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DVD title: Schindler's List (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Schindler's List (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Historical Importance Collides with Mainstream Media

The story line is well known. (WWII-Nazi Germany-the "Final Solution") What is not so talked about is how tastefully this movie is done. How it tugs at the heart strings, how, even though the subject matter of the movie is also well known, (the Holocaust) the ending is brought to you in such a way as to cause you to cry for joy as you witness Osker Schlinder's transformation. It is not an overly religious movie in that any one of any faith can enjoy it. This movie is a wonder for all time.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Steven Spielberg
Liam Neeson
Ralph Fiennes

DVD title: Mr. Show - The Complete First and Second Seasons
Productgroup: DVD
Mr. Show - The Complete First and Second Seasons - movie DVD cover picture
Season 3 just announced!

Mr Show, possibly the finest comedy series out there, is finally letting its fans sink its teeth into the dvd version of SEASON THREE! I've been watching the third and fourth seasons (by far the funniest) on my pc for a while now and happy to learn that I can stop squinting at my monitor and finally catch them on the big screen. Halleluiah! Now if they'd just announce season four....

Studio: HBO Home Video
David Cross (II)
Bob Odenkirk

DVD title: Impostor (Director's Cut)
Productgroup: DVD
Impostor (Director's Cut) - movie DVD cover picture
expectations surpassed...

My boyfriend rented this movie, and because I love scifi and Vincent D'Onofrio, I decided to check it out. The direction and artistry of the film are excellent. At first I was a little skeptical of the premise: aliens have the technology to come to Earth to take over but aren't technologically sophisticated enough to just wipe out us earthlings without much of a fight; but I was able to suspend my disbelief and get into the story and the questions it poses. Comparissons have been drawn between this film and Blade Runner, the Fugitive, and even Twelve Monkeys, but the film that comes to my mind is A.I. because it poses many of the same metaphysical questions, such as what is the nature of existence, what is the soul, and even what is life. I thought the acting was excellent and I liked the way the lines between the good guys and the bad guys were very hazy indeed. As I said we rented the movie but I am purchasing it now. It is a movie that should be watched more than once.

Studio: Dimension Home Video
Director: Gary Fleder
Vincent D'Onofrio
Shane Brolly

DVD title: 28 Days Later (Widescreen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
28 Days Later (Widescreen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Great virus/end of the world movie

Some people think that this movie is a zombie movie but it really isnt, there is no flesh eating and there is no slow moving zombies. In fact there the complete opposite in this movie they are fast and they scratch or bite. One zombie even says something in the cheeseburger restaurant scene. The directing in this movie is fantastic, i trully think that Danny Boyle is the next horror director next to Wes Craven and George A. Romero. Pretty long for a zombie movie and a good scare. Some shots were kind of weird like you seen the zombies running up to the house in one scene which takes the scaryness out of it. But nevertheless the shots of deserted London were great and the drive through all of England. The dvd isnt the greatest, the alternate endings are a waist and the deleted scence are dull. So all in all a great end of the world movie

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Danny Boyle
Cillian Murphy
Naomie Harris

DVD title: Kill Me Again
Productgroup: DVD
Kill Me Again - movie DVD cover picture
Lots of suspense and drama. All actors were fantastic

I would recommend this movie because of the suspense and drama

Studio: MGM/UA Video
Director: John Dahl
Joanne Whalley
Val Kilmer

DVD title: The X-Files - The Complete Third Season
Productgroup: DVD
The X-Files - The Complete Third Season - movie DVD cover picture
The best season

Others may disagree, but I think this is the best season of the X-Files by far. Although it lacks the drama of the cancer arc from Season 4, the episodes in this collection consistently feature on my and most fan's lists of the best episodes ever. Blessing Way/Paper Clip, Piper Maru/ Apocrypha, and Nisei/731 showed how to do a multi-part episode the right way, the three Darin Morgan penned episodes are undeniable classics, and Pusher and Wetwired feature on many fan's fave list (including mine). By the numbers, Season 3 hit way more times than it missed.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
David Duchovny

DVD title: Harold and Maude
Productgroup: DVD
Harold and Maude - movie DVD cover picture
well-deserved praise!

Supurb all the way through. I have seen it more times than I can remember. I never get tired of it. I am still to this day gripped by the final few minutes. "Don't Be Shy" and "Trouble" (the only two songs played in their entirety, the former at the beginning and the latter at the end) are both hauntingly beautiful. Ruth Gordon was never beter. Supporting actress Vivian Pickles is unbelievably funny. "I suppose you think you're very funny Harold." Great script, great cast, great Cat Stevens music.....what's not to like? A cult classic. Mark Rusch

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Hal Ashby
Ruth Gordon
Bud Cort

DVD title: Solaris - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Solaris - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Review of the Criterion 2-disc DVD

A frequent theme in science fiction is that humans have become so dehumanized in their devotion to technology that they have lost touch of their emotional capacities. In SOLARIS, the 1972 film by the great Russian director Andrei Tarkovsky, this theme is given an unusually personal and emotional treatment. It is about an unhappy man who travels to space and finds the emotional closure and the spiritual enlightenment that he lacked on Earth. It has often been compared to Stanley Kubrick's cryptic 1968 film 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. But while 2001 emphasizes the sterility and uncontrollability of science, SOLARIS deals mainly with the fragileness and preciousness of the human spirit. Unlike 2001, which ponders the vastness and infiniteness of space, Tarkovsky's film probes the opposite direction and reveals the inner dimensions of the human mind. The success of Tarkovsky's SOLARIS is that it offers a stark depiction of human emotions via the simplest and most austere means. Tarkovsky rarely uses fancy editing or elaborate camera angles, and prefers long takes and slow camera movements. Dialogs are softly spoken. He always chooses the least assuming way to present a scene. Such a style, of course, does not endear him to those who prefer a more dynamic and vibrant type of cinema. But one should note that perhaps the subtleties of human emotions demand subtler ways of filmmaking, which, in turn, demand our closer observations.
Criterion's all-region, 2-disc DVD version of SOLARIS offers a beautiful video transfer, the original Russian soundtrack in 1.0 mono, re-written optional English subtitles, and rewarding extra material. The anamorphic 2.35:1 video transfer was created from a 35mm positive made from the original negative. This is a newer, different transfer from the ones on previous DVD versions by other companies. Subtitles have also been re-written and, as is usually the case with Criterion DVDs, improved, with less paraphrasing and fewer untranslated dialogs compared to older video releases.
The first disc contains the 169-minute film in its entirety and a full-length audio commentary by two Tarkovsky experts, Vida Johnson and Graham Petrie. The scene-specific commentary provides good coverage of a variety of topics concerning the film, such as Tarkovsky's artistic style and thematic explorations, various contributions from the filmmakers, certain details about the making of the film, how the film deviates from the original novel by Stanislaw Lem, and aspects of Tarkovsky's personal life. But the strength of the commentary is its analyses of the film's characters, themes, and Tarkovsky's direction. And due to the length of the film, the commentators have ample time to allow sufficient elaboration on every thesis, making this audio track one of the more satisfying analytical commentaries I've heard. Major issues such as mortality, faith, and humanity, as well as minor observations regarding gestures, background noises, and other allusions are dealt with in great depth and competence. One fascinating comment regarding Tarkovsky's use of long takes is that it dilutes any sense of suspense that editing usually contributes, the result being a more immersive and meditative atmosphere.
The second disc contains almost half hour of deleted scenes and about 100 minutes of new interviews with the film's principals.
Most of the deleted scenes seem to conform to our expectations as to why scenes were deleted in a movie like this -- they are too explicit about things that are better left unexplained. The deleted opening sequence, for instance, is a didactic text prologue that is so out of character with the subtle approach of the rest of the movie. The deleted dream scene of Kris and his mother depicts their relationship more explicitly, thus lessening the dream-like quality of the scene. The most fascinating deleted scene is an expanded version of the scene of Kris in the "mirror room," in which the various reflections of the mirror reflect Kris' fragmented and fragile mental state.
The interview segments include a half-hour interview with Natalya Bondarchuk, who plays Hari. She recalls how she met Tarkovsky, how she was cast (with a little trickery on her part), her experiences on the set, analyzes the character of Hari, and praises the unique meditative style of Tarkovsky. In another half-hour interview, cinematographer Vadim Yusov talks about the many visual motifs in the film, how the special effect shots of Solaris were created, and even talks about his work on Tarkovsky's previous film ANDREI RUBLEV (a few clips also included). In a 17-minute interview segment, art director Mikhail Romadin discusses his various intentions in designing the sets for SOLARIS. Both Yusov and Romadin also mention Tarkovsky's strongly negative reaction to Kubrick's 2001 and Lem's insistence that the film should adhere to his book. Composer Eduard Artemyev, in his 20-minute interview segment, describes his background on electronic music that first attracted Tarkovsky, and recalls the challenges of translating Tarkovsky's unique demands into music.
Finally, there is disappointingly brief, 5-minute video clip of a Polish documentary about Lem and his struggle with Tarkovsky. The only thing relevant is Lem's only remark in the clip: "Finally I said [to Tarkovsky and his crew], 'You idiots!' I tried to soften him up a little. But he was stubborn, and so was I. So I ended up returning to Warsaw." There must be a lot more to the disagreement between the two men, but we get the picture. (I also posted an expanded version of this review at, under the account kevyip.)

Studio: Criterion Collection
Director: Andrei Tarkovsky
Natalya Bondarchuk
Donatas Banionis
Jüri Järvet

DVD title: Kids in the Hall - Brain Candy
Productgroup: DVD
Kids in the Hall - Brain Candy - movie DVD cover picture
Kids In The Hall in their best, most screwed up humor yet

Despite a critical lashing from critics everywhere, the Kids In The Hall still contain their randomized form of humor. The plot follows a wonder drug created by a reluctant scientist and his team. As a result of a seriously greedy corporation and it's CEO, the wonder drug is Gloominex, a drug that cures depression and will make you happy. It becomes a national phenomenon instantly changing lives for the better...or so they think? A backfire ensues with the drug affecting people mentally and the scientist in jeopardy. Definitely for the Kids In The Hall fan and the group plays over 30 characters. Particularly amusing sequences include Scott Thompson as a closeted husband in a dance number and Thompson as the old lady, Bruce McCulloch as a depressed rock singer and eye patch bearing hotshot, Kevin McDonald as the scientist. Film has all the qualities of the TV show with the random funny humor and the cast members as their various characters.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Kelly Makin
Dave Foley
Bruce McCulloch

DVD title: The Big Red One
Productgroup: DVD
The Big Red One - movie DVD cover picture
wonder ful,outstanding

the big red one is a great movie.i stayed up until 3 0'clock in the morning just to see that movie twice.i even had my grandma go look for it for me.all i can say is its a great movie and its a wonderful movie fo hammil, not as good as the star wars movies , but much better than Time runner.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Samuel Fuller
Lee Marvin
Mark Hamill
Robert Carradine

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