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DVD title: On the Ball: Yoga Workout for Beginners with Sara Ivanhoe
Productgroup: DVD
On the Ball: Yoga Workout for Beginners with Sara Ivanhoe - movie DVD cover picture
Great for the beginner--relaxing, fun and effective

My sister the yogi insisted I get started doing this ancient form of exercise. She's been doing yoga for years, and while I did yoga in high school, I've been a drop-out for decades. Ok, ok, I'm getting started, really, I am, Sis!

I chose this Yoga DVD because it was labeled for "beginners" and also because I have a large exercise ball gathering dust. I liked the idea of using the ball for support because I am clumsy as hell, and the ball acts as a sort of yoga block as well as making you use your small muscles as you strive to balance. (I was told by a professional trainer that this is why free weights and walking are superior to static machine exercises, because the act of balancing uses many more muscles.) So I pumped up the big ball and dusted it off, got out a sticky mat (you need one for this) and took off my shoes and put on some suitable yogi pants and a soft tee shirt. I then tested the ball, as the DVD instructs you, to make sure it was at the right firmness to position me correctly.

Ms. Ivanhoe has a clear, pleasant voice, the filming is bright, well-positioned and easy to follow. The workout was moderately challenging for me--nothing I couldn't do, but not overly easy. I felt the workout immediately in my abdominals, while getting a pleasant stretch to my entire back. You start with a series of movements, each position flowing into two or three more "asanas" to make a set of exercises. The first set uses the puppy pose (head down, back arched inward) and the pyramid pose (rather like stretching the hamstrings before working out.) You roll the ball down and put your hands on the ball rather than on the mat as an advanced pose might have you do. A nice back stretch. The second set used the cat pose (arching and swaying your back) and ending up in the plank pose--lying prone on the ball, using your hands to support you in a horizontal position that makes you use your abdominals. The next set was the "Salute to the Sun" --four more moves. Throughout, the instructor tells you which asana to inhale on, and which to exhale on--this is important, says my sister. The key to Yoga is knowing when to breath and this is not always part of every instructional tape or DVD. When I was done, I felt my abdominals had been worked--I felt "centered" which is the aim of this set of yoga exercises.

I rate this five stars--definitely good for a beginner (assuming you have no health issues you must discuss with your physician) and a great way to get started in yoga. I enjoyed every moment of this workout on the ball.

Studio: Goldhil Home Media I
Sara Ivanhoe

DVD title: Kill Bill, Volume 1
Productgroup: DVD
Kill Bill, Volume 1 - movie DVD cover picture
I loved this DVD

Kill Bill is Quentin Tarantino's masterpiece. He has combined elements of king fu movies, old Japanese samurai shows, and cowboy westerns to create a great action movie. Uma Thurman is so great as a former assassin who turns into an angry bride focused on revenge on everyone after her wedding and life are ruined. This movie is non stop action from beginning to end. I loved the scene where Uma takes on a roomful of assassins with black masks and swords and kills them all. Every fight scene is fun to watch. I loved the fight scene between Uma Thurman and Vivica A Fox. It was so funny how they stopped fighting and acted like everything was okay when the little girl came through the door. Lucy Liu gives a wonderful performance as an tough Asian assassin. I loved the scene in the movie where she slices off a person's head after he insults her. The Japanese animation sequence looks so good in this movie. I loved watching the making of the movie where Quentin Tarantino talks about his sources of inspiration for making Kill Bill. There is a pretty good performance by a female Japanese rock band called 5, 6, 7, 8 that is included on this DVD that I enjoyed. Kill Bill is the best action movie I've seen in a long time.

Studio: Miramax
Director: Quentin Tarantino
Uma Thurman
Lucy Liu
Daryl Hannah
David Carradine
Michael Madsen

DVD title: American History X
Productgroup: DVD
American History X - movie DVD cover picture
Hate is contagious and Dangerous

I recently bought this movie on an impulse buy, and also a friends recommendation to do so. I was moved by the superb acting and intense story. It is a movie that you will definatley enjoy if you like Ed norton.This story is a very realistic one and any one who is interested in learning more about the way hate is contagious as well as dangerous this is a great movie. I recommend it very highly!

Studio: New Line Home Entertainment
Director: Tony Kaye
Edward Norton
Edward Furlong

DVD title: Amadeus
Productgroup: DVD
Amadeus - movie DVD cover picture
The best!

This may be the perfect film, (I know I said pretty much the same thing about "Charade", but...) This is one of the few deserving films to actually receive the Academy Awards (r) that were mandated for it! Unlike "Goldfinger", "2001", "Star Wars" and "The Lion In Winter", "Amadeus" received all the meaningful awards it rightly deserved!
This is a story of envy, covetousness and Machiavellian machinations by a contemporary of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Antonio Salieri, who had the misfortune to be greatly disappointed by his young hero on first meeting. This meeting stayed with him for the rest of his life, as he plotted from his second meeting to rid the Viennese court of "the creature"!
F. Murray Abraham is a revelation in the role of Salieri, relishing every little snarl and curse at Tom Hulce's Mozart and cackling with glee at every triumph, real or imagined, playing the young AND the old Salieri as if he was a spirit ressurrecting Salieri's original corpse. Dick Smith's aging make-up is flawless, making it very easy to believe that Abraham is seventy+ years old as he parlays the role.
The movie starts in an insane asylum where a fey young priest visits the decripit Salieri, who has recently attempted suicide. It is implied from the onset that Salieri feels a massive guilt for having "killed" Mozart through exhaustion and overwork. "MOZART!! Forgive your assassin! I confess...I KILLED you, Mozart! I KILLED you....!"... The very first lines you hear after a massive Beethovenish chord is sounded at the start of the film.
He goes on to tell the priest the story of himself and Mozart in the Viennese court of Emperor Joseph of Austria, portrayed here as an empty-headed fop by the recently notorious Jeffrey Jones. As the prodigal Mozart is about to be introduced to Joseph, Salieri, operatic director Count Orsini Rosenberg, Kappelmeister Bono and the visiting Baron Von Swieten, they are shocked to see him as an immature, cocky, obnoxious little boy, rather than the dignified matured prodigy they expected. Salieri is especially disappointed since he had worshipped Mozart when he was younger and emulated him all his life, achieving the rank of Court Composer through the inspiration of this admiration. He had even written a processional piece for Mozart's entrance especially for the reception, only to have Mozart tear it apart as repetitive and derivative, cackling at him with that irritating howl of a trademark laugh.
From this moment on, Salieri and Mozart were bitter enemies, although Mozart doesn't realize it. He actually sees Salieri as an ally against the directors of Joseph's musical court, who constantly thwart Mozart's attempts at livening up the moribund Viennese musical zeitgest.
In the end, as Mozart realizes that he may never attain true riches, partly due to the behind-the-scenes startegies of Salieri and Rosenberg, he grabs at anything that will provide food and a roof over the heads of his young wife and son. Enter, finally, Salieri, disguised as the image of Mozart's late father, to request a requiem mass for a "deserving soul". Little does Mozart realize that the "deserving soul" is himself!
Maybe the ONLY thing askew about this incredible film is the odd miscasting of Mozart and Emperor Joseph....Tom Hulce bears NO resemblance to Wolfgang A. Mozart! However, Jeffrey Jones, who portrays the emperor, is the spit and image of him. Perhaps they should have checked to see if Andr? Previn, (who looks JUST like him), had a lookalike son or nephew! (However, Hulce pretty much owns the role as Abraham owns Salieri. His portrayal of Mozart as a complete horse's ass is perfect for Peter Schaeffer's purposes.) Elizabeth Berridge's Constanza Mozart is cute and Berridge assays her as a type of person that American audiences would be immediately comfortable with, a kind of eighteenth century "Shirley Feeney". The poor girl's career, however, went nowhere after this, as did the careers of just about everybody ELSE in it, except for Jeffrey Jones, and even HIS is probably now kaput, due to his own grave mistakes.
The sense of humor and the acting of even supernumeraries in the production has to be seen to be believed. (The scene in Schickenader's vaudeville house being an excellent example.)
Finally, the movie can't be recommended enough, as it is a thing of near-perfection from beginning to end.

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Milos Forman
F. Murray Abraham
Tom Hulce

DVD title: Addicted to Love
Productgroup: DVD
Addicted to Love - movie DVD cover picture

payback... is there anything more romantic than plagueing a past lover with torture and torment? is there anything more gleeful than watching courtship cross over into stalking? this movie has it... they even manage to almost redeem themselves in the end...
this is a great movie; i cant get enough of it...

Studio: Warner Studios
Director: Griffin Dunne
Meg Ryan
Matthew Broderick
Kelly Preston

DVD title: What Lies Beneath
Productgroup: DVD
What Lies Beneath - movie DVD cover picture
Great Movie and Great DVD!

I love this DVD!! What Lies Beneath is a great thriller. It will keep you on the end of your sofa!!
The movie begins with Claire and Norman sending their 18 year old daughter off to college. Claire is left with the beautiful lake shore home to finish renevating and a lot of empty time. Norman who is a scientist continues to work hard to make that breakthrough in his research that has been driving his career forward for the past 20 years. Claire begins to hear voices and supspicous things begin to happen in the house that cause her to believe that she is losing her mind. However, upon some research of her own . . . she finds out really what lies beneath the voices and suspiscous happenings.
The DVD sound quality was very good and as always the picture and extra are great!

Studio: Universal Studios
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Harrison Ford
Michelle Pfeiffer

DVD title: Bryan Adams: So Far, So Good
Productgroup: DVD
Bryan Adams: So Far, So Good - movie DVD cover picture
as the title says

from the start i was a bryan adams fan his music along with mutt lange wrote some trully amazing songs i have seen bryan every time he comes to australia very good in concert howeverthe last time i saw him it was 3 piece and was a bit of a let down but! if you like good music have a listen you won`t be sorry enjoy

Studio: Universal Int'l
Bryan Adams

DVD title: Like Father, Like Son
Productgroup: DVD
Like Father, Like Son - movie DVD cover picture
Its on DVD!!!

YES!! Thank you Columbia/TriStar for putting this movie on DVD! I love this movie its one of my all time favorites. Classic 80's movie. Dudley Moore "Dr. Jack Hammond"is wonderful and very funny as the father, Kirk Cameron Shines as "Chris Hammond" his teenage son. They switch bodies when friend Sean Astin "Trigger" from"Lord of the Rings" brings it over to the brain-transference serum. Dudley Moore goes wild in his sons body and hits the town with Sean Astin while Kirk Cameron in his dads body goes to the hospital and makes arounds with his dads interns. This movie I highly recommend only for teenagers and older, not for younger kids because of some of the language and adult seens. Please don't confuse this movie with that rip off "Freaky Friday" thats Disney stuff is for kids. This movie is underrated and full of laughes, Theres no special features on the DVD But it has been Remastered in High Definition! The picture quality is Awesome! Crystal Clear! really looks nice alot better than the grainy VHS version. Columbia/TriStar you guys ROCK! Great job on the DVD

Studio: Columbia Tristar Hom
Director: Rod Daniel
Dudley Moore
Kirk Cameron

DVD title: Michael Jackson: Number Ones
Productgroup: DVD
Michael Jackson: Number Ones - movie DVD cover picture
King of Video

now while there are Better versions of DVD/VHS tapes of His Videos this is still a Must have in your collection.MJ truly is the M of MTV to Me.He changed the game&took His Music to another level with how He presented His Short Films.the Brother is One of the Baddest Artists Ever&He Commanded your Attention in the Video World as well.

Studio: Sony Music Entertain
Michael Jackson

DVD title: Weird Al Yankovic - The Ultimate Video Collection
Productgroup: DVD
Weird Al Yankovic - The Ultimate Video Collection - movie DVD cover picture
There is a secret video

There is an ultimetly rare video on the bonus features screen. E-mail me if you want to know how to find it.

Studio: Bmg Distribution (VI
Al Yankovic

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