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DVD title: Savannah Smiles
Productgroup: DVD
Savannah Smiles - movie DVD cover picture

I recently typed a review for this movie. After doing so I was talking to my sister about not being able to find it. Well for Christmas what did I receive from her?---Savannah Smiles! Thanks Kim! You really did pay too much for it, but thanks!

Studio: Hen's Tooth Video
Director: Pierre De Moro

DVD title: Frank Herbert's Dune (TV Miniseries) (Director's Cut Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Frank Herbert's Dune (TV Miniseries) (Director's Cut Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Good transition between book to movie

I thought this movie was far supirior then David Lynches version. This went pretty well along with the book for what they could do, the biggest thing was Paul was only 15 at the beginning of the book, but this didn't bother me since they wanted to use the same actor for the entire mini-series. Some said Alec Newman was wooden as his portrail of Paul "Maud dib" Atraties, but in the book he seemed very introspective as he seemed in the movie. Otherwise if you have an extra 5 and half hours to spend, spend it with this.

Studio: Lions Gate Home Entertainment
William Hurt

DVD title: Holiday Heart
Productgroup: DVD
Holiday Heart - movie DVD cover picture
Teaches us all a lesson

Ving Rhames and Alfre Woodard are compelling in this drama. Ving is a man that played a role that I am almost sure no other man would have tried. This movie lets you know that there are still people out there that will take care of you and give you another chance at life if you give them the chance to show you they care about you.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Robert Townsend

DVD title: Sixteen Candles
Productgroup: DVD
Sixteen Candles - movie DVD cover picture
Wonderfully Funny and Charming 80's Teen Flick.

Sixteen Candles is a very very funny movie. It's one of the "Brat Pack" movies from the 80's...and this one focuses on a character played by Molly Ringwald, who is extremly winning her her role. The movie is basically about a girl who has a crush on a guy, who's girlfriend is a blonde bombshell. The movie is just extremly funny and's not like "Meatballs", which was a 1980's teen flick, but just used really bad crude humor that I coulnd't find funny, and nobody that I know to this day can watch that one. Anyway...Anthony Michael Hall is also awesome in his role as "Ted The Geek". Look for Joan Cusack during the movie as the kid with the dental work...she's very very funny, although she only has 3 words to say.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: John Hughes
Molly Ringwald
Anthony Michael Hall

DVD title: Tenchi Forever - Tenchi the Movie
Productgroup: DVD
Tenchi Forever - Tenchi the Movie - movie DVD cover picture
depressing but good

this was a good movie, the end was sad for me though, I am a really big fan of the one who got the boot at the end, I was crying, they never even considered her feelings, okay movie though, it was not as dirty as the rating, but I suggest you listen to it anyways, the music was fantastic but the drawing style was a little different then in the previous movies, but not to the extent of tenchi in tokyo (yuk) I just cant belive that this is the last one, the ending still leaves me wondering about the future, I am not satisfyed! luv the chase music though!

Studio: Pioneer Video
Director: Hiroshi Negishi

DVD title: Goodnight Moon and Other Sleepytime Tales
Productgroup: DVD
Goodnight Moon and Other Sleepytime Tales - movie DVD cover picture

This is an A+ video. I love it myself! The spanish narrator has the most soft voice. It is described so beautifully. the music is superb. My non-spanish speaking son loves it too.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Amy Schatz

DVD title: Love Laughs at Andy Hardy
Productgroup: DVD
Love Laughs at Andy Hardy - movie DVD cover picture
fine entry

Good entry in the Andy Hardy series. Andy returns from WW2 service, and finds his parents and Aunt Milly have set him on a date with Polly Benedict's perky cousin (Lina Romay).
Romay is a great singer and dancer here, and looks fabulous. The supporting cast of Lewis Stone, Fay Holden and Sara Haden are fine too, and Rooney slips back into Andy like an old glove.
Also featuring Bonita Granville, LOVE LAUGHS AT ANDY HARDY is one of the best in the series.

Studio: Gotham Distribution
Director: Willis Goldbeck

DVD title: The Matrix
Productgroup: DVD
The Matrix - movie DVD cover picture
Dances with bullets

This is a brilliant film in some ways. It is also a deeply disturbing film in other ways. It is brilliant in the technical execution, the pacing, the atmosphere and tension it creates. It is deeply disturbing in the way it blends religion, violence, reality and fiction.
Most of the fascination of this film comes from the American myths it employs to capture the audience. There is the fight for freedom from suppression (what the American Revolution was all about), there is the individual who fights for self-actualization (the self-made man), there is the savior who defeats the empire of evil (the Christian motif), there is romantic love as individual fate (the Hollywood myth). Engrossed as we are, watching these myths unfold in a new story, we do not realize that we enter a matrix of our own making. It is right there in front of us on the screen, or rather, in our heads.
"The Matrix" shows us a world that we are supposed to take for real while we are watching. Without our knowing it, we tend to accept the values and myths promoted by the film. That is no problem as far as quintessentially American myths are concerned. But the film also promotes violence as an attractive and appropriate means for solving problems. And not only that. In my opinion, the film also asks us to believe that a savior has the right to kill in order to liberate other people from their wrong beliefs. The disturbing part about this thought is that radicals of all hues (Muslim radicals, Christian radicals, Hindu radicals, Fascists, Communists, you name them) think the same - "a savior has the right to kill in order to liberate other people from their wrong beliefs."
Bob Herbert, a columnist in the New York Times, recently wrote an article about violence in America from which I would like to quote a few lines: "The nation is saturated with violence. Thousands upon thousands of murders are committed each year. There are more than 200 million guns in circulation. Murder is so routine, including the killing of children, it doesn't even warrant serious news coverage in most cases. We don't know what to do about all this violence. We don't know how to process it. We don't even know how to cover it. We sensationalize it, glamorize it, eroticize it. We are fascinated, not by the victims (or by the people with serious ideas about how we might prevent some of this violence) but by the killers."
As much as I admire "The Matrix" as a film, I think the message it conveys and the beauty of its slow-motion killing scenes contribute to the problem of violence in America. If anything, this film glamorizes violence. And to top it all, it presents the man who fires bullets so skilfully as a savior in the Christian vein: "Neo", the "new man", "The One", reborn after having been shot dead, rising to the skies to liberate us all.

Studio: Warner Studios
Keanu Reeves
Laurence Fishburne
Carrie-Anne Moss

DVD title: Star Wars - Episode II, Attack of the Clones (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Star Wars - Episode II, Attack of the Clones (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
One Of the Best Star Wars Movies EVER!!!!

This movie is everything that 'star wars' fans have been waiting for! The movie starts out on couracunt. its a bit slw at first, but then it starts to pick up. as obi-wan trys to find out about a simple assasination plot, he soon stumbles on to a conspiracy to destroy the republic from within and planned by no other than DARTH SIDIOUS!!! With out revealing any spoilers, this movies reveals things you probaly would have never thought of. there is to much action to describe in this breif review but belive me, your jaw will drop when you watch the first battle of the clone wars, or when Yoda draws his lightsaber about to attack Datrth Tyranus, the second most powerful sith lord ever!!!! all of the actors do a prtetty good job in character. the special effects of this movie are amaing. Yoda is entirly digital, no more puppet!!! he looks so real and yet.... Lucas does a better job than i could have imagined!!!! dont forget to buy the soundtrack, the very back bone of star wars is the music, after episode 1, i thought that there was nothing that john willams could have done that would be original and unique, but i was shocked when i bought the sound track. Over all, i hope that you buy this movie and if you like love storys, action, mystery, and war in a scifi style, this is a movie for you.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: George Lucas
Ewan McGregor
Natalie Portman

DVD title: Once Upon a Time in America (Limited Edition Collector's Set)
Productgroup: DVD
Once Upon a Time in America  (Limited Edition Collector's Set) - movie DVD cover picture

This film is one of the best i have seen in all my years of living!The performances are out of this world with the great Robert De Niro taking the lead role.The costumes and set up of scenery are stunning and the story is one that has and will touch many peoples hearts for years to come. This is one film that will never cease to amaze- this brilliant story of friendship during the prohibitation era makes you think and the continous flashbacks going over period of four decades gives the best impact on the viewer to understanding the characters and the harsh times they have gone through.The music score is fantastic and I recommend to anyone who hasn't seen this film should see it without a doubt!ENJOY

Studio: Creative Design Art,
Director: Sergio Leone
Robert De Niro
James Woods

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