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DVD title: Gladiator
Productgroup: DVD
Gladiator - movie DVD cover picture
Heroic, Graphic and Poetic

Gladiator has been hailed as a modern version of Spartacus. I agree with that but it is so much more. We have the honor to follow the life of Maximus as he directs soldiers in country conquerings to his unjust imprisonment and his role as a gladiator in Rome. This movie is great for couples to see together. It is not just a movie fit for guys who love blood and guts but instead it is also very poetic and moving. I believe in some respects women would like this movie just as much if not more than guys would.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Ridley Scott
Russell Crowe
Joaquin Phoenix
Connie Nielsen

DVD title: Shostakovich - Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk / Rostropovich, Vishnevskaya, Gedda, London Philharmonic
Productgroup: DVD
Shostakovich - Lady Macbeth of Mtsensk / Rostropovich, Vishnevskaya, Gedda, London Philharmonic - movie DVD cover picture
Powerful and emotional

I think this is a very successful interpretation of the book by an obviously obscured to western audiences Russian writer Leskov. Although the purists would abhor some cuts in the opera itself, I think the singing and acting convey very well the primordial desire. Katerina never regretted the killing of her husband, according to the book - she was totally consumed by her lust to Sergei. And she despised her life in her husband's family. I give this work credit for the freedom of the artistic representation - Shostakovich did not follow the book to the last letter, so the creator of this film did not do it to his complete score, too. The perception of this work depends on a personal taste, as everything else, but I liked that the torment of Russian soul was there, and the film was generally quite successful in showing Russian way of life. I also liked that it was graphic enough for the theme, and also the actors looked credible for their roles. After all, this is a movie, not a recording of a real opera performance, and in the movie/opera hybrid I believe it was very successful. If you compare the realism of this DVD to another one, Khovanschina, you'll see the difference. At least for me, as a Russian, this is evident. I would recommend this DVD. The singing is magnificent.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Director: Petr Weigl

DVD title: The Tuskegee Airmen
Productgroup: DVD
The Tuskegee Airmen - movie DVD cover picture
The best! So sad:(

I watched this movie in school and there wasn't a single dry eye left when the movie was over. You really felt like you could relate to the men in the movie. It's got to be one of the best movies I have ever seen!! I recommend this to anyone.

Studio: Hbo Studios
Director: Robert Markowitz

DVD title: A Knight's Tale
Productgroup: DVD
A Knight's Tale - movie DVD cover picture
A Knight's right of passage

If you enjoy : action, comedy, romance and inspiration you can not wait another moment. You must see for yourself this incredible movie. It's at once funny and poignant. Then you are on the edge of your seat with the action scenes. You find yourself rooting for the underdog and cheering when he defeats his opponents with class. Health Ledger portrays this young man with such grace and innocence. His sidekicks are relentless in their support for him despite their lack of optomism. The love story within is sweet and at the same time the writers throw in some new age/rock edge. The dance scene to David Bowie is none surpased. Dirty Dancing Renasaince style. A must see movie for the whole family. I've seen the movie myself 4 times. Can't get enough.

Studio: Columbia/Tristar Studios
Director: Brian Helgeland
Heath Ledger
Mark Addy

DVD title: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Productgroup: DVD
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - movie DVD cover picture
Best Thing I have Read/Seen In my live (Rare Award!)

I read the book before the film, and will not say which was better, but I'm very picky about the films that I watch, and Hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy Is by far the funniest and most enrapturing film I've seen as yet. I thing five stars is the understatement of the mellinia, and I hope for it to come out on DVD soon, so I can replay the most INTERESTING bits!

Studio: BBC Video
Director: Alan J.W. Bell
Simon Jones
David Dixon

DVD title: Apollo 13 (DTS)
Productgroup: DVD
Apollo 13 (DTS) - movie DVD cover picture
Absolutely brilliant

This is the greatest SPACE movie of all time, without any reasonable doubt. Tom Hanks, Kevin Bacon, Bill Paxton, Gary Sinise, Ed Harris, and Kathleen Quinlan ALL give superb performances. I really like the way they were able to make an old story exciting without taking much dramatic license. This movie actually makes you FEEL as if you're with Jim Lovell, Fred Haise, and Jack Swigert in their desperate battle to stay alive in their crippled space craft 200,000 miles from safety, or with Lovell's wife and family as they sit by and hope for the best, or with Gene Kranz and other mission control ground crew members struggle to bring them home. This is still Ron Howard's best film as a director. Anyone who wishes to see an historical adventure movie should look no further than APOLLO 13. It'll make you feel great, trust me! Grade: A+

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Ron Howard
Tom Hanks
Bill Paxton
Kevin Bacon
Gary Sinise
Ed Harris

DVD title: Ballistic - Ecks vs. Sever
Productgroup: DVD
Ballistic - Ecks vs. Sever - movie DVD cover picture
The Best Film Of The Summer, Hands Down

From the moment the first truck drove through another car to the tune of "The Name Of The Game", I was enthralled by this masterwork of explosions and pointless plot devices. Does anything make any sense? NO! Did I understand how Lucy Liu could single-handedly annihilate a city block? Double no! Did I love every one of those 32 explosions? Yes! Basically, you want explosions, you're set. You want something else? Go rent Country Bears.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Wych Kaosayananda
Antonio Banderas
Lucy Liu
Talisa Soto

DVD title: A Night at the Opera
Productgroup: DVD
A Night at the Opera - movie DVD cover picture
At long last, the return of the Marx Brothers to DVD.

"A Night at the Opera" was released on DVD back in the late 90s by Image. Image had licensed the film from WB, and once that licence expired the disc was pulled. Since then that OOP DVD has fetched in the hundreds on Ebay. Finally WB has released it as a special edition.
Extra features are as follows:Commentary by Leonard Maltin All-New Documentary "Remarks On Marx" The Hy Gardner Show (1/1/61) excerpt featuring Groucho Marx Theatrical TrailerThree Vintage MGM Shorts:
Fitzpatrick Traveltalk's Los Angeles: Wonder City Of The World Sunday Night At The Trocadero Robert Benchley's Academy Award -Winning How To Sleep
WB is releasing 6 other Marx Brother's films all at the same time. Universal also is preparing to release their Marx Brothers films this year, including "Duck Soup."

Studio: Warner Home Video
Groucho Marx
Chico Marx

DVD title: Chris Botti & Friends - Night Sessions (Live in Concert)
Productgroup: DVD
Chris Botti & Friends - Night Sessions (Live in Concert) - movie DVD cover picture
Excellent Trumpet Player

Chris Botti shows why he is THE first call trumpet player for Sting, Tony Levin and Bill Bruford (in the band Bruford Levin Upper Extremities or BLUE) and a host of others.
The notes are caressed from his trumpet and his playing is impeccable. He doesn't make one mistake during the entire concert. At the end of Streets Ahead he plays a double G that is so big and fat that it sounds like it's gonna explode.
Despite what others say this DVD is an excellent example of some fine trumpet playing and there are some fine musicians in his band.

Studio: Sony Music Entertain
Director: Michael Drumm

DVD title: The Hunger
Productgroup: DVD
The Hunger - movie DVD cover picture
Vampire Cult Classic

Also see reviews for the book it was based on - "The Hunger" by Whitley Strieber (also author of "Communion"). Overall, it is a very dark, artistic, and beautiful alternative to traditional vampire stories. The setting is modern times and portrays vampirism more as a disease then spiritual, such as Dracula or Lestat. The conflict of the story comes from an internal demise inherent to one of the vampires, not from normal humans. During which time the movie explores vampire lifestyles. The movie is not an action film, but a psycological thiller that (at the time) went beyond normal vampire tradition. The cinema photography and soundtrack (classical at times) creates a beautifully dark and haunting atmosphere the enhances the storyline. A "must see" for any vampire connoisseur. I'm not qualified to rate Bowie's performance, however he was very convincing. He was not the primary star of the movie, but plays a critical (and short) role. END

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Tony Scott
Catherine Deneuve
David Bowie
Susan Sarandon

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