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DVD title: Xena Warrior Princess - Season Five
Productgroup: DVD
Xena Warrior Princess - Season Five - movie DVD cover picture
Great season I cannot wait to see it

From what I remember watching this season when it first aired on television, it was very good. I especially liked the season premiere, I think it was one of Xena's best episodes, also this season concludes the last Hercules episode which was awesome. The season finale was a show not to miss, very exciting and a thrill ride. Overall this season is excellent and I recommend this season and all the previous ones. I have to agree with one of the other commentaries about the packaging. I also bought Hercules season 4 and Anchorbay did the same thing as Xena season 4. I am scared of breaking my dvds just trying to get them out. I think it is a bad set up. Besides the packaging goes the series is still worth it.

Studio: Anchor Bay Entertain
Lucy Lawless

DVD title: Neil Young - Silver & Gold
Productgroup: DVD
Neil Young - Silver & Gold - movie DVD cover picture
Even better than the CD!

I watch this DVD all the time. I feel this heart-felt simple concert Neil puts on is one of his best. The variety in the instruments, fantastic sound quality, and derivation from the original songs make this a fabulous show. I own Live at Red Rocks and Year of the Horse, but this one takes the cake. I watch/listen to this DVD more than any other I own.

Studio: Wea/Warner Bros.
Neil Young

DVD title: Greedy
Productgroup: DVD
Greedy - movie DVD cover picture
Hilarious Comedy about Manipulation

If your great uncle Joe is a filthy rich yet stubborn millionaire with a good chance of keeling over, would you brown nose and back stab to get a shot at his inheritance? Director Jonathan Lynn toys with this very idea througout this extremely funny film with hilarious results and surprise after surprise.
It's uncle Joe's 75th birthday, and his rotten relatives fight each other to earn the slightest ounce of respect from him. But Uncle Joe surprises them all with the arrival of a sexy young English nurse. Highly suspicious of this woman's intentions, the relatives enlist the help of their cousin Danny (Michael J. Fox) who had always been in Uncle Joe's good favor over the years. While secretly jealous of the favoritism their uncle exhibits towards Danny, they realize he's their only hope in keeping the family fortune within the family. Danny reluctantly agrees to help his greedy cousins only if it benefits Uncle Joe's welfare. But slowly, he too becomes tempted by wealth, and like the rest, falls prey to Uncle Joe's crafty game of manipulation. In the end, who will rise above the rest in Uncle Joe's complex test?
Absolutley hilarious with many laugh out loud moments. You don't want to miss it.

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Jonathan Lynn
Michael J. Fox
Kirk Douglas

DVD title: Rurouni Kenshin - Innocence & Experience (Episodes 53-57)
Productgroup: DVD
Rurouni Kenshin - Innocence & Experience (Episodes 53-57) - movie DVD cover picture
The Final Battle Between Soujiro and Kenshin

In Vol. 13 Kenshin and Soujiro face off in one last battle. Kenshin can only hope that learning the final attack of The Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu will save him. The battle rages on between Soujiro Seta and Kenshin Himura. It comes to a point where it looks like Kenshin is the loser as he is stuck down. However there comes a break in the clouds as Kenshin is able to read Soujiro's emotions. What has happened inside Soujiro Seta's mind. Kenshin has finally caused the young man to break. But why? Check it out to find out.Kenshin's final battle with Makoto Shishio is about to begin. What will happen to the Kenshin Himura we all knew?

Studio: Media Blasters

DVD title: King Of Hearts
Productgroup: DVD
King Of Hearts - movie DVD cover picture
Biting and witty satire

I have to admit that for someone who is normally not much of a movie enthusiast this is one of my all time favorite films. The film is a darkly satiric comedy that pokes fun at the absurdity and futility of war. When a group of inmates from a local insane asylum escape during the chaos and confusion into the abandoned French town, the stage is set to ironically contrast the insanity of war brought by supposedly sane people with the harmless behavior of the supposedly insane inmates who are acting out the roles of normal town citizens. And yet it is the innocuous and inoffensive inmates who are caged and ostensibly sane people are making war and running around free.

The inmates wander into the town and assume various roles, from the barber to the mayor. The inmates do this so convincingly that the young corporal who is sent to warn them of the approaching Germans at first can't tell the difference, which becomes a metaphor for the real question in the move, which is, who is really crazier: the inmates, or the "normal" people and soldiers fighting the war?

Unfortunately, the young corporal is unable to avert the confrontation between the British and German companies who march into town, and when the other British troops arrive, the inmates realize it's time for them to go back to their former home in the asylum.

I didn't know most of the cast, except for Adolpho Celi (I recognized him as the heavy from an early Jame Bond movie), Alan Bates and Genevieve Bujold, but I thought all the performances were superb, especially Jean-Claude Brialy, who played the mayer, Pierre Brasseur, who played General Geranium, and the barber (unfortunately I don't recall his real name. Overall, a great movie and a brilliantly witty satire and stinging indictment of the futility and absurdity of war.

Studio: Mgm/Ua Studios
Director: Philippe de Broca
Geneviève Bujold
Alan Bates

DVD title: Dawson's Creek - The Complete Third Season
Productgroup: DVD
Dawson's Creek - The Complete Third Season - movie DVD cover picture
This is by far Dawson's Creek best season!!!

What can I say about Dawson's Creek season except that it's just the best of all! I started watching DC at season 3 before catching up with seasons 1 and 2! There's so much suspense! Is something going to happen between Pacey and the Beautiful Joey? Yes. No. Yes. No Yes or no. I won't say more for those who haven't seen it already! My advice! BUY IT! It' by far the greatest and I'm not the only DC Fan to say that!Enjoy it!

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
James Van Der Beek
Katie Holmes
Joshua Jackson

DVD title: One Night at McCool's
Productgroup: DVD
One Night at McCool's - movie DVD cover picture

One Night at McCool's explores the different worlds and perspectives of three men attracted to Liv Tyler's character, Jewel. Their different views of her (and each other) are incredibly funny. The end is an unexpected twist that is memorable. Even my niece who hates everything had to have this movie!

Studio: Universal Studios Ho
Director: Harald Zwart
Matt Dillon
Liv Tyler

DVD title: Adaptation (Superbit Collection)
Productgroup: DVD
Adaptation (Superbit Collection) - movie DVD cover picture
If you didn't like the ending, or haven't seen it...

Directed by Spike Jones (Being John Malkovich) and starring Nicholas Cage (Raising Arizona), this film is the semi-autobiographical story of screenwriter Charlie Kaufman and the trials and tribulations of writing a film during the production of Being John Malkovich. It's a brilliant 'foray' into the mind of a troubled writer who wants to write an art piece and not succumb to the commercialism of Hollywood. The film starts humbly enough with the self-loathing Charlie trying to deal with writing a new script. He is watching his own twin brother try his hand at writing more commercial trash and all the while, 'Donald' is pestering him for advice. The film takes off from there with some pretty humorous situations writers and non-writers can appreciate about the general pressures and insecurities that we all have. Although the film degrades into darkness, the ending is lifting but not exactly the way you think....go see it! *****stars.

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Spike Jonze
Nicolas Cage
Meryl Streep
Chris Cooper

DVD title: Now and Then
Productgroup: DVD
Now and Then - movie DVD cover picture
Groovy! Couldn't be better!!!!!!!!

I love it.I want to own the video of it. Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,do you like it?

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Lesli Linka Glatter
Christina Ricci
Demi Moore

DVD title: Nickelback - Live at Home
Productgroup: DVD
Nickelback - Live at Home - movie DVD cover picture
I only wish I was at this show

This dvd rules. The extras are cool and the concert was awsome. Seeing Jerry Cantrell come out and play It aint like that was killer. I only wish I was there to see it live, but I saw these guys back in June in Chicago and that show was badass.

Studio: Universal Music & VI
Director: Nigel Dick

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