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DVD title: Home Alone
Productgroup: DVD
Home Alone - movie DVD cover picture
Home Alone is great

I seen that video Home Alone with Kevin McCallister {Macaulay Culkin} and when they ate pizzas at night for dinner Buzz ate Kevin's pizza on purpose and Kevin's brother Buzz told him to get a plate and he was running mad and knocked the milks on the family's passports and Kevin's mother Kate {Catherine O'Hara} yelled, "What's the matter with you!" "Kevin Upstairs," Peter McCallister {John Heard} Kevin's dad yelled. They left without him on a family vacation to Paris on an airplane.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox
Director: Chris Columbus
Macaulay Culkin
Joe Pesci
Daniel Stern

DVD title: The Art of Violin: The Devil's Instrument - Transcending the Violin
Productgroup: DVD
The Art of Violin: The Devil's Instrument - Transcending the Violin - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent historical perspective

Purchased this DVD at the suggestion of my son's violin instructor. This DVD contains numerous interviews of several reknowned violinists (including Itzhak Perlman who gives a wonderfully entertaining, insightful and heart-felt commentary) on the "violin masters" of the 20th century.
I especially enjoyed a performance brought together by the filmmaker which was comprised of a seamless sequence of audio and video montages, sections of which were performed by differing masters allowing the viewer to directly compare and contrast the unique sounds and playing style of each master. Bravo!
I purchased this DVD to inspire my 12-year old son to in his violin practice and performance as well as to provide some wonderful musical role models. This DVD definitely fit the bill. In fact, now I am ready to take up the violin too!

Studio: Wea/Nvc Arts
Director: Bruno Monsaingeon

DVD title: Caddyshack
Productgroup: DVD
Caddyshack - movie DVD cover picture
A must have!

A great golf film. Even better because it is a comedy that pokes fun at the environment where I earn my living.
If you don't like this film then you are probably portrayed by one of the characters in the film. In which case you should lighten up a bit.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Harold Ramis
Chevy Chase
Rodney Dangerfield
Bill Murray

DVD title: Gordon Lightfoot - Live in Reno
Productgroup: DVD
Gordon Lightfoot - Live in Reno - movie DVD cover picture
Better than being there

My wife and I have seen Gord several times and have loved the experience. This DVD gives us the opportunity to experience the concert whenever we'd like.
Audio and video are supurb, the DTS 5.1 mix is especially smooth and lifelike.
Typical Gord Gold!
Buy this DVD!

Studio: Image Entertainment
Gordon Lightfoot

DVD title: Black Hawk Down
Productgroup: DVD
Black Hawk Down - movie DVD cover picture
Guns,Guns,Death and Guns

Blackhawk down is a thrilling war movie on the bloodbath of the 1991 crisis in Somalia. Where 21 Americans were killed and over 1000 somalia were KIA. Though there was a lot of gore (my favorite part was with the minigun) I loved the action and suspense put into play by the directors. I give it five stars and two thumbs up

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Ridley Scott
Josh Hartnett

DVD title: The Green Mile
Productgroup: DVD
The Green Mile - movie DVD cover picture
Well worth the three hours

It's not too often a movie comes out that's a little over three hours long but is still able to absorb you for every minute of it. This movie pulls off that trick. Mostly it's because of the characters--the gigantic faith healer stuck on death row for two murders he may not have done; a sadistic, mean-spirited guard who enjoys mentally torturing prisoners; a Cajun with a magic mouse, and a truly evil killer who appears to be unconcerned about his impeding execution. Hanks, as almost always, does a fine job, as do the lesser-known actors (such as David Morse) who play the other guards. Good film, with obvious religious overtones (the faith-healer prisoner's initials are J.C.; get it?) You'll enjoy this one, I promise.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Frank Darabont
Tom Hanks
Michael Clarke Duncan

DVD title: The Woman in Black
Productgroup: DVD
The Woman in Black - movie DVD cover picture

This is easily the finest ghost story film I've seen. It is genuinely creepy, and there are several scenes that border on the horrific. The film actually made me cringe in fear. I don't scare easily, and this is one of three movies that have frightened me enough to temporarily suspend my very solid sense of disbelief in the supernatural. If you like ghost stories, if you enjoy horror movies, then this one should be a part of your collection.

Studio: Bfs Entertainment & Multimedia
Director: Herbert Wise

DVD title: Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Third Season
Productgroup: DVD
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Complete Third Season - movie DVD cover picture
a great dvd set

As an avid Buffy fan, I could not wait for the series to come out on dvd. I own all three seasons and cannot wait to purchase the rest of them. I feel that season three was one of the best seasons of the show. We see Buffy fight Faith, another slayer, graduate from high school and save the world, yet again. We also see the sad departure of Angel, who is sadly missed on the show. A great dvd set one can watch again and again.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Sarah Michelle Gellar
David Boreanaz
Eliza Dushku

DVD title: Roots
Productgroup: DVD
Roots - movie DVD cover picture
A story you will never forget

It took me a long time to decide to watch the Roots collection of videos. But all I had been told about the story could not, in any way, prepare me for what I was about to watch. It's a real tear-jerker. How human beings can be so cruel to others because of their skin colour is totally beyond me. I'm almost ashamed to say I am white!
I have actually visited the small town of Juferre - close to the Gambia, Africa and met one of Kunta Kinte's living descendants. Seeing her brought the whole story back for me.

Studio: Warner Studios
Levar Burton

DVD title: Fight Club (Single Disc Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Fight Club (Single Disc Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Cinematic Genious

`Fight Club' is a superb filmmaking achievement. It is brutal, innovative, raw, realistic, and extremely powerful. You could not ask more from the actors. Edward Norton once again portrays a psyche in delicate imbalance with potent and believable intensity. Brad Pitt moves to the far side of diabolical and excels in making his character both warped and charismatic. Helena Bonham Carter also shines as the Tyler's pathetic and parasitic girl friend.
`Fight Club' takes some of the most pernicious elements of societal dysfunction and wraps them up into a single imaginative well crafted and entertaining film. We have elements of gang behavior, cultism, anarchy, terrorism and debauchery all glorified in the name of iconoclasm. Exciting, seductive and subversive. How utterly cool and hip!
So now comes the twist. I hated this film. It is a monument to everything that is wrong with filmmaking today. It is clever and technically superb but philosophically and socially bereft. Its attempt at social satire, while effective and visceral, was destructive and noxious. I also can't help but notice the extreme irony of using satire against consumerism as the theme for inducing the masses to buy tickets to consume your film.
At what point does a film cross the line between art and depravity? `Fight Club' is a brilliant but dangerous film that begs the question. If art is a reflection of a society's culture and values, then when I look at this film I have to be frightened at what is staring back at me. When I reflect on some of the most popular films of the last five years, I can't help but notice the accelerating celebration of random and impulsive violence, depravity, decadence, and pure bad taste. `Fight Club' has pushed the envelope once again to find a new pinnacle (or should I say nadir) in the portrayal of these corrosive elements of societal dissolution.
It's comical how many people think it is avant-guard to attack the establishment, as if this is a concept only recently conceived. `Fight Club' is just the latest rallying cry to anarchy in a long line of such cries that have plagued society throughout human history. It always seems to be a romantic notion for everyone to be totally free and just live "naturally" (like animals) until one of those animals decides that it is you whom it might be fun to kill today. It doesn't seem to occur to those who extol the sardonic message of such films, that they simultaneously promote and lionize societal destabilization, and that anarchy and mayhem are much less fun in real life than when you are watching them in the air conditioned comfort of your local movie house. Just ask the kids at Columbine High School.
I like dark movies as much or more than the next guy, but this film simply goes too far. There is nothing wrong with criticizing the establishment. Constructive criticism is the only way to bring about progressive change. But this film is merely vulgar cynicism that suggests that mayhem is preferable to imperfect culture. That is grossly irresponsible.
So I am placed in the paradoxical position of admiring this film while I must condemn it. As a flickjunkie I must stand in awe of it as a filmmaking accomplishment. But as a human being concerned with the greater good of the species, I must cry out against it. How far are we willing to go in the name of entertainment? Are we so myopic as to demand entertainment at any cost? I guess we will see when someone raises the ante and the next shock treatment comes to a theater near you.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: David Fincher
Edward Norton
Brad Pitt

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