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DVD title: My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Productgroup: DVD
My Big Fat Greek Wedding - movie DVD cover picture
It's About Time!

One of the most boring "comedies" I have ever seen. The subject is the cultural differences, and that's it. It has some minor parts that can be funny, but it does not make it. It's a romantic comedy, that ends with the marriage of the american and the greek girl (that is really ugly) and he quits to his cultural formation for her. Yeah, I know, It's another one of those movies. It has had way to much publicity, and that has make it famous, but overall deserves a big D-.

Studio: HBO Home Video
Director: Joel Zwick
Nia Vardalos
John Corbett
Michael Constantine

DVD title: A Hole in the Head
Productgroup: DVD
A Hole in the Head - movie DVD cover picture
A Hole in The Head (Frank Sinatra)

Send me an email if you need this movie. I have a couple

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Frank Capra
Frank Sinatra
Edward G. Robinson

DVD title: Dude, Where's My Car?
Productgroup: DVD
Dude, Where's My Car? - movie DVD cover picture
Brillent Film...Deserves a sanding obation!!

In the tradition of Gone With the Wind,Birth of A Nation,and Citizen Kane comes a sweeping screen epic bursting with spectacle and drama...
Which this movie has NOTHIN to with..:D so go ahead and rent it. I swear i laughed so hard watching this and belive me i DO try too stay away from movies like this but i dont care anymore! Dude is a totally awsome movie!! First our stoner dudes wake up one moring looking as stoned as a dunk monkey to find there car is missing! So basically they go on a long enduring journey too find it and on the way they get stalked by a transvestite,nearly get killed by killer ortrichs,watch they're favorite channel Animal Planet (really) get locked in a cage, kidnapped by computer nerds,almost eaten alive by a giant 40 foot super babe, and save the world from an evil machine that could blow up the world! but do they ever find their beloved car?? You'll just have too watch and see!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Danny Leiner
Ashton Kutcher
Seann William Scott

DVD title: Steve Vai - Live at the Astoria London
Productgroup: DVD
Steve Vai - Live at the Astoria London - movie DVD cover picture
Late music critic Lester Bangs said it the best.............

Famous/imfamous dead music critic Lester Bangs said it ALL when he once said of John McLauglin's 1st solo album "Extrapolation" but the quote easily fits Vai today:
"EASILY THE BEST F*#KING GUITARIST I'VE EVER HEARD!" This fit's Vai to a T, & the dbl dvd as well!
I guess you have to be MY AGE to get it? Didn't anyone see Steve Vai when he was with the greatest composer of the past 50 years(Frank Zappa whom coined a new phrase just for Vai, "Stunt Guitarist" because Vai could do 'anything' w/a guitar!)FZ, BUT ME? Get over it! Vai's showmanship is not an act! he's been playing that way for over 23 years! This IS how he plays & I find it more refreshing & much harder to do what Vai does, & play how he plays than say an Alan Holdsworth, a great guitarist to listen to, but nothing to veiw!
As far as the band goes, Vai NEVER had a finer drummer(which Vai basically admits to in the commentary track which is great!Plus every other band member, other than Donati whom was playing has their commentary heard, which is great. Plus MacAlpine has been playing w/Donati in the best, heavy progressive band around "Planet X", for 4 years so he should know all about Virg!)than the incredible VIRGIL DONATI! Add the finest bass player in music today, Billy Sheehan, take out the great Mike Kenealy & put in virtouso master TONY MACALPINE on unreal guitar & keys, & throw in a 24 yr old Dave Weiner, on guitar too, & you've got the greatest band playing! WOW! A MUST SEE!!
I've had these dvd's since the day they were released, & have watched the performance over & over, & I still find myself TOO BUSY enjoying what i'm hearing & seeing to burn 'negitive energy'on nit picking at any minor flaws on the dvd production or the filming of the event! Hands down this is the greatest guitar or music dvd ever & if you call yourself a guitarist and won't own up to the fact that VAI IS THE BEST, then maybe you'd better rethink your 'status' as a musician or someone whom professes to LOVE electric guitar music.(I've been a professional musician for 34 years, & this is what 'performing' is ALL ABOUT!
So don't listen to this other crap, it's being spewed by people not smart enough to know real talent, & BUY THIS IMMEDIATELY as you'll love these 2 dvd's! INCREDIBLE!
Btw the performance itself is 2 & 1/2 hrs long! Plus you get a commentary track which is great & informative & funny, plus rehearsals, & lots of other extras!It's just a shame that people outside the U.S. & Canada cannot(at the time of this writing) veiw the dvd's as only NTSC versions have been released! It's also a damned shame that this dvd's general release took 24 months from the day(s) the shows were filmed(Dec. 6th & 7th 2001)at the Astoria until Dec. 04! I feel for ya Paul, cause you've been waiting since you saw these shows(actually 3!)LIVE & still don't have the dvd ready for you to purchase!)

Studio: Red Distribution, In
Steve Vai

DVD title: Being John Malkovich
Productgroup: DVD
Being John Malkovich - movie DVD cover picture
A good rainy day movie

I liked it. It was definately quite funny, and very original.

Studio: Usa Films
Director: Spike Jonze
John Cusack
Cameron Diaz
Catherine Keener
John Malkovich

DVD title: National Treasure (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
National Treasure (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Great Action Flick

National Treasure is a fast paced action picture with enough substance to keep non-action fans interested.

Nicolas Cage is great. He's not the worlds first choice in action heroes, but he brings intelligence to the role, which NT needs in the star. It was great to see Sean Bean in another major role (he was great as Boromir). He brings supreme credibility to a critical role.

No idea who the female lead is. She was fine, save for one scene where her accent went from its normal hard-to-spot to suddenly very thick. Still, her role was potentially unbelievable, and she was up to the task. A lesser actress could have spoiled the film. Join Voigt was fine, as was the rest of the cast.

NT does a fine job of making a potentially hokey plot work. The science/history is always enough to keep our disbelief firmly suspended, but never enough to make us think we're in a lecture hall. Finally, NT is frequently hilarious. There are more laughs here than in many comedies released this year.

National Treasure is entertaining from beginning to end.

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
Director: Jon Turteltaub
Nicolas Cage
Diane Kruger
Justin Bartha
Sean Bean

DVD title: Night of the Living Dead (Special Collector's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Night of the Living Dead (Special Collector's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
one great film, excellent social satire

George A. Romero's "Night of The Living Dead" is one of my all time favorite movies. Not only is it an excellent horror film (one that helped convince me to pursue cinema as a major in college), but it is also an excellent social satire, exploring the heated race relations of 1960s America. Another interesting element in the film is that there is no strong, central female character. The lead female role, Barbara, slowly deteriorates emotionally throughout the film. She is portrayed as weak and emotionally unstable, while the lead male role, Ben (an African-American), plays the role of the hero. Ben's presence in the film is determined by what he can do for the others in the movie, he acts as the provider and takes charge of the situation. For example, it is his idea to board up all the windows and doors in the house, and even smacks Barbara in one of her hysterical episodes gaining power and control over her. John Berger addresses this idea of men gaining power based on their actions in his book "Ways of Seeing." In contrast, Barbara is a stereotype of the helpless blonde, typical in many horror movies. Her helplessness is not only seen through her deteriorating mental state, but is also shown in other ways. She is shown to be physically weak within the first ten minutes of the film when she trips and falls over nothing while trying to run away from a zombie. While Barbara remains this stereotype throughout the film, Ben's race and gender intersect in a very interesting way. He is a male, therefore he takes charge of the situation that he faces. Typically, he would succeed. However, he is black, and society at this time in America would not want him to succeed. Therefore his character has to die in the end, to comment on the suppression of black Americans when this film was made.

Studio: Elite Entertainment
Director: George A. Romero
Duane Jones
Judith O'Dea

DVD title: TREK - A Journey on the Appalachian Trail
Productgroup: DVD
TREK - A Journey on the Appalachian Trail - movie DVD cover picture
Best AT film out

Hands down, this is the best AT film out. I own 5 other AT videos (which are all good because they are all on the AT), but TREK gets watched by far the most. Love the scenery, music and ongoing insights as the 4 horsemen push ever north to Katahdin. This is not a "how to" video (like Lynn Whelden's are), but for giving you "that feeling" like you are out there on the trail, this video is the one.

Studio: Cirque Productions

DVD title: Titanic
Productgroup: DVD
Titanic - movie DVD cover picture

this movie is a masterpiece.extremely great acting,cast and titanic ship that took three years and a few months to make,just for this movie

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: James Cameron
Leonardo DiCaprio
Kate Winslet

DVD title: Blind Date
Productgroup: DVD
Blind Date - movie DVD cover picture

I remembered this movie from it's original release. My daughter watched it years later and truly loved it. We showed it to my wife and son-in-law and were taken back to its original freshness because of their reaction. My wife and I showed to our best friends and got the same reaction. I think it is impossible not to laugh at this film. Bruce Willis is a natural comedic talent, proven by Moonlighting.No matter how many times I watch this movie I always enjoy it.
I would reccomend this movie to anyone regardless of age who want to watch a real comedy. There is no thinking required, just entertainment. If you do start thinking it only gets funnier....and funnier.
The whole cast does a great job and use their natural talents. There is not a weak link in the cast. A great comedy film that is really under rated. Why are movies like this always overlooked by critics and awards?

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Blake Edwards
Kim Basinger
Bruce Willis

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