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DVD title: Death Race 2000
Productgroup: DVD
Death Race 2000 - movie DVD cover picture
If you like cheap movies you'll love this one

Hilariousy Ba

Studio: Tapeworm
Director: Paul Bartel
David Carradine
Simone Griffeth
Sylvester Stallone

DVD title: A*Teens - DVD Collection
Productgroup: DVD
A*Teens - DVD Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Top Dvd it ROCKS

This without a dout is one dvd to own It Does Rock all you need to do is buy the dvd of the abba teens video clips and put it on while you have a Party. When are we gonna get a Live Concert Dvdfrom the Best band In The World Give us More Abba teens Please

Studio: Universal Studios

DVD title: Cardcaptor Sakura - Friends Forever (Vol. 3)
Productgroup: DVD
Cardcaptor Sakura - Friends Forever (Vol. 3) - movie DVD cover picture
I'd rate this a million stars if I could!

Now here's some great animation! It's nothing like the stupid dub Cardcaptors, it's over a million times better! It's so sweet and cute, and also funny! Buy the subtitled version instead of the dub. To all those people who buy the dub, you don't know what you're missing!

Studio: Pioneer Video

DVD title: Minority Report (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Minority Report (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Best Sci-Fi of 2002

This is easily the best Science Fiction of 2002, and one of the better of the genre. Tom Cruise leads a great cast with Colin Farrell. Steven Spielberg does a fantastic directing job with amazing special effects. It starts in the year 2054 with the three Pre-Cogs seeing a future murder and John Anderton using the visions to figure out where the murder is going to take place. But something happens he never expected, he sees someone familiar in the next murder vision. Minority Report is full of suspense and action. Again, the special effects are awesome in this movie. The crew did a great job asking experts on what the future might look like in the year 2054, and they did a great job putting it into the film. What else makes this movie so good? Originality. Originality combined with a great cast, equals a great movie. This is definately a must see.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Steven Spielberg
Tom Cruise
Max von Sydow

DVD title: America's Sweethearts
Productgroup: DVD
America's Sweethearts - movie DVD cover picture

This highly-anticipated film brought laughter to big audiences Friday, July 20th. With comedy and romance, any audience will find itself enjoying "America's Sweethearts" starring Julia Roberts, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Billy Crystal, and John Cusack.
Shot from an interesting perspective, director Joe Roth shows audiences life from an actress's point of view. However, this time, Catherine Zeta-Jones ("Entrapment") plays this actress, instead of Julia Roberts, who played the mentioned role in "Notting Hill."
With comedy and romance, performances by an excellent cast were helped with notable camera angles, cinematography, directing, and lighting - not to mention the dialogue. Though this is not Academy Award winner Julia's best work, it is definitely one of her best performances and a rather notable one at that.
Go watch "America's Sweethearts" today. It's worth it.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Joe Roth
Julia Roberts
John Cusack

DVD title: Fright Night
Productgroup: DVD
Fright Night - movie DVD cover picture
Welcome to Fright Night!

If it wasn't for my mother I would probably not have seen this classic vampire film until late in my teens. I remember sitting down with her at about the ripe age of six or so. I was extremely intrigued by every action in this film, and now at the age of 19, this film has become a truly wonderful film to watch. William Ragsdale plays the teenage detective obsessing over his next door neighbor, stating that he positively is a creature of the night. Charley Brewster (ragsdale) then goes to his tv hero, Peter Vincent ( Roddy McDowall) the great vampire killer. Peter rejects Charley's belief and later Charley is forced to go in alone. Another great aspect of this film is the sly, seductive vampire, played by Chris Sarandon. I believe he plays the perfect vamp in this tale. I honestly think that if you are in the mood to rent a hip, fun, scary, and classic vampire flick, then this is the movie. Tom Holland does an excellent job in creating the fear and clinging that an audience demands in horror films. "Oh, Brewster, You're so Cool"!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Tom Holland
Chris Sarandon
William Ragsdale

DVD title: They Might Be Giants - Here Come The ABCs (With Exclusive Content)
Productgroup: DVD
They Might Be Giants - Here Come The ABCs (With Exclusive Content) - movie DVD cover picture
An instant favorite with my preschoolers

I thought that "Here Come the ABCs" might be boring for my kids since my two boys (2 and 3-1/2) already know their ABCs inside and out. Boy, was I wrong! They were absolutely glued to the set. Our older boy especially loves "Go for G" and starts running around the room when he hears "Go-go-go Go for G!". My younger boy loves "Rolling O" and yells out "Yaaaay! Big O!" (which is, of course, funny in itself). They both absolutely love "E Eats Everything" and would happily play it over and over again if we let them... good thing that Daddy and Mommy like this DVD as well, since it would appear that we'll be hearing it OFTEN!

Studio: Universal Music Video
They Might Be Giants

DVD title: Hair
Productgroup: DVD
Hair - movie DVD cover picture
All these years after it came out I still get chills...

I saw this at the theaters when it came out and have never forgotten it. It changed my teenage years by making me more aware of Vietnam, injustice, race relations, the hippie subculture and drugs. I wanted to meet these characters and be them. I know every song by heart having worn out my cassette tape at the time. I still listen to the music and watch the movie every year or so. Yes it is different from the play but it still is very moving. And I can't watch the last 20 minutes either.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Milos Forman
John Savage
Treat Williams

DVD title: Kiss - Live in Las Vegas
Productgroup: DVD
Kiss - Live in Las Vegas - movie DVD cover picture

I'm only a small step away from saying this was a waste of money. For starters, the Las Vegas concert seemed incredibly short (only 4 songs; there had to be more than that!), and much of the time, the audio track didn't match the video; not that it was sequenced badly, but with the exception of the band introduction and the banter with the audience in between songs, which were obviously live, it's like the music was culled from a totally different concert, or was touched up after the fact. Examples: watch closely and you'll see things in spots like Paul Stanley visibly singing into his mike and no vocals are heard; cymbal crashes on the drum track and Peter Criss is not even hitting the cymbals; explosion sounds happen nearly 3 seconds after the pyrotechnics were set off, etc.
On the upside, the video quality is great, with a "multicam" presentation available, showing the concert in 4 different camera angles; and the 5.1 surround sound is good (but again, is the music actually from the Vegas show? I have my doubts). There are an abundance of bonus materials here (which is why I gave this 3 stars; otherwise it would've gotten only 2), some interviews that were from the "Revenge"-era with Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer. The high point of the bonus materials is the concert footage of KISS-tribute band "Larger Than Life", who did a great job visually and musically; however, their excellent performance suffered greatly from the amateurish camera work and the murky, distorted sound.
Hardcore KISS fans will probably enjoy this, but more so for the bonus materials rather than the actual concert. If you're expecting a full-length show, you're in for a big letdown, because it ain't happening.

Studio: Passport Video

DVD title: Sex and the City - The Complete First, Second, and Third Seasons
Productgroup: DVD
Sex and the City - The Complete First, Second, and Third Seasons - movie DVD cover picture
Sex and the City

... "Sex And The City" is one of the BEST television series ever to grace the screen. The first 3 seasons are especially great. Brilliant television at its best. Thank you to all who have worked so hard to bring truly intelligent, funny, touching and integral television back with an edge that reminds us we're not children anymore. Television is evolving and "Sex And The City" is a series that will be remembered as being one of the first to break new ground and bring integrity back to TV.

Studio: HBO Home Video
Sarah Jessica Parker

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Knife of Dreams (Wheel of Time, Book 11)

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