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DVD title: Downfall
Productgroup: DVD
Downfall - movie DVD cover picture
Haunting portrayal that leaves a lasting mark

I never understood why this film caused so much controversy in Germany. It was about about time that the Germans examine their own history and the most notorious leader of the 20th Century. Because the controversy surrounded the portrayal of Hitler as a real human being who could pet a dog one minute, while ordering other people's death the next; or who was kind to his secretary even while he yelled tirades against his staff of military men for their incompetence...I actually expected to see more of Hitler's "nice side." The controversy was nothing but overbloated talk, as this film clearly portrays Hitler as the monster he is. If people don't understand that humans are often contradictory and capable of showing kindness to some people while ordering massive death for complete strangers...then they really don't understand human nature. Just because one shows Hitler as a complex, contradictory human being doesn't soften his reputation. So he was kind to dogs. So he was a gentle boss to his secretary. So what? This film doesn't excuse the fact that he was still a monster of a human being.

The actor who portays him is so uncanny in his physical likeness that I did wonder how people might act towards him after this role. The film is so compelling and disturbing to watch...for the same reason as I remain clueless as to how anyone could follow and be loyal to this man's evil vision to the very end. Perhaps the most disturbing part of all is the beautiful, elegant, upper middle class lady Magda Goebbels who decides to poison her six blue-eyed, blond-haired Aryan children because she didn't want them to grow up in a world without National Socialism. She does the deed with such cool, creepy finesse that it downright shocks the viewer just how much the Nazi movement resembles a doomsday cult, complete down to the charismatic leader.

After watching this film, as great as it is, I didn't think I'd want to see it again. However, a few days later, I was still thinking about this film and will probably buy it on DVD at some point. It is something that should be seen by all and seen a few times. For one reason, reading subtitles throughout the film only makes me miss some of the facial expressions of the various people. I do like that we get the authenticity of a German-language movie about the last ten days of the Third Reich, but an English language track would have been nice so I could watch it in English once while I concentrate on the images and expressions that I miss when trying to read subtitles. Anyone interested in WWII history, history in general, or totalitarian systems/cults should definitely see this film. After I watched it, I wanted to watch "Schindler's List" and "Band of Brothers" again, as well as picking up my long postponed plan to read "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich." This film belongs in that canon of extraordinary work, capturing the chaos of a collapsing government, a ruined nation, and a group of leaders who preferred to commit suicide than face punishment for the evil they unleashed on the world. They knew the Soviets would be harsher in retributive punishment than the Americans. An excellent lesson in history grounded in realism.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel
Bruno Ganz
Alexandra Maria Lara
Corinna Harfouch
Ulrich Matthes
Juliane Köhler

DVD title: Laura
Productgroup: DVD
Laura - movie DVD cover picture

Based upon the popular novel by Vera Caspary, LAURA is a masterpiece of the murder-mystery genre. As Laura Hunt, Gene Tierney is visually exquisite and her performance is very convincing (in the original novel, the title character was quite different, she being rather amoral). Dana Andrews is most effective as Mark McPherson, the detective who "falls in love with a phantom..." Vincent Price is unlikeably weak as Shelby whose close friend Anderson explains about their mutual admiration of each-other "We're weak and can't seem to help it" Lastly, as Waldo Lydecker, Clifton Webb is simply excellent. A classic film noir with the inevitable twist, LAURA is a classy, ingenious film from the heart of the 40's.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Gene Tierney
Dana Andrews

DVD title: Unforgiven
Productgroup: DVD
Unforgiven - movie DVD cover picture

Unforgiven is a chilling powerfull movie that will leave impressions on you. i bought this expecting an ass-kicking fest from clint eastwood. boy was i wrong. those of you familiar with anime can definately link this with ruoni kenshin. eastwood plays an ex-super killer turned family man. but with the passing of his wife, there is no longer anything holding him back from what he used to be. i wont spoil anything for you, but i'll say that the ending is really surprising. the acting is good from everyone, and the directing is great also. as for the special features, oohh boy is there a lot to be had. several documentaries, commentaries, and even an episode of an old west show called Maverick which eastwood is in (sheesh does he look young!). if you are looking for a Dirty Harry-esque cool fest from eastwood, you will be dissappointed. however if you are looking for a western Taxi Driver, this is what you want.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Clint Eastwood
Clint Eastwood
Gene Hackman
Morgan Freeman

DVD title: Poirot Set 12
Productgroup: DVD
Poirot Set 12 - movie DVD cover picture
At last, the series complete

At last. With the appearance of the 3 tapes that comprise "Poirot, Set 12," the Acorn Media series of releases of all the Poirot episodes is now available, the short episodes on tape only but soon to be released on DVD and the longer episodes in both formats.
The three stories in this last set are a cut above average (and that average is pretty high in this series). "The King of Clubs" involves the murder of a detestable film producer and opens with a very funny and technically fascinating sequence of a movie set during the era of the early talkies. Note especially the use of matte for special effects. While you might find the "solution" not quite satisfying, the whole thing is a lot of fun.
"The Dream" suffers as most television versions do of stories that involve one character made up to resemble another one. A little subplot is added concerning Miss Lemon's need for a decent typewriter and Poirot's strangely obtuse reaction to her demands. Again the opening sequence around the assembly line of a great pie factory with its female workers in fetching blue and white uniforms is beautifully done.
"The Incredible Theft" does have a double turn of events at the end and a pretty good car chase preceding it. And it is in this episode that we learn from Hastings that Chief Inspector Japp talks in his sleep as he relives past arrests!
It is little touches like this that have made the series such a success, not to mention the fine acting of leading and supporting actors and the impeccable period designs. Set 12 is a worthy ending to a fine set of video recordings from Acorn Media.

Studio: Acorn Media Publishi

DVD title: Friday the 13th
Productgroup: DVD
Friday the 13th - movie DVD cover picture
The best film in the slasher subgenre!

Plot summary: When two romancing camp counsellors are savagely slain by the hands of an unseen killer one late night, Camp Crystal Lake is immediately shuttered for the safety of others. But now, twenty years later, when an ambitious man by the name of Steve Christy prepares to reopen the campgrounds with the help of several young counsellors despite grave warnings of a "death curse" by local residents (and a previous fire which burnt down the camp, as well as a deadly contamination with the water), the killings start again. On the dreaded day and date that is Friday June the 13th, the curse proves true, as one-by-one each of the counsellors is attacked and savagely slain by the very hands responsible for the death of the first two back in the year of nineteen fifty-eight...just a year after the death of a young disadvantaged boy who drowned in the murky waters of Camp Crystal Lake due to the negligence of...romancing camp counsellors. Friday the 13th will never be the same...not after watching this movie-not after watching Friday the 13th.
The lowdown:
I am like the biggest Friday the 13th fan ever-this I am sure of. I mean, I'm the sort of fan who'd, on eBay, bid on every single solitary thing that has to do with the series if I wouldn't get robbed of my money so much (damn, I want those uncut versions!). I'm the sort of fan whose immediate thoughts when heading up to camp for a weeks vacation with family and friends would be of the series before even arriving, for that matter. I'm the sort of fan who, when at camp, would get so carried away with my video camera recording all those wonderful sceneries nature has to offer, that I would take it as though I was making a movie than a home video. Hell, I'm even the sort of fan who once used to stalk and "slay" campers in a game-appropriately played at night and in the woods, mind you-called...yeah, ya guessed it..."Jason." Now every time I go camping with my brother and his friends, I am faced with secretly disappointed kids whose favourite man for the job just rejected playing their favourite game created by him, all the more. I don't enjoy refusing to play with them, but everyone's gotta grow up sometime-and I've reached my time...I think.
Although none had achieved the raving success of the original Friday the 13th, the majority of the sequels, although quite moronic at times and increasingly senseless-relying on merely how shockingly repellent each death sequence should be than rationality and an actual storyline-they're still very much entertaining and fun-to-watch. I say fun in the sense of watching a film regarding complete idiots (who were cared for early in the series) who, summer-after-summer, embark upon the remotest forest locations at or nearby sites that are known for their death toll, while fully conscious of the fact that, somewhere, somewhere within those seemingly endless rows of trees that encircle them, is an avenged killer watching their every move, who'll ultimately render them helpless and, one-by-one, slay them in the most grisly of ways until he has met his match in a final showdown between good and evil that'll leave you breathless. Besides, since when has an actual storyline been the driving force as to why we find ourselves watching silly popcorn slashers like these, anyway? We do so-or so I believe-not necessarily for any real plot (or Oscar-worthy performances), but for a good time, a good time with friends while stuffing ourselves with junk food until we are unable to move. I'm I right? Is anyone relating to what I'm saying here? Does that whole scene sound familiar? I mean, if you dig these kinds of films, you should know what I'm talking about here. They aren't high art, they're slashers. And now that I've got all that outta the way, let's begin with the one that started it all, shall we...
Released the same year as immediate blockbusters such as the legendary Stanley Kubrick's The Shining, Irvin Kershner's Star Wars-Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, and Harold Ramis' Caddyshack, which are all still praised by moviegoers as of today, one wouldn't anticipate that a low-budget slasher like Sean S. Cunningham's Friday the 13th(also known as I have learned from the Internet Movie Database, Long Night at Camp Blood) receiving the same success. Hell, even Cunningham himself was surprised when his film was that of one to be catapulted as one of the best twenty-five of the year. It was not only as successful, despite a lot of flack by critics, but was so influential that it spawned not only nine sequels-and now apparently soon to be ten, which makes it the longest running series in the horror genre-but also a television series of its own! I personally like it as much as I do because it has a lot of ambience (we see the placid, murky lake; the trees dancing in the wind; the clouded full moon), a lot of ambience as well as a lot of mystery, that's partly the result of those very shots, because, if they're not to show us the menacing nature of the campground's surroundings as day grows weary and night takes over, they're to hint that things may not be the way they seem to be... that the quietness can fool you.
Aside from the remote forest locations, there were a few other factors that elevated it from its peers in the successful and viable subgenre: An Oscar-worthy music score by Harry Manfredini (magnificent was its theme song in particular, which sounds both assuasive and mysterious, and therefore it, with the help of the film's low-budget, actually enhances the spooky feeling); inventive and horrific death sequences that, although it and its sequels were heavily cut by the dreaded MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America), are still most definitely not suitable for the squeamish; and an energetic Tom Savini, whose gruesome makeup effects were beyond exceptional.
Friday the 13th also gave birth to Jason Voorhees, who radically altered the misogynistic "man stalks woman" formula, and quickly became one of the largest horror-movie-killers in the modern era, next to the darkly comical and horridly scarred Freddy Krueger from Wes Craven's A Nightmare on Elm Street, and the ghostly Michael Myers from John Carpenter's Halloween. And to think, I once thought that Friday the 13th was like onna the cheesiest, most ludicrous films ever to be made. (I say once.)

Studio: Paramount Studio
Director: Sean S. Cunningham
Betsy Palmer
Adrienne King

DVD title: Monster
Productgroup: DVD
Monster - movie DVD cover picture
The greatest acting I have EVER seen!

I was a Deputy Sheriff at the time that Aileen Wuornos was killing the men. The case was facinating to me because in the begining we were not looking for a female killer. Needless to say we were shocked when we found out that our search was for 2 women. This case was personal to me because one of the men she killed was a friend of mine. He didn't the pattern after the type of men Aileen Wuornos was killing, but at that point when she killed him it wasnt about sex, but the need of money. I am very please that the movie showed that he was only trying to help her out just as he did many other strangers.Charlize Theron's performance was excellent,and a carbon copy of Wuornos, the attitude and personality were a match.
I strongly believe that Wuornos had been crying out for help to deaf ears her whole life, all she wanted was someone to care about her. And yet all she ever knew was violence and abuse, so she snapped, and then there was no turning back after she killed the first man who violently raped her. Set in her mind all that any man wanted from her was sex, she saw nothing else good about any man. Very sad, maybe this movie can be a lesson to anyone out there who may know someone like her who still has time to be helped before they snap. Christina Ricci also deserves to recive high credit for her role in the part of Wuornos lover, who in the end turned states evidence to have Wuornos convited of the murders. I strongly recommend this movie. Just don't let the kids watch it.

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Patty Jenkins
Charlize Theron
Christina Ricci
Bruce Dern

DVD title: Bear Cub (Unrated Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Bear Cub (Unrated Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
I hope we get the uncensored version

I saw this movie in Spain, including the explicit sexscene in the beginning. I hope that is what the unrated version is. I heard about several (if not all) screenings in the US with the first (sex) scene cut from the movie. We're adults here thank you, just don't censor art and distort the director's vision.

Studio: TLA Releasing
Jose Lu Garcia-Perez

DVD title: Dark Shadows DVD Collection 3
Productgroup: DVD
Dark Shadows DVD Collection 3 - movie DVD cover picture
Cure for a vampire?

This DVD set will begin the storyline in which Dr. Julia Hoffman begins her treatment of vampire Barnabas Collins in an attempt to cure him of his curse. One of the most famous of all the major Dark Shadows storylines, this will be a DVD set not to be missed. I just wish we didn't have to wait so long between each set, the show is so addictive! It won't be too long now before the beautiful witch Angelique makes her devilish debut on DVD.

Studio: Mpi Media Group

DVD title: Undercover Blues
Productgroup: DVD
Undercover Blues - movie DVD cover picture
"Hi Morty", "My name is Muerte!!"

Undercover Blues is one of the funniest movies we've ever seen. We've watched it so much, the tape is wearing out. There is action without gore, funny situations and unexpected twists and turns. It is worth watching just to see Stanley Tucci as "Muerte,'" the bumbling criminal who is a hilarious thorn in the side of the Blues (played by Kathleen Turner and Dennis Quaid). I just wish it would come out on DVD! It's a great movie to buy now, too, because it's so inexpensive. See It!

Studio: Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Director: Herbert Ross
Kathleen Turner
Dennis Quaid

DVD title: Black Orpheus - Criterion Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Black Orpheus - Criterion Collection - movie DVD cover picture
An Orpheus Oddessy

A wonder-filled whirl of color and sound, this movie will provide a boost for the hopeless romantic. The never-ending love story of Orpheus and Eurydice is regenerated in "modern" Rio during Carnival. Beautifully photographed with an excellent sound track, this movie is a must-see for any serious film connoisseur.
Links to the original Greek tragedy will test your knowledge of mythology and the trip to "Hades" with its voodoo incantations will stick in your mind like a fever-induced dream. The beauty and rhythm of this film will make you think of your first true love, and, if you're one of the lucky ones out there, make you glad you never let that person go.
I first saw Black Orpheus in New Orleans. One of my life's fondest memories is viewing this film at a local repertory theater. Whenever there were carnival street scenes, balcony-bound moviegoers would let loose with Mardi Gras beads and doubloons, adding to the carnival atmosphere.
Also, although I have a copy of the subtitled Orpheu Negro, which I would never part with, I have seen a dubbed version, only once and then on television. I would very much like to acquire a dubbed copy. Can anyone out there help? I remember there being much more to the story line revealed with the dubbed version. (For example, when at the pawn shop, as patrons are passing the guitar down to Orpheus, they are saying, "This is for Orpheus. This is for Orpheus." This phrase is transposed from person to person into "This is Orpheus. Here's Orpheus.", giving the guitar mystical properties and seeming to make it the embodiment of the spirit of Orpheus. Inscribed on the guitar are the words "Orpheus is my master."
I would give this film my highest recommendation and would encourage anyone to view it at least one a year.

Studio: Criterion Collection
Director: Marcel Camus
Breno Mello
Marpessa Dawn
Lourdes de Oliveira
Léa Garcia

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