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DVD title: Freddy Got Fingered
Productgroup: DVD
Freddy Got Fingered - movie DVD cover picture

First of all ! I'm an animator, so watching this movie made me follow each part of it soooo carefully !! I can say that I match the character and what he had in his life with me :) really !!!! quitting his job, people complaining of what he does ! I mean being an animator !! AND THE BIG ONE MATCHES ME is that his brother is a Banker !!!! I had this chance to be a banker but I left it to become an animator !!!! and much much more from Gord Brody's life in this AMAZING movie ... I can say that this movie ... is a treasure .. it has advices it has many great things you learn from mixed with comedian sense !!!! It's my BEST MOVIE EVER !!!!

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Tom Green (III)
Tom Green (III)
Rip Torn

DVD title: Cesar Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Grappling Instructional Series
Productgroup: DVD
Cesar Gracie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu & Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Grappling  Instructional Series - movie DVD cover picture
cesar gracie brazilian Jiu-jitsu

This is a must have. I have been studying BJJ for years and I pulled 5 pages of notes off of this set. These were techniques or aspects of techniques that I did not know. I use three techniques a night in class to practice and I received taps every time so far.

Studio: Ultimate Imports LTD
Director: Ultimate Imports

DVD title: Psycho
Productgroup: DVD
Psycho - movie DVD cover picture
I loved it!

I loved the remake. It was just as good as the original, and I loved the original. It was just as artistic and lyrical as the original. There were a few added touches that just made the movie even better. Anne Heche and Vince Vaughan both lived up to the acting of Janet Leigh and Anthony Perkins. I loved it!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Gus Van Sant
Vince Vaughn
Anne Heche

DVD title: Big Daddy
Productgroup: DVD
Big Daddy - movie DVD cover picture
Adam Sandler Is Funny Once Again!

This movie rules! When it came out in theaters I saw it and I liked it so much I saw it twice! If you love Adam Sandler then you will love Big Daddy!

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Dennis Dugan
Adam Sandler
Joey Lauren Adams

DVD title: Breathless
Productgroup: DVD
Breathless - movie DVD cover picture
We still haven't caught our breath.

The film that validated the French New Wave and consummated the now-ubiquitous cin?ma v?rit?, "fly-on-the-wall" cinematography of modern independent film, Jean-Luc Godard's debut feature Breathless, as influential as it's obviously been (one need only gaze as far back as the extended bedroom scene of 2002's "Late Marriage" to catch a recognizable echo of its ingenuity), still remains as challenging today as it must have been in 1959. Stylistically, the jagged editing technique is what will always call the most attention to itself: Godard chose to snip out small pockets of celluloid almost arbitrarily between most of the action and dialogue, ostensibly to cut down the running time, but effectively to mimic the erratic, shallow attention span of his characters. In turn, the deliberateness of this device tends to distract from the essential simplicity of Godard's narrative, about a killer on the run (Jean-Paul Belmondo) who plots to flee the country with his Parisian lover (Jean Seberg). Revisiting this quaint work of artistry today reveals that Godard, in his vision of existentialist ennui and contemporary youth, has never really been intellectually surpassed in this subject matter by any subsequent film directors. For one matter, his picture's visual impudence alone renders most other cin?ma v?rit? timid in comparison. It's one of the few films of its kind that actually dares to appear as clumsy as possible.

Studio: Fox Lorber
Director: Jean-Luc Godard
Jean-Paul Belmondo
Jean Seberg

DVD title: Space 1999, Set 5
Productgroup: DVD
Space 1999, Set 5 - movie DVD cover picture
Space 1999 fan for over 20 years

The first season of space 1999 is simply great atmospheric sifi. season2 is terrible by comparison.But I still recommend fans of space 1999 to buy the season2 dvds.Space 1999 lives on. I also recommend the new space 1999 novels that are coming out.I am glad space 1999 has renewed intrest.

Studio: A & E Home Video
Tony Anholt

DVD title: The Miracle Worker
Productgroup: DVD
The Miracle Worker - movie DVD cover picture
such a great teacher film

The most amazing thing about the film version of "The Miracle Worker" is its absolutely timeless quality. It still holds up beautifully for a film that's almost 40 years old.
I've seen "The Miracle Worker" probably a dozen times. And it never gets tiring, boring, or unemotional. In fact, I dare say that after each viewing, I pick up more details and the tears still come neither cheaply yet more freely than they did when I first saw it years ago.
The Oscar-winning performances by Anne Bancroft and Patty Duke are shattering, the grainy flashback and dream sequences involving Bancroft's character, Annie Sullivan are wonderfully spooky -- and the fabulously haunting score by Laurence Rosenthal adds a perfect counterbalance to "The Miracle Worker," bringing emotional resonance to an otherwise purposely unsentimental telling of the Helen Keller story. Yet while I say it's unsentimental, the ending is arguably sentimental, which is why the devastating last 10 minutes are so wonderful. The film covers only the short period leading up to Helen Keller's breakthrough to others as a child of intelligence instead of a child who is mentally handicapped. She is "simply" deaf and blind.
Director Arthur Penn, who later went onto to lens his classic, "Bonnie and Clyde (1967), did a wonderful thing translating William Gibson's play to the visual language of cinema. There isn't a flaw I can detect with this film, especially his pans, dissolves, double exposures and grainy images with the dream sequences. It's a remarkable portend of things to come for this director, and frankly, I enjoy "The Miracle Worker" a lot more than "Bonnie and Clyde," an acknowledged classic that for me, is more recognized for its counter-establishment storytelling style and the shocking violence depicted at the time. That "Bonnie and Clyde" made the American Film Institute's "greatest 100 films ever made list" and the "Miracle Worker" did not is the greater shock. If you go over the list and see some of the junky films that made it on the basis of "name" instead of quality, you almost retch.
. Sharing the New York stage with Patty Duke in 1960, and the producer's insistence that Bancroft be kept as the lead for the film version of "The Miracle Worker" over bankable names like Elizabeth Taylor or Audrey Hepburn is the stuff dreams are made of. Then of course, Bancroft gets her Oscar and does a couple of forgettable things in between (excepting the mean-spirited but worth watching "The Pumpkin Eater"), before landing the role that is as big to film history as Scarlett O'Hara....Mrs. Robinson in "The Graduate!"
One scene I must comment's the famous long sequence in the dining room where no more than perhaps five lines of dialogue are uttered by Bancroft. It is relentlessly physical, a dazzling and exhausting battle of wills, so entrancing a show by Bancroft and Duke as they run around the room, spoons thrown, with every object getting trashed. It is violence in a different form, one with an extremely productive purpose that makes it impossible to avert your eyes. It's mesmerizing.
In sum, this film is a treasure that pops up on television from time to time, but it's also a film that is worth owning in all of its widescreen glory and to view the trailer offered on the DVD. Do you know why so many people rent movies instead of buying them? It's because so few films are worth watching more than once and some believe it's not worth the extra money to own them.
Well, for under [...], "The Miracle Worker" is comparable to what it costs to see a film in a theater these days, and there's no doubt in my mind that this film is worth putting into your library.
Perhaps my only regret, as an Oscar buff, is that the film wasn't nominated for Best Picture. I don't mind that "Lawrence of Arabia" won that year (another classic), but to see it get bumped for a Best Pix nomination by the inferior Brando remake of "Mutiny on the Bounty" kind of makes you scratch your head.
The passage of time, and hindsight, will do that to 'ya... Just ask people who wonder why Judy Garland lost an Oscar in 1954 for "A Star is Born" to the "dressed down" performance Grace Kelly gives in "The Country Girl." There's no rhyme or reason for such things. You simply have to be satisfied knowing that "The Miracle Worker" is one of the most greatest American films ever made...

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: Arthur Penn
Anne Bancroft
Patty Duke

DVD title: Little Britain - The Complete First Series
Productgroup: DVD
Little Britain - The Complete First Series - movie DVD cover picture
Look Into My Eyes....

I have to agree... C'mon Amazon give us our Little Britain!! While visiting my fiance in England in February I was sucked into the crazy hysterical world of Little Britain. Ever since I came back to the States I've been searching and searching for the show on DVD. Then last week a blip in the paper said the first season was YES YES YES going to be released on August 16th.. So where is it? I know I would pre-order this just as quickly as I did the first season of Lost. So.. look into my eyes not around my eyes... You're under ... Now Amazon.. put Little Britain up for pre-order so we can keep on laughing... OK you're out..

Studio: BBC

DVD title: Menace II Society
Productgroup: DVD
Menace II Society - movie DVD cover picture
The most powerful movie I have ever seen!!!!

Its absaloutly a terrific movie.Its one of the best films ive seen.Its got a very intese ending,and very powerful acting.The movie shows what the real world is like and it shows how realistic and vielent it can be.

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Tyrin Turner
Larenz Tate

DVD title: Idle Hands
Productgroup: DVD
Idle Hands - movie DVD cover picture
best horror slash comedy movie ever

This Movie is the greatest movie ever. The movie has good music funny and great acting jessica alba is really hot and is great the hand is preetty good too a must buy when you see it once you'll want to see it again a dar n good movie

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Rodman Flender
Devon Sawa
Seth Green
Elden Henson

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