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DVD title: House of Wax (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
House of Wax (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Holy Bajesus What An Awesome Movie

I don't know why I got hooked on this movie, but ever since I saw the trailer for it I needed to see it! I went with my brother and he somehow hated it. It is by far my favorite movie and I can't wait for the DVD!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
Elisha Cuthbert
Chad Michael Murray
Paris Hilton

DVD title: Monty Python's Life of Brian - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Monty Python's Life of Brian - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Only Biggus would not laugh at this movie

What with all the to-do about the now on DVD Mel
Gibson-directed film, I've gone to the original source
material, which it, by way of the Marquis de Sade and
Lucio Fulci, paid homage-- "The Life of Brian." Monty
Python has given us a movie that is somewhat different
than the remake. And far more meaningful. It is on Anchor
Bay DVD; it looks beautiful; it is a delight that has stood
up well over time

Brian is a savior of the moment, by wondrous silly mistake.
The silliness continues, and the sweetness. It is an innocent,
endearing movie, hilarious, but about difficult things,
making superb observations, done so beautifully and on a
wide, rich, satisfying and full canvass--a human film about
all of us. It is the giving of an "ah come on, can't we all be
mates about this?"

Never mocking. More of a young child's unknowing
honest wisdom when asking questions others would rather
not have to hear or try to answer. It says if you take the
cant away, depending on which cant you wish taken away,
there is a reward--it is called being a person; it is called
having a good time; all indwelling in a certain expansive,
generous daffiness that there is such need of in our grim
days of now when everything is so unbearably, many times,
so stupidly and horribly serious.

Stern scary rhetoric and iron fists, nothing new, certainly,
can't really hold a candle to Brian. Though they would
surely like to. The movie overwhelms you with easiness,
with laconic dragonflies in the sun "all having fun." With
everything tossed into a satirical pot (no pun intended),
including even a hilarious nod to the space jockeys of those
"Chariots of the Gods?" books. It tells us that a cool soda
is bracing on a too hot, too angry boil sun of a summer
day. It is not a polemic, nor a shaft of cruel rhetoric. The
film is in the best mode of tonic.

There's even a snappy tune to whistle to at the film's end.
There is no snappy tune in the current remake. You
wonder how it all happened--the stories, the parables, the
mishearing, the guessing, the human need to believe
something, anything, the desire not to be what Brian tells
people they must be, as they parrot his words, not seeing at
all how thick they are being. It's all here. And much of it
probably is just very close to what really did happen. In
British of course. After all, most films on that place and
time are. I was 18 before it really hit me--the silliness of
Christian movie and TV "British Israel." Honest.

Only here the Brits speak modern day. And the
anachronisms goofily overflow. Brian is perhaps a kind of
savior. He doesn't want to be, Lord knows. He knows so
much, more than he wishes he did, is so perplexed by all
the madness surrounding him, even to the very end, and is
above all else kind, and constantly unsure of himself, many
times embarrassed, and genuinely humble. None of that
mock-humble stuff. If anyone would just listen to him. He
deserves that at least. There is not one moment of
meanness in it.

Many other movies and books on the topic can't lay this
claim. It puts the movie "modern day" sensibility of the
time on ancient Israel. As people of anywhere always put
their own sensibilities and times on any history. Showing
that the ludicrousness can be turned to a golden, glowing
warmth that tickles and makes you happy. It says we're
here for such a short time; couldn't we try to be just a little
more pleasant to ourselves and each other? Such a simple
thing. So elusive.

It is a return to memories of days, in filmic and print
history, at least, when peace and love really meant what
they said, not exactly the opposite. It made me reflect,
want to be more gentle than I too have been in a while.

It is a knockabout movie. At times, on purpose, sappy.
Smart and sharp; it is enduring. Eric Idle is especially
wonderful as all those different characters. The film is a
memory glass of yesterday. Mellowed and friendly and
fine. So if you're tired of having a very stiff neck, and
seeing an actor re-enact being tortured slowly to death in
gory detail, or hearing and reading about it endlessly, this
film is a definite re-threading of the brain.

It's supposed to be about ideals, this whole tapestry of the
human heart, isn't it? And at least the attempt to live up to
one or two of them? And make it a little easier for our
brothers and sisters, as frightened and as human as we? At
least, I used to think that was what it meant.

I'd rather the lessons from Brian any time. Python, in
turning it all on its head, makes it make sense. A blessing
from Charles Dickens' Tiny Tim would be far more apt
here. But if you gotta go with Lucio Fulci kind of
movies...well, that's your business. Fulci, however, never
pretended his movies were anything other than what they
were. Python would rather be honest. And of course
cheery. When you look at life, and all. And then there's
that Biggus fellow who also deserves a chuckle. Even if it
means a date with you know what.

Studio: Criterion Collection
Director: Terry Jones
Graham Chapman
John Cleese
Michael Palin

DVD title: Much Ado About Nothing
Productgroup: DVD
Much Ado About Nothing - movie DVD cover picture

Kenneth Branagh does a beatiful interpretation of this wonderful Shakespeare play. Great actors and sets. The best thing about it is you can understand no matter what...even if you don't 'get' Shakespeare. END

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Kenneth Branagh
Kenneth Branagh
Emma Thompson
Keanu Reeves
Kate Beckinsale

DVD title: The Rise and Fall of ECW
Productgroup: DVD
The Rise and Fall of ECW - movie DVD cover picture
Great documentary and history of ECW

I finally had a chance to see this video after weeks of finding them sold out in stores or backordered online. It was worth the wait and it didn't disappoint.

"The Rise and Fall of ECW" shows ECW from the insider point of view, from the people who had personally been involved with ECW. Some of the biggest names in WWE and WCW history had a run in ECW (Steve Austin, Benoit, Jericho just to name a few) and many more current WWE stars were former ECW superstars.

The first DVD contains the history of ECW, interviews with the creator/promoter of ECW, Paul Heyman, ECW long time alumni Tommy Dreamer, Taz and The Dudleys, those who knew ECW the best. Vince McMahon and Eric Bischoff both throw in their perspective of ECW and what they thought of the promotion at the time, was it a legitimate threat or competition to WCW or WWE.

The second DVD has some of their classic "hardcore" matches (too many to choose from) but they narrowed it down to few of them. I didn't have the chance to see all of the matches but I really liked the "RVD versus Jerry Lynn" match and Tas versus Bam Bam Bigelow (too short but the finish was fantastic). There is also commentary from both Taz and RVD during the match.

ECW was really the stepping stone for WWE's attitude era, as ECW innovated some of the most creative not familar to WWE or WCW. For example, the frequent use of tables, vicious looking piledrivers/suplexes, use of sexual innunendo, ladders, etc. There shows were really enjoyable and they provided the right balance of wrestling, from high flying cruiserweights, straight out technical wrestling, hardcore matches, gimmick matches.

The DVD helped me really get to know ECW better then I knew before and it was a very interesting and engaging documentary. You will not be disappointed in this DVD set. It's amazing how Paul Heyman and his wrestlers put together such a enjoyable, innovate product compared to WCW or WWE at the time. Some of the matches are very brutal compared to WWE or WCW matches.

Studio: Sony Music (Video)

DVD title: Metallica - S & M with the San Francisco Symphony
Productgroup: DVD
Metallica - S & M with the San Francisco Symphony - movie DVD cover picture
New horizons

An astonishing synthesis of style. What struck me most was the contrast and resultant symbiosis that can be achieved across genres, age-groups and preconceived notions. As a die-hard classical music fan, questioning who were the musicians and who the technicians was illuminating. My teenage children introduced me to this DVD. I ended up requesting (and receiving) it as a cherished 44th birthday gift.

Studio: Wea/Elektra Entertainment
Director: Wayne Isham

DVD title: Peter Pan
Productgroup: DVD
Peter Pan - movie DVD cover picture

I've got the version with Maureen Bailey as Wendy and Jacqueline Mayro as Liza.How many times was this musical put on television?But truly it is one of the greatest underrated Broadway musicals,along with FLOWER DRUM SONG and ANYONE CAN WHISTLE.I watched the film again last night and it never fails to bring a tear to my eye.Liza's ballet when she arrives in Never Land is always a highlight for me because of the lush orchestrations for it,and I take my hat off to Mary for being so electrifying in the show.In every televisation of it the white heat with which the cast performs is phenomenal.

Studio: Goodtimes Home Video
Director: Vincent J. Donehue

DVD title: Amelie
Productgroup: DVD
Amelie - movie DVD cover picture

Amelie is BEAUTIFUL!!It is joyously captivating and visually splendid. It absorbs you. Such a wondrous world and so many emotionally stimulating images. I was so happy at the end..I cried. The world did not seem so nasty and I did not feel as bitter, angry, frustrated or depressed at the world after seeing this film.It is the ultimate happiness maker....but done without a single grain of sugar! AMAZING. Pure and indulgent fantasy for grown ups. I Love of my all time favourites.

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
Audrey Tautou
Mathieu Kassovitz

DVD title: The Broken Hearts Club
Productgroup: DVD
The Broken Hearts Club - movie DVD cover picture
A fun movie that reminds you of friends and bad dates

I had heard about this film for several years, and was quite looking forward to seeing it. After all, just to be able to gawk at Dean Cain is worth the price of admission. However, this film made so many wrong turns that it was left unsalvagable. The writing is amateurish, and every character is a cliche. At one point, the guys are even sitting around a table complaining that "they should make a movie about guys like us!" It is a shame, because a lot of money and a lot of talent went into the making of this film, and it offers us absolutely nothing new. No one talks like this in real life, and every issue that they grapple with is done so on such a hypothetical level as not to be believed...

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Greg Berlanti
Timothy Olyphant
Zach Braff
Dean Cain

DVD title: Little House on the Prairie - The Complete Season 1
Productgroup: DVD
Little House on the Prairie - The Complete Season 1 - movie DVD cover picture
No complaints!

After reading some negative reviews of the Little House releases I bought season 1 with some trepidation. I was very pleased with it! I found the sound quality just fine. It's so nice to be able to watch this timeless show without commercials. I didn't realize how much of the first season I had NEVER seen! I will definitely get the other seasons as I can. This is such a great show.

Studio: Goldhil Home Media I
Michael Landon

DVD title: You Can Dance Nightclub - Rock/Disco & Slow Dancing
Productgroup: DVD
You Can Dance Nightclub - Rock/Disco & Slow Dancing - movie DVD cover picture
I can dance!

The disco dancing they show is so outdated even for the early 90s. It is the worst tape I have ever bought. I thought they looked like fools flaring their arms about while two stepping! Definitely not worth the money!

Studio: Kultur
Vicki Regan

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