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DVD title: Crossroads Guitar Festival
Productgroup: DVD
Crossroads Guitar Festival - movie DVD cover picture
Great festival w/ great guitarists, including ZZ Top!

Think of any guitar player alive, and it's more than likely they'll be on this dvd, although it is a shame that Jeff Beck was not included in this package. Like everyone else has said, there is some you'll like, and some you won't, but it encompasses every genre of music where the guitar holds a prominent position. My favorite performances were Sweet Home Chicago, Six Strings Down, and Rock Me Baby, along with anything else by Clapton in the festival, and ZZ Top.

By the way, don't listen to this idiot P. Duffy who basically says that Billy F. Gibbons of ZZ Top is not a great guitar player. He's a retard. Billy is great. Clapton thinks so, and that's all that matters.

Studio: Wea Corp
Director: J.J. Cale
Ron de Moraes

DVD title: Snatch (Special Edition)
Productgroup: DVD
Snatch (Special Edition) - movie DVD cover picture
Movie of 2000

This is yet again an amzing movie by the best director ever Guy Ritchie!!!
This movie with two brilliently acted, directed and written criss crossing tales in one movie. This movie begins with Turkish and Tommy. Two gangsters stuck in the middle rank of the mafia are supporting bare nuckle boxing fights with the all ruthless and evil villain, Brick Top. They go out to buy a trailer from a pack of pikies and meet their leader Mickey (Brad Pitt). After only moments of owning the trailer it breaks and they find they've been ripped off. When the demand their money back their star bare knuckle boxer Gorgeus George is beatten by Mickey.
The other tale of a diamond hiest by Franky Four Fingers (Benicio Del Toro) set to bring back the diamond the size of a fist to New York where his boss Cousin Avi (Dennis Farnia) is killed and the diamond is stolen. Avi then flies to London where he was last seen to find his diamond where he hires a bounty hunter Bullet Tooth Tony.
As these funny and exciting tales continue you never know what will happen next to these crazy characters!!!!

Studio: Columbia Tri-Star
Director: Guy Ritchie
Jason Statham
Brad Pitt

DVD title: Magic Moments - The Best of '50s Pop
Productgroup: DVD
Magic Moments - The Best of '50s Pop - movie DVD cover picture
This Is A Must For Anyone Who Remembers These Songs

This DVD is 88 minutes of great songs from the 1950's. The list of songs is provided above, so you know what you're getting. When you watch this DVD make sure you have enough time to see it to the end, because you won't want to turn it off. This music is timeless, and you are getting every cent of your money's worth. Nostalgia reigns supreme. In adddition there are interviews with Patti Page, The Four Lads, Don Cherry, The Crew Cuts, Gogi Grant, and The Four Coins. There is a companion DVD entitled "More Magic Moments: The Best of '50's Pop" that was available for those who pledged on PBS. However, it doesn't appear to be available for sale to the general public at this time. It contains more of the wonderful same music.

Studio: Sony Music Entertain

DVD title: Smallville - The Complete Fourth Season
Productgroup: DVD
Smallville - The Complete Fourth Season - movie DVD cover picture
Very Cool

I have to agree Smallville is a great show not just because of Clark Kent it has the best special effects I've ever seen in a show and a great storyline. The witchcraft, countess deal I'll admit was really stupid it was not really relevant at all I guess they just needed somthing for some episodes, I still thought that this was the best season pretty much thanx to the effects

Studio: Warner Home Video
Tom Welling

DVD title: Combat - Season 1, Campaign 1
Productgroup: DVD
Combat - Season 1, Campaign 1 - movie DVD cover picture
Baby Boomer Favorite!

Combat! was a truly unique show in the early and middle 60's. My friends and I were in 2nd grade when it premiered, and we'd play army afterwards, based on the story and our own imagination of course. Viewing the episodes as an adult these many years later, I am truly struck at the quality of the entire production. Many of the story themes are much more sophisticated than I remember, and more complex than you would associate with TV in the year 1962 and shortly thereafter. Recall that there were hundreds of thousands of men, still in their 30's, who had actually lived through all of that, when this show was on. Anyway, whether this show brings back fond memories of the days when it played or not, it most certainly stands on its own, a work enjoyable even in today's lurid world of special effects and CGI. I hope they will put the entire series on DVD.

Studio: Image Entertainment
Vic Morrow

DVD title: Friends - The Complete Seventh Season
Productgroup: DVD
Friends - The Complete Seventh Season - movie DVD cover picture
what happened in the end?

i have been watching friends since i was 4, i didn't know where it was gonna end, i even don't know now where does it end?
my chat friends kill/bill28 & dragon hanger844 complaints to me that they didn't watch the series finale, so if u could kindly tell us where did it end, we'll be really thankfull
plz, give us the answer soon, thanx.

Studio: Warner Home Video
Lisa Kudrow

DVD title: A Christmas Carol
Productgroup: DVD
A Christmas Carol - movie DVD cover picture

My family and I first saw this colorized version of "A Christmas Carol" back in the 1980's on television. Since then, we have made it a yearly tradition in our home! On Thanksgiving weekend, we pull this video out and watch it as a kind of Christmas Season Kick-off! We always end-up watching it again at least one other time...usually the week of Christmas! Of all the versions out there, this one get's eight thumbs up from this family of four! It has the look and feel of the Victorian Age! We love it, and you will too!!

Studio: Warner Home Video
Director: Edwin L. Marin
Reginald Owen
Gene Lockhart

DVD title: The Godfather DVD Collection
Productgroup: DVD
The Godfather DVD Collection - movie DVD cover picture
Yes it's finally here

All I had to say was it's about time that The Godfather collection came out on DVD. The one thing that I am puzzled by it is that Part one and Part 3 are on one DVD disk; but Part 2 is on two disks. I didn't get a chance to watch them in full when I got them. I was more interested in the bonus DVD diskNow the bonus disks seems to be somewhat well put together, I do have one problem, the part where they have the scenes that never made it to the final cut, it's a bit fustrating to have to select next and then select play to view these scenes; I think that it would have been better if they had it set up where each scene plays continuously right after each one, as opposed to selecting it. Aside from that I'm happy with it. I hope that Mr. Coppola comes out with a different DVD set, similar to the epic series prior to part three, from the time Vito comes to the U.S as a little boy leading to Michael being in power without the flashbacks but WITH THE DELETED scenes added in. Well I guess we'll have to wait and see. Enjoy

Studio: Paramount Home Video
Director: Francis Ford Coppola
Marlon Brando
Al Pacino
Robert De Niro
Al Pacino

DVD title: Boys
Productgroup: DVD
Boys - movie DVD cover picture
Most underated movie of Winonna's career!

She was so good in it. Haas kind of sucked(a little too dorkey_) but overall a very understated movie.
Beautiful scenery and solid supporting roles by Skeet Ulrich make this a must have for any Winonna fan.

Studio: Buena Vista Home Vid
Director: Stacy Cochran
Winona Ryder
Lukas Haas

DVD title: South Park - The Complete Fourth Season
Productgroup: DVD
South Park - The Complete Fourth Season - movie DVD cover picture
Mr.Hankey and Family,Hidey-Ho!

I love the Christmas episode where you see Mr.Hankey and his wife,Autumn,his daughter,Amber,his sons,Cornelious and Simon. I loved the scene where Cartman is dressed as Santa,and Stan,Kyle and Kenny are dressed as reindeers.Cartman is saying"Ho,Ho,Ho, Merry Christmas!" Damnit! When people pass him by then he says,Merry Christmas,[Beep]

Studio: Paramount Home Video

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