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DVD title: School of Rock (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
School of Rock (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Highly Recommended

Looking for a good comedy? Well, I suggest this as your next rental (or purchase)...
I'm sure you've heard of this movie by now, as it has been raved about by critics and movie-goers alike. Jack Black gives one of his best performances yet (only rivaled by his position as a stoner brother in Orange County and as a wise ass vinyl CD shop worker in High Fidelity) and boosts every scene that much more. All the kids in this movie actually play each instrument, which is pretty amazing considering their age.
Black plays a washed-up rocker who just got kicked out of his band for the "outdated" 15-minute solos and stage dives. He needs to get in a new band but he also needs a job to pay for his rent of living with a friend (Mike White) and his whiny girlfriend in an apartment. His girlfriend finally convinces White to make Black start paying the rent, so Black getsthe idea to pretend to be White's character when called upon to sub in one of the nation's top schools. As long as his friend doesn't know, it will give me a place to stay until I get in a band, Black figures. So he basically lets the kids have recess all day while he sleeps, until he hears them in music class and gets the idea to make a band out of them and compete in the Battle of the Bands against many others, including his previous band that kicked him out.
Despite how amazingly far-fetched and ridicoulus the plot is, if you can realize that it's just a movie, you will definetly enjoy yourself. Great writing, acting, everything. I highly recommend it to ANYONE, especially fans of crappy rap and pop who need to start listening to music that actually requires talent.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Richard Linklater
Jack Black
Mike White
Joan Cusack

DVD title: Roughnecks - The Starship Troopers Chronicles - The Pluto Campaign
Productgroup: DVD
Roughnecks - The Starship Troopers Chronicles - The Pluto Campaign - movie DVD cover picture
A welcomed DVD !

I believe this movie has a very huge, strong and loyal followers, just like the fans of X-files and Survivor. This movie is unique and exciting in it own ways. As other reviews suggested, it is TRULY under-rated movie of all time!!! This movie should win numerous awards such as Best Original "Genre" for being totally out of this world. I'm so into Starship Troopers that I bought 2 DVDs afraid that one might get spoilt and I can't get a replacement... what should I say to convince all of you out there that it's worth it at any price.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios

DVD title: Fahrenheit 9/11
Productgroup: DVD
Fahrenheit 9/11 - movie DVD cover picture
What the hell let's go for it

In the last two days I have watched "Fahrenheit 911" two times.

I wish that I could say that 90% of this film is nothing more than crap. But I can not say that.

I do know that what was suggested to me was that MONEY RULES the world. The rich keep the poor exactly where they want them. And there is a balance that must be struck. Oh it is ok if a few slip through and make it up to the big time. They are not a threat. They always join the club and quickly forget where they came from.

I guess my being raised in an orphanage and being treated like a piece of crap, for many years, has made me aware of what the rich can do to those living below their standards.

Could what happened in Russia, Iraq and Germany, as well as many other countries in the world ever happen here in America? Of course it could. The citizens of those countries thought it could never happen there either. One day they woke up and the monster had appeared it's ugly head. By then it was to late for the common-man to do anything about it.

POWER is a strange creature. It makes men very greedy and very selfish. Some in high places think that power gives them permission to steal, cheat, lie and even kill.

Are there no common-men, or women, who are not wealthly, who are smart enough to serve in the Congress or the Senate? If so, where are they? Why is it that the rich always seem to grab power in almost every country in the world?

What are the chances that any one family can be smart enough to have two Congressmen, or two Senators, a Governor or even two Presidents come from the same family? How is that possible? It is possible because of money and power. Of course it is...It happens in both political parties. And it will happen in a third party should one ever be formed.

The film to me is not about what is TRUE or FALSE. It is about what could possibly become TRUTH if power is not kept in check. And if it does happen it will be because we did it to ourselves. One day your brother, or your sister might rise up against you. If and when they do; it will be because it is the only way that they can save themselves. This has happened many times in the course of history.

One must look far beyond the film itself.

I sometimes wonder when I watch television and see Hilter speaking to the massive german crowds. If the people attending the speech looked at that gathering as a political type convention. I see those same looks, screams and yells coming from both the Republican and Democratic convention attendees. But maybe that's just stupid old me.

I rate this film FIVE STARS.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Michael Moore (II)
Michael Moore (II)

DVD title: Private Parts
Productgroup: DVD
Private Parts - movie DVD cover picture
A hysterical view of becoming "King of All Media."

In this movie, Howard takes us back to the beginning, before Robin, Ba Ba Booey, and Lesbian Dating Games. The audience gets an honest glimps into Howard's life and sees the events that transform this teenage misfit into the self-proclaimed "King of All Media." I loved this movie not only because I am a tremendous Howard Stern fan but because he is so honest and shares everything with his audience. I also thought that the movie was a loving tribute to his wife, Alison. At the end of the movie, Howard mentions that she is the best friend he could ever have had and that she was the one who stood beside him on his journey to superstardom.

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Betty Thomas
Howard Stern
Mary McCormack

DVD title: Star Trek - The Motion Picture (The Director's Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Star Trek - The Motion Picture (The Director's Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Powerful science fiction, rather than good Star Trek

When this film came out in 1979, it was maligned because it was expensive and slow ( though everyone seems to conveniently forget that the start-up and development costs for Star Trek Phase II were incorporated in this budget). Many Trekkers seemed to have some vague aspiration that it was going to be a form of 'Star Wars' with Kirk and Co along for the ride, with their banter. However, I felt it showed a lot more guts to aim for a much more intellectually sophisticated plot - and in many ways is still the closest a Trek movie has come to Gene Roddenberry's view of the future. The director's edition has really turned what was in effect a rough cut into an excellent science fiction film, with 2001 style philosophical overtones - albeit ( unlike 2001) it tries to answer them.
The re-editing has really tightened the movie- and the sound effects are excellent though still subtle- the music still seems to come close to overpowering them at times, and some of the fx scenes that could have done with a digital clean up seem to have been missed ( budget restrictions???). The new fx however serve the film very well - though it might have been fun to have seen more shots of a full scale Vejur - as when these shots were presented they really make an impact.
Jerry Goldsmith's music is outstanding - there are even some more cues. The story is now more exciting and the film's climax more effective. The commentary by the fx crew and Mr Wise is interesting and informative and some of the comments made by Mr Trumbull in the closing credits I couldn't agree with more with.
So, I recommend this movie as an excellent science fiction film. The only other Star Trek films that come close to this level are Star Trek First Contact and Star Trek VI ( the darkest and most dramatic adventures of the series). Watch the others if you are after more comic strip style adventures

Studio: Paramount Home Video
William Shatner

DVD title: The Road Home
Productgroup: DVD
The Road Home - movie DVD cover picture
A story about understanding

More than anything, The Road Home is a story about understanding. More often than not, someone comes up with a seemingly irrational request - but a deeper examination of the reasons behind such a request leads one to a deeper understanding. This form of research celebrates the one thing that makes us human - our sense of place. The movie, although set in rustic China, has universal implications. A son comes back to his where he grew up to assist his mother with funeral arrangement for his recently deceased father. What follows is a flashback that is a tale of devotion, tradition and love. There is nothing complicated about the plot, the movie is 95 percent Zhang Ziyi and the ephemeral Chinese countryside. What is focused on though, is what makes the story different. When Luo Yusheng (Sun Honglei) comes back to his village, he discovers his aging mother overwhelmed with anguish over the sudden death of her husband - who has been till then, her constant companion (we do not find out about this until later). His mother insists the son and the village arrange that traditional funeral so her husband can take "The Road Home." The village mayor and the son exchange practical consideration, which effectively convinces the viewer that this is not a very practical thing to do. However, as we get into the story we figure out why it is essential that we follow the mother's request. The shift to the black and white footage is pure genius. As mentioned previously, Zhao Di, (Zhang Ziyi), is the young mother who falls in love with the recently arrived teacher Changyu (Zheng Hao). The movie can tell the story by itself. This temptingly pastoral experience does, on occasion, border on the sentimental. However, the significance of taking the road home give one hope that somewhere we can all find our sense of place - our own road home.
Miguel Llora

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Yimou Zhang
Ziyi Zhang
Honglei Sun

DVD title: Star Trek - First Contact
Productgroup: DVD
Star Trek - First Contact - movie DVD cover picture
This is the best and last good film in the Star Trek Series

Hello, To all Star Trek fans. You've got to get this film. It is the best film they've made since Star Trek II Wrath of Kahn. This movie involves the Borg as they travel back in time to the time when Zephren Cohran is building his warpship. Basically the Enterprise goes back to stop the borg from assimilating the EArth. This movie is full of action and good special effects and really follows a straight plot line. I was really impressed by this when i went to see it for the first time. If you have seen earlier Star Trek Movies, you know that this movie is the first one in a while that really lives up to the Star TRekkers expectations. Overall, a great movie and an excellent buy!!!!

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Jonathan Frakes
Jonathan Frakes
Patrick Stewart
Brent Spiner
LeVar Burton
Michael Dorn
Gates McFadden
Marina Sirtis
Alfre Woodard
James Cromwell
Alice Krige

DVD title: Once Upon a Time in the West
Productgroup: DVD
Once Upon a Time in the West - movie DVD cover picture
Ms. Cardinale takes a bubble bath!

Those three minutes or so of Claudia Cardinale taking that bubble bath are reason enough to get this.

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Sergio Leone
Henry Fonda
Charles Bronson

DVD title: Napoleon Dynamite
Productgroup: DVD
Napoleon Dynamite - movie DVD cover picture
great movie...ingnore the idiots who dont think so

On the surface it is a comedy of the "pick on the nerd" variety. But really it is an emotional showcase of why kids that are typically defined as losers are that way. I cried because the way that kid grew up is terrible. His parents are either dead or deadbeat(it is never fully explained), he lives with his grandma and his 32 year old brother, and he is constantly ridiculed. It is not his fault that he acts how he does, it is a result of an upbringing where no one ever told him "I love you". He does dumb things that people make fun of him for, but those actions are the product of a terrible childhood. Walking out of the movie theater, I wanted to verbally harass all those people that were making fun of his actions and words. Was it a funny movie? Yes, but it made me sick to laugh at such a poor human being. The movie was definately in the vein of Wes Anderson films. I would have thought it was a Wes Anderson film if it were more somber and less ridiculous in some parts. It was very reminiscent of Bottle Rocket and I wish it was more somber so people would not take it at face value and mock the poor kid. This movie should have been about feeling bad for Napoleon but instead it was laughing at Napoleon. There did not seem to be much emotional growth at all for any of the characters in the movie and that left me disappointed. If the director really cared about the characters he would have edited everything into more somber, less over the top scenes. Also, the bonus extended ending, while funny, was also too over the top. Superb acting all around though.

Studio: Twentieth Century Fox Home Video
Director: Jared Hess
Jon Heder
Jon Gries
Efren Ramirez

DVD title: Carrie
Productgroup: DVD
Carrie - movie DVD cover picture
Sad horror tale with emotional performances.

Sunday, February 20, 2005 / 5 of 5 / Sad horror tale with emotional performances.
Like the Shining's Jack N. looking through the ax-broken door and saying "Here's Johnny", Carrie's pig-blood spattered wide eye stare is an enduring image of modern horror films. It had been a while since I'd seen it but watching it again, I'm struck with just how sad the story is. Rarely do I feel such pathos towards anything in the horror genre but Carrie as played by Sissy Spacek cuts such an emotionally stunted, afraid, and vulnerable figure one can't help but be drawn in. There are lots of cameos by future stars including Travolta, Nancy Allen, and amusingly, Miami Vice's Larry `Switek' Talbot. Tormented as a mousy outsider, Carrie, the daughter of a religious nut case, also possesses latent telekinetic powers. These powers explode outward during periods of emotional stress and/or trauma. When Carrie is asked to the prom by a popular beau hunk, whose girlfriend is trying to do Carrie a favor, she eventually, meekly, accepts. She begins her transformation into a princess as personal esteem creeps into her gradually until she's blooming. At this pinnacle of self worth, Carrie ascends to the thrown as prom queen along with her king. Sadly, savagely, it ends as Nancy Allen drops the bomb on her. Carrie lashes out indiscriminately and wreaks havoc on the school, town, and eventually her abusive mother and herself. Carrie stands the test of time as a film and a warning about how abuse can lead to all encompassing rage.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Brian De Palma
Sissy Spacek
Piper Laurie
Amy Irving
John Travolta

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