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DVD title: Babe
Productgroup: DVD
Babe - movie DVD cover picture
If I had words (to make a day for you)...

What can I say about the movie that hasn't been said already? It is wonderful! And this DTS-DVD adds near-perfect picture quality, fine surround sound with more directional effects than "Apollo 13" and an outstanding orchestral score. Family entertainment at its best. // I've returned today, over one and a half years after I initially wrote the review above, to add some information because in the meantime I have purchased the German DVD release of the movie, which comes with an anamorphic widescreen transfer and DD 5.1 sound. While the Dolby Digital soundtrack (in English language) is clearly inferior to the DTS sound of this DVD here (the only time so far I've actually been able to determine an audible difference between DTS and DD 5.1), it needs to be said that the picture composition of this release does suffer from the pan&scan 4:3 transfer. While the image quality of this transfer can still be rated as excellent, is has become apparent to me that the sweeping landscapes look much better in widescreen. After all, it is what the filmmakers had intended. So if you own a 16x9 TV, you have to make up your mind between a great widescreen image of some other release of this movie and the outstanding DTS soundtrack of this one. If your TV is in 4:3, the choice may be a little easier.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Chris Noonan
Christine Cavanaugh
James Cromwell
Magda Szubanski

DVD title: Por la libre
Productgroup: DVD
Por la libre - movie DVD cover picture
review: dust to dust

I loved this movie! We watched it in my spanish class, and I had to go home and buy it. The story is wonderful, the acting is amazing, and the music is great. It takes place in mexico, and is about two fighting cousins whom take a road trip to alcapulco to fufill their recently deceasted grand fathers wishes. They enocounter many things along the way and find a common bond. I highly recomend this movie.

Director: Juan Carlos de Llaca

DVD title: Alias - The Complete First Season
Productgroup: DVD
Alias - The Complete First Season - movie DVD cover picture
ALIAS a fan favorite

ALIAS, in my opinion, was an instant classic from the moment it debuted in September 2001. ALIAS is a spy-thriller staring Jennifer Garner as double-agent Sydney Bristow.
Agent Sydney Bristow leads a double life, triple even at times working for SD-6, an enemy spy operation working within the United States. SD-6 claims to be a black book division of the CIA to it's employees and supporters when in reality it acts in it's own interests. Sydney Bristow, player by Garner (Felicity, Pear Harbor). Bristow learns that her father (played by Victor Garber), who she doesn't know all that well, works within SD-6 as well. They both work as double-agents and hand over top information about SD-6's missions to the CIA.
Sydney tries to lead a normal life as a university student and have friends but working as a double agent spy is no easy task.Bristow at the end of Season One learns that her mother had faked her death and is still alive acting as an enemy operative in Europe. The twists, turns and action packed episodes in this show will keep you on the edge of your seat.
You will fall in love with Alias immediately. X-Files is now off the air and you don't have to make the decision what to watch on Sundays at 9pm anymore. ALIAS is your only choice!

Studio: Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Jennifer Garner

DVD title: Ali MacGraw - Yoga Mind & Body
Productgroup: DVD
Ali MacGraw - Yoga Mind & Body - movie DVD cover picture
Your mind and body are instantly taken away to serenity.

As a beginner, I found this video to be very easy. I look forward to jumping out of bed each morning and get myself going. Just from the background scene's, the music, and the calm soothing voice of Erich Schiffman, you are instantly taken away to another place. To a warm, peaceful, calm, place where you feel so much energy. The only part I had a problem with was the tree pose, but after doing it a few times, you get the hang of it. The easy instuctions that Erich gives you makes you go into the poses with ease. I highly recommend it.

Studio: Warner Home Video

DVD title: Real Genius
Productgroup: DVD
Real Genius - movie DVD cover picture
Caltech undercover

This underrated and unappreciated film is a classic example of how the only way to make a good comedy is to treat the subject matter seriously.
Rather than adding to the well-deserved praise given by other reviewers, lemme give you a bit of background. "Pacific Tech" is, of course, Caltech. Although it has no access from closets, there really is an "infinite storeroom" under the old dorms. Though it's unlikely someone could set up their own lab and hide down there, it's not altogether impossible.
The young hyperactive student who can't sleep and knits at night really exists. She was modelled after the wife of a co-worker at Data I/O corporation. She and her husband attended Caltech at the time "Real Genius" was made.
The crazy stuff (such as putting a car in someone's room) is not far-removed from the truth. Such pranks are comitted on Senior Ditch Day. They're usually even weirder than those shown in the film.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Martha Coolidge
Val Kilmer

DVD title: Monstruos, Inc. (Monsters, Inc. - Spanish Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Monstruos, Inc. (Monsters, Inc. - Spanish Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
It's soooo cute....

The best adjective I can use to describe this movie is "heart-warming". The dynamic duo of Billy Crystal and John Goodman really bring life to Mike and Sully on screen. This was a really fun film to watch. It's really funny to see how monsters live a humanlike life and possess human emotions. They work out, go to work, worry about their performance, etc.
Monster's Inc. is a company that derives energy for the monster world from the screams of children in the human world. But children nowadays are becoming harder and harder to scare, so there's a real crisis going on in the monster world. The fun begins when a human child (Boo) accidentally follows a monster into the monster world. Monsters think humans are like viruses and are toxic and lethal. But Boo is just too cute, and soon Mike and Sully sort of adopt her and want to bring her safely back home before the evil monsters (who have a plan of their own for Boo) get a hold of her.
I think kids and adults will like this film. I think it's definitely a family film. Watch it!

Studio: Walt Disney Home Video
John Goodman
Billy Crystal

DVD title: Dawson's Creek - The Series Finale (Extended Cut)
Productgroup: DVD
Dawson's Creek - The Series Finale (Extended Cut) - movie DVD cover picture

I have been a fan of "Dawson's Creek" from the very first episode. I started watching the show because it aired after "Buffy the Vampires Slayer" and there was nothing else on the air. Well after the first couple of episodes I fell in love with the show. It actually had characters that you could care about (even if they were a little unrealistic at time, I would like to meet a 15 year-old that says the word monogomy). By the time the second season premired I was hooked and I stayed hooked until the very last episode.
Over the course of my childhood (I was 11 when Dawson started) there are three TV shows that i will remember watching every week, never missing an episode (except for one, 127/128 isn't bad). I will remember how the character's grew, loved, laughed, and cried. I will remeber reading the books because i couldn't stand the long rerun filled summers. Yes, Dawson's Creek was one of those shows, it was that good.
The story of Dawson's Creek is very simple (but at the same time very involved). The show is about 5 kids (season 2-4 it was 6)who grew up together in the small fictional town of Capeside, and then later moved to the big city to go to college together. Thoughout high-school they taught themsleves and each other many differnt and inportant life lessons. There's Dawson the doe-eyed dreamer who thinks of life as one big movie. There's Joey who is the classic girl-next-door with the heart bigger than the world. Pacey the Tomcat, but who has his deep secrets. Jen, the bad girl from New York who is sent to live with her Grandmother to settle down. Jack, the [alternative lifestyle] guy who spends the show trying to figure out who the hell he is. And Finally Andie. Throughout six years they went from immature blind high-school freshman's to informed, mature, and collected Collge Sophomores.
When "All good things.... must come to an end" starts it has been 5 long years since the kids were last together making Dawson biographical story. Joey has become a successful book editor in New York City, and a long sabatical in France. Dawson has his own series "The Creek." Pacey owns the new "Ice House" in Capeside. Jack is a High School English Teacher. And Jen is a single mom still living with Grams. They all return to Capeside for Gail wedding, the the reunion is a happy one full of joy and old feelings, until the unthinkable happens... Jen collapses on the ground, and it comes to find out that she is going to die and very soon.
The rest of the episode reloves around Jen and the group dealing with the fact that she is going to die, and they relize how lucky they all are and they grow-up really quick and right. Jen dieing makes them all grow up and relize time is precious and the drama is not worth it, even Grams learns alot from her granddaughter. Grams even has the honor of the line that actually made me break down crying; after Jen dies she says "I'll see you soon, darleing... soon." I couldn't help it, it was just so emotional and real. With Jen's death Jack realizes that he needs to be responsible now that he's a father (he adopts Jen's daughter) and he finally settles down with the perfect guy. Joey realizes that even though her and Dawson are and always be soul mates, that she still belongs with Pacey.
I was never a fan of the Pacey/Joey relationship, i actually protested it alot, but in the end i found it a fitting ending to the tv show. The ending i would have like to have seen would have been Dawson/Jen, Pacey/Andie, and Joey finally free. I can't wait to see the director's cut off the end to this fantastic episode. I know that some of the cut scenes involves Andy at Gales Wedding, Andy and Pacey takling on the Harbor, Flashbacks from years past and where the characters have been for the last 5 years, and a scene where the core 5 group share there last fun time together (not at the Ice House). Well looks like the kids "Didn't have to wait [til] there lives were over" after all.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom

DVD title: Pimps Up, Ho's Down
Productgroup: DVD
Pimps Up, Ho's Down - movie DVD cover picture

This is a documentary on the world of pimps and prostitutes. Two of the pimps featured in here, Don "Magic" Juan(A FORMER pimp) and "Snooky"('98 Pimp of the Year) to me stand out. Don Magic Juan is so unbelievably hilarious! He was in a store talking to a young man who was reading a book all about pimping, and Don Juan sais to him, "Hey man, go to school, study hard and get yourself a good job, don't do what i'm doin'. 'Cause when you start pimpin' man, WHEW!! Hey man, it'll be more work usin' your mind than it would be liftin' this whole building! I mean, Pimpin' ain't easy but I know somebody's gotta do it!" I don't know, me personally, that one kept me laughing for about a week straight. The pimps in this documentary speak very blatantly. Sometimes, it can come across as very harsh and cold hearted to someone who's not familiar with pimp lingo. But what attracts me to this documentary is the flashiness of the way the pimps dress, the way they talk, and how they come right out and tell you, "Yeah, I do that, yeah I do this!!" And come on, what guy doesn't fantasize about having five female celebrities all to themselves the way these pimps have women for them? The other pimp in this movie to look for if you want to be royally entertained aside from Snooky and Don Juan is Mr. Whitefolks.

Studio: Mti Home Video
Director: Brent Owens

DVD title: Zorba the Greek
Productgroup: DVD
Zorba the Greek - movie DVD cover picture
ZORBA LIVES IT UP....I'm jealous.

"A man needs a little madness." - Alexis Zorba. And so is the tale of a seemingly crude and boorish man, or that may be the manner in which he is viewed by those very people Zorba would never want to be. Living with every emotion on his sleeve, Zorba watches a young struggling writer working restoring a mine with him open like a an emotional flower under his careful "tutelage" which revolves around dancing in joy and sorrow, living life every single minute and never fearing the inevitable ending of life. (How's that for a run on sentence? Ah, but it is the Greek way!). This film is simply wonderful and I am surprised it isn't shown more often in its entire form. I feel Zorba, like so many of our old favorites, should have a re-release on the big screen. We have forgotten how to live like this.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Michael Cacoyannis
Anthony Quinn
Alan Bates

DVD title: Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
Productgroup: DVD
Romy and Michele's High School Reunion - movie DVD cover picture

those dumb blondes are so loveable and sexy that this is the best everyday movie . those voices are hilarious!! YOU Couldnt help it if you had scoliosis!!! HA !Ha The squeaking back brace is a killer

Studio: Touchstone Video
Director: David Mirkin
Mira Sorvino
Lisa Kudrow

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