rarely is that mush effort put into one. And of course let's not forget the acting. It's fabulous; Morgan Freeman only enforces his brilliance and his title as my favorite actor. A movie like this only comes along once in a while, so therefore you must see this movie and if you like it, then go ahead and buy it. It's understandable that this film is not for everyone, but hopefully it will open your eyes or pry them open. Open way or another it may change you in some way, even if it's the smallest degree. Well, hoped you found this review helpful and that you will enjoy this movie if you haven't already.

Studio: New Line Studios
Director: David Fincher
Brad Pitt
Morgan Freeman
Kevin Spacey

DVD title: The Forsyte Saga, Series 1
Productgroup: DVD
The Forsyte Saga, Series 1 - movie DVD cover picture
Great, Great, Great!

I loved this saga. The cast was wonderful. The story was wonderful. It kept me watching the whole time. I wish there were more shows like this on TV.

Studio: Acorn Media Publishing Inc.
Damian Lewis

DVD title: National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Christmas Vacation

What I would like to know is WHERE CAN I GET THE ORIGINAL, CHRISTMAS VACATION ON DVD. The one currently sold is missing a number of scenes?
Please let me know, Thank you, it might not even be possible.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Jeremiah S. Chechik
Chevy Chase
Beverly D'Angelo
Juliette Lewis

DVD title: Inferno
Productgroup: DVD
Inferno - movie DVD cover picture
Esoteric and surreal and it's SUPPOSED to be that way

Dario Argento's elaborate follow-up to "Suspiria" is a brilliant and deranged and utterly surreal ride. The narrative is intentionally disjointed--like the supernatural text the characters search for, the deeper you follow the more dream-like it becomes. And the the whole thing is awash in wild colors and stylized sets and characters that act and react like marionettes controlled by some mad puppeteer. If the narrative frustrates you then my advice is to suspend disbelief, sit back enjoy the visuals. Loads of fun and well worth repeated viewings to search out hidden meanings and connections--not too many films you can say that about.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Dario Argento
Leigh McCloskey
Irene Miracle

DVD title: Iron & Silk
Productgroup: DVD
Iron & Silk - movie DVD cover picture
simple, touching and funny!

Iron and silk (vhs) is such a simple movie based on the book also written and then acted by Mark Salzman. with his good looks and winning personality, this movie has a big quality of sweetness in it between the people of china and mark. there were misunderstands and misgivings about the different culture, but mark made the best of his time there.
the book is more of a series of short stories, and the movie try to incoporate the different scenes. the romance in the movie is that evident in the book, but it makes it more commercial. everybody wants a love story in their movies.
this movie is great to watch now, and its funny! response to previous review, the short shorts are hilarious and mark salzman singing communist songs! but i love everything that mark salzman does. he is so enthusiatic and 100% with whatever he is curious and passionate about.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Shirley Sun
Mark Salzman
Qingfu Pan

DVD title: The Peacekeeper
Productgroup: DVD
The Peacekeeper - movie DVD cover picture

I had first seen this film on Cinemax and I immediately enjoyed it. I got it right away when it was released on DVD. Roy Scheider's performance as the President was effective and convincing. I really liked the plot of the film. It kept me entertained and interested. I didn't think that this was a weak movie at all. I personally liked this film very much.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Frédéric Forestier

DVD title: Chariots of the Gods
Productgroup: DVD
Chariots of the Gods - movie DVD cover picture
Chariots of the Gods: Book Review

Chariots of the Gods is full of amazing facts and evidence that I don't understand how can be overlooked. The book talks mainly about the ancient "runways" that gods may have used to land their spacecrafts thousands of years ago. There is also evidence showing ancient, thousand year old power sources containing compounds foreign to the earth. The book also talks about how in countries such as Peru and New Zealand there are cave drawings on the walls depicting ancient astronauts/visitors, and maybe that our entire belief system is based around an alien species that visited earth thousands of years ago.

Studio: Vci Home Video
Director: Harald Reinl

DVD title: Lawrence of Arabia (Limited Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Lawrence of Arabia (Limited Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Watch this Epic to understand what we've lost as Moviegoers

This spectacular masterpiece by the widescreen maestro is incomparable. The images contained within this film are indeliable, when the phrase "every frame a Rembrandt" is used as the mantra for exceptional cinematography, this film is what they are talking about.
Every aspect of this film is epic - far too many to recite here - and the DVD chronicles it's lengthy, incredible production masterly. The presentation (sound & video) is benchmark, and considering that the film is close to 40 years old it looks as if it was shot yesterday. Large format cinema has sadly all but vanished from narrative film, but we can always look back this film in awe and wonder.
From Maurice Jarre's ethereal score and Robert Bolt's enigamic, yet involving characterization of Lawrence to the fantastic acting by O'Toole, Sharif, and Quinn and startling production design by John Box, one almost has to shed tears in light of the fact that we can no longer see films of this length, style, presentation and quality.
Yet it can live again on a HDTV through DVD, nostalgia is usually fairly dangerous when it comes to art, but you can make an exception for this film.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: David Lean
Peter O'Toole

DVD title: Dead Alive
Productgroup: DVD
Dead Alive - movie DVD cover picture
I Kick butt For the Lord !

Just wanted to say that here in New Zealand, where this film has its original title 'Braindead' the only versiona vailable is the full, uncut, blood-soaked masterpiece.
Those of you unlucky enough to not live in Godzone will miss half the little in-jokes (Buzzy Be for example). And if you want to know what Tim Balme is up to now, he appears in the Auckland based soap opera 'Shortland Street' and a car ad!

Studio: Vidmark/Trimark
Director: Peter Jackson
Timothy Balme
Diana Peñalver
Elizabeth Moody
Ian Watkin

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