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DVD title: Little House on the Prairie - The Complete Season 3
Productgroup: DVD
Little House on the Prairie - The Complete Season 3 - movie DVD cover picture
Happy about the simple innocence.

I had watched some Little House years ago and liked it OK. Then 4 months ago we got the first 3 seasons for our 7 year old twins. What a great investment. They love it and my wife and I love it.
This is a show about love, hard work, care and concern for others, family values and innocence. That is why this show wouldn't last 2 days on Television today. Who wants to be reminded of how far we have fallen from qualities such as these.
Compare shows like this from the 70's to shows that we have now. Television has always been a reflection of society. Most of the shows today are about having it all, sex, greed and win at all costs no matter who gats in the way. What a difference from just a few decades ago.
Now I am sure of why my family is enjoying Little House on the Prairie so's a breath of fresh air in a smog filled world. I would highly recommend any family to own these DVDs. Looking forward to season-4.

Studio: Goldhil Home Media I
Michael Landon

DVD title: Priest
Productgroup: DVD
Priest - movie DVD cover picture
It's More Relevant Now Than Ever.

If you're a Bostonian like me, chances are you must be sick to death of the nonstop media coverage of the priest abuse scandals. But with all that's going on in the Catholic church, a movie like "Priest" is even more vital now than ever. In one of the most underrated performances ever, Linus Roache is Father Greg, who, upon being newly assigned to a British parish, gets caught in a web of drama involving child abuse, sexuality, the sacrament of Confession, and the priestly vow of celibacy. Without revealing spoilers, "Priest" confronts some pretty throny issues lesser films would dodge. It also has great performances from Academy Award nominee Tom Wilkinson ("In the Bedroom") and Robert Carlyle, who shows not a trace of the frightening intensity he brought to his role in "Trainspotting." The film borders on sentiment during a scene when they play "You'll Never Walk Alone," but otherwise, it's a pretty solid affair. While Miramax spends millions of dollars hyping to death more mainstream films like "Chocolat" and "Cider House Rules," "Priest" gets the shaft on DVD. There are virtually no features on this package. Even so, this film is worth a look, for it is one of the very best movies of the 1990s.

Studio: Miramax Home Entertainment
Director: Antonia Bird
Linus Roache
Tom Wilkinson
Robert Carlyle
Cathy Tyson

DVD title: The Wiggles - Wiggle Time
Productgroup: DVD
The Wiggles - Wiggle Time - movie DVD cover picture
SO much better than Barney!

The five-star review does not indicate that I watch this video all the time for fun, but it means that - based on the alternatives - this is a great video! For all parents who are "Barney Burnouts" my advice is, ween your kids onto the Wiggles. The songs are actually catchy, the lead singer, Greg has a pleasant voice, and the dancing is fun for your kids to imitate. I'm no expert but I also suspect that the Wiggles are more educational than Barney. Certainly the settings (across the different video's in the series) are more varied, there are "magic show" sequences in most video's, and the language and learning is clearly there (3 out of 4 of the Wiggles are trained in Child Development, which is where the group met and formed). So my advice would be - give this video a try.

Studio: Hit Entertainment, P

DVD title: Return to Oz
Productgroup: DVD
Return to Oz - movie DVD cover picture
The best OZ movie to date!!!!

I love this movie. It is more in the spirit of L.Frank Baums books and sticks to the book so closley. The characters such as the Scarecrow, Tin Man, the Lion, Tik Tok, Jack, and Gump look more like they should from the covers of the original books(not people in make-up and colorful clothes). If you are thinking of getting this and have silly ideas of it being like the classic musical DON'T! It's much different, but in my mind better. Tik Tok is my favorite character and he looks and sounds so cool. Hope this helps anyone interested in this movie. Being from Kansas i should know right? -LOL

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Director: Walter Murch

DVD title: Sideways (Full Screen Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Sideways (Full Screen Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Witty and Vibrantly Alive Comedy of Personal Crisis...

Early one morning while everything seemed difficult and problematic as usual, Miles (Paul Giamatti) wakes up to a neighbor knocking on the door telling him to move his car. Miles, an interesting character in his own right, suffers internally from his long ago divorce that keeps him in a prolonged depression. He feeds this depression with his preoccupation of negative thinking, which even oozes from his poor appearance and his untidy tiny apartment. He is the kind of guy most would steer away from, as his presence provides contagious negativity. He sees himself as a failed writer that tries to get by in life teaching English while the students probably openly disrespect him. The essence of his character has all of the negative traits of a lonely middle-aged man that has hit a middle age crisis and believes that there is nothing better for him in life than a bleak, sad, pass?, and isolated existence.

Miles returns to the apartment while being aware that he is behind schedule, as he has over slept. Over the phone Miles excuses himself, which he probably does frequently, for being late while he still finds a moment to escape reality through the thousands of books that cover most of his apartment. The apartment alone tells more than a thousand words in regards to Miles' situation in life, as all the books suggest that he must be escaping reality as often as he can. Besides having a fetish for books Miles also dreams of having his own vineyard, which explains his inclination for wine. Wine is also the reason for why he has overslept, as he recovers from last night's hangover and begins his journey to meet his friend Jack (Thomas Haden Church).

These two middle-aged men have decide to venture through the Californian wine land while visiting as many vineyards and golf courses as possible over a period of six days. The reason for this expedition is Jack's upcoming wedding, as they have decided that Jack should enjoy freedom before marriage one final time. One striking notion is how Jack could be friends with Miles, as Jack is the polar opposite of Miles. Jack has a career and options to try new things while being a positive, strong, and confident man who seems to have it all. Why would a person such as Jack hang out with Miles? Well, this question will answer itself, as Jack is the kind of guy that most people like to know, but only until the moment his true self appears.

Middle-age depression compiled by feelings of unworthiness, poor self-esteem, professional rejection, loneliness, and much more seem to be the reason why Miles welcomes Jacks presence. After all Miles is the key for Jack to be able to be himself - a first-class jerk. Jack's persona reveals itself when the audience hears Jack say, ""...I was dying in there." in regards to his new family and wife to be. This, however, could be Jack expressing his anxiety for the wedding by having cold feet. Later, in the film, more of Jack's two-facedness will become more consistent which only exists in order to serve his own personal desires without consideration for others. Jack's career as an actor truly seems to be self-servant for him, as he cheats his way through conversations by deceiving people to like him. Also, somewhere under this exterior Jack seems to have some form of a confused ego that only lives in the present. Miles seems to be the only one who is aware of Jack's true nature, but accepts it due to his psychosocial status.

Sideways turns into an likable dissection of these two characters, as they will find a crossroad through golf, wine, and women. On their way to this crossroad Miles will explore his own and other's existence and character, which will give him an opportunity to expand sideways. Miles realize that he does not have to try to move forward to find what he needs. Much of this Miles owe to Jack who is the catalyst that pulls him out of his own miserable void. Yet, Miles does not approve of Jack's methods, which places him in a conundrum. As an interesting side note, Conundrum is also the name of the publishing company that might publish Miles book.

Words such as vibrantly alive and authentic come to mind when listening to what the two main characters say. This is due to a brilliantly adapted screen play by Alexander Payne who co-wrote the screenplay with Jim Taylor, which originates from a novel by Rex Pickett. Illustrative, the communication between Miles and Jack displays their friendship by default, as the chemistry between the two transparently exhibits each character's psychology and their interaction with their present social environment. Ultimately, Paul Giamatti and Thomas Haden Church's character contrasts makes the film very absorbing while providing performances of the highest level. The female antagonists performed by Virginia Madsen and Sandra Oh help augment the characteristics of these two, in their own way, pathetic men. This leaves the audience with an authentic tale of existence, hope, and love, which makes it ok to dream while also trying to work toward those dreams.

Studio: Fox Home Entertainme
Director: Alexander Payne
Paul Giamatti
Thomas Haden Church
Virginia Madsen
Sandra Oh

DVD title: Sweet Justice
Productgroup: DVD
Sweet Justice - movie DVD cover picture
An Awesome Movie

Well, I bought the DVD for this film, and it was great! Anacondas are the largest predators in the New Kingdom. Learn how the people of the Amazon are influenced by this giant. Learn the Anaconda's hunting habits and find out how on earth the Anaconda swallows a large bird with a beak over 3 and a half feet long! You won't regret buying this one, so take my word for it. Buy it NOW!

Studio: Image Entertainment

DVD title: The Art of Sensual Massage (Book & DVD Set)
Productgroup: DVD
The Art of Sensual Massage (Book & DVD Set) - movie DVD cover picture

For this price, you get both the best massage book and a step-by-step video of the same practice. Very carefully done with precision and many helpful hints on massage technique. The book really does come alive when you sit back and watch the DVD. It's handy to be able to stop the motion and try something. Anyone will be able to learn massage from this combo because you can see pressures and rhythms in motion. Real massage occurs in every scene, with useful health tips. Very sensual with the right person but the technique will work in just about any setting. For example, you could use this combination as a guide for learning massage in a non-sensual setting, like, say, geriatrics. It's quite clear that almost everyone will find a level of deep appreciation here.

Studio: Arcata Arts
Gordon Inkeles

DVD title: WWE - 'Cause Stone Cold Said So
Productgroup: DVD
WWE - 'Cause Stone Cold Said So - movie DVD cover picture
"Cause Stone Cold Said So!"kicks ***!!

I believe that this is the best video of an wrestling superstar such as Steve Austin.The way he explained why he had to whip people and what his legendary sentiment,"Austin 3:16"means.This video will blow Stone Cold fans away!!

Studio: Sony Music (Video)
Steve Austin

DVD title: Mulan (Disney Gold Classic Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
Mulan (Disney Gold Classic Collection) - movie DVD cover picture

This was the second movie in Disney's recent succesful group of movies. By sucessful, I mean well done and enjoyable. Hercules, Mulan, Tarzan...etc. Mulan especially had one of Disney's first strong female characters that wasn't a princess, or a peasent girl who ends up BECOMING a princess...etc. She wasn't deprived of love, or care, or anything, but she still was motivated to be strong. Mulan was a wonderful movie, especially for young girls, because even though Aurora, Snow White, Ariel, Belle and Pocohantas are good rolemodels, Mulan is more of the 'every girl' . Everyone can see themselves in Mulan. I think that this is one of Disney's best movies, an amazing tribute to the children of America, giving them this opportunity to see History, while watching a fun movie.

Studio: Disney Studios
Eddie Murphy

DVD title: Batman - The Animated Series, Volume One (DC Comics Classic Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
Batman - The Animated Series, Volume One (DC Comics Classic Collection) - movie DVD cover picture
What Batman is all about...

If you haven't watched this show, you don't know Batman.

Studio: Warner Home Video

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