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DVD title: The Dreamers (R-Rated Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
The Dreamers (R-Rated Edition) - movie DVD cover picture

It's been a long time since I watch such a good movie,perfectly done from the story to the actress.There is so much movies and so few that reach directly to your heart, the new Bertolucci's film is one of them.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Bernardo Bertolucci
Michael Pitt (II)
Eva Green
Louis Garrel

DVD title: The Last Dragon
Productgroup: DVD
The Last Dragon - movie DVD cover picture
The Best of the Best

This is absolutely my favorite movie of all times. Most "old" movies have sub-standard acting, but this movie stands out (with only a few minor exceptions). Without a doubt the script was well before its time. This is one of those movies that I always enjoy watching and can practically recite. I would encourage viewers to take another look at this classic. Parents should take this word or warning: there is a lot of profanity used in this movie, be advised before allowing young children to watch.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Michael Schultz

DVD title: Speed
Productgroup: DVD
Speed - movie DVD cover picture
Modern pure-action masterpiece

On occasion, I crave for good action entertainment...but Jan De Bont's SPEED isn't just good, it's well-nigh spectacular. I watched this movie many years ago on video, and the sheer suspense and excitement its simple premise generated gripped me from start to finish. As far as I know, this is arguably the most perfect pure-action action movie I've seen yet.

Of course you know the premise: mad terrorist Howard Payne (Dennis Hopper) plants a bomb on an LA bus that will explode if the bus moves at over 50 mph at any point, and it is us to supercop Jack Traven (Keanu Reeves) to foil Payne's plans. From that simple idea, though, director De Bont and screenwriter Graham Yost craft a crackling action thriller that moves from setpiece to setpiece, sustaining momentum all the way through. In lesser hands, SPEED might have seemed merely jagged, but De Bont skillfully hold it all together through sheer high energy. (This was De Bont's directorial debut, but perhaps his experience shooting action films like the classic DIE HARD helped him here in some way.)

The result is one of the best, most exhilarating of modern action films. Yost carries through his sipmle but creative premise without resorting to worn-out action cliches (there is no silly digital readout accompanying the bomb, for instance), and in his pursuit of action excitement he doesn't forget to bring his characters closer to the audience via colorful, distinctive dialogue. We always relate to the hero, and for this kind of action film, that's a good thing. The performances more or less get the job done, although Sandra Bullock shows a lot of appealing spunk in her heroine role---it's easy to see why she became a star after this movie. Reeves does well with the action heroics, and he is always convincing in his role. As for Hopper, as the creatively-named (hehe) villain, he shows once again (like he did in David Lynch's BLUE VELVET) that he is one of the best in the business at playing bad guys. He sure is bad, but Hopper brings a distinctive, almost charismatic, style to what could have been a generic villain performance in less experienced hands. And, of course, the action scenes are beyond reproach. Who could forget the bus' miraculous leap into the air as it attempts to jump across a gap in the highway? And the finale is simply spectacular, with a train derailment that John McTiernan tried to ape in the subsequent year in DIE HARD WITH A VENGEANCE.

In short, if you're looking for high action entertainment that may not necessarily revolutize the genre but gets the job done smashingly, SPEED fits the bill marvelously. I mean, with a title like that, which action-film fan could resist? Highly recommended.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Jan de Bont
Keanu Reeves
Dennis Hopper
Sandra Bullock

DVD title: Fright Night Part 2
Productgroup: DVD
Fright Night Part 2 - movie DVD cover picture
All time great classic 80's Horror Film!!!!

This fantastic sequel, to the equally great Fright Night, is the epitome of classic horror films to come out of the 80's! Fright Night 2 combines black humor, some gore and a great stoyline with a sexy villianess to create a stylish new genre of horror films. Peter Vincent, the famous Vampire Hunter, and Charlie are back to do battle with, Regine, the sister of the slayed vampire from the first movie. I actually like this movie slightly better than the original, although the plot of the movie is basically the same as the first. Regine's vampire followers add something unique to the movie with their different monsterous forms including her frankenstein-like companion who eats spiders and her rollerskating vampire concubine. Also, the villian in this movie is a sexy woman vampire and her seduction of Charlie is both gruesome and humorous at times. Fright Night 2 is one of my favorite movies! You have to see it!!!!

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
Director: Tommy Lee Wallace
Roddy McDowall
William Ragsdale

DVD title: Victor Wooten - Live at Bass Day '98 DVD
Productgroup: DVD
Victor Wooten - Live at Bass Day '98 DVD - movie DVD cover picture
It's Wootabulous

While many of us out there believe that Victor Wooten is a bass playing mechanism covered in a realistic neoprene epidermis, this DVD shows him to be quite the opposite. As passionate about life as he is about music, Victor Wooten truly is an amazing man. His human, yet methodical, approach to his playing technique allows him to breath life and space into phenominally constructed pieces of music. An absolute must for anyone who has listened to music. The "one on one" section with Vic certainly opens your eyes to a whole new world of playing possibilities, all while holding a steady groove with wicked melodies.I wore out my NTSC copy, and I'll try damn hard to do the same to the disc.PS> How's the shirt!! Three stars for that alone!!

Studio: Mvd
Victor Wooten

DVD title: Forrest Gump
Productgroup: DVD
Forrest Gump - movie DVD cover picture

I love, love, love this movie. Maybe I'm biased because I saw it for the first time when I was 10 with all my older cousins who loved it, and then I've seen about a zillion more times in the following 6 years. I'm 16 now. Tom Hanks is genius in this role, and it made me add him onto my list of "favorite actors." (He was good in Castaway, too.) I also love the soundtrack - all the relevant songs from the time period. The special effects that put Forrest in all those different events were impressive as well - I can't say enough! This is one of the best movies ever made.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Tom Hanks
Robin Wright Penn
Gary Sinise
Sally Field

DVD title: The Best Bahamas Beaches / WAVES Virtual Vacations
Productgroup: DVD
The Best Bahamas Beaches / WAVES Virtual Vacations - movie DVD cover picture

Another great wave virtual vacation dvd this one features the bahamas.This dvd looks similar to Caribbean Beaches with lapping waves but the islands look a little different.My favorite scene is the thunderstorm which is on Day 2 Shot 4 and 5.If you look carefully on shot 4 you will see a flash of lightning over the ocean overlooking the dark thundercloud.This is sheet lightning(cloud to cloud)you then hear several claps of thunder over the ocean shot 5.Interestly the waves don't seem to get bigger as the storm moves in they continue lapping.Another one of my favorite scenes is the lighthouse on Day 5 shot 3 and 4 with ocean views in the forground and I love many of the ocean views on this dvd as well.The waves are mostely lapping but occasionally they are so calm you get quiter wavelets.The picture is crisp similar to the caribbean beaches dvd it really brings out the blues and greens of the waves and the transistions from day to day are very quick.Also each day ends with a beautiful sunset.Make sure you turn on the beach subtitles to see were you are on Abaco,Eleuthera and New Providence.Just go to the beach subtitles in the menu or cut on subtitles on your remote.Now you can see the Bahamas when you want too.The Virgin Islands one is now available too.I highly recommend the Bahamas Beaches.

Studio: Powerfloe Network
Director: Greg Voevodsky

DVD title: Five Fingers of Death
Productgroup: DVD
Five Fingers of Death - movie DVD cover picture
Really cool for a low budget kung-fu film----true film

This movie is rather interesting despite the quality of the film. The film is really old but there are many good points to the movie. Here are some of the reasons why.
First, I would like to address the accuracy of the film in terms of actual Kung-fu. The Iron Fist kung-fu is a true kung-fu technique. However, even though my title says the movie is true it is true in the sense of how you do iron fist not necessarily based on actual fact of the story. The story of course is fiction and really makes very little sense but the actual working up to be an Iron Fist grandmaster there is some truth to how the movie depicts the training. In reality, Iron fist kills with one hit. And no they dont fly in the air to hit someone like they showed in the movie. The way you train for Iron Fist is correct but they only showed the end of the training. Nobody starts out burning their hands first like he did in the hot coals. Actually that is last in the training. Imagine if it was your first time doing Iron Fist and you had to melt your hands in coals first. Ya right then nobody would learn it. Actually what happens is you work up to that skill then when you burn your hands in coals you already feel nothing. You also train to kill with one hit not 50 hits. BUt of course the movie would be boring if someone hit and killed everyone with one hit. Also the Iron Fist only needed one strike not 50 strikes to actually hit somone but then again it would make a very boring film.
Secondly, if you were to train Iron Fist you started with hitting a brick but you laid a piece of cloth on the brick so you wont hurt your hand. Then when you progressed you took the cloth off. Later you hit iron, then again last you burned your hands in coal. After each work out you dipped your hands in herbal chinese medicine to make the injuries you sustained to your hands heal quicker and lessen the pain. Well you get the point.
Pros: -General Accurate Depiction of Iron Fist technique.-Uses Interesting rather modern fight coreography for such an old film.
Cons:-Poor story telling. You understand what they are trying to explain but its not well done.-Old reused storyline. I mean come on Japanese vs. Chinese kung-fu fights get a little old dont they. I mean Chinese Connection with Bruce Lee, Fist of Legend w/ Jet Li are some of the other martial art films w/ chinese vs Japanese.

Studio: Front Row Video, Inc
Director: Chang-hwa Jeong
Lieh Lo

DVD title: Rock, Rhythm and Doo Wop: The Greatest Songs From Early Rock 'n' Roll
Productgroup: DVD
Rock, Rhythm and Doo Wop: The Greatest Songs From Early Rock 'n' Roll - movie DVD cover picture
A Rock N Roll History Lesson

Over the past few years, public television has put on a series of vintage "Doo Wop" and Rock 'N' Roll concert reunions that have been absolutely flawless. This latest dvd "Rock, Rhythm And "Doo Wop", is a total delight to ones ears. Keep in mind all these vintage artists recorded in an era, when vocal talent was essential, to get a recording contract? They did not have modern day computerized overdub technology, which enables many modern day artist's with limited ability to survive? This dvd reads like a who's who of early rock. The architect of rock, Little Richard starts off this concert with a stomping version of "Keep-A Rockin", and the line-up that follows, keeps this concert at a premium level of performances. You get to see and hear Lou Christie, Little Anthony and the Imperials, Jerry Butler, Lloyd Price, Joey Dee and the Starliters, Frankie Valli, Fred Paris and the Satins and the Countours, just to name a few. However, nothing prepared me for the performance of Jay Black and the Americans? After singing "This Magic Moment", Jay gave a performance, that could make anybody from the babyboomer era feel young again. As he prepared to sing "Cara Mia", he joked that he first recorded the song at age 25, and must now at age 62, hit those same notes? Hit those notes he did! Using that opera trained voice, he delivered a powerful performance that had the entire audience on it's feet, showering him with a well deserved standing ovation. If you are a fan of the old-time vocal and rock sound of the 50's and 60's, this is an absolute must have dvd. I highly recommend this to everyone, who enjoys those golden oldies.

Studio: Wea Corp

DVD title: The Complete Daimajin (Daimajin/Wrath of Daimajin/Return of Daimajin)
Productgroup: DVD
The Complete Daimajin (Daimajin/Wrath of Daimajin/Return of Daimajin) - movie DVD cover picture
A Japanese Monster movie with plot and acting...

At well under [money] this is a great buy for three films. The Daimajim films are much more fun than either Godzilla or Gamera and the samurai setting really helps. No toy tanks or artillery here. All three films are basically alike but that doesn't hurt. The monster reminds one of Ray Harryhausen's Talos and, at times, is frightening. Buy and enjoy.

Studio: A.D. Vision

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